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  1. Maybe he will stick around with the NIL. I'll email Milo's.
  2. That Newelll guy is simply doing it for attention. If everyone ignored him it would be better. He's getting just what he wants.
  3. Kessler with the standing there and doing nothing foul.
  4. Man that 3 Flan missed would have been HUGE
  5. Whole team is trying block shots leaves no one to rebound.
  6. There are so many sports journalists that are butt hurt about Auburn and always will be.
  7. That’s a no call. Body flew into Kessler.
  8. I legit want to know the last time a team had no fouls in an entire half.
  9. I’ve watched a thousand basketball games in my life and I’ve never see a team with no fouls this late into a half.
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