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  1. Big Kat better come back home where he belongs. We forgive him.
  2. So they couldn’t pull of the coup at Auburn now it is in progress at UT?
  3. I think it will probably be someone that nobody on this forum ever thought about. If it was going to be TWill it would have already happened.
  4. I’m just happy to see Auburn beating Kentucky in basketball. What’s even better is it wasn’t an accident!
  5. Still hoping Big Kat decides to stay he could use a year of Rocker coaching.
  6. I’ll bet there are going to be any high 5’s with the crowd this year unless everyone is walking around with a bottle of hand sanitizer!
  7. I personally didn’t want to see Rodney go since he is such a good recruiter but Rocker certainly had our D line looking very good in 2010 and did a great job with Fairley.
  8. Thanks coach. I’m glad to see someone with some actual football knowledge is pleased with the hires so far.
  9. When you see Saban’s linemen coming out of the tunnel then look at ours it’s pretty easy to see why they have a dynasty. They also have some great skill players but the whole thing is built around first dominating the LOS.
  10. I hope they pay him a good part of the $2.5 million per year Auburn owes him.
  11. Coach has already said do you want it built fast or do you want it built right? Patience Grasshopper.
  12. As long as they give him a contact equal to what he was making then Auburn is off the hook for the $5 million. We should be cheering them on!
  13. Even though we have lost some good players I don’t think the cupboard is bare at all. Obviously those declaring for the draft will hurt more than the others. The O line should be better after another year of experience playing together. Bo should be better. Tank is Tank the keys will be keeping him healthy and finding a good backup. I would feel better about the receivers if we could have kept Seth, Flash and Stove but there is some young talent coming on. The youngsters on the D line were getting better at the end of the year and they should be better. The two good LB’s will return and
  14. Good luck young man and thank you!
  15. Good luck young man and thank you for being an Auburn Tiger!
  16. Ask us a couple of years from now and maybe we can give an intelligent answer. Right now I have no idea except I think the HC, OC and DC might be pretty good hires and I really like the RB coach.
  17. Every time you make a first down have the whole team run back, line up quickly and run it up the middle. It used to work I swear. They’ll never know what hit’em.
  18. Defenses flex so much today depending on down, distance and the offensive personnel and formation run by the opponent there really aren’t many traditional 3-4 and 4-3 alignments going on any more. If you watched Steele’s defense the last few years we might be in a 5 man front one play, 4 the next and 3 the next and that’s not even including the blitz packages where safeties or corners may be moved up to the line of scrimmage. While he might have said we were a 4-3 defense the past few years against LSU last year he ran a 3-1-7 most of the game and held them to by far their lowest offensive t
  19. Obviously Mason wanted him and I trust his judgment.
  20. I just looks like to me no one wants to compete with Tank but we gonna need someone to give him a breather and in case of injury. Hopefully Worm will stick around and possibly some of those in the transfer portal end up staying.
  21. Most of all Auburn was just tired of Gus. People wanted to like him because he is a nice guy and he really started off on with a bang in 2013. But as the 8 -5 seasons continued to pile up and the offense became more atrocious with each passing year it just got old. Every now and then something amazing would happen like knocking off both our main rivals back to back when they were #1 but then it would all come crashing down like the loss to UGA in the SECCG followed by the pitiful performance against UCF. Then it all went stale the next year even with a pro quality QB. Then the next year
  22. Not only has that been the obvious glaring issue with the team there is no quick fix for it. It’s going to take years of good recruiting and coaching to rectify this problem. Hopefully CBH can land some transfers but that’s really no way to build a team it’s kinda like putting a band aid on a broken leg.
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