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  1. That’s what I want to see. Kenny obviously not a special teams guy because he clearly out punted the coverage.
  2. I have no doubt the receivers we have are as talented as any in the country but they can’t do it on their own. You first need a line to protect the QB. Then you need a QB that can get them the ball when they are open. That is what will tell the tale as to whether they will be great or not. I sure would like to see something emerge for us that looks like that tall boy from Clemson standing in the pocket and passing the Bammer D silly!
  3. Any final word on Wooten’s injury yet?
  4. I didn’t see anything I thought separated the top 3 at QB.
  5. I doubt we know anything about the QB race until about a week before the first game.
  6. Best wishes to Samantha! What an AUsome young lady and great representative of our university! May God place his healing hands on her and let her walk down the aisle in style! And thank goodness for the amazing medical staffs at AU and LSU and for Dr. Andrews and his team! Y’all are the best!
  7. You are right bird. The officiating was the story of the Final 4, not the guys and the coaches who worked their butts off to get there. I can’t imagine how those clowns got chosen to officiate the two most important games of the year.
  8. The guy behind the play is 10 feet away looking dead straight at it! How in the world could he have possibly missed that unless it was intentional? He should never call another game. Idiot cost our guys the national championship. You can argue the later foul, though they had been letting that stuff go the whole game, but the double dribble in not arguable.
  9. I hope they enjoy their stolen title.
  10. You just look at that guy physically and the flash he showed in that spring game two years ago you have to think he could be a total stud. Of course, we don’t get to see practice but whatever it is that has been holding him back I hope he has worked it out. It’s a shame to waste that type of athleticism.
  11. You know you good when you don’t play particularly well and still beat a Kentucky.
  12. That was without a doubt the dumbest last 2 minutes this team has played this year. Almost gave the game away with pure old brain farts. And the officials looked equally inept. They were lucky to get out of that one!
  13. I know they got a lot better as the season went on but you could have fooled me. I thought on the whole they were mediocre by SEC standards until those last few games. I’m looking for them to pick up where they left off in the bowl game and be the best in the SEC this year.
  14. Early enrollment and going through spring practice changes the deal for true freshmen at all positions. Much better chance to start now.