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  1. Other than Big Kat what other player(s) has jumped ship to Tn?
  2. My first reaction to the hire is that it is a home run hire. My reaction to the OP is a Gus acolyte trashing the new Auburn HC. At least he is overt about that.
  3. And some are just trolls and some are plants.
  4. I’m not disagreeing, but clauses in the contract could easily be added to spell out hiring authority and interference to the contrary would activate a huge buyout. All of that said, where is silent Gogue in this mess? His silence is as much to blame as the overt power plays. What would he have to lose by putting and end to the mess? He was already retired...it’s not like he really needs the job.
  5. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Southern_Association_of_Colleges_and_Schools
  6. This thread has very little to do with the actual search and is bringing out the worst in people. Whole lot of Willy measuring going on.
  7. That is the main reason why I am not in favor of Steele getting the job. We need major changes!
  8. This is the very best synopsis of the situation at AU and IMO is why KS should not be named HC.
  9. The way this search is going don’t be surprised if the PTB pull a “Sonny Smith Re-do” and start all over. That would be the most JABA thing ever!
  10. If MC does not accept the offer on Saturday morning after the Friday night championship game I would pull the offer and hire Sark. That said, I doubt anything will happen until late next week because the Search Committee has to burn the midnight hours and do due diligence. Sure thing...
  11. There is no mitigation clause or right to offset in his contract.
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