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  1. I thought AU should have talked to Klieman when Gus decided he could win a NC at UCF. After all, they did win one not long ago. Klieman is a dang good coach. How do I do yellow font on the Gus stuff…
  2. Damnit, I totally missed that! I will go stand in the corner for a few hours. I must have forgotten to take my smart pill this morning.
  3. Yeah, I saw the diligent efforts clause, but there is a reason why that isn’t included in the for cause clause. Other than a smoking gun like you mentioned, diligent efforts is nebulous, and lawyers on both sides of the table would get rich with billable time on that one…to no avail.
  4. Folks, quit trying to find clauses in his contract that may result in AU being able to fire him for cause. Those clauses (paragraphs) are clearly delineated in paragraph 21, a copy of which is attached, and the above mentioned paragraph(s) isn’t one of them. I realize that we have a tough situation right now and folks are looking for reasons why AU should be able to fire him for cause. Harsin’s agent is a well respected and very good lawyer in Bham. You can bet that for cause is clearly delineated in all his clients contracts, just like it is in Harsin’s contract. Here is a copy of paragraph 21 which delineates the for cause paragraphs.
  5. Thanks. This time of the year is top down for sure.
  6. Any car guys here? My toy…not a daily driver…Lexus SC 430.
  7. I think the right thing for AU to do is to not move on Harsin until a permanent AD is named. That would be fair to that AD and the new coach. I also think that should be done in the next few weeks.
  8. Of course he will. I cannot imagine any scenario where it would be beneficial for him to agree to settling for a lower amount. I would expect specific performance of the contract.
  9. Salty, check my numbers above for the buyout as of Oct 1, 2022.
  10. PS, for those who may be wondering, there isn’t a huge financial savings to terminating him before the season is over. His monthly compensation right now is $425,000. The savings would be 30% of that amount times the remaining months left on his contract this year (after termination). That amount is $127,500. Note that the buyout calculations I have made are for Harsin only.
  11. Ok, guys, here is the buyout info as of October 1, 2022: Total owed would be $16,170,000 ($23,100,000 X 70%) $8,085,000 due 30 days after termination date $2,021,250 due in 4 equal annual payments beginning July 15 immediately after termination date termination for cause would result in no buyout. I have not heard any rumblings about a possible for cause if anyone wants to check my math, please feel free to do so I will add that this huge buyout should dispel any notion of him leaving on his own. I would also mention that the contract specifically states that there is no mitigation/offset clause in the contract Here is a link to the contract: https://www.scribd.com/document/505147399/Personnel-Contract-FB-Head-Coach-BH-2026-Fully-Executed
  12. There is no question that Gus left a huge mess. It is sobering to know that Harsin is going to leave an even bigger mess. Unbelievably bad performance by Harsin.
  13. Failure after failure after failure…ad nauseam…
  14. FWIW he absolutely despises bamr. By the way, I disagree with both of his posts and want Harsin gone as of yesterday. I jumped off the Harsin ship after the PSU debacle. That forced me to look at the facts, and I then realized he is not the guy we need.
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