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  1. Will the NCAA Tournament be cancelled as well? Probably.
  2. AP #2O. Down 3 spots. Coaches Poll: #17. Down 2.
  3. NET plummeted to 35, but now back up to 27. 12 loss Marquette is 1 spot ahead of us while 13 loss Texas Tech is 5 spots ahead of us.
  4. We want UK to win. A Florida W does drop us to the 3 seed. As the 3 seed, which is probable, we play the last game on Friday. 8:30ish.
  5. Auburn needs to win at least one of the remaining 2 games to guarantee at least a 4 seed in the SEC Tournament and a double bye. Winning both would be a whole lot cooler.
  6. NET 13 to 24 and fell out of the ESPN Power Index. Need to bounce back again.
  7. #11 in both polls. Dropped a spot in the Coach's Poll after a 2-0 week.
  8. Auburn shot 53% from the field and only 46% from the line. Need to improve that FT shooting (understatement of the thread).
  9. Edwards looked like a one and better bring your butt back to Athens and learn how to play basketball today.
  10. Give me the Shivers TD. In a game full of amazing plays from both teams.
  11. Going back to last season Auburn is 19-1 over their last 20 games. I think this is the best stretch in the nation. WDE!