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  1. Maybe they will take each other down that would be nice. Hard to believe Jimbo was so self righteous after continuing to play the rapist and crab leg thief.
  2. Oh that’s at least 80,000 (using Bama math). Your eyes are just lying to you.
  3. Based on my 60 years of experience watching Auburn football I will say somewhere between 15-0 and 0-12. Anyone who thinks they can predict anything to do with Auburn football is kidding themselves.
  4. Amen to that. No elite RB is going to want try to run behind an OL that can’t get any push up front.
  5. Just plain stupid I don’t care what the rule is trying to accomplish. So just let him score? If they gonna mark the runner down because he is diving for the end zone then OK otherwise you have to give the defender some sort of chance to stop the score. What else could he have done? Shoulder to shoulder contact. Nothing about that should ever be considered targeting.
  6. I just have to believe the future for Harsin and Greene depends on what happens this season. The football team goes down in flames this year Harsin is gone and Greene is ousted the same day. If they out perform the expectations Harsin stays and Greene gets a new contract. The difficult decision occurs if they go 8-4.
  7. Not surprising at all given how they ended the season. A month ago they were playing great but something went bad and they never got it back.
  8. Owen Condon, OT from UGA, is in the transfer portal. We sure could use some help there.
  9. Everyone sees the blueprint now. Pack it inside and make the guards hit 3 pointers. If they can we win. If they can’t it looks a lot like what happened in Tampa.
  10. I just want one of them to step up and take the position in spring practice. Be the clear winner and there is no debate about it. I really don’t care which one it is. One of the old sayings is if you have several that are equal you don’t have a really good one. If we head into fall practice without a clear starter it won’t be good.
  11. A big part of the best D line we ever had. I remember Dye saying they played with one heartbeat. They could do that last second shift with every position moving at the same time and it gave O lines fits. I hope he brings some of that Dye toughness with him we need that.
  12. 0-14 cost us the game against A&M plain and simple. Even if it was 4-14 we win or a more reasonable 6-14 we win easily. I guess everyone has a bad game every now and then but that was record breaking bad. If the tournament had been played a month ago we would have had a fighting chance. Right now, unless Bruce can pull a rabbit his hat, we probably win the first game or two as a 2 seed and go down as soon as the competition gets better.
  13. Win Saturday with the place rocking and there is no doubt.
  14. Just throwing up stupid crap it doesn’t make any sense.
  15. The first game I can clearly remember was 1967 at Legion Field for the mud game against Bammer. I was at some games prior to that but I don’t have clear memories of them.
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