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  1. This to me is an indicator that AU athletics is at an all time low. Our AD needs to get in gear.
  2. Boom, you are a pretty good baseball guy no doubt, but I believe you have the orange colored glasses on here. As you state their starting pitching is better than ours (and we know that everyone's relief pitching is better than ours) and everything else a push, I just have a hard time seeing these teams that even. You say that the bullpen that performs the most consistently will win the series. I think you are correct with that. What have you seen from our bullpen in SEC games to believe that they can do that. I am not being a smart a** but would like to hear your opinion and a little more deta
  3. Just read an article from his recruitment and quoted peruse saying that he never talked to Kiffen and Kiffen never visited him.
  4. If he played defense in high school, then it didn’t t resonate with recruiting because no one was recruiting him from a defensive perspective. I am not saying he can’t help on defense, it seems as some on here think this is a slam dunk move and they guy is going to be all SEC. I just don’t see it. There is no history in his career to support it. Also I think it funny that many on here would go nuts because we moved dline people to oline the last few years.
  5. I am sure they did this for depth, but he was recruited strictly as a tight end. That is all he played in high school. I could not find anything about him playing defense in high school or being recruited as a defensive player. So from a technique standpoint he knows nothing about dline. I am sure his quickness is an asset but I could see it being a real learning experience.
  6. Women's sports are just about embarrassing. Basketball was worst in the conference and softball is making a run at being the worst in the conference, volleyball was the worst in the conference. Look as swimming was ok and golf has done ok. Couple that with football was mid tier, basketball was lowest tier and baseball is vying for cellar dweller, men's swimming was lower tier and golf has been pretty good indicates the status of athletics at AU. Football made a coaching change, but that is completely up in the air, and any positive results may be 2 or 3 years down the road, but that is un
  7. Well they will have to unseat us in the basement in baseball, because right now we are the worst team in the conference.
  8. The Bowden team and the 2004 teams truly had some talent on them. As you pointed out, many of those players were high draft picks and went on to good NFL careers. I do not think the current AU team is that talented across the board. Too many questions in both lines. As for Chiz team and Malzans team, they both had game changers at QB in those years. As of right now, I don't believe we have that either. All that being said, is I do not expect any type dark horse year. I actually expect a very hard year.
  9. Jeff Rutledge was in that same category. 13 year NFL career. Attempted 526 passes for 3628 yds over that 13 years. 3 years he had no attempts and another 3 years he has less than 5 attempts. Started a total of 9 games over those years. Probably made pretty good money for the time (1979 to 1992) and I am sure draws a nice NFL retirement today.
  10. 1969 Auburn/UF game. John Reeves was UF QB and came into the game as a Heisman candidate. AU intercepted about 6 passes that day. I sat in the wooden benches in the north end zone.
  11. Gotta agree with Cole here. We cannot excuse the QB. His play has been erratic. He misses open receivers and can makes some bad reads. He has poor fundamentals and has since day one. He received poor coaching at the high school level and does not seem to be getting any at the college level. In high school he was just a better athlete than everyone else. Not the case now.
  12. I am going with the theory that while in the ACC last year he has been able to get a higher draft projection and playing week in week out against harder competition in the SEC could drop his draft projections. That's right, I said it, he is scared of the competition.
  13. It seems to me that over the years the NCAA has gone to extremes to insure that athletes are not treated differently than regular students (elimination of athletic dorms, cush jobs in the summer etc). To your point, this protective "bubble" they are being provided just where the can participates seems to be the height of special handling of athletes.
  14. A guy was telling me that he watched some of this with piped cheering and he heard the cheers and chants for Liverpool and they were not even playing.
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