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  1. Bammer/Saban are like Teflon, nothing sticks. Forget it.
  2. Folks might laugh about the corn cobs but when we went to my grandma’s house when I was a kid it was an outhouse and corn cobs or nothing except when the “Sears and Roebuck” catalog came out. It was a special time when you could get a page out of that catalog. It might leave some ink stains on your private parts but any kind of paper beat those cobs!
  3. May not be enough left to throw this fall.
  4. Yes. Ol’Buddy would put everyone on the LOS and turn them loose. This sitting back waiting on a good QB with good receivers to pick you apart is no way to play defense in my book. Jam the receivers on the line and knock the QB on his butt before he can get the ball off is the way to stop that stuff. You may give up a long play every now but I’ll take that over slow death.
  5. Amen to that! Kick coverage in general has been awful!
  6. I hope those guys play like that in the tournament!
  7. As much as we’ve been screwed over it’s nice to see someone else getting it. But I try to never underestimate our leadership’s ability to screw things up so I’m not getting to happy just yet. We may ultimately be the loser on this deal.
  8. Bruce has brought the program a long way but this particular team is as baffling and frustrating as any team we have ever had. Like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates you never know what you are going to get. Just when you think they are going to take a step forward they fall flat on their face.
  9. When one team makes 27 FT and the other team misses a dozen or whatever it was it’s amazing it was that close. Worst FT shooting team I have ever seen. It’s like we have a team full of Shaq’s when they get to the FT line. None of them can shoot it.
  10. Screw Notre Dame and the horse they rode up on. We don’t need them we play better teams than them every year. They are consistently over-rated based on what they did 50+ years ago. They are no longer relevant the press just builds them up hoping for a magical resurrection that ain’t happening. Half the teams in the SEC are better than them year in and year out.
  11. Lord I hope so we need a perfect fit for some part of the offense!
  12. Yes but we grossly overpay Gus.
  13. I think it will be a travesty if Marlon doesn’t go in the first round. We know Derrick Brown is a sure first rounder but Marlon shows up every day and is 100% every play. He’s the type of guy you want as a leader and that is bound to come out when the pro teams watch film. I sure would never sell him short after watching him these past few years. He pretty much started every game from the time he came on campus.
  14. This team has lost its way without Okoro. If he can’t get back they may not win another game.
  15. Just not a good idea at all. Of age students buying it for under age students and it will be impossible to enforce. The university is going to be in a precarious situation legally when some under age person gets hurt.