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  1. Yes, I don't get any buffering. My connection is Charter cable 200 down/8 up or something like that. I think the Hulu broadcast is at least 30 seconds delayed from when I had cable.
  2. I think our team is going to be great, we just have a brutal schedule.
  3. There is definitely a delay. Not that big of a deal to me though, I can work with it.
  4. Cut the cord months ago and use Hulu Live TV. Love it, wish I had done it sooner.
  5. Commitments really shouldn't be called commitments anymore. More like "temporary decision".
  6. Very proud of Chuma! I never thought he would be drafted that high, no wonder he decided to stay in the draft. He must have received some inside knowledge on the situation.
  7. I don’t even understand what I just saw. That is so Auburn.
  8. I’m surprised that State ever lost seeing as every player hits above .350 with more than 7 home runs.
  9. Only a matter of time before we give up the lead with this pitching
  10. He signed with an agent. He is not coming back.