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  1. Basketball goes from bottom dwellers a few years ago to the final four and probably would have won it except for the robbery by the refs. Baseball goes from staying home during the playoffs to wins in a regional and super regional and on to the CWS. It’s great to see those sports being competitive and not just something to do between football seasons. They got off the bottom when great leaders were hired to recruit great athletes and put them in a position to win. So now it’s up to Gus. Either step up and get the job done or get gone.
  2. I hope he will reconsider. His time will come if he stays.
  3. Gus just has some totally stupid losses that haunt his record. The FSU game for the BCSNC when he had them on the ropes, two totally insane losses to UGA when they were down, letting LSU come back when he had them 21 -0 in the first quarter and things looked so bad their fans were leaving, Tennessee loss last year, LSU loss last year, UCF loss in the bowl game, running KJ totally in the ground against Bammer with the game in hand and saving nothing for UGA in the SECCG, and it goes on and on. All of those were all just horrible, horrible coaching jobs resulting in losses that should have been victories. Win those games and Gus has no insecurity about his job. He has the talent to do it this year but it remains to be seen whether he can take a team to a title or not. I don’t put much stock in one game like losing the BCS to FSU but when the same stupid crap happens over and over it sure does get frustrating and the fact that he may be coaching for his job this year is a situation he created with his own poor coaching. Maybe experience has taught him something but I will have to see it to believe it.
  4. Glad to see it. Those 11:30am games early in the season are miserable for everyone.
  5. I think it’s great that we have coaches who want to retire in Auburn and be a part of the community. Now if they can just find a way to beat Bammer. and UGA........
  6. I like the idea of Gus calling plays and the whole world knowing it. That way it either works and the naysayers have nothing left to complain about or it doesn’t work and he’s out the door and we head in a new direction with a new coach. My fear is that we go 8 -4 again and those that support him think it’s good enough (especially considering the tough schedule) and those that want him gone continue to complain. I just hope it’s either 4 - 8 or 15 - 0 and the decision is obvious.
  7. You get shutout at Bammer you get a brick through your window.
  8. Met him and his wife one time in Hoover. Just a class guy all the way around. I told him he was the first real legend I had ever met (it’s not every day you run into the MVP of the first two Super Bowls on an elevator in the mall). He laughed and said “you are mighty kind.” We only talked for a minute but you could tell he was a genuine down to earth type of guy. RIP Bart!
  9. Twill just needs to keep them rolling in and out like Rodney does with the Dline. We need them all. You can never have too much depth in the SEC.
  10. What kind of coach would bail on his team and go over to their rival when they had reached the championship game? Specifying that he be allowed to coach that game with his team wasn’t much of a concession I would have expected that of any coach that had any class.
  11. This thing was screwed up in 2012 when Chiz was run off. Kirby Smart was right there for the taking. Our leadership didn’t even seriously consider him because he wouldn’t immediately bail out on his team (Bammer) that was playing for the national championship. Jay Jacobs was under so much pressure because of all the other stupid crap he had done that he was scared to make a selection so he came up with the committee approach. Meanwhile, Pat Dye was saying go get Kirby, go get Kirby, go get Kirby, but no one was listening to him because the prevailing view was that the game had passed him by. After all, he was an “old school” defensive guy and Gus was the “guru” and offensive genius whose offense couldn’t be stopped. Now here we are 7 years down the road. Kirby is out recruiting Gus at every turn and has his team right up there with Bammer. The defensive coordinators in the SEC have long since figured out the “guru” and put his offense in the ditch. The Georgia roster is just as stocked with 5* players as the Bammer roster and it’s just a matter of time till they close the deal. Now, all of the above having been said, Kirby may well have jumped ship on Auburn when Richt was run off from Georgia but he also might have been so invested in Auburn by then that he would have stayed. Dye did.
  12. Stupidest crap I have ever read. He acts like playing Alabama and Georgia in Auburn makes them not 2 of the top 3 teams in the country. Throw in LSU, Florida and A&M on the road plus Oregon at a neutral site and you have probably the 2nd toughest schedule in the country not just the SEC. Only one tougher is South Carolina because the play Clemson. I guess morons need a job too but it’s hard to believe CBS would hire him.
  13. They need to concentrate on bringing in O linemen we have plenty of WR.
  14. Gus better be looking hard at graduate transfer market because we have very little experience behind him for a backup. This could be a critical blow if one of the starters gets hurt.