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  1. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    I thought that Cemex bought them out a few years ago.
  2. 2018-19 Leading Rusher

    That's because he didn't. He had about 14 carriers and 70 something yards
  3. Rep. Trey Gowdy abruptly resigns

    I thought I read he was not seeking re-election, not that he resigned. Did something change?
  4. XFL making comeback

    It would be interesting especially if they could then go to the NFL after 3 years, just like college. Could change the landscape of college football as we know it.
  5. Senior Bowl Updates?

    Looked like a Turd he beat on that play also. Double nice.
  6. Football Only Facility

    I think the concussion issue will be one of the larger driving issues of football eventually maybe even going away. The NFL at some point in time will be gutted by the amount of money they end up paying. It will then trickle down to other levels of football and then manufactures of equipment. Asbestos settlements having been going on for years and concussions will do the same thing to football and manufacturers. Not saying it is wrong on right, but what I think will happen and probably not in my lifetime. I enjoyed playing football as kid and in high school. My kids did to, but I have reached the point where I don't think I would like my grandchildren to play. I also believe you see that sentiment growing more and more. It may be 50 years or more but the stadium may be used more for soccer at some point.
  7. Weather effect on bama game

    Roads in Birmingham are fine. Very little snow/ice hear yesterday and last night. No travel issues.
  8. JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    I believe you are correct sir.
  9. Will Jalen Hurts transfer from Bama?

    I don't think NS would let him move positions. Not sure who is the back up QB but if Tua was to get hurt, there could be big problems.
  10. Football policy changes

    Don't know why they don't set it that a player has 5 years to play a certain amount of games. Theoretically a players could play in 60 games in 4 years (15 per year) on the high end and 48 (12 per year) on the low end. Figure most teams will avg 13. So every player should have 5 years to participate in 52 games. Shouldn't be that hard to keep up with. Nobody is redshirted, just everyone has up to 5 years to play 52.
  11. Woodson New Coach

    Question for you. In the late 60's early 70's it seems as AU was great at intercepting balls. Was that the talent? the coaching (Bill Oliver was secondary coach for a while)? or the scheme, more zone and less man?
  12. Bama vs Georgia

    I see a rule coming from the CFP that prevents 2 schools coming from the same conference. They will eventually regionalize the system.
  13. 2018 National Title Odds

    Texas is 20 to 1 ??? When have they even competed for their conference
  14. Spuat or Thuga

    Don't care for either, but to paraphrase Churchill "never, never, never let SPUAT win anything"
  15. Demographic Curiosity

    59 Birmingham AL area 1980