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  1. Southeastern Conference Full Standings CONF CONF % OVERALL OVER % STRK Florida 18-2 .900 44-3 .936 W5 Texas A&M 14-3 .824 40-5 .889 W3 Tennessee 13-4 .765 41-6 .872 L1 Auburn 12-6 .667 39-8 .830 L1 Alabama 10-7 .588 37-11 .771 L2 LSU 9-9 .500 34-14 .708 W1 Kentucky 9-9 .500 30-13 .698 W4 Mississippi State 8-10 .444 34-15 .694 W1 Ole Miss 6-12 .333 31-16 .660 L3 Missouri 5-12 .294 27-21 .563 L3 Arkansas 6-15 .286 28-18 .609 L1 South Carolina 4-13 .235 28-20 .583 W1 Georgia 3-15 .167 30-18 .625 L3 # teams at 40+ wins already, AU scratching the surface followed close by the turds. 10/13 with 30+ wins, 11/13 with .600+ overall win %
  2. One thing Coach Borges is good at is getting multiple good players, especially 2 RBs on the field at the same time and using that to his advantage.
  3. WOW, so strikingly just like what the BLM did in so many of their "protests", just add in vandalism and stealing to both. People in general have gone on the crazy train with the leftist or right wing BS. Neither of these groups want to have peaceful protests, they don't truly care about spreading a message, both sides are about spreading hate and vile and lies.
  4. I think most of "issues" with Cooper has been that no one was pitching to her. With no emergence of another hitter behind her most teams have opted to basically pitch around her and the frustration had been showing. Now that Fagan and Rivera have been step it up and with SEC ball starting teams haven't really been able to pitch around Cooper. Cooper has been back to hitting form the past 2 weeks. No need to worry about her. There is something up with this team. I've been so curious as to why Myers has been playing so many different players and constantly tweaking the lineup. Not sure why and I'm sure it's trying to see who is game ready but it's like he had too many good players and has been trying to find that right 9 player lineup with the chemistry that clicks. Just haven't found that consistent lineup that keeps the bats going night after night.
  5. That's the biggest thing, not losing 2 of 3 in these series is crucial.
  6. War Eagle! Good job ladies!
  7. OMG! That was a strike last inning! Come on blue! That's two batters in a row he's called a pitch a ball when he called it a strike last inning.
  8. Not a good outing by Martin pitching in the first 3 innings. AU has to get the bats going
  9. Anyone know why the Greenwood in LF change??
  10. Not taking any of them for granted, maybe MSU and USC3 should be sweeps, and maybe UM, but Mizzou and bama will be fights. AU has to STOP with the errors that are putting teams into position to score late in games, they've done it so many times, but fortunately have pulled them out, except one at UF I think. AU can't keep doing that or it will cost a game.
  11. I think AU is setting in a good spot, having already played arguably 3 of the 6 toughest teams in the conference (LSU, UF, and UGA) and remaining series with ranked but bottom of hte SEC teams Ole Miss (2-7 in conference, 25-11), Mizzou (3-5 in conference, 20-14), USCe (2-9 in conference, 22-14), MSU (2-7 in conference, 27-12), and then wrapping up conference with a tough away series against the turds (8-4 in conference, 33-6). AU should win at least 2 of 3 against Ole Miss, Mizzou, USCe, and MSU, and likely sweep at least one or two of them, if not 3. The bama series will obviously be tough, away and the last weekend before the SEC Tourney. Winning 2 of 3 of all 5 remaining series would put AU finishing 16-8 in conference for the season (assuming no game cancellations), which should land AU in at least the top 4 of the SEC, based on last years ending records. All of those teams are good, but outside of bama, I don't think any of the other 4 have the horses to take 2 or more in the series against AU.
  12. I fully expect to see a blended O b/t Gus and Lindsey's offense, b/c it will be similar but not the same. Hopefully, CCL is all he is hyped up to be. I just don't see Gus getting in the way of CCL. Surely he feels and has heard the pressure about winning, and letting the OC do their thing. With that hire, if he meddles too much and AU flops, Gus is gone, so it seems to me he has no choice but to trust CCL to get it done. I think execution is just as critical, 2013 AU ran most of the same stuff that Cam and company did in 2010, and no one could stop it, mainly b/c of an elite OL. This OL has the potential to be pretty dang good, maybe not as good as that 2010 or 2013 squad, but still really good. I feel confident that STidham will be the starter, and if the WRs step up to be playmakers, a lot of that is aided by confidence that they have a QB they trust and know will get the ball to them, then the O has the pieces to be REALLY tough to defend. The D is going to be stellar this year I think, with depth and talent across the DL, and experience at the LB spot, with a pretty good secondary, only with questions at depth at Safety really.
  13. Perfect summation of the bad umpiring this weekend.
  14. Just think about how much better teh AU offense will be with Cooper back in her hitting groove. I think a LOT of it is frustration over not getting any decent looks, then mix in some questionable strikes called, and she is/has been visibly frustrated at the plate. I think she knows what she can do and wants to do it some bad, but no one is really giving her the opportunity, which I understand if I'm the other team. IF AU can keep hitting like it did Saturday night and give other teams no reason to pitch around Cooper then AU will be better off offensively.
  15. Come on now Tigers!