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  1. I always hope we show up and find a way to get a win but honestly I wouldn’t take Auburn and the points if I was betting real money.
  2. I thought the defense played very well. Plenty good enough to easily win the game except for the turnovers by the offense. I thought the O line showed significant improvement with Council at center. He had a few bad snaps but that was to be expected with it being his first game there. He made the whole group better. I thought Ashford played like a very talented freshman. Moments of greatness followed by terrible mistakes. I thought the game plan overall was very good but some of the play calling when the team got close to the goal line was ridiculous. Trying to be cute instead of relying on what got them down there cost us the game.
  3. I heard a lot of magic happens in this place.. I wonder when it’s going to make me disappear?
  4. That wasn’t a “fire the coach” kind of loss. The guys played hard for 4 quarters, especially the defense, and they looked well prepared. Better than they have looked all season. The fumble return for the touchdown and the great play by the LSU DB to take the ball away at the end was the difference. Except for a few mistakes Auburn wins that game.
  5. After watching the Ole Miss vs Kentucky game I would love to have either Kiffin or Stoops if either one would consider coming to Auburn. Both have recruited and developed complete teams that I think are Top 10 caliber. I still think Kiffin has the biggest upside because of the way he has utilized the portal and his offense is more dynamic. Plus he gets under Saban’s skin.
  6. That Brian Harsin guy had a great record at Boise State. He beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl that time and he is supposed to be great at developing QBs. Didn’t he coach Kellen Moore (current OC for the Dallas Cowboys)? See how great it sounds when you only look at the positives of an outsider who has never coached in the SEC and has no recruiting connections in our area.
  7. I would make Kiffin say no. If he does take Freeze he won’t.
  8. You look at some of the film and there is not one defender getting in the backfield there are 2 or 3 getting through on many plays. How do you fix that? I certainly don’t have a clue and our coaches obviously don’t either.
  9. Hate it for the kid but it happens in football. I wish him a speedy recovery and a great OL coach to play under next year. If he puts on about 20 lbs of muscle and gets some good coaching he might be our future at center.
  10. He won the transfer portal this year and that is exactly what it’s gonna take to turn Auburn around. Anybody that could take Ole Miss to the Sugar Bowl as quick as he turned them around is a great coach in my book. Before Ole Miss he won 11 games twice at FAU and they had never done anything before and have not done anything since. He also changed the Bammer offense under Saban into what it is today. The guy had some growing up to do after the UT and USC fiascos but since his time under Saban he figured out how to run a program the right way. He is also one of the most dynamic play callers I have seen in a long time. Another great benefit is he gets under Saban’s skin.
  11. They did that just so Auburn would be humiliated on network TV for the whole world to see. I hope our guys make it blow up in their faces.
  12. I see other team’s getting the ball out of the QB’s hands with quick slants but I hardly ever see Auburn trying it. Gus didn’t do it and Harsin doesn’t do it. One thing is for dang sure what they are doing now isn’t working. Roll him out more, try some screens, try the quick slants, try some misdirection, anything but continue trying to pass from a pocket that doesn’t exist and isn’t going to exist.
  13. It’s just hard for me to believe our O line can get no push. None. No holes, no push, nothing. Leaking like a sieve in pass protection. Is it scheme or are they just that weak or is it both? They are all older, more experienced players. I expected them to be a lot better this year when a bunch of seniors came back but they look worse than ever. I just don’t understand it. Where are the coaches we used to have on the forum?
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