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  1. Abwooo4, I can’t open the attachments on my IPad.
  2. AU reliever was throwing smoke and with a nasty curve. True freshman. Sorry, I forgot his name.
  3. Slow Horses…really good…Gary Oldman is outstanding! https://www.imdb.com/video/vi4218405657
  4. He is only sticking around because he is having fun. That’s what trolls do. If he was legit, he would have bailed long ago.
  5. If AU can just have average shooting I think they can make some noise in the tournament. The D is dang good and gives us a better than good chance of winning games with just average shooting. Does that means not jacking up a ton of threes and moving closer for shots?
  6. Killing Eve, with Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh. I gave the first thee season a B+/A- Pretty good. Season 4, the final season has two episodes available. They are terrible…a solid F. I will watch one more episode when available and hope to see substantial improvement. If not, I doubt I will watch the rest of season 4.
  7. Rapala Shad Raps in March on Wilson and Pickwick always produced for me. I would think Wheeler would be the same way.
  8. I forgot to add that the production of ADOW is absolutely first-class!
  9. A Discovery of Witches may be the best TV series I have ever seen. The story lines, acting, cinematography, costumes, settings , etc., were magnificent. Here is what rottentomatoes has to say about it. https://www.rottentomatoes.com/tv/a_discovery_of_witches
  10. Great advice ABW! When the market goes red, like it will because of the Russian crap, follow the advice of Warren Buffett and go buy you an ice cream cone to take your mind off the market. I am heavily invested in stocks, but under no circumstances do I try to time the market. I usually keep some spare cash on hand to buy on the dip.
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