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  1. Gameday Signs - Iron Bowl Edition

    I took this picture as a student in 2005.
  2. ***Auburn vs. La-Monroe -- Game Thread***

    The way he was holding his arm looked bad. I'd guess he broke his collarbone.
  3. End could be near for Jacobs

    Tim Cook for AD.
  4. We are going to beat Ole Miss and LSU

    LSU is in nearly the same position that UT was in against UGA.... and that didn't really matter as UGA just embarrassed them. Perhaps the players will get more hyped for the game, but to be honest, I don't see their crowd getting into it at all. Did you see how early their fans left the stadium in their last two games?
  5. We are going to beat Ole Miss and LSU

    You must have missed the UGA/UT game. LSU almost lost to Syracuse at home and then lost to Troy at home, who they paid just under $1M to play. There is absolutely no reason we shouldn’t beat them just as badly as MSU did.
  6. Chuck Person

    Tony Bland, of the University of Southern California, was one of the 10 arrested today.
  7. Anbody have any info on Pettway?

    Would you be willing to say this to his face?
  8. AU 10 pt favorite vs Miss St

    Home field is usually worth 3 as far as betting goes.
  9. Byron Cowart

    If we were losing a starter who'd been performing well, this would be cause to panic. As it's not, all I see is a player who wants to get more snaps realizing that he won't get them at AU because there are better players in front of him. Best of luck to him.
  10. Stidham

    Other than my years at Auburn, I've always lived in Atlanta and been a big Falcons fan. What I've seen in our 2 games this season has really resembled what the Falcons dealt with in 2013 and 2014. Back then it seemed like every snap the Falcons took resulted in Matt Ryan immediately running for his life, whether his line was keeping him safe or not, and that was a result of getting hit early and often and losing faith in his protection. To me, it seems like that's exactly where Stidham is right now. I've spent some time watching his highlights from Baylor and even from A-Day (if those are worth anything) and it's clear that he's a pocket passer that shines when he has protection. You'll rarely find footage of him rolling out of the pocket and making throws on the run because it looks like when the pocket does break down he gives up on looking for open receivers and and just tries to get yards himself. All that said, it seems to me like we have a panicked QB, and rightly so after getting blown up from behind multiple times in just 2 games, that needs to regain some confidence in his line. He has all the tools but won't be successful until he gets some help from his line and his coaches. Look at the kind of plays that Baylor designed for him and then think about what he's gotten here. For those that have spent time coaching, do you feel like moving Braden Smith to the left side of the line would help anything? It's clear that that's where the problem lies and, it seems to me, that even if it makes the right side weaker it could at least give JS some confidence knowing that his blind side is safe and any trouble is at least in his field of vision. Just my 2c.
  11. LSU jumped us in the AP

    Regardless of who they beat. We beat a team that was 0-0. LSU beat a team that was 1-0. My point is, that could play a factor of people who don't do much research before voting.
  12. LSU jumped us in the AP

    Another thing to note is that LSU beat a BYU team that was already 1-0.
  13. Where was NCM?

    It also looked like the ball went of Slayton's helmet and not his hands.
  14. Where was NCM?

  15. Missouri renting out dorms for games

    Sounds like they have 7 of them! "There are seven dorms offline this coming year. Several identified as options for conference rentals, one leased by MU Health, etc."