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  1. I just don’t see any way that we will keep up with their offense. Moreover, our secondary is our week link. Oh, well.
  2. If anyone is interested, here is a link to the extension that Fleck just got. IMO, it would take Gus type money to get him.
  3. Tora, $10 million is Fleck’s buyout if he leaves on his own, not the total value of his contract.
  4. LSU better keep the hammer down. UA is fully capable of scoring lots of points.
  5. Imagine how the players feel.
  6. I never watch PF on TV. If I know he will have a guest on that I want to hear I will listen to that segment on the radio. That’s it. I think PF is a despicable human being.
  7. There are those who think we should not make a change at HC because we could become another Tn. Just think, if that were to happen we could look back on the glory years when we were mediocre and be thankful for the losses that kept piling up against teams with a pulse. You betcha.
  8. Leach is an extremely smart person, which I am sure adds to his goofy demeanor.
  9. He is just doing it faster so folks don’t notice it as much. 😁😁
  10. Hard to take anyone serious who can’t spell blasphemy. I also suspect your opinion of those guys is an extremely small minority. There is a reason those guys have an outpost coaching job.
  11. I don’t want any goofy coaches being the public image of Auburn. I don’t care how good Gundy, Kiffin, Leach, et al. may be because they are just goofy. For that matter I am sick of seeing the TV cameras zero in on Gus picking his nose. Geeze, man, the guy is supposed to be an adult and has the manners of a toddler. As some point I expect to see him eating a booger.
  12. MW, we would be sorry to see you and Worm leave. I hope you know that the overwhelming majority of us want to see Worm get more touches and for him to show out. Whatever y’all decide to do we wish you the very best and hope that you guys stay!
  13. I just rotate my iPhone to landscape mode to get to the notifications.