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  1. So what I got from this is that you need to be a good hitting team and a good pitching team to be successful. Shocking.
  2. Not trying to blame the defense alone for the losses, but TN threw for 328 yards and converted 10 of 19 on third downs and gave up 30 pts. I know we threw a couple of picks and they could have put TN in great field position but not sure. I just see it as a joint effort in the loss.
  3. Yes all losses are on Gus because he is the head coach but we lost TN because our defense couldn’t stop the TN passing game and in The MSU game we couldn’t stop their QB from running it down our throat. Defense had a hand in losing the LSU game with the multiple PI we had down the stretch.
  4. Joiner only goes about 215. Schneker is 248 and Deal is 250+ I think. Fromm is light at around 218 or so. Real mismatches for us on blocking with Joiner and Fromm. With Deal hurt, Schenker looks to be the guy.
  5. Courtyard motels and 6 hour bus rides will go over well with recruits in all of our sports. Sounds bush league to me.
  6. Harbert is Gus’s life jacket. As long as he remains in Gus’s corner he is good to go. Now that being said Leath was Harbert’s guy also
  7. Well, we should have a fantastic game, because that was a baaaaad loss.
  8. I would think trending from a WCWS threat every year to bottom half of SEC and worrying about making the NCAA tournament, players running away from your program is a dumpster fire. Especially in a 2 yr period.
  9. My two cents. The issue is with the professional leagues and their rules for when an athlete can join their ranks. Both football and basketball utilize college athletics to be their minor leagues. Eliminate any rules associated with when someone can join a professional league. Each sport would need a rookie league or training league of some type. If a player wanted to go to college instead, they could do that, but at least they had the opportunity to go ahead and be paid for their services if they were good enough. Baseball has this figured out. Players that are good enough have the opportunity to choose between professional or college coming out of high school. Football and basketball should have that same option. If a player goes to college, then it was either his choice to or he was not good enough to be paid for his services from a professional standpoint. This argument for player payment could at the college level could be toned down and the value of the scholarship could be "compensation" that they receive.
  10. No statistical info to back this up, IMO you hire people that have already had success at the highest level. Quit trying to hire assistants or people that were successful at lower tiers of competition. It means you probably pay more, but you are getting more of a proven product. I think that is why the jury is still out on baseball and softball, and in football has just about run its course.
  11. Your exactly right. It was a pitiful at bat.
  12. I am going with Gus on this one. Overall our offense has been pretty effective. I wish this Lombardi guy was a defensive coordinator for our opponents. I would love to here a DC say he didn't know what type of offense we run. He acts like unbalanced is a bad thing. I would think OC are always scheming how to get more players at the point of attack versus the defense.
  13. Pretty optimistic. That would be about the 3rd highest in AU history for a season and about the 6th or 7th highest in SEC history.
  14. This is experiment needs to be over. Dean has brought our program back to mediocrity. Hire a coach with a proven track record at the highest level. The opportunity for success is much higher. See Bruce Pearl and Clint Myers. Hire a coach from a lower tier program and see the results: Dean, Tony Barbee, and some other basketball coaches and baseball coaches whose names I don’t remember.