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  1. This team is just not that good. I suspect changes will occur after the season ends.
  2. This is an extremely well written article and is very thought provoking, but Hughes doesn’t really address the biggest problem FB has. All of its problems lie squarely at the feet of one guy. Moreover, there is a school of thought that the long term future of FB is bleak, mainly because the younger generations are going elsewhere. Back to the one guy, and everyone but Z knows who the one guy is. Z is a brilliant guy, but there are plenty of brilliant folks who simply are not good CEO’s. Z has become a megalomaniac and is not capable of being a high level CEO. So far, FB has become successful in spite of itself. You can bet that Congress has its eyes on Z and others, like Musk. I am typically not in favor of government intervention in companies, but there are times when the actions or inactions of leaders of companies provoke Congress into action. Z and Musk are going down that road, for sure.
  3. I think Joey will start, but Bo will also play.
  4. A terrible loss for humanity, not just Catholics nor just France. I saw the cathedral in person and will tell you that it was unbelievable. Over 800 years old.
  5. Time for everyone to move on from the gut wrenching loss. I am just about over it and have quit complaining about the robbery. Glorious season! Thanks to the team and the coaches!
  6. It was a magical run, and I will forever be thankful for the joy this team gave me!
  7. I don’t have any problems at all with Va. I do have a problem with incompetent refs not calling the double dribble. That happened in plain view and it is not even debatable that the dude double dribbled.
  8. I am usually a stoic guy, but the hose job by the refs has me furious. I just cannot believe it.
  9. I can’t believe the refs didn’t call the double dribble. Refs stole the game from us.
  10. AU is a battle tested team and deserves to have some fun. They will be locked in at tip off.
  11. UVA may not be a blue blood basketball school, but it is certainly a blue blood University...as evidenced by the well written posts by the visitors. I would say good luck to UVA Saturday, but since I would not mean it, I won’t say it...
  12. Best funny line this year!