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  1. IMO, many people got a bitter taste in their mouth after the Harsin debacle at the end of the season and some posters on here were literally posting and pushing out right lies about CBH.. many people just got tired of it. This is also a down time and I think things will start to crank up again when August rolls around.
  2. WDE thanks @tgrogan21 for the updates.
  3. Not an insider at all.. Just been around this program a long time.. this has played out before with other coaches.. rinse and repeat. The coaches have changed but the common denominator has not.
  4. He didn't say anything about Harsin.. It was more aimed at Gus and Kodi.. just to paraphrase he said he reached out to Auburn several years ago about becoming a GA or something and was told to look for a position where he was. Also He did an interview with The War Rapport guys and said Gus nor Kodi would call him back about a 5 * WR recruit he wanted to push to Auburn. I will try to find the entire tweet and post for you.
  5. I agree and I highly doubt he will settle for anything less than what his buyout is especially if they have nothing..and I am sure he is trying to get money for his assistants as well..
  6. And after all of this he is a dead man walking. I just wonder what the President and BOT are thinking to let this go on. They found nothing in the investigation that would warrant firing him with cause… so what is the play now? Hope he doesn’t cooperate? No idea why they are prolonging this.. just fire him and pay him.
  7. Nothing is going to happen until someone agrees to write a check.
  8. Yes I get that. I was simply asking if this firing thing was still going down.
  9. Are they still going to fire Harsin in the next 24-36 hours for cause?
  10. Just a guess have no idea but it has been trickling out since before the season was over.. like a set up.. Harsin has a toxic work environment, Harsin alienates people, Harsin is mean, the panic about players leaving, and OMG Harsin had an affair.. and all the other wild allegations. I wish we wouldn’t do this.. it makes us look so stupid.. just write him a check and fire him.
  11. Until he transfers or loses the job, I am pulling for DD.. he has just become a legend in my own mind and I want to see him play.
  12. Just wondering.. if we offered CW 1 mil to come and play QB.. what are we offering the guys we already have here? Did TJ get a deal? What about the others? Or we will give a big deal to the starting QB? or are they waiting until someone wins the job? I would like to think that these guys are going to bust their tails to get better and win the starting spot and get in on some of that NIL money. I honestly have no idea how this NIL thing works and who gets what etc.. but if I were in the QB room and my coaches were offering big money to CW.. it sends a clear message to me.
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