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  1. WAR EAGLE!!!

    I'm over Tuberville, he's given up on us

    You are an unoriginal posting least change the words around. Copy and pasting from another site is W E A K Sauce dude...
  2. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Story on Tubervilles Future

    My point is that Tuberville has a contract that he will be the coach of the team next year. I don't see why someone has to come out and say anything about it to satisfy some of you black helicoptor people. He is the coach...that is it...
  3. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Story on Tubervilles Future

    This gets old. No one has said that he is fired so he is still the coach. The media and fans make this more of an issue than it is. They shouldn't have to tell the fans what their meetings are about other than if they fire tubby. I don't seen anywhere in the article that says anything other than tubs will be the coach at Auburn. Let it rest people...
  4. WAR EAGLE!!!

    How do Northwestern people celebrate a TD?

    HAHAHAHA... "site" of god or "sight" of god...I'm confused... I can't see the video, but i would guess by your comment that the cheer leaders got naked on the field and started going at it...
  5. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Guarantees by PChamp

    Duke only scored 10.... Just saying...
  6. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Signs of Improvement

    You guys are looking at something I didn't see. Auburn will not be able to move the ball in this stale offense against a good team. We ran 15 times in a row last night in the first quarter...15. When WVU figured that out and brought the safeties up...we were done... People are going to play man on our WR's the rest of the year and bring everyone else to the line of scrimage. When that happens, Auburn will have more of last night's second half out put until we decide to actually throw the ball down field some...
  7. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Signs of Improvement

    Auburn totaled 33 yards in the 2nd half...thirty freaking three yards... There is nothing good about our offense right now...
  8. WAR EAGLE!!!

    All-Time Great by numbers

    No, he wasn't. How about Jason Miska? I think he was #45 Yeah...he was my second choice!
  9. WAR EAGLE!!!

    All-Time Great by numbers

    Wasn't Takeo Spikes #45? He was a beast at Auburn!
  10. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Bama just got...

    No comment...I learned my lesson the hard way. I would love to discuss the Cubs though sometime after the season...whenever the BKG's allow their season to end...I love you BKGs!!!
  11. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Bama just got...

    Don't click on it...
  12. WAR EAGLE!!!

    FS: AU Prints

    So you are not seperating the ones up top still?
  13. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Prince cover of Radiohead's "Creep"

    Creep is one of my all time favorite songs!!! Sound quality was not great but it sounds like a great freaking cover by Prince!!!
  14. WAR EAGLE!!!

    Avoid Plan B

    They are not meeting at Pugsley's anymore. That place shut down. I am not sure where they are meeting this year though.
  15. WAR EAGLE!!!

    CTT is holding up 7 as he is carried off the field...

    Isn't this the same guy who soon after this statement denied several times he was going to be the next HC at bama? So why should I place any credibility on his quote you reference. There is no excuse whatsoever a HC can't afford to let his asst's handle a practice for a couple of hours so he can have dinner with the Pres., unless he has a huge ego. I understand what you are saying, and I think that it would be a LARGE honor to have dinner with President Bush, but I must confess that I would not feel the same way about President Bill Clinton. I know we should always respect the office if not the person, but I just don't feel for myself that it would be such an honor to meet President Clinton. That is just my feelings and would only act that way if representing myself, but if I were representing a company, university, or team maybe I would act differently. Nice point of view! I still think it would be an honor to sit and have dinner with the President on the United States of America...that would just be an honor that doesn't come around to too many people.