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  1. This sums up my thoughts entirely. Adding that people of privilege get this kind of second chance... most do not get this kind of opportunity after what he has done.
  2. Has this actually happened to your children? (I'm going to go out on a limb and say no).
  3. Fixed it for you: 51-47-2 PS- very sad that OP has to say how many seats there are in each chamber.
  4. The silence on this thread is deafening.
  5. I'm so sorry! I know you have been going through this for years. No one should get a bill like that to get the care they need.
  6. If you have the means and ability, please consider supporting the site. @RunInReddoes a great job of keeping this one of the best places to us AU folk to gather on the interwebs and for free. If you love this forum as much as I do, consider donating!
  7. I haven't watched a whole lot of American press during the coverage of this war. I've been mostly sticking to BBC World News and France 24. They have really been providing a lot more information on the "behind the scenes" conversations between U.S./E.U./NATO nations. I've actually learned a lot more about our own position and next steps we will be taking before the U.S. media reports it.
  8. This is probably one of the most disgusting posts I have seen in a while. emt, you are better than that.
  9. Also pointing out that while he no longer has access to Twitter or Facebook, he does still have access to the nuclear codes. Let that sink in.
  10. Facebook has locked him for 24 hours. About time, but unfortunately probably too late...
  11. Sorry for being late to the game on this! Donation made!! Thanks for all you do.
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