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  1. I am going to go back a little further when we had Sanders, Bailey, Goodson and Gosha (?) those guys were good.
  2. Agree. This is why I think it is criminal that Joey hasn’t gotten the time when he was in to have meaningful snaps because while I believe Nix is a very good runner.. I have no idea about durability .. and if Joey has to come in.. he will come in handcuffed because of not allowing him experience in game situations.. that is on CGM
  3. And I think he is a very good runner. It needs to be showcased more often.
  4. It is winnable. Fully expect Aggies to stack the box forcing us to throw. Hopefully we have a plan for that instead of trying to run into a brick wall. I hope CGM gives Nix some easy throws to get warmed up instead of trying to throw bombs. Both Defenses are good.. points could be at a premium. Can’t wait to watch.
  5. Check out the USA TV live app on the google play store and I am sure it is available for Apple as well. You can watch the local channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox for free, (unless that has changed) and all you have to do is sign up with your email. If you have a firestick you can download the app on your firestick as well. We used this when we lived overseas and it worked great.
  6. The way CGM handles the backup QBs should be criminal.. it is mind blowing. Joey should have played 3rd and 4th qt with the playbook open to him. We all know what he can do with his legs.. that is not a surprise.
  7. Which is crazy to me... I want CGM to succeed so bad.. I am pulling for him to do well.. because that means Auburn does well... but damnit.. he continues down the same path and has not shown that he is willing to change in order to be successful. I will be the first one to step up and eat a healthy plate of crow if we pull out 9 plus wins this year. I can’t see it. We can all agree or disagree on the direction of the program but calling out the same ole deficiencies doesn’t make me not a true fan.. I see it as the exact opposite..
  8. Auburn Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia California Kentucky South Carolina LSU Wisconsin 49
  9. I think the point is, Nix is now getting reps with the 1s and Joey is not. I was hoping he would get meaningful playing time in a game situation to see how he would react and get that experience that he is not getting in practice being qb2. ** and I should add I mean throwing not running.. he has no problem running.
  10. Yep Rip from Yellowstone.. riding for the brand. CGM is a very frustrating coach but you are correct in pointing out how the players and recruits love him. I tend to be really harsh on him and I think it is justified in my opinion but I could be better at giving him props when they are due. I will say this.. his players don’t quit. They are not always the most prepared but they don’t quit on him..
  11. A lot of frustration with Auburn is strictly aimed at Gus. Lack of OL recruiting and depth. Lack of Qb development especially backup. Play calling and not utilizing talent to potential. It’s the same thing every year and it gets tiresome. But we are where we are and we are heading into a rough schedule. We are going to depend on the defense to keep us in games and give us a chance.
  12. Agree x 1000.. it is not fair to judge him when all he does is come in and run we all know he can run and so does the defense. Why in the hell, CGM did not let him come in in the 3rd qt and run the entire offense and be allowed to make the throws Nix does.. I will never know.. but I guarantee you we will need JG this year.. A LOT.