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  1. AuNuma1

    CHIZIK FIRED - Multiple sources

    Don't look now but even Tony Franklin is up for offensive coordinator of the year...WITH THE SPREAD!!
  2. AuNuma1

    CHIZIK FIRED - Multiple sources

    Absolutely. Malzahn is the reason Chiz wasn't exposed way before now.
  3. AuNuma1

    CHIZIK FIRED - Multiple sources

    Were you around in 2003? Our administration falls over itself time and time again...
  4. AuNuma1

    CHIZIK FIRED - Multiple sources

    It's our administration...too many hands in the cookie jar. They don't seem to have that problem at bammer though.
  5. AuNuma1

    CHIZIK FIRED - Multiple sources

    The spread is the only thing that has beaten bammer in the last 3 or 4 years.
  6. AuNuma1

    CHIZIK FIRED - Multiple sources

    Gus would be an upgrade at this point...I'd hire him.
  7. AuNuma1

    If Chizik gets another year

    Don't forget about this NCAA investigation now hanging over us...can't be good for negotiations with potential coaches.
  8. The obvious still has me confused...why is this Gogue's decision? Our AD is paid to make these decisions. If Gogue doesn't allow or trust Jay Jacobs to do this, why is Jacobs employed?
  9. AuNuma1

    2012 Schedule Wallpaper

    It's been quite a long time since I've posted on this forum so I'm sorry if this is a repost... I found a schedule wallpaper in this thread on reddit...thought I'd share. Smaller one here: Can't go wrong with some of the official ones either. WDE!
  10. AuNuma1

    Tiger Woods Car Accident

    Well that was an interesting article...I didn't know there was such a chasm in between him and the black community. I always heard he hung out with Barkley and Jordan all the time... But this story just won't go away...I don't think golf has ever had a scandal this big. John Daly who?? My prediction is that Tiger will skip the masters and hit the ground running some time before the US Open. And I say before the US Open because he's got to allow time for the circus to somewhat die down before he starts in a major...that would be too much. So maybe the Memorial...I think he's had a lot of success at Muirfield Village. But as far as his marriage goes, I'm guessing a divorce announcement will come late January. His wife has already bought a $850k house on an island back in the homeland and she's out and about without her diamond. None of that is good news for the marriage, obviously. Plus, his bottom b!tch is supposedly "visiting" in West Palm Beach, just miles from his think his wife is going to put up with that?? I still don't feel sorry for him...he created this all by himself.
  11. AuNuma1

    Tobacco tax article on

    Like cigarettes, I guess you could argue that message boards are a luxury. But at the same time, message boards don't contain a substance (nicotine) that is physically addictive. Again, there's no good reason to smoke...absolutely zero. You get addicted to them and they cause cancer so if you want to do that to yourself, I have no problem with the government making money off of people's poor choices. Agree to disagree I guess... ------- What up Titan and Bammer...looking forward to seeing the new site I've been hearing about.
  12. For you guys that smoke, what do you think about some of the comments on this article about tobacco taxes going up? Is that somehow a threat to your freedom and should the tax money collected on tobacco really go to the people that got cancer from cigarettes? I couldn't resist giving my two cents after reading some of those comments.
  13. AuNuma1

    Tiger Prowl....

    Why is everyone (even nationally) so enthralled with Auburn's new limo? Remember a few years back when Auburn was recruiting against Miami and FSU for that Ernie guy (I think he was a linebacker)? He said he liked Miami better than Auburn because Miami treated him to a steak dinner or some stupid crap like that? Coaches/recruiters have been bending over backwards to entice kids for a long time...why is Auburn making news over a limo?
  14. AuNuma1

    Do or Die Time Tony Franklin

    Tony Franklin, in my opinion, is ignoring two huge playmakers for us in Burns and Fannin. Neither of those guys are being utilized to their potential. 1st and goal on the 7 YARD LINE and Kodi Burns is nowhere to be found...