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  2. channonc

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    I'm sure I'm about to state a very unpopular opinion, but I'm not sure he's completely wrong in his assessment. I thought Jetgate was ridiculous and still think that there is a stain on Auburn because of it. I also was not supportive of getting rid of CTT in 2003, so TIFWIW. While I wish we didn't have such strong armed donors, where I think he gets it wrong is to assume that it's not like that at most schools-- at least most schools who expect (and also invest) in facilities, coaches, etc. to compete for championships don't have these types of donors who expect and in turn wield a lot of power and influence around the program. Unfortunately, the good and the bad come with success, and strong-armed donors/boosters can be a mix of both. While I think Auburn has had trouble luring a top coach to Auburn, I don't think it is for the things he cites, but rather our inferiority complex that seems to come out during times like these. Just scroll through a couple of threads and you will see what I mean. Many fans think that "no way would [INSERT BIG NAME HERE] ever come here because..." I also agree that Auburn is a mess right now, but again, I think that is a temporary situation. Look at Alabama during the Shula years. They were a mess. They ended up getting out of it and dominating. We have the same opportunity to turn it around provided that we are willing to do what it takes. I like and admire CTT, and will always be grateful for what he has done at Auburn. All that being said, I'm fine with him stating his opinion and think he was bound to be asked all things considered. While I rooted against the PTB in 2003 because I thought they were making a huge mistake, I'm rooting for them now. Clearly, a naive President signed a mediocre coach to a contract extension that shouldn't have even been considered.
  3. channonc

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

  4. channonc

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    SMDH 🤯
  5. channonc

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Alabama

    We can’t go 3 & out here.
  6. channonc

    Tammy The Finebaum Caller

    So sad. She was a passionate fan, no doubt about it. RIP Tammy and WDE!!!
  7. While the primary process is different, keep in mind who votes in primaries. It is usually very passionate (often more extreme in their positions) people. Given that, I think anything could happen. No one thought DT would win the nomination either. All I am saying is, never say never, and work to support more qualified candidates!
  8. One can only hope! In my office we have started a list of people who we think may consider running on the dem ticket, but absolutely should not. He was my first name.
  9. I wouldn't laugh. I'm convinced that he will run and actually has a chance of winning the Dem primary. This is absolutely not an endorsement on my part. I would rather this guy completely disappear from the political scene altogether, but I fear he will be the Dem Trump.
  10. channonc

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    Just providing a fact for the thread. Notice I stated no opinion on the matter.
  11. channonc

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    It seems that Fox News will be filing an amicus brief in support of CNN per Axios.
  12. Thanks so much for your response, very thoughtful. I agree with you on this. I also think that this issue is not just one related to the criminal justice system but also our healthcare system. I do not think that we have enough resources to address addition on the scale that we need to. But your premise is spot on, jails are not the places for these people. Secondly, I think we need to at least pilot some of the approaches that we have seen in Scandinavia and Canada regarding safe injection sites. We need to also admit that we cannot 100% eradicate drug addiction and need to have a safe place for those who cannot get off drugs. 100% agree! The lack of resources to public defenders offices is shocking. It is crippling our criminal justice system. Plea deals (even for those who are innocent) are normal. But PDs can only take on so many cases. The lack of resources does end up with a system where the rich can buy justice. This is not how our system was set up. Laws can and should be updated. Do you have any specific examples in mind?
  13. Not to hijack your thread, but I'd be curious to hear (read) your thoughts on what other work could be done. Oh and I agree with you on private prisons. It is a complete disincintive for the point of prisons. I truly believe we should work to reform and re-integrate the majority of prisoners back into our society. While I certainly believe that there are those who can't be rehabilitated or committed such a horrendous crime that they have lost the chance, I do believe those are the minority of the people locked up today. I think some of our policies surrounding felons keep people from the ability to get a good paying job, etc and make it easier (and sometimes the only choice left) to keep making mistakes and committing crimes. I'll hang up now and listen.
  14. Sorry that I am just now commenting on this thread. But like the OP said, convicting someone with a slit jury is horrendous. IMO, I think it completely violates the Constitution. The burden is on the state to prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden does NOT fall on the defendant to prove his/her innocence. Happy about the outcome of the vote. Between this and FL allowing felons to regain their right to vote, we are slowly chipping away at some of these policies that keep our prisons full.
  15. channonc

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    I thought it was interesting to see that Ted Olson has taken the case and will represent CNN in the matter.