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  1. I remember when Pat Dye first got to Auburn the players said it was “Dye’s Ways or Trailways”. It’s all part of changing the culture. If you signed with Auburn expecting things to be one way and the new coach comes in and says “no that’s not the way we are going to do it here” then you can expect some guys are not going to be onboard with it. Plus the new transfer rules make it much easier for them to go somewhere else. Now, if the new coaching staff starts having players they recruited leave then maybe we have an issue but for now I think it’s just all a part of the coaching change. Wis
  2. I was there in the student section. We were stomping on those old metal seats when they lined up to punt and it was so loud you couldn’t hear anything. Then just as the ball was snapped the sound died and you could plainly hear three thuds, one when the ball hit Gantt’s foot, another when the ball hit Bill Newton’s hands and the final when the ball hit the astroturf. The second was just and instant replay of the first. Years later I met David Langner when he worked at Crest Cadillac and we went in his office reminisced about the plays and our time at Auburn. He will always be an Auburn l
  3. 1. Auburn doesn’t need gimmicks to be noticed 2. It would be like drawing a mustache on the Mona Lisa
  4. We ain’t messing around with the uniforms. No.
  5. I really hate this type of injury when a young man is coming on and about to make a major contribution. Hopefully he can come back next year and continue to progress. Good luck to him with the surgery and rehab!
  6. He had some kind of Cajun voodoo spell put on him or something.
  7. I talked to some folks from Moultrie a few weeks ago and it’s hard to believe they put up with him for as long as they did. He was recruiting players over there the same way he did with the QB he tried to bring into Valdosta from the west coast. He was supposedly scamming people out of money the whole time he was there. It seems he has this sense of entitlement that is second to none.
  8. Rush is as full of crap as a Christmas turkey. He has no insider information about Kirby or Saban he’s just making that crap up to try to scam some “funny money” out of the boosters so he can put it in his own pocket.
  9. And I certainly hope this year will be another one!
  10. Great! Maybe we can steal some O linemen we seem to have a problem developing them!
  11. I think Shenker played for him at Colquitt. MCClain played at Valdosta but it was before Rush got there.
  12. I don’t remember that one. I do remember 1975 when the “gobblers” beat us at home in Shug’s final year and mine too. We had a great team in 1974 and everyone was pumped up for 1975. They were going to “win them all for Shug.” Instead they fell flat on their face. Just part of being a member of the Auburn Family. High expectations- look out for a big disappointment. Low expectations- big things are about to happen!
  13. I was at that game. The west side upper deck was new and we sat there for the slaughter. Never sat there again.
  14. I remember that game well I was a student then. Tennessee had negative yards rushing. The students threw oranges at them when they came out of the tunnel because their basketball coach insulted our midget manager on the basketball team the season before. Plus they argued about not wanting to come to Auburn since we had been playing them in Birmingham.
  15. My first Auburn game was in 1963 and not in Jordan Hare Stadium it was named Cliff Hare Stadium back then. I remember the game was against Chattanooga and Jimmy Sidle and Tucker Fredrickson ran all over them. Auburn won 28-0 or something like that.
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