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  1. 3D Printing

    Is there a certain program you use to 3-D print .. or does the printer come with a program to use? Basically how do you find those things to print?
  2. Football Only Facility

    And I will keep the TV for many years.
  3. Football Only Facility

    I agree with this and I think we are seeing this more and more in sports in general. It is at a point now, that sports (in general) are pricing themselves out of the market for regular folks like me. The cost to take a family of 4 to an NFL game is outrageous and not affordable for most people. The cost to take a family of 4 to a college football game (I am talking about the low level games ) is also bordering on being not affordable Not to mention if you wanted to take a family of four to lets' say the Auburn vs bama game.. that is not affordable ..So many people are becoming like me.. Sit at home and watch it on my nice big crystal clear TV screen rather than spend the time, effort and money.
  4. Prayers please

    Prayers for your family.
  5. CGM always rides the hot RB into ground. I would imagine the only time we get to see a back rotation will be during A-Day and possible at the beginning of the year in September when we are still trying to figure things out.
  6. Ten Things You Must Do...

    As far as I am concerned, I never worry about what bama is doing or what they are not doing.. I honestly do not care. WHEN Auburn puts a good product on the field, bama is not a concern for us. We all know the stat .. saban hasn't beaten a 9 win Auburn team. We just need a coach that can consistently put a good product on the field. I am hoping Gus has turned a corner..
  7. irritation about our fan base

    I certainly do not care, I was simply replying to a statement about all fanbases bitching when they lose.
  8. irritation about our fan base

    And after the first round of the playoffs.. Clemson fans are calling for QB Bryants head. Alabama fans were calling for Hurts to be benched after the Auburn game...
  9. Carlton Davis Declares

    Good for Carlton. Always liked him as a player. I think he will do well at the next level.
  10. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    I understand what you are saying.. but with the Oline play.. exactly what adjustments would have worked?.. you have to block your guy.. something we failed to do all day long.. I do believe the only adjustment that would have worked would have been to bench the entire Oline.. maybe that should have happened.
  11. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    The Oline was not motivated to play at all.. I saw Braden Smith get trucked many times along with the every other guy on the line.. I can't for the life of me understand how those seniors were not motivated to play this game. They were horrible the entire game... Execution and want to obviously stayed in Auburn..
  12. Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    Good for him. Great player and a great man. Happy for him.
  13. Official Postgame thread

    Where is Rick Trickett? Did he stay at FSU or go to Texas AM.. ?
  14. Official Postgame thread

    I hope we actually do something in the off season and this summer instead of taking 3 or 4 games to figure it out.
  15. Official Postgame thread

    consistent is not in Auburn's vocabulary..