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  1. You imply that you know something nefarious and other than what is known about the situation with Person did occur. How about letting the unwashed public know about the gems only you know about. Your continued unjustified pot shots on BP borders on slander and is quite old. Give it a rest. You are embarrassing yourself. Sorry for the rant but I suspect I am not the only one who is weary of your incessant crap as it relates to BP.
  2. This BOT has to be the dumbest in the history of mankind. The money that the BOT has given away to just two people is shameful.
  3. For those who don't think the speed can be accurately determined, cars have had "black boxes" for a long time and are used to determine data in accidents (among other things}. In the case of the Jeep, the black box is silver: It's not black, but silver. It's called an EDR--event data recorder. Practically all US vehicles come with them now. Usually under passenger seat or on the tranny hump. They control the air bag deployment. As a matter of their design, they can remember five to 20 seconds of vehicle parameters. These can include engine RPM, speed over ground, seat belt buckled or not, brakes applied or not. Great tool for collision reconstruction.
  4. Queen sized mattress, box springs and rails free for pick up Saturday, July 6, 2019. Everything is in good shape. We just don't have a need for this stuff at my son's new place. Post here if you are interested and PM me. When responding here, be sure to quote my post so I will get a notification. This offer is real...not junk, we just don't need it anymore and don't want to take the time to sell it. War Eagle!
  5. This kid has ruined the lives of many people, including his own. It is a terribly sad situation.
  6. Basketball has proven it strives for excellence. Baseball has proven it strives for excellence. Equestrian has proven it strives for excellence. The PTB need to prove they strive for excellence. If they don’t, we need new PTB! We have some donors who could literally write a check for the facility upgrades in baseball. It is parochial thinking to disregard the so-called non-revenue producing sports. I am a fan of AG, but if he can’t or won’t get the facility upgrades done in baseball, we need a different AD. Relatively speaking, the cost of taking care of this is small change.
  7. I swear. Beat writers are not part of Auburn’s athletic department. The only way they knew about this was someone leaked it to them. The harm is because recruiting rivals will say the sky is falling at Auburn. Yes, AG should have controlled the message long ago. Now I am sure he knows some folks in the AD or above are gunning for him. Maybe because he is busting up their playhouse. And, yes, 10% cutbacks are an extremely lazy way to reduce costs. I have seen these sorts of cutbacks in my career and have always thought they were sophomoric and fail to address with specificity known problem areas and people.
  8. It WAS a leak and was intended to do harm. The motive of the leaking is why the leaker should be fired.
  9. My first reaction to this news was not favorable, but after thinking a lot about it I think spending was out of control and AG is reigning it in. AG is bringing fiscal responsibility to a department that was fiscally irresponsible. The next thing AD needs to do is find out who the leakers are and fire them (unless they are board members)...not sure what he could do in that situation.
  10. I can’t believe JJ got a $2.5 mil buyout. Complete incompetence to be in that position.
  11. When, and if, reliable sources report this, I will believe it. Until then I will consider this to be numnuts reporting.