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  1. Here your go 😜 Weather for Tomorrow
  2. Whatever people have no issues wearing gear with the wrong colors why the heck should this really matter. I am thinking I should sell for $1.25 a card people can use to check the color of their gear before they buy it. https://www.auburn.edu/template/colors.html
  3. I am very surprised no one has said anything about the implications here!
  4. The number of projected first round Bama players for the 2020 draft is obscene. Good to see Auburn getting some press.
  5. Well it is but don't call me Shirley
  6. Too bad the Saints have what I will call limited draft picks. Saints looking at Stidham Giants Met with JS
  7. They days of packed stadiums are gone and will never return. There is too much competition for family activities that are year round which leads to the fact that going to an Auburn game regardless of the team's ability to succeed has moved way down the list for a lot of people. Alumni are also spread all over the country more now then ever before and getting back to Auburn is tough for many reasons with cost being numero uno! All in cost for a family of 4 for a decent game is at least $700 for the day if you live close and it goes up from there. We attended the Liberty game this year it was at least $500 (tickets [I did buy 50 yard line so], food, gas, lemonade, etc) and if you add in gear $700. This was the first game we have attended in years albeit we were in town for a couple others just didn't go to the games. Limiting factors: We are busy and coming to Auburn for an entire day is out of the question for most of the season! Fact is people are putting a priority on other things regardless of cost, environment , and success of the team. TV killed the Stadium Star! You can't compare other fan bases to our fan base they are all different for many reasons but I would like to see us upgrade our facilities to provide a great environment and venue for the fan base. Most programs are no longer looking to expand their stadiums and in fact are contracting their overall capacity in favor of amenities such as suites etc. Funny that was the mission behind the design for Basketball when you make it the same for all sport especially Football. The right sized best game day experience, period!
  8. Society is so exhausting, Let me get this straight, when you found out you burned your red shirt you didn't work harder to crack the line-up for the rest of the year? You worked harder and still didn't crack the line-up? You are upset because someone made a mistake and the situation, as far as I can tell from the outside handled poorly? Welcome to life! I wish Asa and his family all the best, I appreciate his commitment to Auburn, but in the end there is way more here then a burnt red shirt year. You could have stayed at Auburn played 5 games I mean 4 games next year and still redshirted. Perspective: Travis Homer JR RB Miami is basically a 1000 yard back the last 2 seasons with a 6.0 YPC average! Leave him in during mop up time, he gets 1200! PS Travis ran a 4.31/40 DeeJay Dallas SO RB Miami is 5.7 YPC back a majority I will assume in mop up time. They have 6 more running backs on the roster from last year: Of note: Lorenzo Lingard had a YPC of 8.0 and ran 4.27/40. He suffered a season ending injury not sure on his time table to return. He was 5 star, #2 running back in his class.. Asa is around 4.5/40. I hope he bonds with Coach Hickson he looks intense
  9. Apparently Sark turned down the OC job for the Arizona Cardinals to take the Bama job, discuss...
  10. He has been their coach for 13 years and is 121 - 56. Winning championship shouldn’t be that barometer of success. Having a consistent program and driving towards championships should be. Who do you get To replace him? There isn’t some magic wizard who will come in and move them from 10 and 3 to 15 and 0. The going rate is 5 million he is being paid what he is worth. They have a lot of starters coming back next year I can see them competing for the Big 12 title.
  11. Guess it wasn't such a gamble, I smell a backdoor deal. KK did resign from USC so he could interview!
  12. That would be a huge gamble on KK part.
  13. Clemson's SOS is actually lower then ND's but who is counting... Alabama has played 7 top 30 teams and Clemson has played 3. I find it very interesting that the line/FPI/etc is basically even for the Bama/Clemson game.