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  1. A Bad Day At Work

    My goodness, what a guy!
  2. Sal Cannela impressing the team

    I could not care less about Sal's hair. The only things that matter to me are 1) does he represent AU well and 2) can he help the team.
  3. Borges impact on the offense

    I hope Al does what Chip wants him to do and nothing more. The possibility of having too many cooks in the kitchen gives me heartburn. We've seen that before, under Tub.
  4. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    I see what you did there. Subtle and slick! Nice!
  5. NCAA Baseball Tournament

    In at FSU
  6. And her published apology does not square with the report that MJ was not in her blood. Something is messed up.
  7. Baseball vs Mississippi St Game 2

    Not only is WT our PBP guru (thanks a ton), he is also a good luck charm. Bring 'em through, WT!
  8. Monty Adams and Carl Lawson Draft talk

    Carl is an Auburn man through and through. I know we are all glad to have had him on the team. I suspect the NFL coaches will teach him how to release The Kraken!
  9. The Car Thread

    Heck, that's nothing. Check out the Camaro Exorcist. 1000 HP! I once drove a Chevy with 600 HP. It was scary. I can only imagine how 1000 HP feels. Here is the link to the Exorcist.
  10. You Don’t Know Takeo

    Totally awesome!
  11. Baseball vs. Florida - game 3

    Thanks for all the posts, guys and gals!
  12. No! I am still in my first.
  13. I watched it last night on my big screen. I gave it a solid A. Amazing graphics, very good acting and Cumberbatch may well be the best actor of his generation. Decent story line. Fun movie. Good for younger folks and even granddads, of which I am one.
  14. Possible position change for JFIII

    I think Franklin is a track guy who is trying to play football. He might be able to become a receiver or a DB, but that's about it. Thanks for trying, John.