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  1. I would love the SEC tourney to adapt the schedule that the ACC uses. Start the games one day earlier and have the final on Saturday night. I'm sure the NCAA selection committee would also appreciate it.
  2. That's a big ask as the most he's scored in a game all season is 7.
  3. Respectfully, you’re wrong. His first foul was with 10:24 remaining in the first half and his second foul with 10:26 left in the second half. The only times he came out to give him rest. The announcers even made a point of saying that after committing only one foul in the first half he’d put himself in position to be in the game for the long haul.
  4. We never had Silva in foul trouble. He didn’t pick up his second foul until mid-way through the second half.
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to get the authentic shorts we wear? Specifically the white ones. I can't seem to find them online anywhere. Do they sell them on campus or is that just more of a Nike thing?
  6. Yes. He played a fair number of minutes in the first half.
  7. Re-read my post. The Hawks are 20 games below .500. I really like Chuma and I hope he stays after this season because I think he has an absolute ton of potential.... BUT where his game is right now would in no way make the Hawks a better team. The Hawks need players that are ready to help them win now.
  8. As a lifelong Hawks fan, Chuma has a very long way to go before he could help them.
  9. I absolutely hate that we ended this game with two timeouts in our pocket. We had two possessions under a minute down 3 where we could have set something up. Instead, we relied on two guys who were ice cold tonight to go isolation and take awful shots. This team is beyond frustrating.
  10. Garbage no call there. Dude is 7 feet tall... pretty easy to see the bump.
  11. I really wish we’d go some every once in a while. They absolutely killed us tonight with the drive and dish when one guy got beat and someone else had to step up to help.
  12. If they didn't blow the whistle for a travel then hopefully they would have for the hook.
  13. That's a pretty big, critical assumption.
  14. It has and CBP addressed it: “I think for the first time, he demonstrated some frustration after the game,” Auburn coach Bruce Pearl said. “I would still say that even given that, he's been patient. Here's the situation, it's really simple: He's behind Samir Doughty and Malik Dunbar at the 3. He's behind Chuma Okeke and Horace Spencer at the 4. That's just the situation he finds himself in. My heart aches for him that, you know, when he was with us two years ago, when he went down injured, he was our best player. And then he's had to sit out 21 months. “There is still a place for him. I've done this for a long time — he's going to get his opportunity. He has to stay ready. At the same time, it's not fair to any of those other four players that I mentioned to elevate Danjel ahead of him, because when it comes to work and preparation and things like that, he hasn't exceeded their efforts. He's right there with them, and they've been here. He just needs to stay patient, because he's going to get his opportunity. “I think it's a great lesson for life. We all want it right away. And even sometimes when it gets taken from us, we want it back real quickly. Again, I compliment him on his patience — but only if he remains patient. I mean, I spent 14 years as an assistant coach, I spent nine years in Division II, I spent four years in mid-major — I didn't get to Tennessee until I was 45. It took me a long time. But I had to be patient. I had to work and grind. And Danjel's put in the work. He's put in the grind. But he's got to stay patient.” Auburn Undercover