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  1. Why the Friday are you carrying around $1,320 in cash? actually the more I think about that list of stuff in a backpack he was going to make a run for the border!
  2. eibua12

    Bama vs Georgia

    Actually they should have blown the play dead assessed a false start penalty and punted, horrible across the board.
  3. eibua12

    tenth in AP top 25

    UGA also beat ND, which technically not in the top 10 are sitting at 11, just sayin. That is 5 top 11 teams. Auburn played 4 and yes I counted the games twice.
  4. eibua12

    2018 National Title Odds

    I don't see UCF on the list, oh there it is lurking
  5. eibua12

    Bama vs Georgia

    No Kendrick decided he would give a free performance at Centennial Olympic Park, so outside in the rain and cold woot!
  6. eibua12

    Bama vs Georgia

  7. eibua12

    UCF Claims National Championship

    They also only played 11 games this year during the regular season, as much as that sucks due to unforeseen circumstances it is a reality! Coaches Poll #10 AP Poll #10 Average of computer polls more then 10. ESPN FPI 15 which is below Auburn and LSU and a 9-5 Stanford after the win. Best they will finish in the College Playoff Poll is 8th behind Clemson, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia, Penn State, Wisconsin, tOSU. With Wisky, Bama/UGA as the only 1 lose teams ahead of them. Even in the BCS or pre BCS era they still wouldn't have a claim to the title. Being undefeated albeit a great feat isn't the only factor. If UCF is going to say a #3 FSU team with zero injuries isn't a different game then the FSU team after that game, then an unranked Memphis after bowl season kills your claim to anything because they are the only 2 ranked teams you played all year (yes they are counting them twice, fair enough). Their only win against a top team was Auburn, congrats. It is about the grind week in and week out, and the teams in the SEC lower ranks albeit not on par to with the past are still better then SEC West OOC 28-4 with loses to Troy (11-2), CAL, UCLA, and TCU on top of the regular season grind. But who cares really
  8. eibua12

    Rhett Lashlee to SMU

    Maybe Gus should have called him to get some insight on UCF. Since they scored 24 had 212 yards rushing . . . Congrats to him he moved the UConn needle at least on offensive productivity year over year
  9. eibua12


    $2.5 million / year that is stupid money and LSU will never get the ROI they need from it. On the other hand what are the other DCs on the market that can do an equally good job as Aranda?
  10. eibua12

    Conference Recap

    They did well and this is why Bowl Game records are crap, because the BIG is always favored in all their games due to match-ups and as example the SEC is always the lower team. They also had all their coaching staffs in place and to my knowledge limited injuries and people leaving early. They also played 4 games against the PAC 12 They were 1-1 against the SEC with the 1 win where a 9-3 (ranked 20) team played a 7-5 (ranked 60ish) team, things that make you go hmmm. The 1 lose coming in a game with equally matched teams, again hmmm. The two ACC/BIG matchups were pickems in my mind so congrats!
  11. eibua12

    UCF Claims National Championship

    I heard somewhere this is the Kevin Bacon MNC!
  12. eibua12

    The great debate

    So I was on the field Tuesday, I believe it is supposed to be safer and upon inspection can make a wild a$$ assumption that it is. 1. It is extremely "squishy" soft much better then the usual lay it on concrete turf. The turf is almost like grass and in fact if you touch it you can push your fingers into it, I would say almost up to the second knuckle on my hand. 2. The top surface of the turf is slick 3. If you don't get your cleat into the stuff they put on top and bind to the turf there is no reaction back onto the cleat to keep you in place, period I don't have the game recorded I would love to go back and see if the lineman had footing issues and push problems. I watched real-time at the game as much as possible and I didn't see those issue however it doesn't mean it didn't exist. We lost the game on coaching and adjustments not cleats, but I will in good faith say it contributed. IMO: Our running backs missed holes, and Stidham missed open receivers or receivers who would have been coming open. He had/has a tendency to hold the ball and not throw to the open spot, Milton on the other hand threw his receivers open and connected in the second half . Case in point: The last offensive play the receiver went inside as this is where the coverage dictated he should go even under pressure if Stidham threw the ball there and the ball was caught it would have been a first down and possible touchdown, just saying. It appeared our team wanted to smash them and not run to the open field, that was a huge mistake.
  13. eibua12

    The great debate

    The turf at Mizzou and Arky is way different then MBS. We would have been better served to use grass cleats. You need something that digs in deep also the turf on top at MBS is well slick. It is also stated downhill speed and quick adjustments are not good in the cleats we used. No saying we lost but I would consider it a major issue I have seen footing issues at MBS all year
  14. eibua12

    Theoretical worst day in history

    I was going to say "Eric Ramsey" there are few others, since it was mentioned to expand the playoff. Scott Frost railed the committee stating it was a conspiracy to keep them out. I will be honest if they had our schedule they would be lucky to be 8-4, people seem to forget the SEC or even the other larger conferences aren't about 1 game it is about a full season of attrition and having to get up off the mat and play again next week. Anyone can get up for 1 game especially when your playing an opponent that has nothing to win and everything to lose. Also UCF AD did claim a NC, I laughed
  15. eibua12

    Taxslayer Bowl Mississippi State v Louisville

    The hat was thrown for another UL player who stepped out of bounds and was blocking before the UL player who fumbled came running by. He was engaged with the block while stepping out of bounds, so my assumption is the hat was for that. I guess my point was at no point did he step out so that was the fundamental flaw as much as I love to agree that players are flying around 1 ref is looking only at his feet (correct?) so it doesn't matter what else is going on you need to get that right first and foremost. Funny I was going to bring up that play against us during the bama game but I figured i would let dead horses lie, in that case the flag should have been thrown against bama and it wasn't that was the 1st breakdown. As for the replay official I agree total miss on their part and I noticed it real-time and the very quick review they did during the game and said both times they need to stop play and review. I will be honest replay has been very very very slow across all the bowl games. As for the NFL I watch a few games from time to time and I remember a few years ago they review of penalty but doesn't really matter I am in your court on that not a fan. Replay on certain provisions is about right I like to leave a human component to the game if at all possible.