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  1. Color Nevada Blue ...

    Looks like a judge already threw the suit out.
  2. Color Nevada Blue ...

    Sure hope you are right.
  3. Voting done

    Voted this morning in Virginia, and voted for Hillary and it was a vote for her, not just against Trump. Media was all over our polling place, especially international media. I was interviewed by a Russian media station (not RT) that asked me about my views on the US/Russia relations after this election and whether foreign policy was one of my issue areas.
  4. Please link to your assertions.
  5. Color Nevada Blue ...

    This is the reason I am skeptical of anyone's analysis other than Ralston's on Nevada. He's called them all correctly, including the Reid race.
  6. I'm convinced that nothing satisfies you.
  7. Agree that is was a lie, but I'm not sure it was intentional. I think a couple of things happened. They heard what they thought was "breaking news" and looking to be the first with the scoop they decided to run with it before verifying it with other sources. Baier is one of the few Fox News reporters who I don't think is nearly as agenda driven as others. Sure he is a conservative, but overall the reporting I have seen has been fair. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt on this one even though it did cause needless damage. He apologized and I'm ready to move on.
  8. @japantiger Clearly you don't understand federal law around budgets. Yes, we do have mandatory spending-- this is spending done automatically by statute and is outside of the appropriations process. In lay terms, basically this spending happens as soon as the money hits the bank and is not subject to the yearly budget and appropriations process. Mandatory spending includes: Social Security (largest portion by far), Medicare, Medicaid, Veterans retirement and benefits, unemployment, etc. Discretionary spending is everything else which is subject to annual appropriations. When you look at discretionary spending, it looks like this: When you compare them both: The focus for Congress has been that Non-Defense Discretionary bucket. I can tell you from experience working very closely with many of the programs in that bucket. We have sliced as much as practicable right now from that bucket. Meanwhile, the rest continues to grow or stay constant. Without a combination of tax increases and entitlement reform of some sort, the budget will continue to grow.
  9. Color Nevada Blue ...

    As he said in the piece, he was one of the few at the time that said the polls claiming Harry Reid would lose re-election were wrong. Like he said, Nevada is very hard for polls to get right.
  10. Color Nevada Blue ...

    I've followed Jon Ralston for years. He knows Nevada politics unlike anyone I've seen. He's very well connected in both parties in the state. His analysis is usually very accurate.
  11. Fox apologizes

    Agree with you completely. There's actually a few reporters on Fox I don't mind. Baier is one of them. I'm hoping if there is a Trump tv (looks like there will be since there was a casting call put out in NYC today) that there's a few that leave to go there and force FNC to come back from crazy land.
  12. Fox apologizes

    I posted this in another thread already. I'm sure you will get the same response I got... (chirp chirp)
  13. Fox News Apologizes for Falsely Reporting that Clinton Faces Indictment
  14. Which is why I think we shouldn't jump to instant conclusions or pass of innuendo as fact.
  15. Again, the article also has a nice little chart which shows the hacking attempts. My guess is we will learn more about what the facts are when the investigation concludes. It is troubling that she may have been hacked, and it begs the question what was taken, but again, my guess is we won't know anything for sure until an investigation concludes.