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  1. well, when they update the votes, Aubie is going up tremendously. So try it like I posted above.
  2. a poster on the bunker posted this. it works. I got 30 votes in one minute on a trackpad. I guess it somehow tricks the server into thinking it's mobile, and let's you vote faster. VOTE PEOPLE... VOTE!!! ** Download Safari browser from Apple (if it's not already installed. ** Open Safari and open Safari's preferences. Go to 'Advanced' tab and make sure "Show Develop menu" is checked. ** Close preferences ** On the top menu bar, click "Develop -> User Agent -> Other". Then copy and past the following text and click OK. Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 3_0 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/528.18 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile/7A341 Safari/528.16 ** This tricks the browser into thinking you're on a cell phone. ** Now go to ** You'll see the page as if you were on an old "dumb phone". ** Click "Vote". Find Aubie and click the appropriate vote button. On the following landing page, click "Vote" again.
  3. Sucks for him, but it's not like it's set in stone. Hopefully he doesn't want to leave because of this.
  4. those banners look strange. I like the NC logo on them, but they cover up the brick and hope they don't use them during the season next year. And if they don't, it seems like a waste of money. Sorry to be debbie downer. I enjoy seeing the brick walls on tv during a game. Its part of the great tradition of Auburn football for me. Looks like a stage to me guys. Nothing over the bricks... Youre correct sir. It is a stage. My bad. I see that now. It was late and I was tired.
  5. Kodi is a true Auburn man and I love that this picture was taken. He wasn't the best or most popular player the last 4 years, but he will never be forgotten.
  6. those banners look strange. I like the NC logo on them, but they cover up the brick and hope they don't use them during the season next year. And if they don't, it seems like a waste of money. Sorry to be debbie downer.
  7. I'm in touch with him. Stay tuned... thanks!
  8. anyone know how to watch this? or how to get in touch with him to watch it?
  9. was wondering if you were still making auburn videos. sucks they made you take them off youtube.
  10. No longer a student but I bought a student ticket, and I'm very glad I did. I was pretty drunk, and I knew I was going to get wet so I didn't care. At least I had the foresight to bring sandwich baggies for my phone, wallet and smokes. They worked great! I didn't want to have to keep track of my rain jacket so I just wore an under armor polo (which was perfect for rain). I felt like I had jumped in a lake and then some. SO wet, but SO fun. My feet are feeling it today though. Should have worn flip flops. Only bad part (not really bad) was that I had to wake up at 5 this morning to drive back to Atlanta for more tailgating and more football. Auburn won. Falcons won. GREAT weekend!!!! SO DAMN TIRED THOUGH!
  11. I was hoping to get Fannin over 100 yards rushing. He was pretty close. Needed 25 more I believe, and that would have put us at 3 100 yard rushers. They took him out right after he danced around behind the line and he never went back in.
  12. actually Herbie talked about Auburn on gameday saturday. Said some nice things actually. But no, haven't seen any Auburn highlights on espn yet. Also, haven't seen a full college football final yet. Don't think they've actually had one. I was looking for it week one and it never came on. Went straight to sportscenter instead. Then, on saturday, I don't think it was a full show. Maybe because the game ran long, but I'm not sure.
  13. but both La Tech and MSU gashed us with QB runs a few times. The thing is, neither Jenkins nor either of MSU's QBs were heralded as guys with legitimate arms. WVU's new QB (J.Brown) has one of the stronger arms in college football...he's also one of those guys that you can have trapped for a sack and then watch him break a tackle and throw the ball 30+ yards downfield off his back foot. The kid looked pretty good in the highlights last week. Didn't get to watch their game, but saw some highlights and he had a good arm and good escapability. He did throw off his back foot a lot, but still put the ball in the right places. ECU could not tackle whatsoever in those highlights. They have another back, not devine, that is tiny and very fast as well. They seemed to split him out more than devine and he made some good runs and good catches. They are throwing a lot more than they did with Pat White.
  14. here's a link if anyone wants to download the mp3 Gameface
  15. The guys name is Katilyst. His aunt is on rivals and was spreading it around. She's the one that put it on youtube. She also said that he just got signed by some label. Anyway, she said she already got it to the team and is trying to get it to play in the stadium.