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  1. Best 30 second soundbit of a player ever!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I try and dont think about him but crap when he is on the cover of every magazine and ESPN blows him hard to ignore him.
  3. You may check with season ticket holders or Au ticket office and make sure all the UT tickets were sold. I was able to order mine through Auburn. The only set scheduled game for 2014 outside Georgia and Alabama is At Kansas State the 3rd week of the year. That will be a cool game to travel to.
  4. I dont know about our intro song I kinda of wish we would get one and stick to it. That said I know what the Nick Saban theme song needs to be-Liar By Rollins band. "So I tell you things that you want to hear so you say I can identify with you so much" Sounds like Saban and his recruiting pitch.
  5. Anyone who says they would take Satan has a win at the cost of character mentality I am glad they are not Auburn's AD.
  6. I totally totally totally agree. Sorry I dont want Auburn to ever be win at all costs. What kinda of SOB tells his staff not to speak to him unless spoken to. 59 BCS titles dont give you the right to treat people like crap.
  7. No what we need is a liar, a coach who has a hatche man named Dr. Doom. A coach who steps over convulsing players. Who lies to recruits. Who lies to the Dolphins. Who lies to the media in roster management. CHARACTER MATTERS!
  8. He might win the next 10 BCS titles but he is an appropriate fit on the Alabama campus and I am glad Auburn does not have him!! Alabama fans wonder why Auburn fans cant get down with Nick Saban. On a facebook page we had contributors list a link of stories regarding him. We wanted one location of resources on Nick Saban so this is a great compliation listing all the reasons we intensely dislike him. Some Real gems. Here he has a hatchet man named Dr. Doom. His video coordinator was hit by lighting and he never visited him. What a great boss. http://articles.sun-...phins-employees Great motivator: You want more? A practice scrimmage in 2005. Linebacker Zach Thomas, as popular and dedicated as any Dolphin ever, got into a small spat with linebackers coach George Edwards. Thomas did something wrong in a particular defense. Edwards corrected him from the sideline. Thomas yelled to correct him later. Get on with the scrimmage, Thomas said. Saban stopped practice. He stomped toward Thomas. "Next time a coach is talking to you, you shut the f--- up!" he yelled. Thomas yelled for Saban to shut up, that he wasn't some kid. "I'm a grown-ass man!" Thomas roared, ripping off his helmet. They got in each other's face. Teammates pulled Thomas back. "I will bench you!" Saban yelled. "Bench me!" Thomas yelled. And I wasn't alone,'' the player says all these years later. "I know other guys went up to Zach and said that for how he stood up to Nick." Here he cares deeply for his players. Old story but let us remind,,wp13450 His "honesty" in recruiting More "honesty" More "honesty" in his roster management. Players basically said he lied. He covered up an LSU academic scandal? http://legalschnauze...bama-coach.html Jaws thinks alot about him I guess Will Muschamp's dad wont be sending him a Christmas Card he called him an SOB http://www.lostlette...-will-muschamp/ Michael Silver with a few parting shots "Saban is the worst kind of bully, an autocrat so consumed with his power — and making the people under him feel that power, at every opportunity — that his ill-tempered insecurity supersedes all else. The lower level the employee, the higher the likelihood that Saban would pull a power trip. Yes, he was a wonderful boss" "When Saban asked him if he had anything to say before he departed, Ayanbadejo replied, "You're a good coach. You should devote more time to coaching and less time to being a jerk."
  9. I look forward to the Waahington State game Leech vs Gus. The over under may be 80 and I'm fine with it. To the point winning is never boring I find Alabama boring to watch. A slow boring methodical style. Ditto a club like Ga Tech ever if they ever won anything. I am totally fine winning games 65-43 like we beat Arkansas in 2010. If our offense could average 50 a game who cares if we give up 30? I look forward to the Waahington State game Leech vs Gus. The over under may be 80 and I'm fine with it. To the point winning is never boring I find Alabama boring to watch. A slow boring methodical style. Ditto a club like Ga Tech ever if they ever won anything. I am totally fine winning games 65-43 like we beat Arkansas in 2010. If our offense could average 50 a game who cares if we give up 30?
