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  1. Can Pettway break Tre's record?

    Just win the games and let the records take care of themselves.
  2. AU as head coach U

    What I'm worried about is the future not the past. Expectations are sky high this year and if we lose 5 or 6 games including UGA and Bammer I don't think Gus will be around next year.
  3. USA Today Coaches Poll 2017

    I like where we are ranked. It is a different day from 2004. Winning the SEC is the most important thing and you win the SEC you are in the playoff. Once you are in the playoff it doesn't matter if you go in 1 or 4 you control your destiny. That having been said I think we have one of the 5 or 6 teams in the country that have a chance to go all the way but we have by far the toughest schedule of any of those teams.
  4. Who would you rather us lose to?

    I don't want to lose to anybody! Nobody!
  5. What's wrong with this picture ...

    That's awful. Obviously they have an idiot for an editor.
  6. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    It sure felt good the last couple of mornings. Plenty of hot left but it was a nice break from the heat. Maybe the nip will come early this year!
  7. Fall camp is near

    What I want to see: 1) Gus hands off the offense 2) QB settled by week 3 3) OL and DL starters settled by week 3 4) Somebody step up and take the punter job 5) No injuries 6) No stupidity causing distractions
  8. Lesson learned from UGA loss

    One of the dumbest losses in the history of Auburn football and the one the year before was just about as bad. Do y'all realize they beat us two years in a row without an offensive touchdown? The defense deserved better than to be beat on an interception return for a TD last year and a punt return for a TD the year before. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
  9. Scouting report: LSU

    Playing down there at night is a tough deal and it will be even tougher with what happened last year. If we win this one we will know we have something special happening.
  10. Scouting report: Clemson

    Those two 14 - 1 seasons and back to back NCG appearances were on the shoulders of DeShaun Watson. They were a good solid team without him but he was the difference maker just like Cam and Nick were the two times we went. We are a solid team this year just like they will be but it will come down to the QB play and I like our chances. We have two good experienced guys and they will have a talented rookie.
  11. Breakout Players in 2017

    NCM and KD on offense. Holland on defense.
  12. Fulmer Standings Updated

    How many points do you get for the head coach calling ho's from his university cell phone?
  13. David Langner played football the way I always thought it should be played. Also James Brooks. Neither were all that big but they were going to bring everything they had on every play.
  14. What's the "must win" game this year?

    Gus can't lose to UGA again and keep his job. Period.
  15. Hey Golf ...

    Must be nice to be the QB!