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  1. Could be, but missing the spring does not help him do that , IMO
  2. Completely agree with this on the track. I think especially for Shivers. I could easily see DJ Williams getting the third rotation spot behind KM and Boobie.
  3. A lot has to with their new hire coach. AU just beat 3 of the top tier teams in basketball and is going to the final four and their new coach just stole a recruit from Buffalo.
  4. I wouldn't say easily. Mike Mitchell was a scoring machine at AU. Led the conference a couple of times and was all time leading scorer until Chuck Person. He was 15th player selected '78 or '79.
  5. More like AU leaving him. This and the Horton things has been in the works for some weeks now
  6. Our performance this year shows that we are subject to lose any road game. That includes Vandy. Beating TN at home is a tall order. They look to be a very good team right now. We could just as easily go 3-5 down the stretch as 5-3. More than likely we steal one road game and end up 4-4
  7. I wouldn’t think so. Auburn is not exactly on the way from Knoxville to Hoover. That would be a couple of hundred miles out of route.
  8. I think we are far enough into the season to say we are what we are. Looks like a 500 league play team. Win at home and lose on the road for the most part. Does not seem to be any one on the roster to fill Heron position.
  9. He had no pivot foot, and was able to "jump" to a better position to make his drive to the basket. Without the "jump" move he would have never been able to drive to the basket IMO. So I do think there was a possible advantage. But traveling should never be about gaining an advantage but by playing by the rules.
  10. Heard from some AU people that were in Nashville Thursday and the Purdue people have turned out, but the AU showing looks pretty weak at the moment.
  11. Problem with this, is that every other QB would probably transfer, leaving us with no back up.
  12. I am completely aware of what happened. And figured you would respond since you are one of the ones that has all knowledge concerning what goes on at AU. By the fact that he played in 5 games instead of 4 games means he played more; so he got more playing time. Do you really think he was staying if he was redshirted? I don't, he was not satisfied with his playing time and the talent that was in front of him. By not redshirting him, he can now transfer without losing any more eligibility. He will sit out a year as a redshirt. He will still have 3 years remaining after he transfers. Guess what, that is the exact amount of time he would have left he had stayed. He hasn't lost anything except the opportunity to play college football for five years. If he was here for 5 years do you really think he would have been a contributor in year 5?
  13. First time I think I have seen a player upset because he got more playing time. Redshirts do not mean much of anything now days. Any players worth much is only at a school 3 years anyway. I believe he was transferring no matter what, especially if he has received less playing time and redshirted. We have done him a favor by not burning his redshirt. He can now transfer and sit out without losing a year of eligibility.
  14. No doubt. I thought Miller had a really nice 2nd half of the season.