  10. Can we run a hundred offensive plays in a game is that possible with this offense? I am so happy we have Gus he will hopefully have a team that is basketball on turf. Sorry Alabama may win 80 BCS er BS titles but I hate their old man offense. Alabama fan's think we are jealous of Alabama. Chiild please. I like Malzahn's much more exciting up tempo offense then a slow boring methodical style.
  11. I hope that is true and man I am getting old. Good luck in Cincinnati Tubbs! And good luck to Tucker.
  12. I just dont see Auburn basketball every doing a damn thing. Its like we are the Cubs of NCAA basketball. Every since we fired Cliff Ellis the program (outside one season) nothing but an utter trainwreck and a complete disaster. Outside of Oklahoma State who tragically had 2 plane crashes in their basketball program who is more jinxed then Auburn?? We bring in Lebo then Killingsworth, Lewis Monroe, and Toney Douglas leave. Lebo had major player attrition honestly so much its to numerous to name. Yet he manages to win 10 SEC games still the only team in SEC history to win 10 conference games and NOT make the NCAA tournament. Then Barbee takes over same story. This is the list of players that are gone. Andre Malone, Bernard Morena, Brian Greene Jr., Cedrick McAfee, Earnest Ross, Jordan Price, Josh Langford, Luke Cothron, Shaq Johnson, Shareif Adamu, Shawn Kemp Jr, Varez Ward, Willy Kouassi?? All on the roster or a signee at one point all gone!! 12 of 19 players Barbee brought in left before their eligibilty expired. How do you expect to win like that? Why the hell even sign these guys if they are here one freaking year? Then we have a gambling scandal. Then Jerome Seagers signs. Then 3 weeks later Jerome Seagers leaves. He last a year with an abusive coach but couldnt cut it 3 weeks in Auburn. Then the Shaq Johnson arrest and thrown off the team. Then we get the tragic news that Vot Barber died. Sad. Thoughts and prayers to his family. I dont even say this for effect I am being dead serious Jacobs should call in witch doctor and have them remove the spells from Auburn Arena? Seriously. I mean I feel hopeless about this program. Does anyone think Barbee will really win this year?? And if not who does Auburn bring in and what makes you think the results will be any better then Lebo and Barbee? To be honest I eagerly await to see what signees from this last recruiting class bail first. Its been ten long years since an NCAA tournament bid. The AD doesnt have a clue how to fix the problem the "fan base" is apathetic at best and honestly who can blame them. I want to be completely pissed off by the lack of outrage by the fan base. But I am a hardcore basketball fan I love college basketball (its not run by a buncha mensas like college football) but it has beaten me down and I am hardcore fan. What is the casual fan to do? I dont know what to say or to offer but had to vent. At least the cubs could go sacrifice a goat no idea what we can do. Bruce Pearl maybe? But with Auburn's luck he wont win and then get Auburn on probation. Not to bring politics in this but only to illustrate a point-Ronald Reagan once referenced America could have 1,000 years of darkness if we turned away from our foundational principles I wonder how many years of darkness Auburn basketball has been sentenced to? I would be shocked if we had double digits in wins this year.
  13. I'm just tired of unfair media attacks on Auburn and ready to challenge these idiots.
  14. So Sheridan gave odd on twitter about the British open I fired back saying I got a trillion to one odds about he couldnt name the bag man this is the BS I got... Danny Sheridan ‏@DannySheridan11h @AUgrad not looking, but did have a 3 hour lunch with Auburn guy NCAA suspected of paying Rev. Newton & his Church 6 figure money. Here I said print the name and this is the response...idiot anyone know what a CR is??? Danny Sheridan ‏@DannySheridan127m @AUgrad told the truth & passed poly cause you CRs didn't have guts/$ 2 take my poly wager about entire sordid affair. follow some1 else. Danny Sheridan ‏@DannySheridan125m @Deepbunk @AUgrad once a CR, always a CR..the boy needs to get a life outside of football. got to pity him.