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  1. G8orH8or

    Men vs. Charleston

    Got to and won a game in the Big Dance with 8 players! Won ugly, but won! WDE
  2. G8orH8or

    Men vs. Charleston

    They've been good looks at the basket, for the most part. Shots not dropping
  3. G8orH8or

    Men vs Alabama

    Broccoli tops. Only topped by the chin strap beards
  4. G8orH8or

    Men vs Alabama

    Why no Sonny Smith on broadcast?
  5. G8orH8or

    Men vs Alabama

    has to be better than Watch BSPN app. It seems to buffer non-stop
  6. G8orH8or

    Men vs. South Carolina

    Did I just hear that Sonny won't be doing the broadcast going forward? He's a treasure
  7. G8orH8or

    Men vs. South Carolina

    Holy crap! That's brutal
  8. G8orH8or

    Men vs. Kentucky

  9. G8orH8or

    Men vs. Kentucky

    I picked a bad day to stop sniffing glue!
  10. Atlanta FED has a dismal track record. Take it with a grain of salt
  11. G8orH8or


    #2 could be considered obstruction, #1 not so much.
  12. G8orH8or

    Book Excerpt on Current White House

    A journalist doing "whatever necessary" for a story? Yeah, I expect that of any investigative reporter. I blame the Admin for granting him access, not Wolff.
  13. G8orH8or

    Book Excerpt on Current White House

    The same Huckabee who stands in front of the press and lies daily? Hmm... Okay
  14. G8orH8or

    rick and bubba show

    R & B are not know for their mental acuity or capacity. You are absolutely correct, a dog can freeze to death in this weather. It is especially true if they are not accustomed to being in cold weather for hours on end. They've done a huge disservice to dogs and their owners.
  15. Where can I get Stan and Rod? TuneIn playing the Game game... Ugh