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  1. I do believe the question is.. after watching the product put on the field + the amount he is getting paid for said product, why do you still want him here?
  2. Come on down..and bring Mario with you
  3. Tim Cook from Apple. Don't forget about him.
  4. I have been one of the biggest critics of our OL through the years but this OL has shown improvement every week. They were not perfect yesterday, penalties and a few missed assignments but they were more than adequate yesterday and did well enough for us to win.
  5. Or wrap his mind around adjusting to the fact that Horn had Seth locked down.. so scheme to move Seth around and get him matched up on a linebacker or safety.. knowing damn well your QB is going to throw it to Seth
  6. I think we can all get on board with this.
  7. Yep I agree. I think the thing that was so shocking was seeing Seth and Bo arguing on the sideline and when you are struggling, people will replay it over and over. It is very uncharacteristic of a CGM led team that is why I was shocked by it. Frustration by all was very evident.
  8. This behavior is very uncharacteristic of a Gus led team. It really is. I think a couple of things played out here. 1. Nix was frustrated with his bad play and was trying to make things happen and instead made it worse. He was doubling down on Williams in stead of looking for other receivers. 2. Williams was frustrated with Horn (the db) I think Horn got into his head early and often. Horn was on point with his coverage. He smothered Seth all day. Then Williams was frustrated with Bo for continuing to throw him bad passes and ill advised passes. Neither player looked good yesterday. Frus
  9. I get that. I respect your opinion that you think Gus can still turn it around, do not agree with.. but respect it none the less. He very well may win a game or two he shouldn't.. he always pulls out a performance like that when his feet are to the fire.. The problem I have is that we should be competing every single year and looking the part and staying in line with our rivals but we are actually way behind them.
  10. 1st INT: He is scrambling, Williams (I am thinking it was Seth) was covered. Nix was trying to get Seth in a position he wanted. Seth turned upfield and at the same time, Nix was throwing to the different spot, the DB made a play. This ball should have never been thrown to Williams.. look to your right and you have a guy open. Horn was on his game yesterday. 2nd INT: DB made a great play and got his hands on Williams and the ball. Seth has slight (a sliver) separation and the ball was slightly behind Williams but still catchable. The thing is, the ball should have been out in front where
  11. We do not agree on things but I have nothing against you even though you are still riding the Gus bus. Some fans love Gus and that's fine, some want him gone and that's ok too. We each have our own opinions and that is ok. I love Auburn University and there is not one coach on the face of this earth that is bigger than the university in my eyes. It is ok to love Auburn and not be happy with the coach. I am not questioning your loyalty, I am simply questioning why would you stay loyal to a man that is not doing his job? Are you ok with being average? How can you justify after 8 years, paying h
  12. If Seth was at bama he would look just like Waddle and Smith and all other receivers on that team who have the benefit of great coaching. It’s all about matchups and schemes for those guys at bama something we do not do at Auburn.
  13. I think we are all just done. Trying to make sense of it gives me a headache. Watching other coaches with lesser talent looking more competent than we do makes me sick.
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