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  1. South Carolina Post Game Thread

    Cole is spot on here. The Bruce Pearl talent infusion into this program is undeniable, but we haven't gotten a top 10 caliber program-changing player that the Kentucky's and Kansas's and now apparently Alabama's have been getting. Wiley is the best we have gotten and you will continue to see him bolster this team. But the rest of our guys need seasoning.
  2. South Carolina Post Game Thread

    This is an odd post. Shows a lot of good knowledge of how a basketball program is built but somehow reaches a conclusion that isn't at all implied in the post?
  3. Georgia - Preview

    Heron has already been assigned to guard the 2 on multiple occasions this year. And the rebounding responsibilities of the 2 and 3 on a Bruce Pearl team are literally exactly the same.
  4. Georgia - Preview

    The 2 and 3 in BP's offense are virtually indistinguishable. The 4 and 5 being interchangeable is kind of a yes and a no. There are a lot of sets he has that the 4's and 5's both know but it would severely limit his playbook, if that makes sense.
  5. SW earned my full confidence and respect tonight.

    Agreed with all of your post, except for this. I'm assuming you are referring to the pass SW threw off his back foot to Truitt. That was an incredible play by Sean. Our OL got pummeled and SW saw the defender had his back turned immediately and lobbed it up to an open Truitt. Great play. Gus even alluded to it after the game as a play most quarterbacks can't make.