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  1. i gave all my tickets away after walking out in the 3d qtr of the arkansas game. at that point, i had seen all i needed to see and didn't see a single play of the rest of the season.
  2. from my seats, most of the action takes place to my left, toward the NEZ. i look at that board 80 to 20 vs godzillatron. i like it too. too much stuff on the other board and it takes more than a quick glance to find things sometimes.
  3. especially from someone no longer with the team
  4. auburn won't hire chip so it really doesnt matter if or when TAMU hires him.
  5. this is one of the top 3 auburn football games I ever attended. I went because I couldn't get rid of my tickets. from the CJ td return to the end of the game maybe the loudest game I've ever heard.
  6. bammer offered him only to keep him from coming to auburn. keep auburn thin at qb
  7. every game is a trap with malzahn on the side line
  8. if I knew the answer to that question I would be planning my retirement for that next week.
  9. "At times, he's just a little gimpy with that knee, and I don't know if it's physical or if it's mental, I really don't know, but he's got to get well," said Garner, Auburn's defensive line coach. "There's not a premium on one-legged defensive ends; that's just not a high demand for that position with that skill set." GREAT LINE CRG
  10. must be near impossible to shoot pool with all the balls the same color. i'm assuming the 8 ball is still black. solids and stripes i guess, but it'd be strange shooting a rack like that
  11. one way or the other, it will be the new qb. the HC's and AD's jobs are depending on him.
  12. we dont know much about Lindsey at auburn at the moment
  13. another high school coach. smdh
  14. i might have 2 depending how the season goes.
  15. see the post about handshakes. thats where this came from about malzahn paying. how expensive are these training gurus and camps?