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  1. AuMarine

    Ole Miss Post Game Thread

    ^^^^this.. so happy for the players but changes nothing for Gus.
  2. AuMarine

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Happy for the players. happy we will win.. War Eagle forever
  3. AuMarine

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Definition of insanity
  4. AuMarine

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Come on offense.. let’s do something.. anything..
  5. AuMarine


    Auburn ArkansasKentuckyLSU MissouriAlabama Michigan Oklahoma North Carolina State Oregon 48
  6. AuMarine

    Allen Greene comments

    Maybe this has been answered somewhere... but if Gus was fired at the end of the season.. how much would we owe him?
  7. AuMarine

    Which Freshman you got?

    1. Swartz (needs to be on the field all the time.. can run the jet sweep, catch a pass, and get yards after the catch) 2. Seth Williams (big physical receiver) 3. Sherwood.
  8. AuMarine

    The ultimate defender

    Qb1 needs to stand on the side in practice while qb2 gets some reps and timing down with the first team. Jmo
  9. AuMarine

    3rd Down Defense

    I thought the same thing watching the game.. many times those receivers were covered well with our dB right there. The Tennessee QB put the ball where only his guy could get it .. he did a great job of throwing it and the receivers did a better job of catching it. No pressure up front allowed him to set up and make clean throws.. could our dbs have been better? Yep.. but the entire defense could have been better.
  10. AuMarine

    The ultimate defender

    I have no insider knowledge at all but I would be willing to bet that our dL has to stand there while stidham takes all day to find the open pressure on him..hell, I would look like an all American heisman contender in practice too.. I would also bet that not one backup QBs takes snaps with the first team or is allowed to run the entire playbook in practice... he said so much yesterday after the loss.. he stayed with stidham because he gave us the best chance to win.. translation: none of our other QBs are prepared to run my offense. Yet that is totally on him..
  11. AuMarine

    The ultimate defender

    Agree.. I blame Gus...with stidham struggling.. they should open up competition in practice .. forget redshirts.. put someone on the field who can hit the open receivers... I know the OL and running game has to be addressed as well. But damn if I would allow my QB to play so poorly and not put heat on him in practice or during the game to get better..
  12. AuMarine

    The ultimate defender

    One of my biggest problem with Gus is not allowing the backups to come in and get meaningful snaps or even get meaningful snaps in practice. @StatTiger said this earlier.. the backups are not ready to go because they are not allowed to run the entire offense.. that is on Gus. I thought he should have benched stidham yesterday.. Willis should be able to run every aspect of this offense and the fact that he is not trusted to do so makes me furious.
  13. AuMarine

    It's not that serious

    And I fully expect a beat down by Ole Miss is coming.
  14. AuMarine

    Bama D-lineman swings at kidneys

    Hopefully the SEC will step in and suspend him.. utterly ridiculous he wasn’t ejected.