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  1. He is a turnover machine which negates most of his good.
  2. Exactly! This hiring of Harsin was far outside the GOB network.
  3. This seems like a reasonable thread so I have some questions, I legitimately do not know the answer to. Hopefully someone here has some of those answers. The country currently has over 275 million vehicles in this country, which of maybe there is 1% or 2.75 million electric vehicles. My questions deals with the ability to charge these vehicles when we hit 10 million, 20 million or 100 million electric vehicles. How much wattage/amperage/voltage will be required to charge 10 to 100 million electric vehicles? Does this country have that electrical generating capacity today? If not, will this country need to invest on electrical generating power facilities? And what will these facilities be powered by; natural gas, nuclear, solar, wind, coal? Lastly, if power generating facilities are needed, what is the lead time to for construction, from choosing facility to permitting to complete construction? The article touched on infrastructure but seemed to be about underdeveloped countries. Maybe someone has these answers or can direct me to a website that goes into detail on the above.
  4. That's what they did in 1978. Warmed up in blue and then ran out of the tunnel in orange to start the game.
  5. How are their passing stats less? They throw for over 320 yards per game with a total of 7 TD's and 1 int.
  6. This needed to be said. What happens to other teams has no impact on our performance and should not make us feel better about our performance.
  7. Pretty generous grades. With 2 picks and extremely poor 1st half play would give the QB a C grade. I think the DL was more B to B+. Not sure anyone deserved an A
  8. What exactly has he done to improve that? His recruiting of lineman last year was poor and this year looks worse. We look like we are down to 3rd and 4th choices. When it is this late in the recruiting cycle and we are just now making offers to some kids means we are far down our list. And his public strategy is “ just watch”.
  9. For most teams we face, a east/west running game will not fare very well.
  10. Absolutely. Last year ACC champion Pittsburgh was ranked between 16 and 18 at the end of the season.
  11. Can I get some of that pork on "loan" also? Prices are high. 😁I know, auto correct.
  12. I went back and forth between her and Linda Rondstadt
  13. Everyone has opinion on this and here is mine. No conspiracy, just that none of the candidates have performed to the level of winning SEC football as of yet. While some may be doing better than others, the coaches are waiting as long as they can to see if any of the candidates can take those next steps to SEC level QB.
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