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  1. Wow, just wow...
  2. I was making the statement. That was my opinion.
  3. Agree, but I think it's a scare tactic. She's now released two tapes (that in my opinion are pretty meaningless), but I think it's all about scaring the Administration. I'm sure she has tapes of things they do not want aired in public.
  4. I completely agree, particularly about her getting a security clearance. I think she is a vile human being, but I was just arguing that I highly doubt she will get prosecuted because she didn't actually violate the law. This episode just proves what we have all suspected with this WH. Everyone is out for themselves, there is no real trust and people will stab each other in the back in an instant. It's really unlike any other Administration I have witnessed.
  5. Let me start by saying that I have always maintained that Omarosa is a horrible person. She is clearly one who is a user in the worst sense. I've always thought that Trump liked her because he saw many of her qualities to be the same ones he possesses. However, so far, I haven't seen anything to suggest she broke the law. It is protocol not to bring recording devices into the SitRoom. And had she released tapes with any classified material, then that would be in violation of the law. Discussions about her firing are not classified in any way. I am in no way defending what she did-- it's really terrible and a major breach of trust-- likely explaining why she was fired in the first place. Edited to add: this summary from Jonathan Swan sums up this whole thing nicely
  6. channonc

    NRA infiltrated by Russia, too?

    This is not the only NRA/Russia connection.
  7. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    Sorry PT, it came off as a dig. I appreciate the clarification!
  8. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    I still am, and the dig suggesting that I just hand over talking points to Senators is absurd. I'm hoping I misunderstood the comment.
  9. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    I see the talking points have been distributed. 🙄
  10. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    What on earth does that have to do with anything? We know about the details now, now is the time to act. Your "but Obama" as every answer is getting old.
  11. channonc

    12 russians indicted for hacking dems

    I wish I could count on Trump to confront Putin when he denies hacking and uses this as proof that in fact, they did and push for extradition of these 12. Of course, we know that won't happen. The "summit" will be more pomp and circumstance and no real push against Russia. This will only embolden them for future elections, with their ultimate goal being that people won't trust election results if they think that ballots and/or voter registrations may have actually been tampered with. Straight from the indictment: This is a very serious charge. If only our President and Congress would start protecting us, the American people and our institutions vital to our republic.
  12. channonc

    Mark my word...

    She's done, and I have sources better than stories from the Fox News and NY Post.
  13. Seriously, instead of deflecting on what you think *I* need to do, I would really consider putting yourself in other people's shoes. To deny that a lot of these incidents are not rooted in implicit bias at a minimum is a failure to look past your own privilege.
  14. I think you may want to do some self reflection. Just a suggestion.
  15. Scroll through. Most of the posts responding to the OP.