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  1. To everyone griping that we got lucky and we should be better — it’s still November. We’ll be fine. We did however get lucky in the fact that the refs could have (should have) called a 3 seconds violation on Okoro on that last possession.
  3. Any chance Shivers got himself suspended after his pre-game altercation with a few UF players? ESPN shared a video on Facebook of him getting into it and giving two guys a pretty good double punch.
  4. Only 2 carries for Whitlow... I don’t understand why where calling for him to be benched.
  5. Looked like a broken collarbone.
  6. Yup. Every time he caught the ball in the post and ended up taking a shot from 3-4 feet further away from where he caught it just showed he's not getting the inside coaching that he needs. I would love to see Austin start drawing some charges next season because he's just trying to abuse people with his size and strength.
  7. Carolina is actually incredibly thin right now losing 5/6 of their top players. Their only returning starter will be Garrison Brooks.
  8. My issue is not about people being offended by it, it's more of a pride thing for Bryce and AU. I don't like the idea of people showing me things like this:
  9. THIS 1000x over. I despise the argument that the ref(s) might have been looking for a quick foul so he (they) didn't see the double dribble. It's basketball refereeing 101 - when someone is dribbling and puts two hands on the ball they cannot dribble again unless a defender touches it. Neither ref was in a position where they could have thought Bryce knocked the ball loose. It was incredibly obvious that Jerome dribbled it off of his own leg, picked it up, and then dribbled again. This is a basic call that should have been made.
  10. This image has gone viral today and I’m wondering about the context and if there’s any defense for it. Was Brown actually directing it towards Guy or was he trying to call some sort of set? Im really hoping I can defend him because right now it’s a bad look.
  11. You can find it pretty easily on YouTube with highlights of the game. He caught it in mid-air with his back to the basket and tried to spin and throw it up. When he spun he initiated some contact with a UVA player that was standing still with his hands up. Definitely not a foul. I wish we’d come up with something better than that. I thought maybe throwing it to Wiley, McLemore, or Spencer closer to the rim would give us a better chance but either way it the percentage of scoring there was insanely low.
  12. A lot of people here seem to be acting like UVA isn't going to be tough. Well... they are. They're going to slow us down and we're going to have to run some smart offense and play great defense long into the shot clock to beat them. A team does not go 16-2 in the ACC without being incredibly talented.