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  1. The decibel number mention by Holly on the field was a pedestrian 102.
  2. Are you currently in concussion protocol? Please edit without the concussion or bourbon and we will let you know.
  3. So did Auburn but we played the hardest schedule in football and we weren't dead last in offense. Miami played the 65th easiest schedule.
  4. Scapegoat for the horrible offensive year they had, but what I watched last night wasn't because of his play calling.
  5. The game was so boring and depressing I switched over to Santa Jaws.
  6. Does Gus have an analyst that can provide the direction on 4th down and the overall win % if he goes for it Jerrard Powers and the 4th Down
  7. Tampa is North of IMG but who is counting. Minnesota QB sacks this year 30. (Tanner Morgan) (Nix: 15) Minnesota SOS 61, Sagarin rating 29th UGA offensive line across the board is bigger, They have a 5 star QB, an NFL running back, and better receivers than UM. I am not saying we should be taking UM lightly but everyone needs to take a huge breath and compare apples to apples. Auburn's secondary isn't as bad as you might think Not sure I see anyone they have played who has a front seven like Auburn. If they had played tOSU maybe.
  8. Oh come on TAMu only played 5 top 10 teams, sadly Sagarin has their schedule as 18th hardest (OOC: is horrible besides Clemson) and USCe as 1st (OOC: App State, UNC, Clemson)!
  9. They didn't call illegal touching that would have been a penalty they called incomplete pass. In fact the referee at the point of the play from the quick review after the play didnt signal that the ball was dead. This was an inadvertent whistle as the play should have been allowed to continue and the penalty flag thrown, however there was NO signal by the refs that he stepped out and I would contend there would have been no flag thrown.
  10. Just going to drop this little tidbit right here. Don't care either way however Mario would be a fool to leave Oregon at this moment. With the attrition of players next year will be a difficult year for whomever is the head coach.
  11. We dropped, he has always had a Big Ten Bias, Case in point LSU has beat 2 top 10 teams has a huge advantage in SOS and has beat 4 top 30 teams yet they are ranked below Ohio State by a very sizable margin! If you are looking at SOS not sure how he works the strength of the opponent and away/home. Auburn is .26 behind Northwestern for SOS 1.
  12. Well Texas just threw a backwards pass to thier Left Tackle for a TD. And that is how you mix it up.
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