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  1. Prayer lifted up for you and your family
  2. So sorry to hear this. RIP Nathan. He was such a good guy.
  3. Good for those guys. Wish them nothing but the best.
  4. I tested positive last week. Wife is negative. Symptoms have been like a head cold.. no fever.. no coughing. A lot of congestion and head aches, weakness.. oxygen levels are fine. Will be tested again later this week.
  5. Done.. thanks for all you guys do with this site.
  6. Be excited for something new at Auburn. This guy is young and a proven winner. He left Boise to win championships.. sounds like an alpha to me.. now it remains to be seen if he will be allowed to hire who he wants.. that is the only stumbling block I see.. this was a great hire after all the mess we have been through.
  7. Absolutely and it will let us all know the PTB are still running the show. If we are all honest, Steele has to go after the undermining came out.. who would trust him? And the players know it too.. just really a clown show with that situation and he has to go...
  8. Yes I agree and hopefully he can clean house and keep who HE wants to keep if anyone... honestly he should escort Steele out though. If he is allowed to bring in who he wants then we will know Allen Green won out over the boosters which is a win for our program.
  9. Considering the way this search has gone.. and all those guys looking like clowns.. a surprising hire... welcome Coach and hopefully he will be able to build his own staff amd show Steele the door.
  10. Steele should have stayed in his lane. He should have hashed it out with Gus and maybe he did, but when your boss doesn’t do what you want him to do or doesn’t listen to your ideas and thoughts do you run to the CEO and tattle? Classless move by Steele and Gardner (if it true). After hearing all this stuff the past few days, I honestly believe they fired Gus in order to insert Steele. That was the plan all along because they can control him and he would owe them big time.. it is all JABA.. we have seen this crap before from the PTB.. the only thing that is new is now social media lets the word
  11. I have so much respect for Napier and Clark (if it is true that Clark said no) to not take this job and be handcuffed by the boosters.. good for them.. not sure they can get anyone to take the job.. and that sets up nicely for Steele..
  12. This clown show is not going to end anytime soon until the fat a$$ boosters give up the idea of keeping certain people on the staff and NOT allowing a coach to have control over his program. It is utterly ridiculous that we are even having to say this.
  13. 100% and that goes with anyone who would take the job and ‘would”being the key word. The selfish so called PTB have to get out of the way OR it’s back to the same ole same ole no matter who they convince to take this job.
  14. This is absolutely nothing new with the boosters.. been doing this stuff for as long as I can remember.. Bobby Lowder set the tone and ran the show... happens every single time we “search” for a new coach.
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