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  1. Major twists and turns.
  2. The English, a TV mini series with Emily Blunt. I gave it an A. It’s about a woman who seeks revenge on the man responsible for the death of her son.
  3. Because Systems is being passive aggressive
  4. Freeze has publicly stated that he wants a portal QB, one that can help us win. That, to me, is crystal clear that he has looked at the QB room and is not satisfied.
  5. I can’t state with absolute certainty, but I would bet the ranch that NIL deals can only be made with scholarship players. If that isn’t the case then there would be no point In scholarship limits.
  6. In years past that was done to circumvent scholarship limits, but that practice is no longer available. An academic scholarship to a football player is now counted as one of the 85 scholarships.
  7. There are a number of folks on this forum that need to have an understanding of copyright violations.
  8. Austin is an incredibly intelligent dude! I really like the hire.
  9. Yep, a previous poster pointed that out. I guess having a hearing disability resulted in not hearing Garner. All is well.
  10. I will admit that he may have said Garner. Thanks
  11. Listen again…right after Malzahn…coach Harsin for giving me a chance.
  12. I’m not sure what you meant by this because he did thank Harsin for giving him a chance.
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