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  1. oldautiger

    Tyrann Mathieu booted from LSWho

    Couldn't hear anything much, sound really sucked Anybody else get better sound?
  2. oldautiger

    Thamel headed to SI

    Slime balls of a feather, slither together. Won't waste my money on Slime Illegitimate anymore. WDE
  3. oldautiger

    Turd Commit, Andy Dodd, Smellin' Them Corn Dogs!

    You know they really didn't want him in the first place
  4. Maybe we will get a repeat performance similar to that idiot football player pushing his girl friend down. GF's father drives off and mumbled "row tahd" Wonder if we will see Sarah's father drive off with her while he mumbles "row tahd" as well. You know Sarah had migraines and fainted after a night of drinking and hit her nose on the door, poor Kristen was totally innocent and is really misunderstood. That will be the official uat & satan version. Won't be surprised at all. Tree killers, sexual predaters and now mafia thugs, wow what a school. They are very proud of themselves over there, 42 natshunal champeenships ya know WDE
  5. oldautiger

    Texas A&M and Missouri join the SEC July 1.

    Beautiful area, we rented a house on Lake Travis and had a reunion there. Slag, where do you live now. WDE
  6. oldautiger

    Texas A&M and Missouri join the SEC July 1.

    JTiger, Where in Texas do you live. I'm in Cypress about an hour and a half from College Station. I too am glad A&M is in the SEC. Good classy fans WDE
  7. oldautiger

    oldautiger's adventures with prostate cancer

    Follow up time. Went to see my oncologist yesterday and psa & dre turned out good. I'm one of those people who believe you never really beat that stuff. I just say I'm in remission. Did have some rough times lately, my sweet wife, Mrs Old passed away last October after her 4th battle with cancer, didn't watch much football after that. Still devastated after almost 8 months, but improving a little at a time. Guys, never pass up an opportunity to hug, kiss and tell your wife you love her. Never know when they might be snatched away from you.
  8. oldautiger

    Tide commit OJ Howard visited on Jr. Day

    O.J. needs to be very careful. He's only a 4 star, better hope bammer doesn't sign that 5 star guy, then he may hear the dreaded "Can't sign you this year, but I promise to sign you next year." Right, I got a bridge for sale, interested?
  9. oldautiger

    Updyke has a new friend.........

    I think it's "Updike for Prez" tshirt. (I misspelled Updike on purpose, not gonna give him any consideration) Only this
  10. oldautiger

    Dyer given conditional release

    Maybe he's just homesick and misses his family. You know Bo almost took the bus back home before the bammer game his freshman year. What ever his reasons for leaving, he did leave us with some great memories. War Eagle Mike, best of luck to you.
  11. oldautiger

    I'll stand by anything I said bout bama

    I ran into a bamzo at the Scott Hunter - Archie Manning rematch at Memorial Stadium in Jackson, Ms. We were in a section largely made up of Ole Miss fans. Since I was born in Alabama, I had a moment of weakness, told him I would help him pull for the updykes if he would pull for Auburn in a game of his choice, didn't matter which one. The following is basically his replay. "Hell no, no way would I ever pull for those rednecks" To whick I replied "Go Rebs, kick their redneck butts" Two plays later Archie hit one of his recievers over the middle for a TD. Ole Miss kicked their butts that night. Bamzo left midway 3rd quarter, idiot. Never have offered to pull for them since and never will. At least the DA was honest about being a updyke.
  12. oldautiger

    Shane from Centerpoint

    Rev is number 1 in my book as a decent and caring human being. When my wife died after an 11 year bout with cancer last month, Rev helped me with advice and counceling I needed. He was caring, helpful and professional with his advice, and it has greatly helped me to deal with it. It has been devestating to me. I feel for anyone who has that sorry excuse for a disease, it is a mean spirited hateful disease that doesn't care who it kills, bammer or tiger it just doesn't give a damn. Rev keep up the good work, I really appreciated your help and advice. WDE
  13. oldautiger

    Armed Forces Day

    I know we've taken our shots at WVU, but check this out Armed Forces Day salute at halftime - Damned Good Even though I'm a Squid, and damned proud of it, it's good to see the coasties get some props.
  14. oldautiger

    It's Game Day!

  15. oldautiger

    Verne Lundquist

    Looks like he's gained alot of weight - all in his face. Fathead.