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  1. 80Tiger

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    Continuing to lift you up in prayer.
  2. 80Tiger

    expectations for 1st fall scrimmage

    I don't think it is an unknown. Willis is the 2nd QB IMO. He know more of the offense by far, than the other 2. Hopefully Gatewood will get some snaps in some blowouts but I don't expect Cord to see the field this year. If he had been here in the spring then maybe he would have more opportunity. I think they all get snaps in scrimmage today.
  3. 80Tiger

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    I know we have had a OL coaching change, but for the last couple of years the OL that starts the year, only last 2 or 3 games before it is changed. Hopefully not this year.
  4. 80Tiger

    Chandler Cox "security blanket"

    This tells me that Malik Miller has become an afterthought for the coaches. His ball security issues will not allow him to see significant time this year.
  5. 80Tiger

    Notes and Intel heading into Camp

    The way the title read I thought Notes and Intel were a couple of new guys that I had not heard about.
  6. 80Tiger

    Anonymous SEC coaches Opinions

    Not sure we are better but close. Compared to UAT- RB's- them- Oline- them, WR- us, Tight End- them. QB- us by a slim margin. D Line- us- LB- them by a little. CB and S- them. Kicking game- both lost kickers, so even. So in my evaluation, slight nod to them overall. Not sure about UGA.
  7. 80Tiger

    Obama Touts Universal Income

    If you don't mind can you expand on this? You said that in this country with" 20% unemployment that they relied on strong family structure without the stigma placed on Americans for doing the same". I am not aware that there was a stigma associated with family structures here in the US. In fact it seems to me that many of our issues in society can be traced to the decline of the family.
  8. 80Tiger


    Pretty much my take. I would like one of the bigger bodies to get significant time but not sure. Miller has shown propensity to fumble and Whitlow is still unknown. If I remember correctly coaches were concerned with a lot of his east/west running during the spring. At around 200 lbs A Martin may can fill that role.
  9. 80Tiger

    Constitution question

    Not trying to put words in your mouth but I guess our difference then, is that while you believe that modern day interpretation of the constitution is how the document should be "used". I on the other hand, consider many of those type interpretations to be "changing" the constitution and should be done through the amendment process.
  10. 80Tiger

    Constitution question

    Why I agree we live in hyper-partisan times, that is exactly why the amendment process is the proper way to change the constitution. I believe that the framers saw through their own experiences of different opinion, that change should not be subject to thin majorities or flavor of the day politics. That it should come through thought and debate resulting in super majorities through the legislative process or constitution conventions.
  11. 80Tiger

    Constitution question

    While I agree if the founders had gone with Bill and Ted they would worded some things different about the 2A, it is not what you would think. After seeing the crime and how society has declined compared to their day, IMO the founders would have written stronger language and required all law abiding citizens to be armed to protect themselves.
  12. 80Tiger

    Tagovailoa Family Relocates from Hawaii to Alabama

    I know I would want to sell my HA house for Alabaster AL🙄. It just makes sense.
  13. 80Tiger

    Constitution question

    It should be slow and deliberate. I believe that is by design the framers. It should be hard to change. This is the law of the land and should not be subject to quick changes due to the "fast evolution of our world" .
  14. 80Tiger

    Constitution question

    I am being somewhat lazy and not looking it up for myself, so if you don't mind, how/where do you derive that the framers of the constitution wrote changeability into it? The amendment process as BB states earlier?
  15. 80Tiger

    Athlon's Auburn Preview

    Agree with this except we could be undefeated but still need to beat UGA and UAT to secure SEC west title. Both of those teams may be undefeated coming in to their game with us.