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  1. WOW! That's a girl that knows how to hit. That's an insane hitting %
  2. What a hell of a game to start off the WCWS Championship! I still don't get why the umps never call Barnhill for an illegal pitch likey 40 times a game. About every 3rd or 4th pitch she hops, doesn't drag her drive foot, as per the rules of the game, but I don't think it has ever been called on her. I noticed it in our series with them months ago and every time i have seen her pitch.
  3. Damn rebel bears. Guess I owe you a cooler.
  4. Come on, get crackalackin, McCrackin!!
  5. SIT DOWN!! Great throw by Wallace!
  6. what is her RISP %?
  7. I'm sorry, I just haven't seen the benefit of Abbott pinch hitting for anyone this year. What, maybe one hit all year??
  8. You will provide a cooler of adult beverages at a tailgate this fall.
  9. I'd say much more of a losing a Cam Newton, Nick Fairley and company than anything going to their head. Seems comparative that Clemson lost Watson to the draft, so we'll see.....
  10. That was a heck of a game! There are going to be many Super Regional games like coming up i think. I'll be shocked if anyone wins in 2 games. Some really good teams in the Supers.
  11. Who is this kid?
  12. Wow! That's impressive.
  13. You must be talking about Russellville HS. My buddy told me about it. RHS class of '92
  14. WHat channel is this one on?
  15. I think pitching will be/could be better as AU could be back to having some quality depth with Carlson, Martin, Swindle, Bilodeau, Nemeth, hopefully 2 of those last 3 can work into a regular starter/relief, just for depth. If the 2018 can overcome having a lot of young players, the talent looks to definitely be there. There will be filling at least 3-4 starting spots, so lots of new faces on the field, but arguably one of most talented softball classes EVER coming in this summer.