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  1. I love that we have players with names like Smoke, Big Cat, Worm, Bo and Flash, and now we even have a Coach Cadillac. That just sounds like winners!
  2. You can always bet that if there is any way for the SEC to screw Auburn just consider us screwed.
  3. I just don’t think we need to be selling alcohol except maybe in the suites. Students are drunk enough as it is and I would worry about potential liability if someone does something stupid, which alcohol has always encouraged for me.
  4. Y’all forget this is Gus. Run out on the field, line up like they on fire, quick snap and handoff up the middle for no gain.
  5. I certainly hope Gatewood or Nix (or both) become a breakout player. That would be great! But I also remember a former QB being promoted as a Heisman candidate right up until his first game as the starter so I’m going to wait til I see them in live action before I get to giddy about it.
  6. If you gonna have a running QB (other than a physical freak aka Cam Newton) you better have a great backup. So I feel good about whoever wins the starting job because the team will be able to move on in case of injury. Joey is obviously the more physically imposing athlete but Bo looks like he is a sneaky good runner. I also like the way Bo keeps his eyes down the field when the rush is getting to him. That is the biggest flaw we saw in Stidham’s game when the Oline was taking time to to gel last year.
  7. Fairley did some dirty stuff but they were doing it to him too. The hit on Murray’s knee that he was so upset about really wasn’t dirty to me. It looked like Fairley was cut by their lineman and he was hustling and trying to get to the QB. The hit on the knee looked to be accidental.
  8. You don’t change the most beautiful and iconic uniforms in college football. Auburn doesn’t need tacky gimmicks. Period.
  9. That’s about the stupidest piece of crap I have ever read. So the key to beating Auburn is to call Big Kat Bryant Mark instead of what he wants to be called? He is certainly a good player and a contributor on the defense but if I was the OC of the Ducks I would be more concerned about how I’m going to block Brown and Coe!. Idiot!
  10. Anybody who thinks a computer can simulate Auburn is a fool. We have the most inconsistent team in America. When the “experts” pick them high you are about to see some of the most inexplicable garbage you have ever seen on the way to losing football games. When the “experts” pick them low look out, something amazing is about to happen. Auburn is an enigma. It doesn’t compute.
  11. Basketball goes from bottom dwellers a few years ago to the final four and probably would have won it except for the robbery by the refs. Baseball goes from staying home during the playoffs to wins in a regional and super regional and on to the CWS. It’s great to see those sports being competitive and not just something to do between football seasons. They got off the bottom when great leaders were hired to recruit great athletes and put them in a position to win. So now it’s up to Gus. Either step up and get the job done or get gone.
  12. I hope he will reconsider. His time will come if he stays.
  13. Gus just has some totally stupid losses that haunt his record. The FSU game for the BCSNC when he had them on the ropes, two totally insane losses to UGA when they were down, letting LSU come back when he had them 21 -0 in the first quarter and things looked so bad their fans were leaving, Tennessee loss last year, LSU loss last year, UCF loss in the bowl game, running KJ totally in the ground against Bammer with the game in hand and saving nothing for UGA in the SECCG, and it goes on and on. All of those were all just horrible, horrible coaching jobs resulting in losses that should have been victories. Win those games and Gus has no insecurity about his job. He has the talent to do it this year but it remains to be seen whether he can take a team to a title or not. I don’t put much stock in one game like losing the BCS to FSU but when the same stupid crap happens over and over it sure does get frustrating and the fact that he may be coaching for his job this year is a situation he created with his own poor coaching. Maybe experience has taught him something but I will have to see it to believe it.
  14. Glad to see it. Those 11:30am games early in the season are miserable for everyone.
  15. I think it’s great that we have coaches who want to retire in Auburn and be a part of the community. Now if they can just find a way to beat Bammer. and UGA........