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  1. I haven't posted here in years (and, before anyone says it, I admit I'll look like it looks like I came back at an oppotune time), but wow. Just wow. I'm young but feel like I've been following Auburn for a long time. This is a reward for all the times that as a kid in northwest Georgia I'd rush around the house trying ro get the best radio reception for Auburn football/basketball games that weren't on TV. I'm only 28, so I'm sure this is more rewaring for those of you who are older and went to Auburn (I may go there for my doctorate, BTW)!
  2. Quality stuff from Barnhart, as usual. I agree that Dooley is in the same league as those other coaches, but calling it something other than Sanford Stadium would be odd.
  3. Is "the same number as Freddie Milons" an option?
  4. Did Flair offer Muschamp more money, bigger cars, more women, custom made suits, ect. if he went to Texas (presumably to help fight the Von Erichs?).
  5. The brilliant insights of Mark Bradley. I say that though all the UGA fans I know think he's a tool. Apparently he needed to write some filler and insulted both Auburn and Clemson and their coaches.
  6. Dave Rowe says that Courtney Cox made that last big catch. I knew she was from Alabama but damn .
  7. I've been away for a while, and I expected a lot of negativity on this board after last night. I have a couple of obervations to make about Brandon Cox. First, remember the last time an ACC team visited Auburn? Yep, that was Ben Leard's atrocious first game against Virginia. Later on, he became an All SEC quarterback, and he had freakin Noel Mazzone and not a great offensive coordinator to point him in the right direction. I don't remember Campbell's first start, but I do remember the Carrier Dome. Basically, this is one of the least disheartening QB debuts we have seen in a while, probably since Craig. Unlike Leard and Campbell, Cox has some weapons around him, so I expect things to be looking up soon.
  8. As much as a I criticize UGA fans, I think I should be the one to post this. > Sports > UGA Dogs fans show heart, but . . . NCAA won't let them pay for dad's trip to game By CHIP TOWERS The Atlanta Journal-Constitution Published on: 08/11/05 ATHENS — A group of Georgia football fans took up a collection to pay for a Boise State player's father to fly from Baghdad to see his son play against the Bulldogs in Athens. But the NCAA rule book got in the way. Dan Miller, father of Broncos sophomore guard Tad Miller, is a retired police lieutenant who is training Iraqi police officers. When Sam Hendrix of Signal Mountain, Tenn. — "suthndawg" to his fellow Georgia fans on the Dawgvent, an Internet message board — read a story in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the Millers, he started an online movement to raise the $2,700 it will cost Dad to make it to Sanford Stadium to see his son play in the home opener Sept. 3. "Within moments of suthndawg's post, there were 25 to 50 people who offered to pledge money," said Ryan Crowe, a 25-year-old legal assistant from Atlanta who offered to collect and distribute the funds. "It just took off from there." But when Crowe checked with the two schools, he was told the UGA fans' generosity would be a violation of NCAA bylaws regarding extra benefits and expenses for student athletes and their families. "Ironically, by providing this money, these [Georgia] fans would in effect become Boise State boosters," said Amy Chisholm, UGA's assistant athletics director for compliance. The NCAA defines a booster as "a representative of an institution's athletics interests." NCAA spokeswoman Gail Dent did not have an immediate response to questions about the situation Wednesday. "Makes no sense to me," said Hendrix, a 56-year-old marketing consultant. "It just hits me that twice in a week, these people have lost touch with reality." The NCAA caused a furor when it ruled last week that member schools' Native American mascots would no longer be allowed at championship events. Word of the Georgia fans' good intentions — and their being thwarted — spread quickly via the Internet. "It was such a nice and giving gesture, I almost felt embarrassed," said Kathy Miller, Tad's mother, who lives in Boise, Idaho. "We appreciate it so much. But we want people to know that the company Dan contracts for pays for his R&R every six months, and this will be his first time home since January. So his travel is taken care of." "Perhaps they can collect money to send some underprivileged kids to the game or something," she added. Kathy Miller said the family received other overtures from Georgia fans. One offered to host a party for the family when it arrives in Athens. Miller said she is running everything by Boise State's compliance office. Said Crowe: "Us Georgia fans love our football but, as a collective group, we're pretty hospitable people."
  9. Imagine if this was flipped, and Bama had gone undefeated and Brandon Cox was saying Auburn might be this year's Alabama. We'd never hear the end of it and Finebaum would have a field day.
  10. I kinda agree that we should play tougher non-conference foes. I wouldn't praise Arkansas too much though, because they are usually the ones with a weak non-conference schedule.
  11. As long as he chews up and spits out their teams, I'll be happy
  12. At risk of slightly going off subject, did anyone hear the guy on Finebaum the day after the BCS "championship game" saying that USC was like a pro team last year? I guess UCLA, who lost to Wyoming in their bowl game, must be the Pittsburgh Steelers Maybe that fat crybaby should sit at home and polish those two rings he didn't deserve.
  13. Sadly, it's true. These same people think Avril started the girls wearing ties thing, too. She didn't invent that, and she didn't invent bad music either .
  14. I think it's hilarious that Good Charlotte is mentioned. I hope they cry until their eyeliner smears. You'd be be suprised at how many college aged people think they are punk.