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  1. UCLA fires Mora

    I don't see him to UCLA. Yes he was at Oregon, but he had big time Nike backing. Don't think UCLA will throw the money at Kelly or his staff that would be required to make them relevant. Not sure he ends up at UF either. Seems to be over rated IMO.
  2. Inside the numbers with Bama

    I'm sorry, but I don't think anyone calls a play to take a sack on purpose.
  3. Stidham passing charts

    It is interesting. What it tells me is that the offenses were somewhat familiar, but it seems to indicate to me that Stidham would just as soon throw a long ball as an intermediate ball. Not sure how much is "play calling" and how much is Stidham just wants to sling it.
  4. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Absolutely. So much for a each type win: 100K for OOC, 200 K for P5OOC, 300K for SEC, 400k for SEC Champ, 500K for playoff and 600K for NC. Totals out near 4.5M.
  5. Jeff Long Fired

    The Hogs have been clamoring for this for a while. Supposedly this is the first step in getting Gus to Arky.
  6. Favorite game day superstition

    I use to drink coffee on Saturday morning from the same AU coffee cup that I had for years. Pretty sure we won about 8 or 9 games a year when I did that.
  7. Intermediate Passes

    I would compare it to this in baseball. Late in the game and tying run on second base with no outs. How many times have you seen a guy swing and for the fences and fly out to left instead of trying to advance the runner with grounder to the right side of the diamond. It just doesn't make sense sometimes.
  8. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    Did you ever watch those guys defense? Do you think they are sitting around Okie state today all smiles because they scored 50+ and still lost the game? Were you happy when we put 40+ on UA in 2014 but still lost? Okie state has always put up buckets of points but I am not sure they ever win their conference.
  9. Bama Players paid for autographs (merged threads)

    I am pretty sure they will fire another assistant AD for basketball operations after a 45 minute investigation.
  10. Texas A&M Game Report Card

    Have to be honest, we completed 20 passes yesterday to 4 or 5 different guys. This is beginning to look like NCM doesn't get open.
  11. Jacobs stepping down

    Gotta remember 64 there are some on here that have said they will be mad if we win out and Gus saves his job. Can you imagine that. Being mad if you beat UGA and Alabama. While I agree it was time for JJ to move on, he is an Auburn man through and through.
  12. link to listen

    Maybe Purifoy but I don' think Wiley is physically ready to play was he? If not I would not think he was in the practice mix.
  13. Wiley and Purifoy

    I think you are exactly right. Look for them to leave at the end of the semester. For those that think this team can overcome this type loss and still make a run for the NCAA, I want some of those orange colored glasses that you have. This is a big setback for the season and the program. Feel bad for Bruce.
  14. AD Replacement Candidates (merged threads)

    Considering we were playing at Arkansas that weekend, doesn't seem to be anyone that was on the traveling squad.
  15. running game in top 20

    Not sure about RZ D and how that equates to overall D. I would think you have to also look at how many times teams are getting to the RZ. I would hope that the number of times a team gets to the RZ is dropping. As for the kick defense, that is what happens when you give up a long punt return for TD and kick off for TD. We can probably be pretty solid on those for the rest of the year but would not improve very much on the stats. But, kick D has been a problem. On both of those returns for TD's players were not in lanes and seemed to be our of position.