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  1. I’ll never forget the scene when Dye hired him as OC in 1986. They called a reverse down on the goal line against Alabama late in the game and Lawyer Tillman got the ball but wasn’t supposed to be the one to run it. He tried to call time out but it was too late so he ran it anyway and ended up scoring. Dye started jumping up and down waving his arms and Pat was just standing there laughing at him. I saw Pat throw hundreds of beautiful passes (mostly to Terry Beasley) but that was my favorite memory of him.
  2. The coaching staff gave us some reason to hope there will be a quick turnaround. That’s about the best we could hope for given the horrendous job of roster management going back all the way back to the last couple of years of Gus. Harsin’s recruiting was about like getting put on probation. If not for the portal we would be in big trouble. As it is they will be filling holes for a few years but the silver lining is they can offer the young guys playing time which seems to be one of the things they value most.
  3. I wish them all the best but going from The Pirate to The Bobo has to be quite a letdown.
  4. Surprised a guy with 4.3 GPA doesn’t know better than to say University of Auburn.
  5. Huge in more ways than one! Hugh and staff are doing an amazing job rebuilding the roster after the mess that was created over the last few years!
  6. CHF is doing a serious rebuild of the Auburn Tigers! I’m beginning to think we might have a chance to be pretty good next year. I hate to get my hopes up but dang, this has been a heck of a recruiting effort if they don’t get anyone else and I have a feeling they ain’t done yet!
  7. Wow! CHF is seriously rebuilding this team!
  8. Looks like CHF is serious about shoring up the O line and that is exactly what he needed to do. Looks like he has a plan unlike Coach Arson. Or maybe Arson did have a plan to set the program back as far as he could since he knew he was about to be out the door.
  9. Why do we like Freeze? Because he gives us hope! Even through my orange and blue colored glasses I had no hope that Harsin was ever going to turn it around. Things were just going further and further in the ditch as he surrounded himself with his boys from Boise. It was like a veil was lifted when the change was made. Caddy came on and it was like Auburn was Auburn again. The players left it all on the field even in the losses. The fans celebrated the victories like we were winning a championship. Now we bring in a real winner and he has surrounded himself with a coaching staff of winners, including some of our own. In a few short weeks Auburn is recruiting again! The team is moving into a brand new state of the art facility! Hope is alive! Auburn is on the way back!
  10. I read a short thing about it. I would bet the kid he handed the shoes to was one of those he knew from the.work of his domestic violence foundation. Nice to know he was able to escape that, go on to be successful and help other kids. No kid should ever have to grow up in a situation like that.
  11. Played at A&M and I always knew the guy was good but he had a career day with 3 TDs for Tampa Bay today. While the performance during the game was impressive enough it was the interview with Erin Andrews and what he did walking off the field that really impressed me. He was so well spoken and humble in the interview that you couldn’t help but like the guy. Then as he was walking of the field he actually took his shoes off, signed them, gave them to a little kid in the stands and walked off in his socks. You could see a smile on his face a mile wide. That little kid will have those shoes in a prominent place in his bedroom till he’s an old man like me. It seems all you ever see about professional athletes in the news is when they get in some sort of trouble or show their butt on the field. It was good to see one getting caught doing something nice for a change.
  12. We definitely held on to Coach Arson too long. Getting rid of him and promoting Caddy to interim for the last few games was a stroke of genius by our new administration. It gave the team some much needed momentum heading into the early signing period. I also think Coach Freeze hired the right mix of coaches with Auburn backgrounds and those from the outside. Time will tell how well they mesh. I predict they will do very well together.
  13. Well we are under a Freeze warning tonight what did y’all expect?
  14. It would be great if he would transfer back so he can really play in front of the best fans in college football. He would not only raise his draft stock in the Freeze offense he would get the chance to be the Auburn man who sent Saban into retirement.
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