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  1. AU Set To Hire It's New AD

    Never heard of him before but I’m optimistic.
  2. Men vs. uat

    Streak stopped by bammer. Of course.
  3. Offense in 2018

    Quite a pessimistic view of things but I agree on a couple of points. I just hope he continues to progress as a coach and sees that adjustments need to be made. Especially in regards to developing more of a passing game when our screens get shut down. It's like we have no back up plan.
  4. Bama vs Georgia

    Wisconsin is the problem here, if they won their conference championship game bammer wouldn't have got a shot.
  5. 2018 National Title Odds

    Well good for bammer.
  6. Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    He seems tone deaf to me.
  7. Bama vs Georgia

    Listening to bammers at work is hilarious. They are actually complaining about the refs saying they didn't want them to win the game. lol
  8. UCF had eyes on winning. AU had eyes on NFL

    I'm not necessarily angry about it, just envious of teams that have better players that decide to stay.
  9. Holland going pro

    I agree on Stidham, if he leaves something is up.
  10. Official Postgame thread

    OU is a machine. Can we hire their OC?
  11. Official Postgame thread

    It makes me feel so much better to watch the first 5 minutes of the Rose bowl and see multiple plays we couldn't make against UCF.
  12. Official Postgame thread

    That's how I feel about our team and coaches.
  13. Official Postgame thread

    I'm really just not surprised. Thought this would happen. Was the perfect storm against Auburn
  14. Wow what a play. Embarrassing for is
  15. Why did we pooch kick? That doesn't make sense.