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  1. If he were to go pro, where would he go? China? Italy? Australia? Aren’t those countries on lockdown?
  2. I can only hope that Greene is trying to get boosters to pledge money for Flo’s buyout. The situation with women’s basketball is so bad it is completely embarrassing.
  3. I’m not taking sides in this kerfuffle, but you facepalmed him (not downvoted). Stay safe, everyone.
  4. I just got back from Costco in Bham. Last week there was an entire side wall, floor to ceiling, stacked with TP. Today was a different story with no TP anywhere. The checkout lanes were beyond long. Took me 25 minutes just to checkout. It was also hard to find a parking spot. Folks were generally behaved with just a few folks acting up. The Walmart Neighborhood store not far from where I live stays covered up just like shopping just before Thanksgiving and Christmas. CV19 has folks in panic mode like I have never seen.
  5. AU will be having remote instruction (i.e. online classes) starting March 16 to April 10, possibly longer. It’s not that classes have been canceled, but in-person classes have been, at least to April 10, in case anyone is confused.
  6. I am fairly certain that the NCAA can expect to be hit with a class action suit because of this decision.
  7. Those folks who are angry about the video need to remember that the players, even the seniors, are just kids. Kids having fun. If kids can’t have fun, who can? Heck, I am far removed from being a kid, and I would have joined in that fun.
  8. I am beginning to think that our AD is a glad-hander and not a doer. I hope I am wrong.
  9. Thanks for the preview!
  10. And our team knowing that should light a thermal fire in our team!
  11. There is more than sufficient evidence that changes have to be made. Some folks do not deserve the playing time they are getting. I will leave out their names.