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  1. Well, two things imo. First, spring depth charts don't mean a whole lot. Secondly, I would guess the coaches don't think he should be higher on the depth chart. Why would they be "less than truthful"?
  2. While it is not a great indicator of talent, seeing how many end up at the professional ranks can be somewhat of litmus test. So how many end up in the pro's? Some for sure from the O Line; receivers-there is some talent but our history there says we tend to underachieve at this position; running backs- a couple of guys will get looks. I won't even try to guess on QB. On defense some of the def line will play on Sunday; LB- maybe Williams, and some of the secondary may get a look. But overall outside of both D and O line not sure how many guys have pro potential past a couple of seasons. It's hard to compare to past teams, but at the moment I don't think it is close to 1983, 1988, or 2004 team. 2010 team was skewed by Cam. It could be close to the 2013 team for sure. Just my thoughts.
  3. Coming from the person that perpetuated the lie of the Benghazi riots were from a video!! That is absolutely crazy.
  4. Of course I prefaced my remarks with that "if it is not a family issue" and you chose not to list that.
  5. Well that really doesn't add up. If he is in school and in good standing why would he not be at practice? Assuming there is not some family issue that requires him to be at home and not school, what type personal problem requires a months absence? I am not trying to start rumors because I have no idea, but something is not right. Grades, not going to classes, not going to weight room, who knows. But he is missing the complete spring with a new QB that may be next years starter.
  6. These situations rarely end good.
  7. Sounds like a little bit of an outdoorsman, Not something you generally see in upper echelon academia. I like it.
  8. Another guaranteed sell out. I am sure CBS will want to pick that game up for the 2:30pm broadcast.
  9. Absolutely. Nice insight to what his thoughts are about what spring practice. He has forgotten more about football than the combined knowledge on this board.
  10. You think so? I am certainly not privy to any inside knowledge or anything but just at the games I was at in person, it did not seem that way, but I defer to you on that.
  11. Whether by design or not it sure seems as if that is what we have been doing the last few years; not relying on the long pass and making mostly shorter throws.
  12. Really? You have no opinion on that? This whole thread is an opinion of which you are participating. There are a myriad of thing that one could look at to make an opinion one way or another. Bigger/faster/stronger is one of them. Better arm strength would be one/ who all recruited him would be another and the fact that he has played QB before helps in that thought process (your argument for the 50 guys on the roster who didn't play QB is silly). All of this is subjective and opinion.
  13. Quick question. Do you think WB has more talent than SW? I personally do. Can he read defenses? Don't know. With that said will it translate to the field? I don't know that it will or not. WB may never see the field in any real capacity. Who knows? But I believe that if WB looks to be the QB of the future. You will see him in as many mop up games (if JS is the starter) as you will SW.
  14. From what I have read, WB is much more athletic/talented. He has more upside and much stronger arm. Don't know about his ability to read defenses. Not enough info. SW is accurate under about 30 yds. His long pass accuracy leaves much to be desired and his reading of defenses is like others IMO. At games I have attended I have seen misreads and throwing to the wrong man many times, but I believe that happens with all QB's. I am with others who believe JS has a higher upside and thinks he will win the starting job. When you look at the teams that have won the NC over the years, you can point to very good QB on all the team. Clemson, OSU, FSU, AU. Alabama is the only one that can do it with more of a game manager, but their talent is so deep they can offset, but even some of their guys ended up in the NFL.
  15. All those are points to be considered for the success of the team. My point is that we need better talent at QB that can perform. I believe that Barrett has better talent than SW but don't know if he can perform. I believe JS has better talent but don't know if he can perform either. I think better talent on the field no matter the position will lead to better results. That is what I hoping for.