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  1. Doesn't this happen like every year? Our QB doesn't do well because they get the crap kicked out of them every game. Then we learn they were injured most of the season.
  2. After watching the press conference, I like his answers. I'm ready to get behind him and see where this goes.
  3. Probably prepping for his AL.com hit piece.
  4. He is really speaking about the players are the 1st priority in the program. I like it.
  5. I've heard stories about Lane and his time in Tuscaloosa. Yikes, would probably put Hugh Freeze to shame.
  6. Agree, I guess we're in just a wait and see scenario here. Let's see what he can do in the portal as well.
  7. I mean what's wrong with having Caddy as the interim HC for a year and see what happens in the coaching landscape next year?
  8. I mean, what else are they going to say.
  9. I'm going to support the team, I just can't believe this is the best we could do. Shameful.
  10. After all of this and millions of $$ wasted we're going to end up in the same position we were with Gus. Should have just kept him.
  11. Do not want Freeze. Gross
  12. We are tied with a team that has shot 1-22 from 3 point.
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