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  1. I did not realize the fans started chanting that. It's kind of crazy. I was at a bar in NYC with the Auburn Alumni Club chapter up there, and the exact same thing happened after the game. It's amazing the pride Auburn fans have.
  2. Thanks RIR. I really appreciate it.
  3. I was not able to watch the game and forgot to set the DVR. Does anyone know where and when I can catch a replay?
  4. Who is this Finebaum you speak of?
  5. Why did I read a thousand articles about Tennessee, and how good their recruiting was going with their new staff? Why did I not see a similar article about Auburn and our new staff? I am assuming we had the highest ranked class out of the schools with new head coaches. Quite impressive. And what happened to BC? I know the whole Jags story, but gut lawd...80??? And I am also surprised by Clemson's ranking. I thought I heard their name a fair amount -- was expecting better. Wasn't one of the key reasons for making Dabo the HC his recruiting abilities?
  6. Kentucky is not in the 11th Circuit. While persuasive, that ruling is not necessarily binding. I do agree that a coach should not be prosecuted for the death of a player unless it is a very exceptional situation. Good to see you putting that Juris Doctor Degree to work. I gotta do something...my services are still available for hire.
  7. Kentucky is not in the 11th Circuit. While persuasive, that ruling is not necessarily binding. I do agree that a coach should not be prosecuted for the death of a player unless it is a very exceptional situation.
  8. I'm not old enough to know a lot of the names from earlier on the list, but everyone in the last ten years turned out to be a pretty decent player (with the exception of Whisenant, but he had an unfortunate incident involving an assailant and a tire iron...he was a helluva player in H.S. and might could have been somebody at UAB). Just looking at the names on that list between 1998 and now makes me think that Moseley has a good chance to make some noise.
  9. Cards over the Eagles - I thought the Eagles would beat the Vikings and Giants, and they did. I thought the Cards would lose to both the Falcons and the Panthers, and the did not. I'm not picking against them again. If the Eagles are able to find a running game, then things will be different, but I think there is more of a chance of Edge having a good game than Westbrook. Ravens over Steelers - I have no reasons, other than the Steelers have won the first two in battles, and I just can't believe the Steelers can take all three when the teams are so even. You gotta think the Ravens will be a bit fired up after the way they lost the last one on the phantom TD.
  10. I believe this is it. I found it on Wikipedia under a post for the LSU band, but it says many bands use it, so I am assuming it is the same. Long ago, way down in the jungle Someone got an inspiration for a tune, And that jingle brought from the jungle Became famous mighty soon. Thrills and chills it sends thru you! Hot! so hot, it burns you too! Tho' it's just the growl of the tiger It was written in a syncopated way, More and more they howl for the 'Tiger' Ev'ry where you go today They're shoutin' Where's that Tiger! Where's that Tiger! Where's that Tiger! Where's that Tiger! Hold that Tiger! Hold that Tiger! Hold that Tiger! Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louisiana_Sta....22Tiger_Rag.22
  11. I think changing the name of Ole Miss/Clemson syndrome nee Auburn/Clemson syndrome to Auburn/A&M syndrome was a low blow. Unnecessary piling on. It really annoys me how the entire national media seems to consistently be one step behind as far as reading the Auburn fan base. When we were angry with Tuberville but still wanted him around, the media said we were trying to run him off. When Tuberville was fired, the fan base mostly supported him, but the media crucified us for running him off (ultimately leading to the renaming of the syndrome). When we hired Chizik over Gill, even though many fans wanted Gill, the entire AUNation was labeled racist. And now, even though many of us were angry about the Chizik hire, most of us said we would support him and are now coming around thanks to a string of excellent hires. But, here we have Mandel saying we don't support him.
  12. http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/news/story?id=3810186 According to their message boards, he has now been fired. I understand BC wanting to protect the sanctity of the contract here, but this just seems incredibly short sighted to me. They have basically just told every coach who would consider the job not to go there if they have any desire to move up to a better job in the future.
  13. When it comes to the NBA or the Philadelphia Eagles, Stephen A. Smith is somewhat relevant. When it comes to college football, he is a race baiter that doesn't know his @**hole from his elbow. End of story.
  14. Wade, you are a true fool. Conecuh Ridge is a nice brown whiskey. Geebus, man.
  15. We have all seen Kodi run and seen that throwing is not his strongest suit. However, the more I watch him, the more it seems to me that he has VERY poor mechanics. Something in the way he brings his arm back, and in his follow through. It seems to me that he kind of pushes the ball. What I am getting at here is that I believe that with an OC or a quarterbacks coach who can improve his mechanics, Kodi has some serious potential. I'm not talking about improving because of game experience, or because of an ability to read defenses better. I think that his ability to get the ball from point A to point B can dramatically improve with quality coaching, something that has been lacking with our quarterbacks recently. Am I right here, or are his mechanics not as terrible as I think they are?
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