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  1. I have watched Green plenty. Not crazy about his end of half and end of game playing.. haven’t watched Sears but highlights is just a small snippet. The tangible measurables are basically the same. Evidently there must be some intangible that makes Sears more desirable. What are those?
  2. So I am trying to understand why Sesrs is so much better than Green. Sears avg 14 pts per game and 2.7 assists. Green avg 13.7 pts per game and 4.3 assists and Sears avg playing 5 minutes more per game. I don’t see the difference
  3. To your point, in Jason Campbell's 4 years at AU his lowest completion percentage was 61.5%
  4. I am not sure. But I once heard of a train headed west one time going 55 mph while another train was headed east at 62 mph. I couldn't remember if I was in Algebra class and trying to figure out where they would pass each other, or in Physics class and trying to determine the mass velocity at impact when they crashed. Based on that I did what I did in school, I choose False.
  5. The physical difference between 18 yr olds and mid 20's professional athletes is pretty substantial and I would imagine very few NFL teams would want to upset the apple cart by taking 18 yr olds into the league. They currently have a minor league football league and they do not have to put a single dime into it. The NFL has a great set up at the moment.
  6. Our recruiting up until now has been a wreck, and if any of these guys packed it in recruiting wise after Harsin was let go, then no problem with them not being retained.
  7. Had a cat we nick named Funk 49 because he would "sleep all day and out all night"
  8. You are correct, that Dooley was supposed to be the choice and in fact most thought he was coming. The only correction I would make was that Dooley was already AD at UGA. They made him AD in 1979. Saw that during the GA/FL game this past weekend and did a quick Google search to confirm.
  9. I don't buy 99% of the fans being behind the hire. I have seen conversations between what I would call the three main internet candidates (Sanders, Freeze, Kiffen) be about equal. I don't see him bringing the AU Family together in one big cohesive unit anymore than I do Kiffen or Freeze.
  10. Keep one person for recruiting purposes and that would probably be Cadillac. Otherwise turn the staff over. You have to tear to the ground and start over and that begins with staff.
  11. The new AD does not need to be tasked with firing Harsin. Don’t put that on the new man. We don’t need new AD having to do any “evaluations” of current staff before he makes a decision. The president needs to fire Harsin and then task new AD with hiring new coach.
  12. Good to be positive, but with the right coach and the transfer portal, RA will not be QB next year.
  13. I think the article with Greg M. makes an excellent point about there not being an interim on staff. I know people mention Cadillac, but remember he came to AU from high school coaching and pretty sure he has no HC experience at any level. The coordinators are Boise guys, just don't see their heart being in it and Hillard has limited college experience.
  14. You serious Clark? I have not watched Ole Miss a lot, but IMO their is no way our talent at OL, QB, and even at WR are the same.
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