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  1. Marvelous stuff, Keel! Many thanks.
  2. Scribe, there is no need for you to justify your feelings. They are what they are. That said, I am willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of AU folks thought it was great!! Pearl is full of life and does not have two feet in a grave. He is enjoying life, as folks should do. I thought what he did was fantastic!
  3. We are doing it to ourselves. We can still win this game if we quit screwing around.
  4. What a great time you shared with us!
  5. I’ve never met this lady, but I have noticed her always respectful posts over the years. We are lucky she is a member of this forum! WE, 3RD!
  6. It’s been like that for a long time. Even on my iPad. I’ve just learned to live with it.
  7. That is exactly right! If we can keep it close late in the game or even be ahead, Kirby will screw up. I realize we are going to have our hands full, but stranger things have happened.
  8. The same idiot that just coached his team to the first win in BR since 1999. BTW, your beloved coach couldn't even beat a 0-3 Navy team.
  9. Mike4AU


    I told my son the same thing!
  10. There are a number of players who deserve a game ball and Worm is one of them. He made some critical plays! We don’t win without his effort. Good job, buddy.
  11. Both games on same ESPN channel. FL game comes on at 5 CST. Our game is scheduled for 8 CST. Be prepared.
  12. PS, most coaches would not overlook what happened, but he now plays for one of the slimmest coaches in all of football. Pretty telling.
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