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  1. That was the most classless crap I have ever seen. I hope, if we ever do get back there, that the HC does not allow idiots on the sideline and in the locker room. I also hope the NCAA investigates to find out if any underclassmen accepted any money so they can be declared ineligible.
  2. Maybe Gus can go after another one of those Aussie rugby players from that kicking academy it seems to be working well.
  3. Yes, they are a talented team but Burrow and Brady were the difference makers. They were the ones doing stuff that the opponents couldn’t handle.
  4. And the rest of the SEC just breathed a huge sigh of relief. I wonder if the Corndogs will go back to a grind it out offense or still try to throw it every play with a new cast of characters? Should be interesting.
  5. Should already have it filled and announced. But that’s Gus.
  6. I think LSU will win it easily 14+ points in high scoring game.
  7. I’m just stunned to see how many total players there are in the transfer portal. I had no idea. I was thinking maybe 30 or 40 when in reality it’s 411! That’s crazy! The NCAA has created a monster here!
  8. I love the way Boobee runs when he gets a hole. Good tough downhill runner with an attitude. The whole team seems to respond when he gets in there. Its like the guys on the line are saying we know we have a stud back there toting the rock now we are going go out and hit someone. But the fumbles undo it all. If you can’t hold onto the ball you can’t play RB I don’t care how good a runner you are. It’s just that simple.
  9. Media days should be a hoot with him and Orgeron there. It hasn’t been much fun since Les and Spurrier left.
  10. Good for everyone. I wish him much good fortune and a great career in the NFL.
  11. I agree. Gus isn’t going anywhere unless the bottom falls out like 2012.
  12. 1962 but I don’t remember much about it except that we had Jimmy Sidle and Tucker Fredrickson.
  13. Because his offense is offensive when they are up against a good team. He broke his tendencies last year against a mediocre team and won big. So he went back to the same old crap this year with the expected results. Stuffed.
  14. Until the O line gets upgraded with better recruiting, better development and better coaching nothing is going to change. When you have to go out chasing after JC players and grad transfers every year you know something is missing in your recruiting and development. When our all senior OL gets their asses handed to them by a DL coached by a first year coaching staff that was just trying to make do with what they inherited you know you have a problem. But Gus just can’t see it. He’s too busy trying to figure out how to trick someone rather than how line up and kick butt.
  15. I felt pretty good about the defense until the last 2 games. Offense is a mess because of poor O line recruiting and development plus play calling that looks great one day and leaves you scratching your head the next. I have never been a big Gus fan nor have I been very negative about him. He has run a clean program you have to give him that. He gets under Saban’s skin and has a relatively good record against him (compared to everyone else not named Dabo) and that is important to Auburn folks. He’s a nice guy who you have to give him that. I guess if we want to remain a middle of the pack SEC team he is an OK coach. If we want to win championships he is unlikely to do it.