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  1. After reading that the title should be “ why 9 recruits are probably going to GA or AL and 1 going to AU”.
  2. Looks like the collapse is about complete: from national contender to bottom tier SEC in just a few years.
  3. He is going to be their special teams coach; an on the field position.
  4. Lived down in the area some years ago. Columbus is as much bama as UGA
  5. LSU had a good offensive year no doubt. So there is some questions to as did the system make Joe Burrow good or did Joe Burrow make the system good. Be interesting to see how LSU does next year.
  6. I would think that Arky is going to be paying the difference of what he gets at a new place versus what he was making as OC.
  7. But the whole premise of the original argument was "what if's". BB said "What if" we don't score 2 defensive TD's we lose the game. That's the whole point I am making if you want to play the what if game? Geez !!
  8. Your a coach right.? So you are going to discount our field goals? I said this in an earlier post. You can’t act like a few plays did not happen and expect everything else remain the same. If we don’t pick the first pass UA punts from their own 20 or so. High chance we get the ball in good field position. Do we score from there. Maybe, maybe not. If we don’t pick the 2nd ball, I know for a fact that we do not kick off and Waddel doesn’t run it back tor a TD. So you can’t assume that UA scores what they do.
  9. You can’t take 2 plays out and say everything else stays the same. For example if the first pick did not happen, we very well may held them to punt and we would have the ball in good field position. We may have driven for a score. Who knows. If the second pick would have not happened I know for a fact we would have not kicked off and them return it for a TD. Then they would not hav e kicked off and Whitlow fumbled on the first play which they took in for a score. So while you can say if those 2 scores did not happen, I can also say those plays also led to UA scores. All those scores did is make the scores in the 40’s instead of the 30’s. We still win.
  10. 80Tiger

    Next year

    Legit question, which lesser playmaker type was getting the ball too much in this offense? Whose touches would you take away to give to Joiner, Schwartz, Seth etc?
  11. You have defined his issues exactly. He goes down relatively easily with a low ankle type tackle.
  12. Good description. I was at all 3 also. 89 was euphoric and I think fans and team knew we were going to win. As a fan I was highly confident of victory. I am not a better, but I bet any bammer at work that I could. Most did not pay in the end. You are right about 2013 and 2019 also. Very loud for the big plays, but this game last Saturday the crowd had a hand in.
  13. 80Tiger


    Brahms?!!. Our center position no matter who is playing it, has been a liability for 2 years now.
  14. I see DJ as the best back that we have, that includes Whitlow. He is definitely needed down the stretch and has been needed all year. Our backs as a whole are OK. But I am not sure they would be seeing the playing field if they played UA, UGA, LSU and FL. (Just an opinion. Not trying to start a sh**storm).