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  1. Honestly this will be a tough year for us because our schedule is absolutely brutal. We will need the defense to step up big time and I think they will so the wildcard becomes the offense as usual. How will the OL do? Our running game? And who will be behind center. Defense can win a few for us but they can’t win every game..
  2. If Nix wins the starting nod, Gatewood should transfer. Would t blame him one bit.
  3. Same here and honestly Willis didn’t do anything today to take him out of the mix I just think Gatewood and Nix are a step above him but what do I know. I like DJ a lot.. also thought joiner did well. Our running game has to get back on track for us to be successful.
  4. If I had to pick today I would say Nix but dang Joey too.. glad I am not making that decision. I am really pulling for Joey.. I want him to step up and be a good leader and take control of the offense. But Nix man.. he looks good.. I am bipolar when it comes to these QBs.
  5. I still think it will come down to Gatewood and Nix.. but knowing Gus..
  6. He continued to push for Sandberg to be redshirted.. dude.. he was redshirted last year.. get it together.
  7. I agree and he shouldn’t change positions.. I think he can be a really good QB (for us I hope.) hope he can be a good leader and step up for us.
  8. Totally agree.. and that will be what you will see every Saturday in the SEC. wish Nix amd Gatewood could face the 1 d and we would see more about them too.. cord is obviously not in the mix.. when he is in.. we work on running game..
  9. Malik took back to back sacks... And hasn’t been as dynamic to me. when it comes to pocket presence,’s Gatewood and Nix.
  10. Yep.. The race for QB1 is down to two.. Gatewood and Nix.
  11. Cord Sandburg not getting a chance to throw
  12. Surprised at how polished and smooth Nix looks.. love DJ Williams and Kmart. ‘Nix looks like #1 QBs to me.