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  1. That’s exactly right, Bird! Gus is a complete fraud and a serial liar. Please, AU powers to be, do something about this clown.
  2. Fire him now. Start the search.

    What press release at 2:00 pm?
  3. My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    If there is any saving grace to the way this game was lost, let’s hope the final nail was hammered in the coffin and AU will get rid of our incompetent head coach. What a clown.
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Mark Stoops
  5. Notes going into Week #6

    I wonder what the stat is for each player.
  6. Running Game

    Right now, Pettway is a liability and should not be on the field until he gets well. We need to start using Iggy and Barrett in a short passing game to help with a weak run game. We can’t run Kerryon in the ground. He is still injured and we have to help him protect his hammy. Miller needs more carries, too.
  7. Chuck Person

    What are you talking about? Thanks
  8. Worth Replacing Gus?

    It is a complete cop-out to blame Saban for Auburn’s problems! The blame rests squarely on the PTB at Auburn and Gus and his crew.
  9. Bashing Gus

    Four of those turnovers may well be Gus’s fault. Would those have occurred if we had a stud WR coach instead of a glorified grad assistant? It’s a reasonable question.
  10. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I remember an unnamed QB who should have gotten a lot more playing time as the backup. It is possible that he would have improved greatly or coaches could have seen that he was not nearly as good as they and fans thought he was. And coaches could have realized they needed to recruit more QBs and not hitch their wagon to him. There are major advantages to giving Willis plenty of playing time. To not do so is extremely short sighted...but not surprising.
  11. Byron Cowart

    Man, I swear! Those folks with the holier-than-thou attitude who choose to denigrate Cowart for transferring from AU need a reality check. Cowart is doing what he thinks is best for him, period. Leave the kid alone and wish him well!
  12. Who Do You Want?

    If Bill O'Brien were to come to AU, he would ditch us the first time an NFL job came open. No thanks. Mike Leach is beyond weird and is a lawsuit waiting to happen.
  13. Auburn is a top 10 team rn...

    If we had three different coaches, possibly four, I could see this team winning out up to the UA game and I would rate that as a toss up. We have the players.
  14. Who Do You Want?

    Tommy Bowden, not Terry Bowden.
  15. Four Players Out For Mercer.

    If Miller is not good enough to replace a back who is running on just one leg, why is he on the team? Answer that, Gus.