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  1. damabama

    11am Kick

  2. damabama

    Last time AU beat LSU in Baton Rouge...

    i was sitting in the south endzone. was it duvall that ran the fake field goal? he could have walked up and handed me the ball i was that far down. if we dont beat LSU in BR this time, we may never beat them down there again.
  3. damabama

    Chuck Person

    and the AG is a bammer. this is the first little piece of ALL the do do hitting the fan
  4. damabama

    Where is Kam Martin or Malik Miller?

    there is no single player on this team that malzahn will not sacrifice in order to hold onto his 4.5 million dollar gig. ask sean white. malzahn will use them until he uses them up.
  5. damabama


    Control freak and stubborn and not dumb works better
  6. damabama


    man, that is too damn funny. i did laugh at that
  7. damabama

    A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    if malzahn does't ruin him first
  8. damabama

    Breaking News

    i've been saying the same thing. i'd pay.
  9. damabama

    Rate your disdain

    not going for the 2d week in a row. first time in almost 30 years this has happened. i dont give a flip about this game and how it will be spun to show everything is golden again
  10. damabama

    Auburn vs. Mercer score prediction

    and jay jacobs sends another email around stating how quiet the fire malzahn crowd is following this monumental victory. and we are not 1 inch closer to being a good football team.
  11. damabama

    Malzahn's Presser (merged Threads)

    be clear on one thing, there is not a player on this team that malzahn will not sacrifice in order to keep his job. just ask sean white.
  12. damabama

    Big Games

    and every season since that night too. been a constant struggle
  13. damabama

    Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    i think it gets down to this. dabo will have his team fired up, well prepared and ready to play. malzahn will not. it could get ugly
  14. damabama

    Pettway vs. Clemson

    he better be in shape is all i know. malzahn will run him 30-40 times whether he's gaining any yards or not