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  1. Mark Geragos was also indicted as a co-conspirator with Avenatti. Both are frequent contributors to CNN. CNN gets in the sewer with lots of scum. Not surprising.
  2. Avenatti is trying his best to get disbarred. He has lots of financial problems.
  3. Thanks, Deux, for your efforts!!
  4. I am convinced AU has a bona-shot of advancing to the Sweet Sixteen.
  5. I can’t believe how bad AU played in the final five minutes. Beyond terrible and stupid. But they WON!
  6. I don't care for the seeding, but, regardless, it's win or go home time, no matter what.
  7. Not worth the clicks. Updyke is a bona fide piece of trash and should be in prison.
  8. Having learned more about burglars than I ever wanted to know, here is a public service announcement. If there are any contractors, including public utilities’ contractors, working near your house or apartment, your odds of being burglarized have increased and sometimes the odds have significantly increased. Often those people case your goings and comings and alert their co-conspirators if they think they have a good chance of stealing from you. Those contractors will act as the lookout while the burglary is happening. And NEVER post on social networks that you are going on vacation. You would also be well served to have some costume jewelry in plain sight. I don’t know where the best place would be for you to hide your real jewelry, but you need to find that place and use it. You should also consider getting a burglar alarm or at least get some of those signs showing that you have an alarm system. When that burglary happened at my house I sent an email to all personnel at our law firm to let them know how serious burglaries have become in the US. I live in what I thought was a very safe neighborhood (and I still think that) and I wanted our personnel to know that so-called safe neighborhoods are not immune to burglars. After I sent out that email I was stunned at how many folks said they had been burglarized or had a neighbor that had been burglarized. The point of this fairly lengthy post is you really need to know that burglaries are a serious problem in the US and you need to do something to reduce your chances of getting hit by this crime. I hope this helps.
  9. Having been burglarized myself, I can tell you that one should not expect an in-depth investigation by the cops. I completely understand that because they have far worse crimes to investigate. Nosa should realize his possessions are probably gone forever. Anyone else question whether that Uber driver was involved somehow?
  10. Free Solo on NatGeoHD Sunday at 8 pm CST.
  11. Of course, that is exactly what having 19 wins would mean, and that doesn’t change my opinion. That said, I hope we don’t have to find out if I am correct. Auburn could be a dangerous team in the tournament, but they also could be a one and done team.
  12. IMO, I think we get in with 19 wins. The “Bruce Factor” will get us in.