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  1. I don’t think Gus is going to run it up on his friend like he would if it was Bert. Plus it’s an early kick at their place. I don’t usually pick scores but I’ll go with a 10 - 14 point win for the good guys.
  2. Sounds good but I don’t think he will be around for his senior season because he will likely be looking at a lot of money after his junior year.
  3. I look for KMart to step up first with a lot more use of Miller. Those guys have the most experience. Miller does not have the game breaking speed but is the bigger back and the best blocker. I love Worm’s speed and toughness but his size hurts him. We haven’t seen much of DJ yet but based on the small sample size he may be the most complete back. And then there is Joiner who we thought was going to be staying on the field in a “Swiss army knife” type role but has not been been used much at all. It should be interesting to see which direction Gus takes. He has a history of trying to find the one guy rather than spreading out the load.
  4. Florida has the best defense we will face this year and they had two weeks to prepare plus the home crowd in there favor. I will guarantee you they never looked at a film or worked on a plan for Towson State. Having that game on their schedule was even better than a bye week because they had a excuse to practice. It was almost like their defense had a copy of the Gus play book.
  5. weagl1


    Our D line and especially Brown played great. Our O line was the problem, as usual, and their D as a whole made our freshman QB look like a freshman. Hopefully that’s the best D we will face.
  6. I have some ideas. Kick the 4 newbies out and the original members play each other every year. Do away with the conference championship game except if we need a tie breaker. As an alternative. Establish a super conference by adding 6 more teams and split into a true east/west alignment with no cross division games. Keep the championship game. Some of those Florida, Texas and Louisiana teams would jump at the chance to join the SEC.
  7. I always love the reverse to Flash. Once he gets outside it’s over.
  8. Their defense is legit but their OL is not that good. They will have a lot of trouble blocking our DL. I like our chances is we don’t turn the ball over.
  9. 6 for 6 TD’s can’t beat that! Just don’t get sloppy in the second half. Gators next week so no injuries please.
  10. That kid is tough as nails and quick as lightning. I think he helps us win some games eventually. This offense is still a work in progress at this point and I believe Gus and Caddy will find a role for him as the season goes along. He’s too important not to have a role.
  11. Someone, I think probably the middle LB, was constantly overrunning the play on the QB up the middle. The RB was beating our guys to the corner and they got so keyed in on that the QB was just faking the handoff and cutting it back inside. They ran it over and over. The other factor was the offense not doing crap. Stidham overthrew a wide open receiver on the flea flicker play (and I’m not talking about just normal wide open I’m talking 20 yards behind everyone) and Boobee fumbled out the back of the end zone after a great run. Sometimes it’s just no your night.
  12. I just don’t understand him missing those long throws last week all we’re wide open and he was not under much rush. Once he gets dialed in on those it is really going to help the offense. Hitting even one of the three would have cleared the stands.
  13. I really like the blue shirts better than the orange ones though. They just seem to be more Auburn to me, like the blue jerseys.
  14. No, no, no, we don’t want to lose him! He’s one play from being the starter plus he causes all kinds of headaches for the opponent when they have to prepare for him. I actually see him getting more and more snaps as the year goes on.
  15. It was good to see Gus getting in players faces and chewing them out. He has definitely turned it up a notch this year.