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  1. Praying for you and your family. @ellitor
  2. Prayers for Bro.Hamm and his family. Such a tragedy.
  3. You are correct, but one can hope.
  4. If Morris can transform our offense and utilize the skill players...
  5. Yep. I believe we have the talent to be competitive (with the exception of OL) but it is hard to use all that talent when they are standing on the sideline.. point being.. it is not that we don’t have the talent to compete, we don’t have the coaching to compete. Unless this offense gets a big overhaul and we hire a top OL coach, I will expect the same results.
  6. Great analogy.. I was thinking that our program under CGM is the car going 60 in the fast lane refusing to move over.. forcing everyone to pass us in the right lane.. and they are blowing our doors off...
  7. Love this guy. We will miss him next year but best of luck to him.
  8. Our offense is tired and worn out. The schemes are out of date and never change. The player utilization is atrocious at best. I have no idea why we didn’t or couldn’t recruit OL especially tackles. I know it has been said that when we didn’t get who we wanted, we didn’t have a backup plan for the OL. That logic is insanity and the reason we are in the position we are up front. It also is a mystery on who is watching game film and what they are seeing. I do not know one thing we do well consistently on offense but I do know that CGM has been unwilling to change. I am hopeful for Morris because of what he has done in the past as an OC with schemes and player development but in the same breathe I am doubtful he will be allowed to change anything on the offense. If we want to compete for championships then the offense needs an overhaul but not sure the guy in charge is willing to do that therefore I suspect the same on thing until he is finally gone. CGMs stubbornness is what makes me sick.
  9. I don’t know what is worse than pathetic but we are on that level with our offensive line. Something must change. I agree 100% about watching how bad they are and not giving someone else a chance..
  10. I have faith in what he did in transforming Clemsons offense and what he did with those players.. he had total control as an offensive co.. but you are correct he failed miserably as a HC
  11. It is mind blowing and that’s why CGM must give up his old tired offense and let Morris bring in new concepts. If this doesn’t happen, just pay the man to leave.
  12. Right... you would think after the way the offense has played these last few years and having a guy like Morris fall into your lap...CGM would be happy to turn it over and revamp his style.. but please don’t hold your breathe... thus is life with CGM as HC.
  13. Offense doesn’t surprise me or disappointment me anymore.. they are trash plain and simple. The play calling has not changed one bit and it is still trash. The defense being pushed around, allowing them to run it, not tackling, and not being able to get a stop was very surprising and disappointing to me.
  14. Defense couldn’t get off the field and the way Minnesota ran all over us was the key for them.. they pushed us around all day on both sides of the line. The offense was going to be bad no matter what.. use to that by now.. Hopefully CGM let’s Morris revamp this tired bad offense but I won’t hold my breathe.
  15. That is what was so shocking... I expect the stupid crap calls and plays on offense but the defense... that was BAD