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  1. If Lawson and Adams don't go in the first two rounds somebody is going to get some steals.
  2. NCM really impressed me in the spring game. KD was the highlight last year. I also like the physical catch and run by McClain in the spring game. This group as a whole should be great. It makes me sick how the freshman class of receivers was wasted last year.
  3. I think they were just trying to rattle Harrell's cage a little this spring and I doubt Tega is ready to start. I look for it to be L to R: James, Harrell, Golson, Horton, Smith. Bell might come in and take Harrell's spot but I doubt it he got beat out at FSU. Of course, Ashley might cause a shake up if he is as good as advertised.
  4. As long as we stay out of the whirlybird I think Cox will do a good job at H-back. He was getting better blocking last year. Harris is also getting better as a blocker but it is hard to know how he will do as a receiver because he was so under utilized in that role last year. From what I saw of Canella in the spring game the boy just needs a haircut.
  5. I certainly hope we get him back. We have some othe guys who are great too but to me he is the best of the bunch.
  6. After suffering some beat downs in Baton Rouge it was nice to be able to return the favor for once.
  7. I think this is an outstanding hire! Al can help us.
  8. I didn't feel good about him until I saw him last Saturday. He is quick as lightning and not afraid to go across the middle. Reminds me of those guys the Patriots have.
  9. I think the future is very bright from what I saw Saturday. JS is going to be great. We know Sean is very good when he is healthy. MW was surprisingly good for a freshman. I don't know about Woody, he may have been hurt and if not maybe he needs to change positions. No we probably keep them all but we should have a couple of good ones.
  10. We should have won the game last year and would have won except for the Gus QB fiasco. I think we beat them this year. Defenses are comparable but we now have a clear advantage on offense after Deshaun went pro and we got Stidham, plus Bubba back, plus now experienced receivers, plus the best kicker in America. Ain't going to be easy but I think we have the advantages in our favor.
  11. Very sorry.
  12. Except for Bammer. They will fling the gates of hell open (without charge) and the mullets will pour in from the trailer parks. Then they will have 70k and claim it was 90. Same old stuff.
  13. Hastings surprised me that kid is quick as lightning. NCM is a stud. We already know KD is a stud. McClain made an amazing catch over a defender and took it too the house, the first we have seen of him but he looked great. We already know what Stove and Slayton can do. The receiving corps looks well stocked and we actually have some QBs now that can get them the ball as well as an OC who isn't afraid to put it up. Should be fun to watch this year with Bubba and KJ pounding and Stidham and Sean slinging it!
  14. My observations. Stidham is the real deal. Beautiful touch on the deep balls. I think the QB battle is over. He will be the starter and Sean will be the backup this year. NCM is now showing up as the stud we thought he would be. Willis is a great looking young talent and the QB of the future to compete with Gatewood. Woody might as well change positions. The starting OL stood up well against the 2nd team DL. The 1st team DL against the 2nd OL was no contest. We have the best kicker the country but we already knew that. This team is solid on both sides of the ball and is going to be fun to watch with the CL offense. If we can avoid injuries they should be a contender.
  15. I really think this is just a depth thing.