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  1. Sorry for the long hiatus

    Yes. 😜
  2. Sorry for the long hiatus

    No offense taken. Probably, but not for the reasons you think. Work has significantly increased since the election on unexpected ways and I just haven’t had the time to post. I’m hoping that I can now find a bit more time that will allow me to be more active again.
  3. Sorry for the long hiatus

    I work in DC as one of those “L” words. (Not a lawyer).
  4. Hey all, Just wanted to drop in to apologize for my long hiatus in posting in this forum. After the election, it was a bit crazy in my world. But now that some of my clients are getting used to the truly unpredictableness of DC these days it is a bit better. I hope to get back to posting more in here and rejoining the (hopefully civil) debate. War Eagle!
  5. UGA tix

  6. Chuck Person

    Watching press conference. Sounds like they have a load of evidence. This press conference is not pretty, Auburn will be getting another protocol examination by NCAA.
  7. UGA tix

    We will not be able to attend the UGA game this year and are selling our tickets. I’m asking face value which is $120/ticket. Our tickets are in the North End Zone, Section 38, Row 31, Seats 1-2. PM if you are interested.
  8. Color Nevada Blue ...

    Looks like a judge already threw the suit out.
  9. Color Nevada Blue ...

    Sure hope you are right.
  10. Voting done

    Voted this morning in Virginia, and voted for Hillary and it was a vote for her, not just against Trump. Media was all over our polling place, especially international media. I was interviewed by a Russian media station (not RT) that asked me about my views on the US/Russia relations after this election and whether foreign policy was one of my issue areas.
  11. Please link to your assertions.
  12. Color Nevada Blue ...

    This is the reason I am skeptical of anyone's analysis other than Ralston's on Nevada. He's called them all correctly, including the Reid race.