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  1. Cam's Little Brother

    J3 wait what, who didn't have 3300 yards passing and over 1000 yard rushing in his senior season (yes high school at Grady), since I live in Atlanta I get a lot of people that have come up to me in the last year when wearing my Auburn gear and say "Man Cam's little brother is tearing it up at Grady we couldn't stop him" Why didn't Auburn offer? 40 time 4.8. Throwing strength is middle of the road and I assume height played into it and we had a strong list of QBs and he wanted to play QB, Howard is an awesome school and he stays far away from Cam's shadow. Well sort of it was Cam's little brother that beat UNLV not Caylin hopefully that changes for him
  2. ESPNW report on sexual harassment

    You mean other then: Freshman, red shirted first year Academic All American (SEC) Enrolled in the College of Math and Science High School team MVP Hometown: Auburn She was cut from the team after 2017 season. (hmm)
  3. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Strongest should be based on weight of the person. It is unfair to look at direct lifting numbers and say this guy is stronger then that guy. If you have someone at 150lbs that squats 600+ then you have a guy at 300 or squats 700+ I would say the 150 lb/lb is much stronger. I would also go off of the core lifts (Bench, Dead, and Squat) and the cumlative total against their body weight. I would also break it down to smaller muscles so way back machine anyone remember the peg boards for the presidents physical fitness program. Stuff like that can you go up and down the board can you climb a rope that is 60 feet high and back down can you push a 300lb sled 10 yards. All these ancillary items should play into it and yes your smaller guys will dominate the top but they really are stronger above and beyond F=MA. Example: I was maybe 5'4" and 130lbs with a weight towel on my head but I hit the 1,300 lb club in High School way back when we did that sort of stuff. (Bench, Dead, Squat). You might have had a senior who was 300lbs and hit 1500 lbs who was stronger?
  4. Ex-Bama QB Opines

    Well Saban got upset because he quit the team and transferred after 4 games. If they were lied to he needs to suck it up. I am a firm believer of sticking things out , but you were lied to by management and not given a fair shake why stick it out? Move on do what is right for you. This isn't entitlement this is making a decision you should be put in a position because management sucks (I have been there done that and "stuck" it out, ever time to my detriment). In the end he might be a back-up just not a championship caliber team. Some people ask about the recruiting draw, high probability of winning championships is a tremendous draw. Learning from what is perceived as high caliber coaching is even more of a draw and build a world of possibilities. I will be interested to see if either of them ever see the field again.
  5. Can Pettway break Tre's record?

    Well Marshall had 1000+ rushing yards that season if we have a more balanced attack the QB would have less rushing yard therefore pushing carries to the RBs or pushing up passing yards and decreasing rushing yards. Take 500 away from that and add it to the passing and it puts the passing around 3000, and doesn't change any of the other numbers. Of course this is off 14 games so there is that. What is impressive for Tre is he did his workload against top caliber teams and didn't get a lot of garbage yards. Everyone has goals I think that is an awesome target for a RB going into the season.
  6. Reuben Foster Wonderlick Score

    Or that he went in the first round and is a millionaire now, so doesn't care what his score was.
  7. Now Foster is uninvited to NFL draft

    Yea Karma... 1st rounder... what is this Karma you speak of?
  8. This smells, someone with a grudge ratted them out. Regardless against policy.
  9. OT: ESPN / Digital Disruption

    Sling offers ESPN and for a little extra the SEC Network. If you must have it and don't have the golden login then it is a great way to go and still allows you to cut the cord. I stopped watching a long time ago as most of the stuff on their was as stated political or garbage and well to be honest I am busy and find it better to do other things then watch TV. I haven't watched ESPN once since we cut the cord so there is that. Once OTA/Streaming DVRs hit the market his year cable is doomed. Caveat: I live in a major market and can get OTA with superior quality, this means CBS which charges extra for live TV because of their offerings.
  10. 2017 A-Day Game.. We need a huge crowd

    There is a huge Cheer Competition in Atlanta that weekend tough competition I am going to be the crowd will be down because of that!
  11. Sports Illustrated top 25

    UGA has 17 returning starters 10 on Defense....just saying
  12. This clip .. well just watch it
  13. James Willis

    Any interest in James Willis on our Defensive Staff? Because this is something to talk about
  14. Updyke latest

    Can I sue him for Emotional Damages?
  15. Weather update.

    Only if you have the Potted Meat to go with it.... You Know what I am saying!