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  1. Hope you get better soon Doc. Hang in there. Prayers for you.
  2. Prayers for you and your family.
  3. Glad to ruin your Monday lol. I use to believe the CMs were so beautiful when in bloom but I have since changed my mind to absolutely hating those trees. The black stains are always there and if the trees get close to your roof line.. they will destroy your roof. Happy Monday!
  4. Since everyone else is getting offended.. I am offended by crepe myrtle trees. I literally hate them. My neighbor has several along my fence line and they make a big mess and stain my deck. I would like to see all crepe myrtles cut down ASAP or at least my neighbors ..
  5. Yep I agree. This virus still has so many unknowns up to this point. They are still testing and studying the virus itself to see how it acts and well as genetic makeup of asymptomatic people. Going to be a while before they figure it all out. My son is a scientist with NIST in DC and he is specifically working on this virus and has been for months. It is not your normal virus..
  6. Mickey, there have been reports of people getting this virus twice. The CDC has reported that they are unsure of the nature of human immunity to the coronavirus. There is still A lot of speculation about immunity they still do not have all the facts to say that for sure. There has been evidence that asymptomatic people can spread the virus. Hopefully they will get definitive answers soon but we can’t just assume that once you get it.. you are immune.
  7. One of my favorites. Loved watching him run the ball.
  8. ALL of that plus a better coach.
  9. RIP Coach Dye. Prayers to the family
  10. Prayers for you and your family ‘72
  11. Exactly. So even if they go back to school which I highly doubt, the issue of being in game shape will be big.
  12. JMO but I feel like college football will be cancelled this year and I hope I am wrong. No spring practice and players are home with families without access to workout equipment or at least equipment like they have at school. I can’t imagine everyone would be in shape much less playing shape. What timeline would the players need to be back in order to get themselves game ready as far as conditioning etc.?
  13. Honestly does anyone really think he should pass up a deal like this? It would be great to have him at Auburn for a year but honestly he should take that money and go sharpen his skills for a year before heading to the NBA. He has to do what is best for him and his family.. that would be almost an impossible offer to turn down.
  14. Tiger King: 5 + hours of my life I can never get back.