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  1. TJ was harassed and even sacked he was just able to make the plays.. can he do it against the SEC teams with this OL? Don’t know.. but he deserves the chance.. but you are 100% correct this OL was pathetic today.
  2. He was getting them lined up right and in position something that was missing in the first half.. having him and Papoe out in the 1st half was a disaster.. the defense was misaligned A LOT but the 2nd half Zakoby got them right. No excuse for the defensive performance we saw in the first half.. the OL was trash all game long.. and because of lack of recruiting we will have to live with them all season.. TJ was just able to make plays despite them. He is QB 1 ..he has stuff he needs to work on too but give him the time with the 1s and let’s see how it plays out.. Bobo does us no favors wi
  3. Suppose to be a great qb coach too.. his play calling is suspect at best..
  4. This is an f’in joke right? I am already not impressed with the play calling..
  5. Man I don’t know.. it is almost like the coaches drilled in his head to stay in the pocket and throw it and not give up and run.. of course that is just speculation.. Tj needs his time with the 1s in practice to get that deep ball right..cuz that was the only flaw I saw with him today. He is definitely not a runner but he does enough to keep the play alive and that’s all we can ask.. these coaches need to ride with him.
  6. Yep.. they played piss poor awful today but I did not see them getting better late in the game.. I saw TJ making plays in spite of them.. TJ was sacked once and harassed almost every pass play.. he just made plays.. he is qb 1 and it is not even close.. he earned it.
  7. Agreed. I give him a pass on the deep throws because he hasn’t been working with the 1s …he needs to get his timing down so I am going to be patient with that but he is the starter and he earned it.
  8. 100% Finely is QB 1.. I want to see him get his timing down with the first team and the deep ball because that is the only bad thing I saw from him today. He wasn’t perfect but he earned qb1 today.
  9. Hey I am with you. I blame it on the play calling.. both sides were bad.
  10. The call at the end was awful. I am confused about Harsins comments about the 5 options the only way you throw a fade is take a step and launch it up.. there are no other reads.. unless it was presnap and Nix made that decision based on one on one coverage but here in lies the problem.. the play calling. No way you even call that after the way the game has played put. You hand the ball to tank or hunter and if they stop you fine.. At least you put it in the hands of your best player and give the team a shot to score.. that play call had no shot regardless we don’t have the wrs or qb to pull i
  11. On one play the QB stood in the pocket for 7 or 8 seconds..and people are complaining about the dbs .. no one can cover that long. I also thought that we looked lost in regards to the tight end and not being able to locate him. but play calling was bad on both sides last night. I give props to the Penn State OC dude called a good game against us.
  12. 100%. I see improvement all across the offense with the exception of WR. I feel like the play calling didn’t put our guys in a good position. Deep ball has always been a problem so why you calling it and throwing it to a guy who hasn’t proved he can go get it from a QB who hasn’t proved he can throw it. I see improvement from Nix with his short and immediate game and check downs etc..the OL is absolutely 100% better and doing their job. just put these guys in a position to win with the play calling. Hopefully the coaches will learn from this too. The defense was disappointing and no way can we
  13. When the DL can not pressure the qb our secondary will look like this every single time. The qb could have made a sandwich and ate it back there. It is not reasonable to think we can cover guys all night long while the qb just stands there surveying the field. several times I saw the receivers come back to him and work themselves open. And we all saw the tight end exploiting our defense. We have a lot of work to do on both sides of the ball.
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