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  1. 80Tiger


    Correct. The fact is AC is missing the kicks. Not the coach. He received a scholarship because ha has a big leg and is supposed to be a scoring weapon from 50+. These long kicks are not supposed to be something beyond his capabilities.
  2. 80Tiger

    Offensive coaches

    I think most of our offensive issues are with our coaches on that side of the ball and it has been on going. Let’s look at them current and past. Rhett Lashley-got on the job training here. Hasn’t done anything earth shattering since he left. Herb Hand- Many on here did not care for him and he was a liability at recruiting. Seems to be doing ok at Texas but jury is out. Daymeun Craig- Many on here liked him because of recruiting. On field coaching was suspect. At FSU probably got more credit than he deserved due to Jimbo really being the QB coach. LSU passed over him and he seems to be fading away. Chip Lindsey- Fair background I guess but it’s not like we were beating other teams to hire him in the CL sweepstakes. JB Grimes- had him, pushed him out, hired him back after pushing HH out. Truly believe we hired him back because we couldn’t get anyone else. Tim Horton- been trying to leave for years but no one will take him. Kodi Burns- another on the job training employee On other words I believe the O staff are underachievers and below average. More than likely all due to Gus and people not wanting to work with him. Thoughts?
  3. 80Tiger

    Cole Cubelik on PF

    If things go bad this weekend I can see how the economics of releasing Gus. Boosters hold back money, say 2 or 3 million. Season tickets sales drop by 5000 sears . The license fee per seat is $800 per. That 4 million. Overall attendance drops and the economic impact to the AU community is affected. It adds up quick.
  4. 80Tiger

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    Pat Nix was the OC for Miami a few years ago. I think it was a mixed result. So he does have P5 experience as an OC. But I think there is an issue with a HS coach getting hired by school that recruited and signed a player from that same school. Or something like that.
  5. 80Tiger

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    Problem is we haven't been losing because of bad breaks; we have been losing because of just plain bad
  6. 80Tiger

    Auburn vs Ole Miss Score Prediction

    4 field goals?? We better be mighty close to the goal line and attempt 8.
  7. 80Tiger

    Don't Fire Gus Malzahn

    This is true
  8. 80Tiger

    Upon Further Review -Tennessee Game

    Our issue is that doing the same thing over and over is not working. We have regressed 7 Games in. It is not going to change. Your stats bear that out. You have to give the impression of doing something; for the players, for the coaches and for the fans. Failure to act is a failure to lead. I’m advocating that a change at QB changes the running game for the better. This is not anti Gus. I have been his corner the whole time, but his history shows that a mobile QB is a hard requirement for his success. While JS is somewhat mobile he does not want to be hit.
  9. 80Tiger

    Upon Further Review -Tennessee Game

    I think this continues to show that JS is a liability for this team. He has always had fumbling issues and now his duck and chuck throwing is costing us games. Change at QB has to happen. A QB that is a threat to run along with a short passing game could spark the O. Our freshman WR are so dynamic that they can take a short throw and turn in big yds as we saw. Our RB are not SEC level but the running threat at QB could give them the lanes to take a 2 us gain to a 6 or 7 yd gain. Big difference.
  10. 80Tiger

    3rd Down Defense

    Just what corch said. Mask you coverage. Give some over the top help. Maybe change to some type zone. You better do something for this week because Ole Miss QB and receivers are better than UT.
  11. 80Tiger

    The ultimate defender

    I am a lot like corch. I have wanted Gus to be successful and discount posters that say they know what Gus is thing or what kind of ego he has etc. Gus is not going anywhere after this year. The buyout is obscene and nationally we would be a laughing stock for giving huge raise one year and firing him the next. Changes are needed with the staff and on the team and I agree with those mentioned. IMO you relieve Chip now. Make a change at QB. JS is aliability at QB not an asset. His fumbling has been a problem for both years and now he just chucks the ball wherever. Gus calls plays and live and die with what we have. As it stands now we win one more game and will not even be competitive in some of the others.
  12. 80Tiger

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Beginning to sound a lot last week
  13. 80Tiger

    finding some momentum

    This is a disappointing statement from our OC. Plenty of teams make yds between the 20’s. If you can’t finish whether it’s turnovers or not making 4th downs then you have failed. If he is trying to pull a silver lining from that fiasco last week then he is doomed for failure.
  14. 80Tiger

    Starting to think

    Shug set his own retirement. He may have been nudged, but I don't think he was pushed out.
  15. 80Tiger

    Auburn vs. Tennessee Score Prediction

    Thanks Kees. Call this bammer out.