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  1. I went in 2013. I have now been to every SEC away game except Missouri. This is by far the best place to visit in the SEC. Great fans who actually know how to treat visitors.
  2. I'm sorry if this has already been talked about. I found out today through the ticket office that I could only get tickets for LSU, Kentucky, and Arkansas. Does anyone know which sections we have at the Ga. Dome? I can't find any ticket sites with that info. Vivid seats has the Falcons sideline but I don't know if we are home or visitor. I would like to go ahead and get mine.
  3. The crowd was very loud for 52,000. We had a very good experience. I did hear the SEC chant from down where our Pep Band was, but only lasted a few seconds.
  4. I would love for AU to wear something like this each year for a home game like Samford. Might bring more people to that type of game.
  5. I was out there and it was AUsome!
  6. I have 2 in Section 38, Row 26. These are my season ticket seats. We can't go. Face value is 75. I will sell them for 60 a piece. I am in the Bham area and could meet you.
  7. I have 2 in Section 38, row 26. Sell them to you for under face value at 60 a piece.
  8. Looking for 2 tickets to the Vandy game in the AU section. Thanks.
  9. With all due respect to Stat Tiger, I wanted to mention a few BIG wins by Auburn overt Top 5 or Top 10 teams. In most of these games, Auburn was a double digit underdog and given NO chance to win. A lot of these also occured at night in Jordan-Hare. We can sit around and complain about being 1-2 and yes it does suck, but we can also pack Jordan- Hare Saturday and show LSU that there is still some magic in Auburn on a Saturday night. WDE 1978- Unranked Auburn ties #8 Georgia 22-22. 1982- Unranked Auburn plays #1 Georgia off its feet before losing 19-14 1993- Auburn shocks #4 Florida 38-35 1994- Stuns # 3 Florida 36-33 in the Swamp 1997- Defeats #10 LSU 31-28 2001- Stuns #1 Florida 23-20. Auburn lost 5 games that year 2002- Crushes #10 LSU 31-0 2002- Shocks #9 Bammer 17-7 with our 3rd string RB 2006- Upsets # 3 Florida 27-17. One of the loudest games ever at Jordan-Hare 2007- Unranked Auburn stuns #3 Florida 20-17 2009- Leads undefeated Bammer until the final minute before losing 26-21 2011- Big underdog Auburn beats # 10 South Carolina 16-13 in Columbia.
  10. I went to Auburn in the 80's and I am very much a traditionalist. I think that our uniforms are 2nd to none. However, times have changed. I would not have a problem at all, if we came out once a year in a game like an Alabama A&M and wore a different uniform. The kids on the team would love it, you may even get more fans to come to the game who would otherwise stay home that day. I like the blue helmet, and I don't think that it would take anything away from Auburn to do it for a meaningless game like an Alabama A&M. Just my 2 cents.