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  1. He's going to be a very, very sought after transfer across the country. Hopefully we really do have a shot at him now that he's back on the market.
  2. I've been a Carolina basketball fan for as long as I can remember knowing what basketball was. I watch every one of their games. That being said -- Kessler has the potential to be a first team All American. He has all the talent in the world and he plays with heart and emotions. If we could somehow land him that would be massive. I'm shocked he's leaving UNC and wonder if that means that Bacot, Sharpe, and possibly even Brooks are all coming back next season.
  3. I think it was disappointing BECAUSE of all the negatives that transpired. I.E., Cooper and Powell missing so many games, Turbo not panning out as a suitable backup, some close games not going our way, etc...
  4. And the only reason Okoro has fewer minutes is because the Cavs have played fewer games. He averages 6 minutes more per game.
  5. Before this one even tipped the refs made the decision that Cooper is too short to draw a foul in the lane.
  6. Down 5 at halftime on the road vs Baylor with no one in foul trouble? I'd take that if it was offered before tip-off. Baylor is going to force some turnovers. Where we need to improve is with the open looks including free throws. Defense has been spectacular.
  7. Okeke has been hurt a ton and I really hope you're not right about him. Okoro you're wrong about. He's averaged the most minutes on the Cavs who look better this year than they have since LBJ was there. He's come in as a starter after only one year in college and been asked to guard some of the top guys in the NBA. He'll be just fine.
  8. Any chance Wanya Morris comes here? Rumors are that he’s entered the portal. Maybe he’d like to follow Friend.
  9. You don’t know me so you can leave your assumptions at home. Dakich is a moron and most of the state of Indiana would back me on that.
  10. Breaking news: Dan Dakich still hasn’t realized Auburn was missing Justin Powell.
  11. I have a good friend that’s an IU grad. He just sent me this and said that the folks in and around Bloomington are panicking. Any chance we’re talking to Tom Allen? I haven’t read through the 100+ pages in this thread.
  12. I’ll trust that CBP knows what he’s doing.
  13. Has this season already ended? Geeze dude, we’re not even through our third game.
  14. I'd love to see their deep play one more time from a different angle. Looked like OPI to create the separation when I saw it live.
  15. Are the Under Armour ones actually available anywhere?
  16. 630 total yards in T-town and we lost. That was a tough one to stomach.
  17. The difference with the NBA and college football is that college football cannot live in the "bubble" that the NBA is creating.
  18. It's silly to try to compare Pearl and Calipari here. It's as simple as UK won the regular season championship (by a few games) and so he wins coach of the year. I promise you CBP isn't too bothered that he didn't win. If anything he's probably pretty ticked that Wiley didn't even make the second team. I, for one, feel like Austin got snubbed.
  19. No huge surprise with Cal winning Coach of the Year. Going back to 2000, there have only been 3 years (2001, 2007, and 2019) when the COY's team did not win or share the regular season conference championship.
  20. Doughty deservedly on the First Team and Okoro made Second Team. Okoro also made the All Freshman (duh) and Defensive teams. Calipari Coach of the Year and Quickley Player of the Year. First Team All-SEC Kira Lewis Jr., Alabama Mason Jones, Arkansas Samir Doughty, Auburn Keyontae Johnson, Florida Immanuel Quickley, Kentucky Nick Richards, Kentucky Skylar Mays, LSU Breein Tyree, Ole Miss Reggie Perry, Mississippi State Second Team All-SEC John Petty Jr., Alabama Isaac Okoro, Auburn Kerry Blackshear Jr., Florida Anthony E
  21. Only negative this half was Wiley picking up a (bogus) third foul, which I’m not even sure the announcers noticed.
  22. The way I see this season: We've been playing with house money since we beat Kentucky. If someone had told me in October that this team would finish 25-6/24-7 and be a #3 or #4 seed in the SEC Tourney I'd have taken it in a heartbeat.
  23. Road games in basketball and football are very different beasts.
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