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  1. end the hot seat talk

    I give CGM all the credit for the win on Saturday. It was epic and much needed. I also still lay all the blame on him for the LSU and Clemson losses. I am concerned that the type of LSU loss will be an every year thing... hope I am wrong.. He certainly had our guys ready to play on Saturday and they love playing for him. The entire team could have quit after the LSU game but they didn't.. Just need to keep the mo going...
  2. FINAL: Auburn 40 Georgia 17

    What a win.. War Eagle and keep it going..
  3. Tickets?

    I was one of the posters that said I would not be traveling to the games anymore (from South Carolina) wasting time and money. Have been a season ticket holder for many many years and will continue to be. Even before the meltdown at LSU, the games I knew I wouldn't be attending, I gave tickets to many of my friends from the Auburn club here in town as well as my own family members who still wanted to make the drive to Auburn. I didn't offer you my tickets nor would I because I already give them to family and friends.
  4. Weekly Presser - Arkansas

    So he turns it over to Lindsey and the offense comes out playing lights out Saturday and destroys Arkansas. Gus can not help himself and stay out of it. When the pressure is on to beat UGA or Bama.. Gus will rear his ugly head and run up the middle 25 straight times instead of 17. He is not going to change. Time to find a new HC.
  5. come on guys

    I love Auburn. I will always love my University and support the student athletes. I will not however make a trip to Auburn and spend time and money to watch that garbage. I will support the players from the comfort of my home and hope they can somehow overcome the asinine play calling by their head coach.
  6. Our AD needs to pull a Joe Alleva

    So someone maybe Jacobs had the conversation with Gus after the Clemson game that he (Gus) needs to stay out of the offense and let Lindsey run the offense? The sad part is that someone has to tell him that. Gus can't go back and look at his on the field product and see that HE has to make adjustments to his offensive approach to the game. . The game evolves but Gus does not. It is a real $hit show over there at the athletic department. They need to clean house.
  7. Coach O says after game he out-schemed Gus

    play action pass on first down at any time during the second half would have faked everyone out including me. I was begging for it but I knew we wouldn't do it. Sad
  8. I saw that as well and didn't think much of it.. Simply because JJ is incompetent as AD and he is a jerk! Probably trying to meddle in football program.. Gus needs someone to meddle but that someone is not JJ.. Fire them both.. tonight... get it over with. #hireheath
  9. 17 consecutive first down runs

    Both losses are squarely on Gus..
  10. 17 consecutive first down runs

    I was concerned about the defense and how we got outscored in the second half last week. But this game was it for me. I was kind of relieved he didn't go for it on 4th and 1/2 yard I do not believe we would have gotten it. ... Only two plays Gus would have considered to run.. KJ right back up the middle or a 40 yard bomb. Maybe KJ could have gotten it but he was stuffed on the prior play.
  11. I Love Auburn

    I LOVE Auburn. I am an Auburn graduate, my children are Auburn graduates, my wife is an Auburn graduate. No one.. can ever make me not LOVE Auburn. I always want what is best for my school. I am disappointed in Gus as a head coach. He has given us good times but too many bad times. With the talent he has on that football team.. it is inexcusable.. I feel sorry for the guys.
  12. 17 consecutive first down runs

    No I do not believe he wants to be fired. I believe he thinks he is smarter than everyone else and he is very stubborn. He was scared to let Stidham make plays.. therefore the runs up the middle and throwing deep balls... He doesn't trust his QB.. He doesn't trust his receivers.. he started sitting on a lead in the 2nd qt. ?? what kind of idiot does that? on the road none the less... your score and score again and keep play to win the only time you let up is in the victory formation at the end of the game...
  13. 17 consecutive first down runs

    1. Gus should never take his foot off the gas. Never sit on a lead. He is not good enough as a coach to do this. 2. We only needed to score one damn TD in the 2nd half to win.. 3. He has over stayed his welcome in Auburn. He must go.
  14. Does anyone get their ass chewed?

    No a$$ chewing needed.. Just need Leath to fire Jacobs and Gus.. Problem solved.
  15. Okay, some levity

    This loss sits squarely on Gus shoulders... no one else... not a player.. not an assistant coach... GUS only. He has to go.