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  1. Saban donated $1 mil to their football only complex. Gus one-upped him big time! Gus just may have changed my opinion of him. Talk about stepping up to the plate!!!
  2. I bet a certain Momma is busting with pride!
  3. Mike4AU

    Crepea leaving al.com - Merged

    Alex, change the title to include Creep’s name and you will get a million clicks on this thread. I can’t stand the guy.
  4. Mike4AU

    Aidan Marshall leaves the team-Merged thread

    I suspect Marshall read the tea leaves when Muschamp got the vacated scholarship (and Siposs was already on scholarship) and concluded he had a better chance somewhere else. That’s the way I would have seen it, if I were him.
  5. Mike4AU

    LSU Bans Cooling Devices to Visitors

    They have for years.
  6. Mike4AU

    LSU Bans Cooling Devices to Visitors

    I won’t repeat what I said in that other thread, but I will say the leaders of the SEC, our leaders and the leaders at other institutions who have had to play at LSU (and certainly the scumbag leaders at LSU) ought to be ashamed of themselves for letting this dangerous policy exist. How many tragedies have occured because of lack of player safety as it relates to heat?
  7. My apologies for the thread drift.
  8. Best I recall, LSU does use cooling fans. Moreover, keep in mind that during the day games LSU is in the shade and the visiting team is in direct sunlight. Even if LSU does not use cooling fans, that should not make any difference what AU or any other school does re cooling devices. Quite frankly, the Neanderthal manner in which schools treat visiting teams, especially in the horrible heat, can be borderline criminal. There have been recent incidents of heat strokes at several schools which should lead to a common sense approach to player safety, especially in the heat.
  9. That’s a happy dude! Awesome!
  10. There is a simple solution to the no cooling fans for the visiting team at Tiger Stadium. Next time we go there make it known to LSU, SEC and NCAA that we are bringing cooling fans and generators and will be using them for player safety...and dare anyone to try to stop us. I am quite serious. That is a bona fide player safety problem. Allen Greene, if you are reading this, go ahead and tell everyone that is what is going to happen.
  11. Mike4AU

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    Samford up by 2
  12. Mike4AU

    Auburn 63 ASU 9 - Postgame Thread

    4th qtr just started in FSU vs Samford.