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  1. I started seeing it when I finished HS and while I was at Auburn, and even worse now that kids expect to have all the info handed to them and more or less get a test that they were given all the answers to beforehand. A bunch of crap if you ask me. I can only hope I don't fall into the trap with my kids as they are now reaching school age.
  2. My season tickets are somewhere between Fort Smith, AR and Hoover. Tomorrow I will be sitting on the porch waiting for the FedEx guy to hand them to me. It's almost time!
  3. SI Link Interesting look at the SEC Commish (Part 1 of a 4 parter). I find it interesting that the only requirement to be a member institution is a $50 annual fee and no buyout while the article says most other conferences have big buyouts and long-term contracts.
  4. I play at said rink in Pelham so shall make sure to be there when it happens.
  5. If you want all players on all teams named with based on the default EA rosters (no additions or subtractions or anything yet) I found a gamertag Fairdale Kings that has a file out with all of them.
  6. I always all out suck on anything higher than Varsity or whatever they call the 2nd difficulty level these days. If I go up to All American I get creamed. Not really sure what I do wrong.
  7. Boonan


    Anyone know why AU and the SEC don't do men's soccer?
  8. No love for the World Cup?
  9. The SEC as Star Wars characters. Saw this link on a friend's Facebook status and thought it was kind of amusing.
  10. I played hockey in the BYHL in Bham growing up and still play in an adult league at the Pelham rink. Edit: Sorry to continue thread hijack. I read the football storry yesterday and thought it sad. Sad no matter what, but especially when it is a guy who works hard, gets nothing for it, and then has such an unfortunate thign happen to him.
  11. England, Algeria, and Slovenia. No real excuse not to make it to the knockout round this world cup. Look forward to the opening match against England in June.
  12. My understanding while I was in the band (through 2004 season) is that NCAA rule is to stop playing at the snap, and SEC rule is to stop at break of huddle.
  13. They aren't allowing the band or cheerleaders to be present. It is all BS. I was in the band when we last went to Knoxville and we did Tiger Walk and nothing happened except Tiger Walk as normal. I pretty much agree it's a desperate move by Kiffen to try to get any kind of edge he can.
  14. You're out of your gourd. Nashville is a FUN town. There is tons to do there, and that's a GREAT stadium for a bowl game. Best of all it has the Batman building as I like to call it.
  15. Oh joy, mine are in GG... right next to the students.
  16. I'll be there. I got my tickets from aaatix.com for $125 each. I've only been there once before (while in marching band so was dropped off next to the stadium) and was wondering if anyone has any words of wisdom about parking and all that good stuff.
  17. I am just glad we aren't sitting on 7 point leads anymore. That is the one thing Tubby did that annoyed the snot out of me.
  18. You can also stream it from the SEC digital network via the SEC homepage.
  19. I was just logging in to see what was up and about tossed my laptop across the room when I saw the FedEx truck pull up. Driver said I was about his 70th season ticket delivery already.
  20. Dunaway and Brown are moving to 10-2 on 690 next week. I don't like this move. Sounds like Finebaum was feeling threatened. What am I supposed to listen to on the way home now?
  21. Players report today. If that doesn't stir the football chill in you, nothing else will.
  22. I've never been to a race of any kind, but I'll try to go to this.
  23. I agree with this assessment. I've learned it is way better to have their warranties to replace parts because hard drives and whatnot can die randomly and without reason all the time, or any other part for that matter. And if you arne't getting a gaming rig and you don't want a new monitor and all that, you can get a decent machine pretty inexpensively these days.
  24. That would be correct. You cannot sue a state or government agency. You can, however, sue individual agents of the agency that were acting on its behalf. Auburn is not a state or gov't agency. It receives government money, thus it is a government agency.
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