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  1. Baptisms at the Athletics Complex

    I hope everyone is about finished with all the axes that one wanted to grind so that this thread can end.
  2. Purifoy eligibility

    Good news, in more ways than just DP’s eligibility.
  3. Tony Barbee

    I couldn’t care less what Barbee says or does. He failed big-time at AU and AU moved on. End of story.
  4. Men vs. Clemson

    Team, thanks for the championship. Get ‘em next year.
  5. Men vs. Clemson

    Something is just not right.
  6. Men vs. Clemson

    Sandlot basketball. Pathetic.
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    My stomach is still in knots.
  8. Men vs. Charleston

    What’s with Harper. Haven’t seen him this bad before. Is he hurt?
  9. Men's basketball Fri 6:30 PM

    266 I think
  10. Men vs Alabama

    Celebrate the SEC championship and realize that being down three scholarship players finally caught up with us. It is a long season and the wear and tear on the bodies has been exacerbated by not having those three guys. Pretty amazing accomplishment, when one thinks about it.
  11. Remove sec logo?

    So, I guess you would also return the $40.9 million check AU received from the SEC last year? Sorry, this sort of poor-me attitude is just plain silly and a needless psychological burden to carry. I'm out. Y'all have fun being persecuted.
  12. Remove sec logo?

    Let me get this straight. We are extremely proud of our team for winning the SEC championship in basketball, but because some of our guys didn’t win individual accolades we are now mad and want to take our ball and go home. Sounds pretty sophomoric to me. Sorry. Nothing personal.
  13. Pearl's emotional journey

    Several possibilities...range from just being tired to not sure of himself at this point in his career at AU to not particularly wanting to be in that room. I don’t think it is not wanting to be in the room. If that was the case he simply would not be in the room. On balance I come down on the side of him not being sure of himself right now. That will go away in time.
  14. Pearl's emotional journey

    Any comments about Greene’s body language?
  15. If we share the title

    Will you please expound on this comment? Just how is Leath acting that gives you pause? Serious question. I see Leath at basketball games smiling and having a good time. I see Leath in the locker room smiling and having a good time. That just does not fit the profile of someone who is going to fire Bruce. I think it is one thing to say one has a gut feeling that Leath is going to fire Bruce. But to imply there are facts to support that position is a different matter. If one has facts, let’s see them.