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  1. The inside scoring ability of Broome is so fantastic. Something we missed last year with Kessler. Broome doesn't have the inside blocking ability of Kessler but as for offensive performance he is so much better.
  2. He sure is rough around the edges.
  3. Picked up this bad boy on eBay this week.
  4. Who would have thought the bball team has more talent than the football team? Here we are...
  5. Shortstop probably could have just ran to 1st and still got him out.
  6. What a dumb challenge he was clearly out.
  7. Never a good sign when you have someone warming up in the bullpen and you haven’t recorded a single out yet.
  8. We seem to get down early every single game.
  9. Don’t the hitters know they’re not supposed to be able to hit when there is a shadow?
  10. Darn, had a chance to get another run there.
  11. Going to have to score actual runs to win a game. Hope the bats wake up soon.
  12. Getting dominated on the big stage to an unranked Ole Miss team. Gross
  13. Any idea what time we play on Friday?
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