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  1. I would bet the ranch that a straw vote was taken before TX and OK gave formal notice to the Big 12. Hypothetically, of course.
  2. The new NCAA NIL means that Auburn will be able to share in the Suni Lee spotlight that will soon be blindingly bright. She is going to make a ton of money. I wonder how much General Mills will pay her to be on boxes of Wheaties? Gatorade? Milk consortium? Etc. Not only did she win the gold, she is also very photogenic. She is extremely marketable.
  3. FWIW, I get a pop up ad every time I first check into the forum. A different ad every time. On an iPad Air.
  4. Katie worked at our law firm and is a top flight person. She is brilliant! I will vote for her, hands down.
  5. I don’t have a vote in this matter, but if I did I would go to the mat to keep Texas out of the SEC. They are bad news and would always want special treatment. That special treatment of UT is precisely why the Big 12 is going downhill and why its predecessors failed. I fail to see how the SEC would gain with the addition of UT.
  6. The NCAA rules on NIL state that it is not supposed to be used for recruiting purposes. Saban clearly violated that during his speech, especially when he said the amount was attributable to “our brand.”
  7. Q is a rocket-in-the-pocket, for sure. IMO. Would he take the job? I have no idea. Offer him big bucks!
  8. The only person to blame for AG being in the current situation is himself! Pure and simple...and completely mystifying. There is no JABA, no conspiracy, no GOB dealings, no powerful boosters screwing him...nothing but AG!
  9. I have the same feeling about Harsin that I had when Dye was hired. I think Harsin is cut from the same cloth as Dye. Dye’s first year at AU was a losing season, but AU fans saw massive improvement and felt excited about the future. I don’t expect AU to have a losing season in Harsin’s first year at AU, but if that happens and we see the same improvement as we saw with Dye, I would bet that the overwhelming majority of AU fans will be excited about the future.
  10. As I stated in an earlier post several days ago I view Gogue’s move to put Burgess right in the thick of things to be a positive move.
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