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  1. Sounds like they have 7 of them! "There are seven dorms offline this coming year. Several identified as options for conference rentals, one leased by MU Health, etc."
  2. Thanks all. Is it chaos trying to get a seat when the gates open or will it be fairly casual? Ideally, we wouldn't get there too early before the game starts at the risk of a toddler losing her interest in a hurry.
  3. For someone who hasn't been to a game in a while, and is now also bringing small children for the first time, can anyone give advice as to what areas of the stadium will be shaded?
  4. Ok. I thought I'd lost my mind. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. Am I missing some sort of inside joke here? Who is this Kyle Allen that two of you have now referenced?
  6. That was Kyle Davis.
  7. His highlight reel is kind of ridiculous.
  8. Nick Ruffin
  9. I've lived in Atlanta my entire life (aside from my years at AU) and I'm now 100% certain that this city's sports teams are cursed. There is absolutely no way we should have lost that game last night. It was over. We had it won. Then our coaches exhibited the worst clock management and playcalling that I've seen in my life. I can't even...
  10. To piggy back off of your NFL themed post... I've wondered if it's possible that we have our guy already but he's still coaching on one of the 4 remaining NFL playoff teams. Sorry if that idea has already been brought up but I haven't read through 80+ pages of posts!
  11. This article says it should be opening at the end of the month, but it's from August so I wonder what the status is now. I definitely want to see it.
  13. Who's going to the game on Saturday? I'm bringing my Dad for his birthday (we live in Atlanta) and we may have time to stop in at a tailgate or two before kickoff.
  14. Got to disagree. That was an ugly game. Both Curry and LeBron had subpar games. Except LeBron took more shots and made more of them than Curry. LeBron had 27, 11, and 11. In what world is that subpar?
  15. It wa never really a contest after the missed penalty. At least Venezuela didn't get shut out. It wasn't really a contest after Argentina got on the scoreboard.