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  1. This is probably one of the most disgusting posts I have seen in a while. emt, you are better than that.
  2. Also pointing out that while he no longer has access to Twitter or Facebook, he does still have access to the nuclear codes. Let that sink in.
  3. Facebook has locked him for 24 hours. About time, but unfortunately probably too late...
  4. Agree. True profiles of courage. 🙄
  5. Sorry for being late to the game on this! Donation made!! Thanks for all you do.
  6. Agree with this. Quinnipiac also is more of a lean Dem poll as well, so I don't always think that their polls show the full picture. That being said, even if you take it down by the margin of error it still doesn't show good news for the President.
  7. Or gets lots of ballots thrown out as his legal team is already working to do.
  8. Just another example of why there is distrust with law enforcement. Can’t imagine he would have the same opinion if these guys were POC, Muslim, or any other non-white male demographic.
  9. The word I don't see in this story is Antifa. Interesting, isn't it?
  10. Isn't it the truth. Sadly, from inside intel I have been able to gather, most of them truly are kool-aid drinkers as this point. He has managed to drive almost anyone with any sense or backbone away and those who have not left, don't have much influence anymore. On all fronts, this is like watching the Titanic sink in slow motion. No matter how the elections turn out (and Lord, I pray this guy doesn't get another 4 years), we as as nation have SO much work ahead of us to try to right this ship.
  11. Doesn't sound at all like a strong-man dictator. 🙄
  12. What's interesting is the town hall debate style favored Biden much more. But moving it virtual actually dilutes Biden's impact since he can't really be in the same room with the voters participating. Additionally, Trump could use the Oval Office or some other place in the White House as a backdrop, which gives him a visual advantage over Biden.
  13. I can't anymore with the Republican Party. They continue to chip away at our norms and the institutions of our government. In local races, in particular, I used to really consider Republicans and would often vote for them. Those days are over for me. Any person that puts an R next to their name at this point is endorsing this foolishness and is complicit in the gradual (and not so gradual in some cases) destruction of our government and its institutions. I'm so disgusted as a voter, as a taxpayer, and as an American.
  14. They are desperate. But it isn't over. VOTE.
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