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  1. Jay Tate on rivals confirmed they were in accident. No other info. Heartbreaking.
  2. I'd like to have a home & home with USC. I think we owe them a good drumming.
  3. Had this thought today & thought I'd ask you guys your opinion. I think I'm leaning more toward the cam/dyer side.
  4. Since it's the offseason & we don't have much to talk about, what is everyone's thought on our future at qb in '15 & beyond? I personally think JJ will be great for us, but White has me intrigued. Just curious to see what everyone thinks. War eagle!
  5. We've had a 1000 yard rusher every year Luper as been RB coach. Doesn't sound like part of the problem to me
  6. Jermey Johnson looks perfect for Malzhan's O
  7. Anyone think we will part ways with Loeffler?
  8. Wallace. Read option left, right, and Mason up the middle behind Prosch all game. Only throw off play-action. Just a thought lol
  9. LeBron is going crazy against the Knicks right now.
  10. Is it televised? Or just on ESPN3?
  11. Doesn't matter who is playing qb if the line can't block for them.
  12. I've never seen so many commercials in a game before.