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  1. weagl1

    Baseball vs. Florida game 3

    Don’t throw anything that guy can hit!
  2. weagl1

    Baseball vs Florida - Game 1

    When they got to Mize this whole deal was probably over.
  3. weagl1

    Jay Jacobs Hired by UF

    The $540k he is getting from the State of Alabama wasn’t enough?
  4. weagl1

    Greene VS Jacobs

    Now word arrives that JJ has gone to the Gators as an Associate AD? He is getting the biggest retirement in the history of State of Alabama employees ($540 k) and he needs another job? WTF?
  5. weagl1

    What was your first Auburn game?

    I don’t remember it well but Jimmy Sidle and Tucker Fredrickson were playing. 1961 or 62.
  6. weagl1

    If this happens, 2018-2019: Final Four run

    If this isn’t a Final Four team we are never going to get there.
  7. Harper back too per SEC Network! Just came across the screen.
  8. weagl1

    National Championships

    Not counting 1913 is just plain nuts.
  9. You make the playoff with a great defense and a balanced offense.
  10. weagl1

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    Back to Steele. I just don’t see him taking a HC job at this point in his life. I think he finishes his career at Auburn.
  11. weagl1

    Opponent Preview: Washington

    We have more players than them but they have a much better head coach and will be the better coached team overall. That makes it a toss up.
  12. weagl1

    Manziel didn't know X's & O's

    Johnny Football is a sandlot player. You don’t have to know the X’s and O’s when you are just making up crap on the fly.
  13. weagl1


    Caddy was just different. One of my all time favorite players. I We
  14. weagl1

    Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    Mullen is going to completely turn UF around. I’ll say 8 wins this year with steady improvement over the next 3 years.
  15. weagl1

    Malik Willis starter?

    Malik will probably be the starter next year and I hope they put in some plays for him this year for a change of pace. But right now he ain’t Nick Marshall. I do think he has the potential to be great at some point but any thought that he is going to take the job from JS this year is ludicrous. And that was the subject of this stupid thread. As long as JS is healthy he is the starter. Period.