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  1. BigSammyK

    Best teams of the past 20 years

    It's a list based on which teams absolutely dominated teams week-in/week-out during the course of a season. As amazing as our 2010 season was, we had a lot of nail biters while the top teams on this list really did not.
  2. BigSammyK

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    These announcers don't even know baseball. One just said that the UF batter "got a piece of that" on a strikeout where Wright dropped the ball and had to throw him out at first. If he'd gotten a piece of it he'd still be batting smart guy.
  3. BigSammyK

    anyone going to Aday?

    I'll be there with my wife and 2 little kids. Reeeeeeeeally hoping the forecast changes between now and then! We rented a cabin in Chewacla for a couple nights and I've really been looking forward to this trip. Storms would definitely bring the mood down.
  4. You're correct. The region titles are really a misnomer until you get to the Sweet 16 where they come into play. South = Atlanta East = Boston Midwest = Omaha West = Los Angeles
  5. BigSammyK

    Motivation for the Alabama Game

    I think you might be slightly underrating a team that went 73-9.
  6. BigSammyK

    The Future of Auburn Basketball

    Just to clarify, Murray is our leading rebounder.
  7. BigSammyK

    Men vs. Georgia

    I guess I missed that but I was watching on a laptop. Thanks!
  8. BigSammyK

    Men vs. Georgia

    I've been following fairly closely this season but I guess I've missed hearing anything to imply Murray isn't healthy. What's the deal there?
  9. BigSammyK

    Looking for a place to stay for A-Day

    No one is answering their phone at the moment. Mind if I ask how much you paid? We can take it to a pm if that's easier.
  10. So I'll admit this isn't ENTIRELY football related.... but it sort of is! Last year my wife and I brought our two kids back to Auburn for A-Day and made it a two-day thing by staying in a hotel. The trip was awesome. The hotel experience with two little ones was horrible. Can any locals lend some insight about an "insider's" guide on where to stay in Auburn? I'm starting to look at airbnb and vrbo and was curious if there's another, smaller local site that might have some more leads. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I can't wait until Spring. War Eagle!
  11. BigSammyK

    (Updated Title) Bama Promotes Locksley To OC

    Hopefully Steve Sarkisian will soon be available.
  12. BigSammyK

    Clemson Running back

    Didn't JS say after the game that there was a miscommunication between he and DS? I swear I either read or heard him say that pre-snap he motioned for DS to run a fly and that it was on him to make sure DS heard/recognized the signal.
  13. BigSammyK

    Jacob Eason to Transfer

    Smart move on Eason's part. I honestly feel a little sorry for the kid. The way the UGA coaches managed him and Fromm was night and day. Eason came in as a true freshman and was asked to throw the ball 30+ times per game behind a pretty lousy line. Fromm, on the other hand, threw the ball just under 20 times per game behind a much better line. I'm of the opinion that if Eason didn't get hurt this year, and the UGA coaches asked him to do just what they asked of Fromm, they'd still have made it to the national championship.
  14. BigSammyK

    Spuat or Thuga

    You and I are on the same page. I've lived in Atlanta all my life, aside from my years at AU, and don't want to deal with UGA fans should they win.
  15. BigSammyK

    UCF had eyes on winning. AU had eyes on NFL

    You can always come back and get a degree. You cannot always guarantee a half-million dollar salary. Go get the money while it's available, especially in a sport like football where players have such a short shelf life.