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  1. Taking about TE’s I would love to see what would happen if they got the ball to that big Pegues kid and got him loose in the secondary. It would be fun to see a DB try to get that 300 lbs on the ground!
  2. That Clowney hit was devastating!
  3. Rhett Lashlee calling a heck of a game tonight for Miami. Several plays have caught Louisville flat footed. Two offensive plays in the second half so far and two long touchdowns.
  4. I saw that. I don’t think Bear Bryant ever wanted to lose a game and, like you said, he was actually in a little trouble at that point in his career. He had lost big to Pat Sullivan and Auburn in 1969, which one of his worst seasons. 1970 was another poor season for him topped by another loss to Auburn. They turned it around in 1971 when he went to the wishbone and ruined Auburn’s undefeated season with a beat down as Pat won Heisman. The trophy was announced before the final game of the season during that era or Pat might not have won it. But the color barrier had already been broken wh
  5. Definitely feeling the Nip this morning in south GA!
  6. Hate to see it but I believe, and have always believed, that RG is the best DL coach in the business. If a kid thinks he can do better elsewhere so be it. Wish him the best and next man up.
  7. Very sorry for your loss.
  8. My prediction: 0-0. No season.
  9. First, I don’t think the game or the season will be played. The rate of COVID infections across the league is about to skyrocket the longer students are on campus. If it is played I expect both defenses to play well and it will be a close low scoring game. I give us the edge based on home field and talent advantage but it could go either way if it gets sloppy.
  10. I don’t think Saban would want Gus at all under any circumstances. The Gus philosophy is to try to trick the other team. Saban wants to get the best players, line up and physically beat the other teams asses.
  11. No. This is the chance to get Alabama and Auburn in the East. Missouri goes to the West where they belong and Arkansas stays there.
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