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  1. If Greene is a peace-keeper, that suggests to me that he doesn’t want any boiling cauldrons on his watch because he is using AU as a steppingstone for a different job. If that is the case it sure will lower my opinion of him. I sure hope this isn’t the case.
  2. @JwgreDeux, I really appreciate your posts and BB knowledge! Thanks a ton!
  3. Under the current collective bargaining agreement the contracts for rookies in the NFL are slotted according to each draft position. It certainly is possible that Brown could improve his draft position by virtue of his play in the bowl, but that is the only way he could get more money for his rookie contract. This collective bargaining agreement was implemented in 2011 and it has been estimated that the agreement cost Cam $50 million. The days of freewheeling rookie contracts are over. Here is a link to data re: contracts for NFL rookies.
  4. Until recently I was of the opinion that players should play in a bowl game before going pro. Tua’s injury changed my outlook. I now think that when a player is looking at getting life changing money from the NFL he should sit and not risk injury in a bowl game.
  5. I guess Carlos may be headed towards bankruptcy like more than 80% of former NFL players within 5 years after their playing days. Truly sad.
  6. Good for Gus. I will add that AU needs to improve their radar to seek out the game playing flippers and pull their offer. Again, good for Gus on this one.
  7. Morris has an offset provision in his contract with Arky which means he won’t pick up any money unless AU were to pay him more than what Arky owes him and even then he would only pick up the amount that exceeds the Arky amount.
  8. Gee, in the strongest yellow font possible, I am shocked!
  9. Whether a player has graduated from college has nothing to do with eligibility for the NFL draft. A player becomes eligible for the draft after three years from graduating from high school.
  10. My memory of that is LSU would not pay Pat’s buyout, so he stayed at TCU.
  11. I told my son when the 1 second was added back and Carlson made the kick that I hoped we win by that field goal because it would be great to listen to the bammers whine and complain about getting hosed. There is nothing better than beating them with freaky plays! The absolute freakiest play was Gus tricking Saban that resulted in the penalty. A kneel down win is pure torture to the losing team.