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  1. I know, but I'm hanging on to shreds of hope otherwise.
  2. I can't believe that TT might actually be a U.S. Senator. How far the Senate has fallen! SMH.
  3. There is no data that backs up your claims. Resources on Voter Fraud Claims
  4. +1. It annoys me even more because this is the party that claims to be pro-life.
  5. We all know that the GOP really only wants to repeal ACA. Replace is just a lie. Trump continues to push the lie.
  6. A couple of things. The exemptions only apply while they are "on duty". But, I'm puzzled as to why she exempted judicial and legislative employees in DC government... I'll see if she has addressed that. I think she should not have carved out her people. However, her carve out for federal employees "while on duty" is appropriate, as she has no jurisdiction over their behavior or the authority to fine them while they are on duty or while they are in their workplaces. It's up to the federal government to have a policy for their employees.
  7. I know several in my orbit. They have taken a page from the tea party... my way or the highway politics. If it isn't the "perfect" or "litmus test" candidate, they simply will not go to the polls.
  8. I would also add that they are also the most unreliable when it comes to voter turnout, and not just the younger progressives. That segment of the party just simply doesn't show up most of the time. They may yell and scream and are active on social media, but they are not reliable at the polls for anyone.
  9. I am beyond excited about Biden, and yes, I'm being serious. The fact that he is not an excitable candidate is what makes me excited. I'm ready for my blood pressure to not instantly rise when I see our President on tv.
  10. Hahaha. Nope. 🙂 Andrew Yang has some good ideas.
  11. He has good ideas but no political experience. Not interested in doing that again.
  12. For me, it was her willingness to meet with Assad in Syria completely going outside of USG policy on Syria. Her comments about him too were deplorable. She lost me after that and I didn't care much about what she has had to say ever since.
  13. Gavin Newsom Julian Castro Kamala Harris Ro Khanna Pramilla Jayapal Just to name a few. Bernie has a movement, but is not an ideal candidate. Movement heads often can't translate that way. A younger politician would be a better vessel for the message.
  14. Yes and ones with more mass appeal than Bernie.
  15. If Trump wins again. I predict that the Dems DO NOT nominate a moderate in 2024. It will be a much more progressive candidate.