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  1. Mike4AU

    Lawn Equip., cordless, battery

    Greenworks. I have the blower, trimmer and hedger and pleased with all of them. I got sick and tired of getting worn out from trying to start my gas models and went all electric a couple of years ago. That said I still have to use my Stihl blower when all the leaves fall. I have a bunch of trees on my lot and need the power of the Stihl once a year.
  2. Mike4AU

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    One good thing about Gus’ contract is guaranteed coaching stability. The other two schools being considered don’t have that. I’m sure Cord and others take that into consideration.
  3. Mike4AU

    2018 Former 4* QB Cord Sandberg

    It seems to me that offering Cord implies that Gus is concerned about the QB situation (after Stid, of course). I personally don’t see Malik nor Joey being an SEC QB.
  4. Mike4AU

    3-game suspension for Winston

    That is exactly right. Complete scum. If he doesn’t have an epiphany and become a normal and respectful human being I see an orange jumpsuit in his future.
  5. The NCAA is a joke and is only slightly better than the VA.
  6. Mike4AU

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Cinderella’s glass slipper about to be crushed.
  7. Mike4AU

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    MSU will be facing wave after wave of OSU hitters. Going to be tough if MSU doesn’t score a bunch.
  8. Mike4AU

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Surely you don’t believe that, do you?
  9. Mike4AU

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    Hogs are going to be hard to beat.
  10. Mike4AU

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    State looks flat.
  11. Mike4AU

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    I rank real estate agents right behind car salesmen. Caveat Emptor! In Alabama, by law, real estate agents represent the seller. “Your” agent actually represents the seller. Be careful. I don’t know how that is in Tn. Lastly, always buy something that others would buy.
  12. Mike4AU

    Phil’s moving ball putt

    No anger in what I said. My comment was a pragmatic response to his acting like a dick, in full view of everyone. Yeah, I recognize that he was assessed the two stroke penalty, but IMO that penalty was not enough.
  13. If Butch wants to go back to MSU, he will go no matter what Greene does. I suspect that Greene is going to give unprecedented support for AU baseball. Greene appears to be making the AD his own and him being a former BB player leads one to believe we are going to enjoy the ride. If Butch doesn’t want to be part of that, we will get someone else. AU is a great brand.
  14. Mike4AU

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    I try to avoid checking in after normal working hours. It appears that certain people cannot post during the day, and their mean-spirited attitude and just plain mean behavior is something I want to avoid. I am not going to name names.