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  1. Has Sharife changed his mind yet to play with Kessler and Jabari and bring home a national championship?
  2. We're getting dangerously close to not returning any starting players, when this year we didn't return any starting players.
  3. bammer gonna lose, hate to see it.
  4. Reese should be ejected for that nasty stache he has.
  5. I hate bammer. Bunch of lucky ass turds
  6. Would this be the equivalent of like 10 football players deciding to transfer the same week? Seems strange.
  7. I hope the whole turd team gets COVID.
  8. Perfect cherry on top of a crappy bball year, meanwhile the turds are somehow the #1 seed in the SEC tourney.
  9. This last 2 minutes is going to take 15.
  10. My gosh every time we extend the lead UT hits some junk 3
  11. Can’t watch the game. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing anything.
  12. So sad to hear of his passing. I enjoyed his posts on here - he was a brave man. I don't know what else to say....😔
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