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  1. Just having fun here. Actually, alumnae is the plural of alumna and refers to female graduates. Yes, alumnus should have been used.
  2. My wife and I got the Janssen vaccine two weeks ago. Zero side effects. Robust protection today and substantial protection in two more weeks.
  3. PLEASE QUIT POSTING ARTICLES BY GOODMAN! The guy is a hired hitman to try to make AU look bad. Enough of this guy. SERIOUSLY.
  4. Who recorded this audio? Surely not one of the individuals named.
  5. OP, depending on what the dealer tells you, consider getting a CarFax on this vehicle. I wonder if this vehicle came from an area that had been flooded, especially by salt water.
  6. Your 3 day right to rescind has already expired, but you could at least try to rescind your purchase. Something is clearly not right with all that rust. You could play hardball with the dealer, but you may well have to get a lawyer involved. By chance do any of your local TV stations have a program like, for example, "Fox 6 On your Side?" Perhaps going public with this problem could benefit you. Good luck.
  7. Low cost index funds (Fidelity has some really good ones) would be a good way to invest and when you determine your risk tolerance, you could decide whether you want to invest in individual stocks. If you decide that you want to buy individual stocks you should consider getting a subscription to Morningstar. MS has a wealth of information. Be advised that investing in individual stocks can be very rewarding, but it can also be very painful and very time consuming. Now that I am retired I do have the time to carefully look at stocks and make investment decisions. I am a pretty ag
  8. What is really sad is the number of folks who emulate the shock-jocks and mean-spirited “journalists” like Finebaum in an effort to get clicks and make a name for themselves. A number of them do succeed, but the name they make for themselves is trash.
  9. After two seasons of SEC football, I am fairly certain we have seen who Bo is. I wish I felt better about the situation.
  10. A sobering fact about Bo’s completion percentage is the number of passes that were those very short ones at the LOS to guys like Eli Stove. Take out those completions, and one has to question whether he will ever have a respectable completion percentage. Quite concerning.
  11. I live south of Bham, around the 280 area. All is well here. Just stormy last night and early this morning. Prayers to those affected.
  12. This is who Rocker is. We will be better off.
  13. Other than Big Kat what other player(s) has jumped ship to Tn?
  14. My first reaction to the hire is that it is a home run hire. My reaction to the OP is a Gus acolyte trashing the new Auburn HC. At least he is overt about that.
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