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  1. I just hope our guys show up well prepared and ready to roll. We don’t need to take anything for granted aka the UCF debacle. Just because your roster looks better does not mean you can roll your helmet out there and expect an easy win.
  2. I like the matchup and the bowl. If we couldn’t have a NY6 game I would rather see us in Tampa than in the Citrus and lord knows everyone was tired of playing Wisconsin. We especially wanted to avoid any chance of that because no one would have showed up to watch that again. And I don’t think the Bammer fans are going to show up for the Citrus either.
  3. That’s where I want to see Worm in the jet sweep McCaleb role. If he gets outside its over with that speed. We need him there and Schwartz at the slot receiver. Won’t Stove and Hastings both be gone after this season?
  4. That guy just looks so athletic I can’t understand why he never caught on. I remember his catch in that A-Day game and I was saying to the guy sitting next to me we got a stud there he is going to be great. Best of luck to him is he decides to transfer.
  5. I know what you mean. In 1972 this idiot in a semi kept running up on my bumper on Hwy 80 when I was on my way back to school. I couldn’t figure out what his problem was it was like he was intentionally trying to kill me for no reason. Well, I finally figured out what his problem was I had an Auburn student parking sticker on my car and a Punt Bama Punt bumper sticker! There just seems to be some of them that are totally deranged and its not the students or alumni it’s the trailer trash that always want to kill someone over a game. It’s like it insults their manhood somehow.
  6. weagl1

    Next year

    I think Brown might have improved his draft stock a little he’s probably gone from late first to top 10 now. Davidson should have made a huge jump I wouldn’t be surprised if he went from 3-4 round up to late first. Those are to two big dogs. I don’t think Coe will be drafted I hope he comes back. Whatever his problem was this year he wasn’t really a major contributor.
  7. Maybe that’s it! If it hits the post it counts!
  8. I have never seen anything that indicates Gus is not 100% in control of hiring of his assistants. I can’t imagine us having a better defensive staff. We know Gus hired Grimes back and we know he hired Dilly last year. Does someone think he is being forced to keep Kodi on staff? Or maybe he wanted to bring in Freeze last year as an analyst and wasn’t allowed to do it? I don’t get who it would possibly be? Sounds like baloney to me.
  9. “You hate to see a game decided on something like that.” I bet if it had been decided the other way he would have been all for it! Probably would have been demanding a raise based on his excellent coaching!
  10. My first game Auburn vs Alabama game as a student. What a great memory!
  11. Nick could have just said that was a smart move by them and we screwed it up but that’s not his nature.
  12. I don’t know they might turn the water on us like Dye did to Georgia.
  13. A sad sad day for the Auburn Family. RIP Pat.
  14. Boom! That one capped off the season! Remember it’s not the size of the dog in the fight it’s the size of the fight in the dog!