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  1. Thanks Stat! Always appreciate your posts.
  2. Hope we see some more 1st down play like this and also some new wrinkles added to the NASCAR set after a first down too. Both very predictable.
  3. Thanks again Stat!
  4. Great analysis as always Stat, thanks!
  5. Thanks Stat! Always good analysis
  6. I hope he's our next Freddie Weygand.
  7. Green Shave you mean? Am I dating myself????
  8. Gator Hater from way back in 70s 80s when we played every year. Nastiest bunch of fans back then. Made the Corndogs look like royalty in comparison. Actually had a gameday shirt with Gator Hater on it. It may fit my highschooler if I could find it now.
  9. OL and DL are deciding factors between good teams and great teams.
  10. Kodi and JFIII traveled similar paths. I hope it works out for JFII, the dude is a talented athlete for sure
  11. Guess I need to get posting so I can have my member verified. Membership that is
  12. Without Net Neutrality, the market is not free, it is rigged by the largest players within the market. AT&T is in blatant violation of the regs currently with their free direct TV streaming. At least T-Mobile was agnostic regarding who they allow stream for free.
  13. I love me some Cars but I am an old geezer. Who is Drake????