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  1. Good luck to Malik wherever he goes.
  2. He signed with an agent. He is not coming back.
  3. So he’s gone. That’s disappointing.
  4. If he wanted to join the hype Auburn would be the best place for him.
  5. Doesn’t make sense at all. Something shady going on at Memphis.
  6. I've learned over the years that you only need one dominating pitcher and you can win a NC in softball.
  7. Does anyone know how his motor compares to David Pollacks?
  8. Remember we shot extremely poor overall from 3 for the UVA game. We shoot our average we easily win that game. Still SHOULD HAVE won the game, but I digress.
  9. Same I’m just as pissed as last night and I also slept like crap. I don’t think I fell asleep until 2am.
  10. I really can’t believe refs screwed us from probably playing TEXAS TECH for a national championship in basketball. I’m trying to get over it but I just can’t. This hurts so much.
  11. Totally agree this is exactly how I feel.
  12. I’m okay right now but I will be a nervous disaster come game time.
  13. Refs screwed them. LOL. I just can't.....