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  1. Okoro drives and makes a 3 point play to give us the lead and I don’t believe he ever touched the b-ball again. Both JVon and Samir drive and turned it over the final two possessions. Unbelievable.
  2. If we can’t beat ole miss with two 5 minute periods and without their best player we should just stop playing b-ball.
  3. Free throws going to cost us the game. I count at least three times 1-2 in OT.
  4. I’m about to turn this trash off. Embarrassing
  5. Truly the worst basketball performance I’ve EVER seen on my life.
  6. If ole miss is so good and dominate on defense why are they 10-9?
  7. None of our big men have any post moves.
  8. I hope he doesn’t get all pouty. He and Samir are famous for that.
  9. Amazing how incapable this team is of starting good.
  10. Tried hard to give away an 18 point second half lead.
  11. That may have been the dumbest shot I’ve ever seen.
  12. I'm going to ask this question because I'm truly not football smart. How will we know after the first few games are played? How would a CCM offense look vs what we have now?
  13. Going to be a long SEC schedule with this team. We just have no shooters.
  14. Last night was a microcosm of everything we've seen at times this year - all in one game. In our close wins one part of our game wasn't too bad and overcame the other bad parts. Last nights game was terrible all around. I really didn't see one bright spot aside from Wiley he plays hard - and the only thing he can really do is rebound and throw up put backs hoping they will go in - he has zero post moves in the paint. Guard play was abysmal, how many lazy passes were throw around the half court line where bama easily picked them off and got an easy two? Shooting was horrendous, free throw shooting terrible. Just an all around bad game where all phases stunk it up.