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  1. Ou retuned like 8 or 9 starters from last year including that pitcher. Guess just shows how you don't know how a team will gel, even with returners.
  2. Still not faster than Bo!!
  3. I called MTSU Athletic office and they are cancelling this game b/c of the cold.
  4. I'm wondering if MTSU might end up cancelling the game tomorrow as the high is only 41 for tomorrow. Are you coming up for it OW??
  5. Anyone in the middle TN area going? I think I'm taking my daughter, if the her middle school coach gives her the ok to miss practice. Game time moved to first pitch at 4pm
  6. As this season goes on, and the newer faces continue to come through and get better, that is going to be a tough call for most teams, do we pitch to Cooper and take chances with the next one or two (Fagan is hitting well right now, like .500 over last 8 games I think they said), or take chances pitching to Cooper. I'm sure most are still going to pitch around her and take the chance since they know Cooper is THAT good of a hitter. She had an incredible OBP for the weekend of .625 (walking 5 out of 8 at bats).
  7. That's 3 she threw in tighton Cooper. 😒
  8. Everyone is Scared to pitch to Cooper.
  9. Just gotta score one to win the one. Come on Tigers!!
  10. So, do you make a pitching change for top of 7th if you're AU??
  11. She was safe. This guy is awful
  12. Don't owe crap. One missed call doesn't mean you make it up with an even worse call.
  13. What a horrible missed call?!? How in the world could they NOT see the tag?!? Unbelievable
  14. Two straight innings that AU drops a bunt with 2 outs and ends the inning thrown out at 1st. Not sure I'm following that logic. Gotta have some runs right here!!
  15. Well, crap!