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  1. Last Chance

    I hate the thought of changing coaches again. I think you set your program back when you do that. I would love to see this team win out and Gus remain in place. I think we may have one of the most talented rosters top to bottom that we have ever had and you have to give him credit for recruiting it. The turnaround on defense the past 3 years has been great. I do fault him for ever letting get as bad as it did but it has improved tremendously. But this inept crap on offense has to cease. Gus is inbreeding into his on system. First he loses a good OL coach under less than clear circumstances. Then what does he do? Brings in his ole buddy Hand who has proven to be a big step down. Then he gets rid of Lashlee only to go after another one of his boys. He keeps Kodi around because he came up in his system. Kodi has done a great job of bringing in top talent for our receiver corps but has done an awful job developing it. You see Gus is his own worst enemy. He thinks he is some kind of offensive guru and he just can't admit to himself that regardless of what kind of system he sprang on the SEC and ran up all those yards and points when we first hired him there are DC's out there who can figure out how to stop it. You have to evolve to be successful in the league unless you have Saban's talent, which ain't going to happen. What's he had 8 or 9 top recruiting classes in a row? Gus should have cleaned house on offense last year, hired a top flight coordinator, got his butt out of the way, let the new guy hire who he wanted for position coaches and let him run his offense. Instead he just used it as another chance to inbreed in his own system and it ain't working. I doubt it is ever going to change. I hope it does but I doubt it.
  2. Gus: Football Research Scientist

    I also wonder if he sits around reading some of the stupid crap we write on the forum and laughs his butt off. We might even be part of his experiment!
  3. In Order to Beat Georgia and Bama

    To beat UGA and Bammer: 1- Get everyone well 2- Actually have a game plan the uses our strengths on offense and attacks their weaknesses 3- Actually make halftime adjustments if said offensive game plan is not working and assume they are doing the same with their defense 4- Do not run the ball on first down 17 times in a row especially if that is not working 5- Show up for the second half There are a lot of things our coaching staff on offense could do that would give us a chance. Unfortunately they are probably not capable of doing it because the guru has lost his mojo. Our best chance is for everyone on defense to get well and play their best games this season. Get a couple of turnovers in FG range and that might give us a chance.
  4. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    I agree with what the assistant coach said. "This game will likely cost us our jobs." And it should.
  5. Arkansas score predictions.

    If think anyone who tries to predict this one is kidding themselves. I don't really trust the re-shuffled OL and losing Matthews at the safety position is also going to hurt. Injuries are piling up on both teams. Anything can happen.
  6. What is worse: 2012 or wasting talent

    I guess we find out these next 5 games. ULM is the only gimme. I think we beat Arky but after last weekend I'm not so sure. I doubt we beat A&M but we might. If we play like the other big games we have little chance against UGA and Bammer. So this year might be worse. We might have wasted talent and they may quit. After last weekend it is going to take a good coaching job just to keep them from quitting.
  7. Auburn's next Head Coach

    I would make Jimbo and Richt say no before I moved on. Jimbo was here at one time and Richt might just want to come back and be a thorn in UGA's side because they screwed him.
  8. come on guys

    One of the comments above got me to thinking about Doug Barfield. Doug was a great guy and a good coach. He came from the high school ranks and became OC under Shug when we had some good teams and a lot of talent like in 1974. He gave it a shot as HC at Auburn after Shug retired but just couldn't get it done. He was replaced by Pat Dye and big things happened from there after Dye instilled some toughness and discipline into the team. Doug went back to coaching at the high school level and was very successful. Maybe Gus needs to think about heading down the same path. I'm sure he is a good guy it just ain't working out for him in the big leagues. He has made enough money and must be very financially secure at this point, especially with the buy out Auburn will owe him. Maybe he just needs to go back to coaching at the level he is best suited to coaching and enjoy the rest of his life. This can't be any fun for him and it sure isn't for the Auburn faithful. And what he is doing is not fair to kids he recruited to be Auburn men.
  9. Moving Forward

    I think a lot of where we go from here depends on the injuries. Losing Dunn and Matthews on top of those that were already out was critical yesterday and it will be going forward. I think we beat Arky and UL Monroe. A&M is a toss up but I give them the advantage playing at home. UGA and Bammer are much better than us. Looks like 7 -5 to me. I see no way Gus hangs on with that scenario.
  10. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Both. And Sad. We got coach who thinks he's a guru but he just had his lunch money stolen by the village idiot. Really sad for the young men who have worked so hard.
  11. Stidham not allowed to audible

    Just unbelievable. The Gus and Chip show needs to go.
  12. It's just hard to fathom why Chip (or Gus) kept trying to run the ball on 1st down time after time after they adjusted.
  13. Fire him now. Start the search.

    I just don't see why Gus just can't have the balls to step up and say I just can't do this. I thought I could but I can't. I'm resigning effective at the end of the season. Yall go ahead and start a coaching search. I'll take half on my buy-out, it was ridiculous anyway and I can always get a job as a commentator if I ever need more money. My defensive coaches have done a great job and I hope you can make a deal with the new HC to keep them. Good luck.
  14. Fire him now. Start the search.

    If Titan is calling for his head that is good enough for me. "So let it be written. So let it be done."
  15. I agree with Corch. I think the Auburn job is definately a "9" for the reasons he stated we just need to stop hiring "5" HCs and settling for a "3" AD to make the final decision. We could have had Kirby he was right there for the taking at the time but we went for the "guru" who soon lost his mojo. We have a great defensive staff right now and plenty of talent on offense and defense. We just have someone trying to run the show who can't get the job done. It is particularly disheartening to see other teams make halftime adjustments to beat us while we seem to consistently go in the toilet after halftime. Couldn't even make a first down yesterday in the second half. Just a pathetic coaching job and we can do better.