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  1. I was at that game. The west side upper deck was new and we sat there for the slaughter. Never sat there again.
  2. I remember that game well I was a student then. Tennessee had negative yards rushing. The students threw oranges at them when they came out of the tunnel because their basketball coach insulted our midget manager on the basketball team the season before. Plus they argued about not wanting to come to Auburn since we had been playing them in Birmingham.
  3. My first Auburn game was in 1963 and not in Jordan Hare Stadium it was named Cliff Hare Stadium back then. I remember the game was against Chattanooga and Jimmy Sidle and Tucker Fredrickson ran all over them. Auburn won 28-0 or something like that.
  4. I wanted us to keep Rodney and TWill. I also wanted the new coach and coordinators to have who they wanted.
  5. I was thinking when Mahomes was running for his life how we have seen a lot of that the past couple of years.
  6. Truesdell coming back is a much bigger deal than any recruits. Having an experienced anchor in the middle of the D line is critical. I hope he makes a big move up the draft boards like Brown and Davidson.
  7. I think you are right about this. The talent currently in the locker room is good. If the performance on the field is better it should start turning heads. Also remember the new performance center should begin to take shape during the early signing period this fall. The new coaching staff will hopefully have a new vision to sell, particularly if we can get past the virus and recruits can come on campus during the big games against UGA and Bammer.
  8. Hopefully just coaching up what we already have will make this a much better team and recruiting will pick up next year as the new coaches establish relationships. But even through my orange and blue glasses the results this year appear to be much less than what we expected. Maybe they can still make a move with some late additions and the transfer portal.
  9. I wish we could have kept him but it was up to Coach Harsin and Coach Mason to hire who they wanted. All the best to TWill and I hope he gets to come home some day.
  10. Great move it obviously wasn’t working out at DB and I thought he was a good RB. I would much rather give him a chance rather than depend on a freshman or transfer (unless one of those is Tank quality).
  11. I hope he does well at the University of Auburn. I also wish someone would help them with their announcements.
  12. I hope they hire him and pay him well. Every $ he gets from them is a $ he doesn’t get from Auburn.
  13. If he would just remember to set his feet his accuracy would improve remarkably. Of course, that’s easier said than done when know you can’t trust the protection. I think his improvement it tied to the improvement of the offensive line. You won’t have one without the other.
  14. I know it’s not a popular position on this forum but I was hoping for Coach Harsin to keep Rodney anyway. I don’t think he is as good a coach as Rocker but a much better recruiter.
  15. Good luck Kodi and War Eagle! It was great having you at Auburn but sometimes getting out of your comfort zone can benefit your professional development.
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