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  1. Agree. Huge loss for the profession and the nation. RIP.
  2. The kids on the offensive side aren’t developing. Otherwise agree with you, it’s just not fun anymore.
  3. You didn't get the memo. It's not socialism when they do it.
  4. Any of the above known names with proven records that have been mentioned I would consider to be splash.
  5. It’s not the worst idea we could come up with. It’s probably the best “non-splash” hire we could do.
  6. I generally agree with you, but have given up hope over the years of Auburn ever having that splash hire. Just not happening-- and if it does I'll be happy I'm wrong. Given that, Steele is much better than many of the other unknown coach hires out there. So I could get behind the idea of promoting him.
  7. He lost me the moment he lost a lot of the players. His last year, a lot of them just didn't even try. I was never on the Gus bus when he was hired, thinking he was way too close to the Chizik regime and I also was never convinced that 2010 wasn't a run mostly on Cam's shoulders that would never happen again with that staff. But back to Gus, the last 3 years have been very tough to write those checks for season tickets + donation. When you couple how far away I am, and consider flights + hotel, it is not a cheap venture and then to not be excited after all that. It's a real buzz kill. I'm ready to feel excited again about Auburn football.
  8. Who gets married during football season?
  9. I just don't think it's that complicated, and I'm ok with our definition of marriage being broader than just one man and one woman.
  10. I'm a live and let live person. As long as it isn't ethically challenged (dating your employee, etc.) or legally out of bounds (children, participating in non-consensual sex-- rape, etc.) then I'm generally ok with it as it doesn't effect my life or my marriage. I have watched the Sister Wives show on TLC ever since it came out, mostly with a fascination of a lifestyle I wouldn't be interested in living, but wanting to better understand why it might appeal to others.
  11. That's the point of the impeachment inquiry-- which is the investigation-- after they complete the investigation, they will either file articles (charges) or not. From there, a trial will be conducted in the Senate with SC Justice Roberts presiding.
  12. This shows your lack of knowledge about this process. The House's role is to do an investigation, and either submit articles of impeachment (charges) or not. If articles are filed, then a trial affording the President due process, and time to present a defense happens in the Senate. This would be akin to a person being able to cross examine witnesses in front of the grand jury. That is not a right in our system. As of now, no formal charges (i.e. articles of impeachment) have been filed against the President. An investigation is underway...
  13. Thanks for posting this article. It really does point out the problem around how the debate has formed around immigration. It's obvious to me that the people most outraged about immigration and assimilation, are the least travelled around the world (generally). It's crazy how hard it is for some people to even travel here for tourism, let alone all of the steps required to get here on a work visa, etc. Not to mention all the steps (and money) it takes to actually become a citizen. However, I feel like our politics has become so polarized that people can't have a discussion about these serious topics without jumping to the absolute extreme. This country is filled with people who don't fit into defined boxes, therefore, solutions will also need to be more center-focused and in the "grey" so to speak. Racial dog whistles do nothing but divide and do not encourage people to try to find common ground, particularly with those who come from diverse backgrounds and with very different experiences. Diversity enriches America and makes us unique, in the greatest of ways. We should continue to embrace those sentiments and work toward common ground with our fellow neighbors-- whether they are citizens or not.
  14. What do you mean separation? Very few MoCs are not readily accessible. Most are extremely accessible to the average person. Decentralizing DC will do nothing but create further inefficiencies in running our government. Like it or not, managing the federal government is a big job and solving the nation’s problems is not an easy 1-2 fix. This is not a state government. All THREE branches of government need to work, in order for the people’s business to get done.
  15. Unfortunately, your last statement isn’t based on fact. Georgetown released a study earlier this year finding that you are more likely to succeed being born rich than being born smart. From the CNBC article: LINK