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  1. Sounds great except we can’t fill our existing slots now
  2. Everyone of those previous coaches with maybe exception of Bowden had a better overall pedigree than Harsin. Harsin had 1 years of assistant at big time football. Harsin is not the same mold.
  3. Mike Currier. Almost forgot about him. Wallace Clark and Mickey Zolfko (sp) a couple of waybackers.
  4. I don't think it is subjective. They have the 4th best record and we have the 10th best record in the conference.
  5. We are talking about backs, not the Oline and the OP said our backs could be the best in the league. Tank has proven himself as a tough runner against all levels of competition. Hunter not so much. Against SEC teams, I did not see near the tackle breaking ability that Tank has no matter what the Oline was like. I think the stats back that up. Against the 3 cupcakes he had almost 54% of his total yards for the year or 106 yards per game. The other 9 games (SEC and PSU) he averaged 28 yards per game.
  6. Pretty optimistic on your grades. Offensively I just don't see. In fact outside of Tank, I am not sold on any of our backs. Hunter's production came against cupcakes. In SEC play he only gained 194 total yards.
  7. Lived about 2 blocks from it. Shook me out of the bed the Sunday morning it blew up.
  8. They have 4 out of conference games like everyone else. GA Tech is one of those every year. The SEC schedule is done by the conference. That leaves 3 teams to schedule. They have Oregon, Samford and Kent State. Looks like everyone else, 1 power 5 opponent and 2 cupcakes. What brings their strength of schedule down are the SEC west teams, AU and Miss State.
  9. I tend to agree, but it was A Day and near the end of the game. A lot of timing routes, but IF this is the desired offense, to Rexbo's point, if we can't stretch the field with talented outside receivers, then you do get a lot of bogging down. You can't make too much out of it either way, bad or good. It was a chance for the guy deepest on the depth chart to get some throws and he probably had a limited playbook he had practiced with.
  10. Did you ever see Blackfoot? Saw them Auburn late 70's. Great concert band.
  11. Eric Carmen and the Raspberries were openers for Beach Boys when I saw them. A good date concert. Around '77 or '78, it seems as if every week there was a summer concert at Rickwood Field in Birmingham. Kiss was headliner with I think Kansas and Gary Wright as openers.
  12. I really enjoy this topic, especially the older stuff. I was a 70's guy growing up but really enjoy 60's and 70's today. To me the 60's was about vocals and the 70's about instrumentals. Reading about Golf missing out on seeing Jim Croce, makes me miss going to the concerts during the mid to late 70's; Areosmith, Bob Seger, Skynard, Kiss, Beach Boys, Raspberries, Chicago, Hank Jr, Wet Willie are some I remember. Tickets seem to range between $7 and $12.00.
  13. A lot of great golf from those three.
  14. Somewhat my take. Fan interest is down and charging for A day could be just another reason for some not to be in attendance.
  15. That would be funny since from my understanding, busy is the last thing that he is. Not exactly a guy that comes to the office a lot.
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