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  1. tgr4lfe

    KK Crocker leaving softball team

    Wow, that is an interesting move this close to the season starting.
  2. tgr4lfe

    State of college football after Week Two

    Not to mention that Jimbo has seen Clemson a few dozen times in the past few years!!
  3. tgr4lfe

    Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    And I'm thankful we didn't! Way too cold
  4. tgr4lfe

    UAT OR UGA in January?

    DEFINITELY NEITHER OF THOSE TWO!! I hope Clemson and OU beat the pants off them worse than AU did!!
  5. tgr4lfe

    pick the final 4 scores

    Clemson 34 turds 20 OU 38 Pups 24 I hope both scores are a LOT worse and BOTH the turds and pups get thoroughly embarrassed!!!
  6. tgr4lfe


    That was my play of the game! Fitzpatrick is definitely gonna be NFL bound, there is no doubt he'll get a high score by the scouts and likely be 1st rounder. Helluva football player!
  7. tgr4lfe

    Plays you want to see...

    I'm so hoping to see Hastings abuse those turd LBs. Hastings with like 4 catches for 126 yards and 2 TDs would be pretty sweet.
  8. tgr4lfe

    Butch Jones resigns/fired

    Gruden was at the Preds game in Nashville on Saturday night. lol
  9. tgr4lfe

    2018 Softball Schedule

    I sure hope AU plays somewhere up here kind of close to Nashville, otherwise I'll be driving my daughter to AU for a weekend series.
  10. tgr4lfe

    Hey Golf ...

    I think @augolf1716 needs some pics of the AU Tiger Paws.
  11. tgr4lfe

    Hey Golf ...

    mmmmm, yea, it's the sweaters....
  12. tgr4lfe

    read-option offense

    Stidham has enough speed and agility to be a threat to run, but the biggest problem as @bigbird said it not actually running it. Stidham is being told to give it, instead of actually making a read. My guess is they are scared of injury and/or turnover.
  13. Absolutely a spot on awesome hire!!
  14. tgr4lfe

    lindsey on stidham, WR's, georgia southern

    No doubt! Seriously impressed watching that press conference. I don't think i've ever seen a college player look and talk like an NFL guy in a press conference like that.