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  1. 120% committed? So I guess his recruitment is over.
  2. Are you all trying to tell me that I'm not going to see Isaac Okoro play basketball in an Auburn uniform anymore?
  3. I can't believe Calipari got COY. *eyeroll*
  4. There are multiple way to get teams out of a zone. The most obvious is making 3's, but when you're not doing that it's good passing. Putting someone on the free throw line and getting them the ball, then cutting to the basket for back door plays etc. Like I said there is a # of ways to do it, and we did it a couple of games ago against another team that tried the zone. Not sure why we didn't go back to it. If I were Bruce I would practice against some zone because that seems to be the blue print to beat us, just make us shoot 3's.
  5. That's what we get for laughing at the bammers on senior night.
  6. Anyone know Purifoy's 3 point %?
  7. Yup, not playing well at all. Not sure how we're going to win any of the remaining 3 games.
  8. We don't run any plays, we just dribble around.
  9. Williams went STRAIGHT UP!!! What else is he supposed to do??????
  10. I'm not so sure he does, he's just very uncoordinated and it just looks like it.
  11. I wonder what it is in SEC play.
  12. I'm sure we'll miss the front end of the 1 and 1