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  1. Thanks @StatTiger .. that ending though.. gonna miss him.
  2. Devastating news. Praying for all involved.
  3. Horrible news. Prayers for the family and Rod.
  4. I see your point. I just don't agree that it would work out well for us. I maybe totally wrong and if your scenario plays out and we do well with it, I will be the first to say I was wrong. JMO but I don't think it is a good idea. Whoever wins the job should be capable of running our entire offense. No need to bring the other guy on the field for a series here and there..
  5. So.. Bryant and Lawerence were rotating series? I didn’t realize Clemson was playing both of them. I thought Bryant was not performing well and maybe he was injured? And Lawrence stepped in and never gave up the starting spot? ‘To answer your question no.. Lawerence was clearly the better QB. It is a totally different situation for us.. in my opinion you pick a starter and go with him.. if Gatewood can’t get it done.. give Nix a chance .. but I am not a fan of rotating QBs.. replacing QBs who aren’t performing in a game is totally different than rotating them.
  6. NO!!! I do not want to see rotating QBs.. I want the best man to win the QB competition and handed the reins to this offense and let them go..
  7. Honestly this will be a tough year for us because our schedule is absolutely brutal. We will need the defense to step up big time and I think they will so the wildcard becomes the offense as usual. How will the OL do? Our running game? And who will be behind center. Defense can win a few for us but they can’t win every game..
  8. If Nix wins the starting nod, Gatewood should transfer. Would t blame him one bit.
  9. Same here and honestly Willis didn’t do anything today to take him out of the mix I just think Gatewood and Nix are a step above him but what do I know. I like DJ a lot.. also thought joiner did well. Our running game has to get back on track for us to be successful.
  10. If I had to pick today I would say Nix but dang Joey too.. glad I am not making that decision. I am really pulling for Joey.. I want him to step up and be a good leader and take control of the offense. But Nix man.. he looks good.. I am bipolar when it comes to these QBs.
  11. I still think it will come down to Gatewood and Nix.. but knowing Gus..
  12. He continued to push for Sandberg to be redshirted.. dude.. he was redshirted last year.. get it together.
  13. I agree and he shouldn’t change positions.. I think he can be a really good QB (for us I hope.) hope he can be a good leader and step up for us.