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  1. Shug used to say Tucker Fredrickson was the most complete player he ever coached so I would go with him.
  2. I watched all that was shown on tv. Of course, I took a lot of puke breaks. I never thought I would see guys wearing our uniforms quit, but a lot of them just plain quit.
  3. Kid had all the talent in the world just couldn't get his head on straight. Hopefully he gets his act together in the CFL and an NFL team takes a chance on him this fall.
  4. I was in the student section too. I remember we were stomping on those old metal seats and making so much noise you couldn't hear anything. Then just as the ball was snapped the noise let up and you could hear two thuds, the first when the ball hit Newton's hands and the second when it hit the AstroTurf, or as Shug used to call it the "Brillo Pad". When he was asked about his criticism of the turf the next day he said "well the ball does bounce rather well on it".
  5. My Soph year and I got to see every game, including the only loss at LSU when we sat right behind that stinking tiger. I never knew they could blow piss 20 feet! That and the sound of those blocked kicks in old Legion Field are two things I will never forget!
  6. It all starts up front. Look at any great defense and what you will see is the front 4 moving the line of scrimmage back at the snap. If you can get pressure from the front 4 and disrupt the timing of the offense without sending LB's and/or a Safety it takes the pressure off the rest of the defense. And you not only need the 4 you need about 10 so they can rotate and stay fresh. Go back watch the tape of Bammer/Clemson. The Bammer front was gassed at the end and Watson stood back there and picked them apart the last couple of drives. On the other point, Hurts and Mayfield hurt our defense and ran up big numbers because we had absolutely no offense. Both defenses stacked the line and stopped the run (UGA did too) because we were no threat to throw the ball without a QB. If White could have played in those games our defense would have looked much better because they wouldn't have been on the field the whole game.
  7. Surprised that both Bell and Ashley both came in way overweight. I had hoped they might both be in a position to potentially start but that does not bode well for them.
  8. So Hamm weighs in at 344 and Ashley at 350. What the heck are those guys eating? So much for them helping this year.
  9. He says it has been in the works for a year, he wants to go 'live life' and he has been grooming Lincoln Riley to take over.
  10. The first problem here is Auburn people are taking something Bagman said to Pondscum seriously. Really? Ya'll might as well be listening to Bozo the Clown. I wonder what he thinks about this year?
  11. Got'em right where we want'em!
  12. That run against Arkansas was beautifully blocked and it was appropriate to call it a jet sweep because I was looking for a vapor trail behind him. I remember thinking dang that kid can fly!
  13. I think Gus has the support right now but he needs to show substantial improvement the next couple of years. If the team doesn't come through with a 10+ win season in the next couple of years the pressure is going to increase to head in another direction. This is his program now with his recruits and there should be no more excuses.
  14. Great performances by Stidham and Willis in the spring game + lack of snaps for Woody + good performance by Sean White last year (when healthy) = #4 on the depth chart for Woody or #3 at best if Willis redshirts. I think going the JC route to try resurrect his career was a smart move for him. It's time to wish him the best and move on. He wasn't in the plans for whatever reason. Of course, we hope the reason was the other guys are just that good.
  15. I hate that we just wasted him last year. As he showed in the spring game, the kid is a stud and is going to be fun to watch as Chip implements a real passing attack.