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  1. I just don’t know where we would be without Rodney. He gets the good ones and coaches them up. In my view the DL is second only to QB in importance to the team. When The DL can get that push up front it disrupts everything the opposing offense is trying to do.
  2. I still don’t think any games get played until spring. This stuff is not letting up. I think a week or so before September 26 the season will be canceled or they will agree to play a few games at the end of spring practice.
  3. Had us ranked #19, UGA and Florida lower than most and A&M at #5 as the biggest surprise team.
  4. May not be much of an issue. I think it becomes more and more of a long shot with each passing day that we will have a season this fall. Maybe a few games in the spring if the vaccine works out.
  5. I think you are correct. Even if they decide to start the season as soon as players and coaches start getting infected it will have to be shut down. I would rather they agree to call it off for the fall and play a few big games in the spring (provided we get a vaccine by the end of January) with all players maintaining a year of eligibility.
  6. Getting back to the original subject of the thread I want to wish Malik much success as he moves on with his life.
  7. It will be gone by Monday. The other conferences have no choice but to suit with what the PAC 10 and BIG 10 have done.
  8. I think calling it all off for the fall and doing some limited games in the spring, provided we have a vaccine by then, or either rolling the whole schedule to next fall makes the most sense. It just doesn’t make sense to start into a season this fall and then have to shut it down due to our inability to control the infections. Football is not a sport that works with social distancing.
  9. That’s what they get for that absurd contract. Gus’s is bad enough bit Jimbo’s is insane. Other than the one NC he won with the rapist he hasn’t done much. The situation with the Criminoles was getting totally out of hand when he left and it looks like he carried the lying and cheating right on to A&M. I wonder if they could cut him loose for cause, get out of the contract and cut their losses.
  10. I have to take any combination that involves Bo he was so far off the charts as at RB that it doesn’t matter who the receiver was. Many of the other receivers were better than Freddie, though he was great in the clutch, but Bo was other worldly.
  11. It may be something as simple as the uniforms looking good on tv.
  12. Sports in general are not happening until a vaccine is developed and widely distributed. Probably late next spring or next summer. Might as well get used to the idea. I think the NCAA will grant everyone another year of eligibility if they want it. Sad situation but it is what it is.
  13. Looks like an insurance policy in case Bo gets hurt. I could also see him taking on the Gatewood spot as a short yardage specialist.
  14. Coach Dye was the perfect coach at the perfect time when he came to Auburn. He came in and completely changed the culture. As one of his players said “it’s now Dye’s ways or Trailways”. RIP coach. You will be missed.
  15. Tucker Fredrickson, David Langner and Mike Fuller.
  16. It wasn’t Brodie’s fault. It wasn’t like he was holding onto the ball too long on many of those sacks the D line beat him to where the “pocket” was intended to be. Once Auburn got the big lead the D line was just teeing off every play because they knew they had to try to pass to get back in the game. Even though he was the Bammer QB I almost felt sorry for the kid getting beat up like that.
  17. If a frog had wings he wouldn’t bump his butt.
  18. I hope the young man can get his act straightened out get back on the right path.
  19. I like it and I think Auburn should claim every one it reasonably can. Some of the ones Bammer claim are not even reasonable and some are a joke.
  20. Yes. They were 8-2 and 5 current SEC teams finished with better records and were ranked above them. Yet Auburn doesn’t count years when our team was undefeated and ranked #1 by some poll because it was not considered to be a “consensus” ranking. As Bear once said “if a laundromat in Tuscaloosa ranks Alabama #1 we are going to count it”. I acknowledge they have plenty of legit championships and I have never understood why they have to resort to counting the jokes.
  21. I think the idiot official who Sanders handed the ball to thought Auburn was going the other direction and then was so embarrassed by his stupidity he didn’t want to correct it. Only reasonable explanation I could come up with.
  22. I would like a ranking to see who has played the all time toughest schedule. I bet Auburn is close to the top on that one. Winning percentage has a whole lot to do with who you are playing.
  23. I always said Bennett would have been a critical pickup for Dye he would have been the difference maker that would have brought us a couple of national titles.