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  1. Ah, some kindred souls! Here are four of my favorite cars over the years. 1. Not sure why but my Dad bought me a 1967 corvette convertible, 427 with 3X2 while I was in school. Way fast...too fast...could barely keep tires on it. I lost my pics of it, but here is a pic of the scale model I have. 2. !968 Corvette vert, 327. Not nearly as cool, nor as fast as the 68, but it had AC! No pics. 3. 2004 BMW Z3, 3L, vert. Really liked this car, but it was too small. No pics. 4. 1996 BMW 2.8, vert. It is a garage queen. Just drive it when I am in the mood.
  2. Interesting that he did not compare his offense to what AU was running. Is that telling?
  3. He has already paid $26K for the damages, got his passport back and is now living in Germany. He gone.
  4. JJ deserves an A+ for this. Leave the complaints for a different topic.
  5. I don't embrace the underdog mentality for one second. I want expectations to be high, and if a coach can't deliver that on a fairly consistent basis, get another coach.
  6. Ditto on the observations and insight by Deux! Thanks, man!
  7. I just stumbled on to this thread. Sure has been fun reading it. I love to fish but have not do so in about 7 years. The kind of fishing I did for 20 years was smallmouth fishing on Pickwick and Wilson in North Alabama. Those two rivers are world class for smallies. People from all over the country come to fish there. I live in Bham. I would get up at 3 am, drive up to Florence, fish all day, then head home. It was physically exhausting and I got to the point I could not keep up that routine. I would carry a bunch of rods with artificials on them (fav was various spinnerbaits). I also had a professional livewell in my boat and would catch shad with a castnet and use them. I used 6 pound line for livebait fishing. I have caught a lot of 6 pound smallies, but never a seven or above. Did have a couple at 6'10". I used to fish for largemouths and spots at various lakes around Bham, but I turned into a smallmouth fisherman. It gets into your blood. Smallies are so strong. If you tied, for example, a 5 pound smallie by its tail to a 5 pound largemouth, the smallie would drown the largemouth. A spot would do better than a largemouth, but would still lose to the smallie. Oh, don't let anyone tell you that smallies only hit small artificials Not so! I always used big spinnerbaits, with the weight depending on the current and if there is no current running, just pack up and go home smallies love current! Spring and fall are the best times. And always check with the TVA for the water release schedules
  8. Exactly. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see what the problem was, but it serves no useful purpose to debate it. JJ is a good Auburn man, and we should all remember that.
  9. I noticed the same thing. When nothing happened I passed it off by thinking I must need new glasses.
  10. I don't believe that for one second.
  11. If it is Mazzone, Gus will be cashing in his chips and JJ will help count them as both go out the door.
  12. AU won't go Air Raid under Yurcich, but will utilize ALL the assets other than just the RBs. AU has immensely talented receivers, and it could be argued that the passing offense should be the strength of the offense.
  13. Ah, you quoted that before my edit.
  14. I come from a long line of educators. I know all about getting abused by a red pen!