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  1. eibua12

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    At least it won't be 2. #toosoon
  2. eibua12

    ESPN story, Myers, Chinese team

    You all are slipping not one person noticed this!
  3. eibua12

    Stats thru 4 games ‘17 and ‘18

    Auburn scoring defense #3 (50) Alabama scoring defense #4 (51) Just saying
  4. eibua12

    Jimbo's Presser

    Terry has said he inherited a talented team with moral issues at Auburn. Side note Bobby Bowden has been married for 69 years, wait what.
  5. eibua12

    Big Ten's Disastrous weekend

    My understanding is that he has a medical condition that has caused him to plump up. If you check he is really happy at Akron and wants to follow in the footsteps of Frank Solich at Ohio and build something in the MAAC. Regardless: Wisky losing is a huge blow for the BIG. So the logic is Bama won't play anyone like tOSU, well who the frock will tOSU play that is like MSU let alone like Bama? Which 2 of these will tOSU beat to be the champs: UGA, Bama, LSU, Clemson, Oklahoma, or maybe Stanford?
  6. eibua12

    Alabama is averaging 56.7 PPG

    EPSN FPI has their Projected Win % at 93.2 average for the rest of the year with a low of 84.8 @LSU. Win out % is 34.7 (Crazy numbers) Will be very interesting to see how the numbers takes shape over the course of the season
  7. eibua12

    *** Game Thread: Auburn vs. Washington ***

    That was a solid play CC need to throw it faster and down the line if he does that it is 2 pts.
  8. eibua12

    Maryland Football Culture: Toxic

    Was about to post this as well, looks like Maryland will be looking for a new coaching staff.
  9. eibua12

    Urban Meyer's downfall?

    So let us throw this nugget out there. Does this fall under the lack of institutional control label?
  10. Why the Friday are you carrying around $1,320 in cash? actually the more I think about that list of stuff in a backpack he was going to make a run for the border!
  11. eibua12

    Bama vs Georgia

    Actually they should have blown the play dead assessed a false start penalty and punted, horrible across the board.
  12. eibua12

    tenth in AP top 25

    UGA also beat ND, which technically not in the top 10 are sitting at 11, just sayin. That is 5 top 11 teams. Auburn played 4 and yes I counted the games twice.
  13. eibua12

    2018 National Title Odds

    I don't see UCF on the list, oh there it is lurking
  14. eibua12

    Bama vs Georgia

    No Kendrick decided he would give a free performance at Centennial Olympic Park, so outside in the rain and cold woot!
  15. eibua12

    Bama vs Georgia