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  1. Until he transfers or loses the job, I am pulling for DD.. he has just become a legend in my own mind and I want to see him play.
  2. Just wondering.. if we offered CW 1 mil to come and play QB.. what are we offering the guys we already have here? Did TJ get a deal? What about the others? Or we will give a big deal to the starting QB? or are they waiting until someone wins the job? I would like to think that these guys are going to bust their tails to get better and win the starting spot and get in on some of that NIL money. I honestly have no idea how this NIL thing works and who gets what etc.. but if I were in the QB room and my coaches were offering big money to CW.. it sends a clear message to me.
  3. It will be interesting to see how A.Davis evaluates the QB room.. the Russell Wilson connection will be interesting especially if he sees anything to back up the comparisons DD got in high school. I am finding it hard to believe this kid can’t see the field. Is it off field issues and not doing the things he need to to see the field? I remember hearing that was the problem with Canion? I just hope DD does the things he need to do and gets the shot to compete.
  4. I want to see DD too. Not writing him off until I see him in action.(if that happens). Should be an interesting spring.
  5. Bottom line these kids have to do what is best for them whether it be transfer, sit out, or play. They make millions of dollars for the university and never see a dime. Most people have no idea what it is like to be a student athlete. The money that is made off of them is ridiculous.. not to mention their coaches are making millions too.. it is a business and these kids need to do what is best for them and no one should judge that.
  6. I watch a-lot of different college games not just the SEC and also watch the NFL (Saints fan) .. just love the sport.
  7. I agree that TJ will play and very doubtful we see anyone else. However, I think DD stays and competes this spring for qb1 and if it doesn’t go well for him then I think he would transfer. JMO.
  8. We will survive with or without Tank and same with Bo. Both of these guys need to make the best decision for them. Tank has a business decision to make because he is heading to the NFL after next season and whatever decision he makes, I will always pull for him. I feel like this staff has it in control.
  9. I just hope Tank does what is best for him.. dude is going to the NFL after next season..
  10. you need to look no further at some other threads on this board at people taking pure speculation and making it fact. It is quite hilarious. Just examples of what parents see and hear about their kids and themselves.
  11. She didn't specifically outline the lies, doesn't mean they aren't there.
  12. We have no idea what she hears or sees from fans on social media. #mommaworm outlined many times the lies told about her son. Why would you doubt what a players mom has to say about her child? I agree with what she says 100% because I have seen and read out right lies on social media about many players (not just Auburn players). What she said doesn't have to be about her son transferring, it could be about other things..
  13. She didn't say anything about rumors. She said LIES and start more $hit.
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