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  1. Or that he went in the first round and is a millionaire now, so doesn't care what his score was.
  2. Yea Karma... 1st rounder... what is this Karma you speak of?
  3. This smells, someone with a grudge ratted them out. Regardless against policy.
  4. Sling offers ESPN and for a little extra the SEC Network. If you must have it and don't have the golden login then it is a great way to go and still allows you to cut the cord. I stopped watching a long time ago as most of the stuff on their was as stated political or garbage and well to be honest I am busy and find it better to do other things then watch TV. I haven't watched ESPN once since we cut the cord so there is that. Once OTA/Streaming DVRs hit the market his year cable is doomed. Caveat: I live in a major market and can get OTA with superior quality, this means CBS which charges extra for live TV because of their offerings.
  5. There is a huge Cheer Competition in Atlanta that weekend tough competition I am going to be the crowd will be down because of that!
  6. UGA has 17 returning starters 10 on Defense....just saying
  7. This clip .. well just watch it
  8. Any interest in James Willis on our Defensive Staff? Because this is something to talk about
  9. Can I sue him for Emotional Damages?
  10. Only if you have the Potted Meat to go with it.... You Know what I am saying!
  11. At least he never hit a woman in the face so hard it broke in 5 places. He just talked about groping them and got people fired
  12. I would like to see that again, oh I did that is a safety he made a move and was tackled
  13. WTFriday is going on we get thrown down out of bounds no flag come on
  14. Funny about 6 hours ago I looked it up when a friend I were talking asked what I thought about the game. I said oh crap Big Ten we are screwed MMWs
  15. @wartiger please explain that crap the whistle didn't blow and now we get a late hit, please tell me why people should remain positive, yes he stepped out but how the heck is trey supposed to see that especially when it was in the action of the play