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  1. BigSammyK

    ISO 2 tickets vs Dayton (12/8)

    I'd like to bring my Mother to this game for her birthday. She's elderly so I'm trying to get decent seats without spending an arm and a leg. I can't seem to find what face value tickets would be for the 110-113 sections, but I'd imagine it's less than the $70 I'm seeing on secondary markets. Can anyone help me out? Thanks in advance and War Eagle!
  2. BigSammyK

    Men vs #25 Washington

    If Chuma would turn and shoot a couple of the 8 footers below the free throw line he'll have his way in the second half.
  3. BigSammyK

    Duke Basketball

    Duke's 4 freshmen outscored UK's whole team. They're scary good and didn't look the slightest bit intimidated by the spotlight.
  4. BigSammyK

    Golf wins 2018 East Lake Cup over Alabama

    For those that don't know, East Lake's head professional is an Auburn grad (and a friend of mine) and he was quite happy with this result.
  5. BigSammyK

    D starting to give up on O.

    MSU had the ball for 22 minutes more than us tonight. The defense didn’t give up. They were gassed. It’s also probably difficult on a defense when the other team runs the ball 57 times with zero holding calls against them.
  6. BigSammyK

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Who is this?
  7. BigSammyK

    Legatron waived by Vikings

    Robert Aguayo
  8. We ran a slant to NCM on 3rd and 7 with a little over 7 minutes left in the 1st quarter for a 24 yard gain.
  9. BigSammyK

    Did i watch a different game

    I was at the game and one thing I'll say is that we got a lot of DPI calls against us because our DBs rarely looked for the ball. Igbinoghene seemed to be the only one that really made sure to find the ball when it was thrown his way and he had a couple nice break-ups in the end zone when he did. On a few of the DPI calls there was minimal contact from our DBs but when they have no clue where the football is it's a lot easier for the ref to throw the flag. Our offense line performed as I expected them to against Washington's d-line just as our d-line dominated their o-line the way I figured they would. Unfortunately the refs seemed to be very against throwing flags for holding as there were some blatant no-calls on both teams.
  10. Does anyone know which seating sections are dedicated as Auburn’s? I suddenly have tickets to the game tomorrow and am trying to figure out who we’ll be surrounded by. Also, for anyone experienced with going to games at the Benz, what does the scalping situation look like? I have 4 tickets in section 331 but we’re considering selling all 4 of them for 2 in a better location. Thanks and WDE!
  11. BigSammyK

    Best teams of the past 20 years

    It's a list based on which teams absolutely dominated teams week-in/week-out during the course of a season. As amazing as our 2010 season was, we had a lot of nail biters while the top teams on this list really did not.
  12. BigSammyK

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    These announcers don't even know baseball. One just said that the UF batter "got a piece of that" on a strikeout where Wright dropped the ball and had to throw him out at first. If he'd gotten a piece of it he'd still be batting smart guy.
  13. BigSammyK

    anyone going to Aday?

    I'll be there with my wife and 2 little kids. Reeeeeeeeally hoping the forecast changes between now and then! We rented a cabin in Chewacla for a couple nights and I've really been looking forward to this trip. Storms would definitely bring the mood down.
  14. You're correct. The region titles are really a misnomer until you get to the Sweet 16 where they come into play. South = Atlanta East = Boston Midwest = Omaha West = Los Angeles
  15. BigSammyK

    Motivation for the Alabama Game

    I think you might be slightly underrating a team that went 73-9.