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  1. Auburn Alabama Georgia Kentucky LSU Mississippi State Missouri Vanderbilt Ohio State Baylor 41
  2. I hope that after 7 years the PTB KNOW that CGM will not adjust nor conform his offense thus NEVER getting over the hump.. if they (PTB) do not realize this, we have a bigger problem than Gus.
  3. 1. Shug 2. Grew up Auburn fan. Entire family is all Auburn. 3. So many ... 1. December 2, 1972: punt bama punt; 2. 1982: Bo over the top 3. 1989 Iron Bowl. ‘LSU interception game; National Championship Game.. 2010 Cam bringing us back against bama..
  4. The contract given to CGM is a joke. No way he did anything to earn that money or buyout.. having said that, it is where we are. Your question depends on who we hire.. if you go get a big time coach probably will have to pay him at least what CGM is making now, you go get an up and coming coach at a lower conference program, we will pay him less.. same if you hire an OC or DC from another school. We still have to deal with all the assistance coaches and their contracts as well depending on who is retained and who is let go.
  5. If he doesn’t get a qb coach to help with fundamentals and a new OC that “potential” will never be realized. Of course that statement can be applied to the entire offense. Not fair to any of the players that the entire offense has been mismanaged since day 1. It is very frustrating to watch other teams start true freshmen on the OL, at QB, Wr etc.. and watch them progress throughout the year.. while we go backwards. Not one single issue on offense will be fixed until a new HC comes in.
  6. I have noticed in other games as well as this one... that when we go into the true hurry up where we line up and just snap the ball .. the offense is more efficient but when we slow it down and make checks and look to the sideline.., welp.. Georgia was in a zone d but they played some zone earlier as well.. they had 2 deep safeties early in the game and we still could not run the ball. They were daring us to run and we couldn’t open holes, or make blocks for that to happen.
  7. I also believe that we have problems with the BOT and PTB.. they make knee jerk reactions but won’t pull the plug on this debacle.
  8. Yep.. How long do we have to endure this crap show.. our defense keeping us in games only to have the offense crap the bed. Somebody just pay the man to leave.
  9. I have no problem with him making the best decision for him.. it is the way he did it.. he didn’t need to lie and string along our coaches.. but in the end it is what it is and I hope our guys do not get distracted with him... we need laser focus to have a chance.. agree about his playing time and being on the field..
  10. I wish we would use Shivers the way that LSU uses #22 in their backfield. He is so dynamic.. get him the ball in space and let him go.
  11. Georgia LSU Alabama Florida Texas A&M Kentucky Notre Dame Oklahoma Clemson 29
  12. Right there with you. No excuses.. don’t care if we win out.
  13. Agree about the playoffs.. what bothers me is that CGM can beat UGA and Bama but why does it take his job being on the line.. or feeling pressure to get those wins.. I want to play like that all year.. and for it not to take 6 to 8 weeks to get into a groove..