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  1. This is third game of the season. By this time we are what we are. Pretty avg on both sides of the ball.
  2. On the 2 yd and We have 4 plays to make 2 yds. Embarrassing
  3. I think that was the year, at one point we thought we were getting Seastrunk, Dyer and the kid that ended up at South Carolina. Cannot remember his name.
  4. Their QB is good. He can be very accurate and seems to be very good at check downs to backs out of the backfield.
  5. All true statements for sure. I think the biggest issue for JG as Bird says, is that he has not beat anyone out for QB in high school or college. Say what you will but if he had been the best QB (passer) in HS he would have been the full time QB there. I think BN was far more advanced to QB play than JG based on being a full time HS QB. I would have loved JG to be the guy because he is a true DT QB
  6. The best passer will win this competition. Not sure which one that is yet.
  7. I have seen it on the other sites also. Not a single site shows any substantial programs, and him not saying he had other offers but did not report does not make much sense to me. Anyway, no big deal. I am of the opinion is that he was not a "big time" get. But that is only my opinion.
  8. I just listed the schools that showed offers to him. This was from the ESPN recruiting website and was after he committed to AU. According to ESPN, those were the offers he had. None from schools I would consider big time consistent winners. I just don't consider the other schools as "big time" competition.
  9. This gets said every so often, but SW was not a highly recruited guy. He had offers, but no big time programs. We offered very after we lost out on D Watson and a kid that went to LSU. His offers were from Boston College, Cincy, Florida Int, Hawaii, Houston, Kent State, Miami OH, South Florida, Toledo, Syracuse, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Western KY, and Western MI. No other SEC schools offered him. While fine schools, if you are competing against them for recruits you are not competing for championships.
  10. So what I got from this is that you need to be a good hitting team and a good pitching team to be successful. Shocking.
  11. Not trying to blame the defense alone for the losses, but TN threw for 328 yards and converted 10 of 19 on third downs and gave up 30 pts. I know we threw a couple of picks and they could have put TN in great field position but not sure. I just see it as a joint effort in the loss.
  12. Yes all losses are on Gus because he is the head coach but we lost TN because our defense couldn’t stop the TN passing game and in The MSU game we couldn’t stop their QB from running it down our throat. Defense had a hand in losing the LSU game with the multiple PI we had down the stretch.