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  1. The article Elle cites is very, very well sourced. The include copies of the relevant documentation. So yes, I challenge anyone to prove that story is inaccurate.
  2. channonc

    Trump and Tax Schemes (Long)

    I looked it up and I was wrong about one piece. It doesn’t require the vote of the House. The Chairman of Ways and Means or the Finave Committee can request the tax returns if any individual or company. Those returns are only allowed to be shared with members of the Committee and committee staff. The returns can not be used in a public setting. A majority of the Committee has to vote whether to share with the other body (i.e. the House Ways and Means Committee can vote to share with the Senate Finace Committee and Vice versa)
  3. channonc

    Trump and Tax Schemes (Long)

    They can. It takes a simple majority of the House to force a vote to release any individual's tax returns.
  4. channonc

    Attendance ... AU vs. LSU

    I'll echo the comments already said. Saturday's game was brutally hot. We left after halftime and went to watch it in the cool. I walked over to the first aid station and saw several people passed out, hundreds of people on the concourse just sitting there watching it on the screens. Obviously the school can't control the weather, but there were too few bottle refill stations and too few cooling stations for how hot it was yesterday. I don't blame people for not showing up. To add to those comments on the price of tickets, I agree. I'm a season ticket holder and the cost for the season hasn't gone up that much, but the prices for these individual games are more in some cases than an NFL game. That's absurd. It takes away from the atmosphere when families and longtime fans can't afford to go into the big game.
  5. I can't think of a Press Secretary in the last four Administrations that would not have had a categorical denial in response to such accusation. She is often one of the first to make such bold statements even when we all know what she is saying isn't true. It's interesting that he decides to hedge on this one, I find it very telling. And sorry, I don't hang out with people who use that word AT. ALL. My extremely conservative parents wouldn't dare use that word, and taught me that some words are true poison and that is one of them.
  6. Wow, just wow...
  7. I was making the statement. That was my opinion.
  8. Agree, but I think it's a scare tactic. She's now released two tapes (that in my opinion are pretty meaningless), but I think it's all about scaring the Administration. I'm sure she has tapes of things they do not want aired in public.
  9. I completely agree, particularly about her getting a security clearance. I think she is a vile human being, but I was just arguing that I highly doubt she will get prosecuted because she didn't actually violate the law. This episode just proves what we have all suspected with this WH. Everyone is out for themselves, there is no real trust and people will stab each other in the back in an instant. It's really unlike any other Administration I have witnessed.
  10. Let me start by saying that I have always maintained that Omarosa is a horrible person. She is clearly one who is a user in the worst sense. I've always thought that Trump liked her because he saw many of her qualities to be the same ones he possesses. However, so far, I haven't seen anything to suggest she broke the law. It is protocol not to bring recording devices into the SitRoom. And had she released tapes with any classified material, then that would be in violation of the law. Discussions about her firing are not classified in any way. I am in no way defending what she did-- it's really terrible and a major breach of trust-- likely explaining why she was fired in the first place. Edited to add: this summary from Jonathan Swan sums up this whole thing nicely
  11. channonc

    NRA infiltrated by Russia, too?

    This is not the only NRA/Russia connection.
  12. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Sorry PT, it came off as a dig. I appreciate the clarification!
  13. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    I still am, and the dig suggesting that I just hand over talking points to Senators is absurd. I'm hoping I misunderstood the comment.
  14. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    I see the talking points have been distributed. ?
  15. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    What on earth does that have to do with anything? We know about the details now, now is the time to act. Your "but Obama" as every answer is getting old.