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  1. I predict two or three games to be played then the rest of the season is cancelled.
  2. God forbid anyone just tell these players, "No". If they are so truly taken advantage of then just leave the team and find some other way to pay for college.
  3. He used to be Playing on the weekends all the time. What’s up with the guy is he still playing?
  4. Almost a guarantee at this point isn't it?
  5. I somehow missed this thread as well. Praying for your Mom and your family!
  6. We're the only school that self imposed anything, so hopefully that counts for something. The other schools basically gave the NCAA the middle finger.
  7. They should fight tooth and nail. All the other programs have had nothing happen to them. Louisville's taken the brunt of all this.
  8. So I guess he Sanogo to AU?
  9. Praying the treatment went well today!
  10. Praying for you and your family!
  11. Anyone know this guy? Apparently he picked Thor to AU as well.
  12. Missed this entire thread somehow, so glad your Mom is doing better! @ellitor
  13. 120% committed? So I guess his recruitment is over.