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  1. 80Tiger

    2019 WR John Dunmore

    All I get from this is that Penn State has a serious issue with depth at WR; 6 on roster and 0 committs? Ouch.
  2. 80Tiger

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    I get that offenses need to change and evolve but I saw nearly all of what you list during the year ( except throwing to tight end). But to my question, what is the desired result.? A higher completion %.? We were highest in conference. More yds? Maybe but we threw for a lot of yds. Better ypa? Ok we weren’t the best but over 8 per attempt which is not bad. More TDs? We threw for 20 against 4 int which was pretty good. Sometimes it seems that many on here think we had a terrible passing game last year when the stats say we had a very good passing attack this past year.
  3. 80Tiger

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    We threw for over 2900 yds last year, 3rd most in the conference. Our completion percentage was the highest in the conference. Our yds per attempt was in the upper half of the conference. So my question would be, what sophistication are you looking for and what end result would you be looking for?
  4. 80Tiger

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    I have always liked them but as I get older I just appreciate the music by The Band more and more especially whatever Levon Helm is singing; The Weight, The night they drove old dixie down, Ophelia and Up on Cripple Creek.
  5. Based on how he evaluated WBB he will get a raise and 5 yr extension
  6. 80Tiger

    prince tega putting in the work

    Seems like I read an article like this about him last year.
  7. 80Tiger

    Kyler Murray drafted #9 in MLB Draft

    Absolutely take baseball. Potential longer career and more than likely successful compared to professional football.
  8. Glad that is done.
  9. 80Tiger

    What was your first Auburn game?

    AU -UF- 1969. Sat in the wooden bleachers in the north end zone. Buckets of interceptions by AU that day and first glimpse of Sullivan to Beasly
  10. 80Tiger

    What was your first Auburn game?

    I was at that game. I think every AU defender bounced off Otis Anderson as he ran for about a 60yd TD .
  11. As Mikey said, you are probably right. Unless something happened last night or today, I guess these two assistants have been "fired". Since one of these guys is BP son I guess this will do it for him also. IF this goes down like in this manner, this is a colossal cluster (you know what) by Greene and Leath. Maybe it will not but I do not see these assistants returning at this point.
  12. Disagree. When AU hired Pearl, the Tennessee stuff is and should be behind him. It should not be part of any contract process now. From what has been reported there is nothing to show that Pearl was involved with CP and his issues. If there was , there would not be a contract negotiation going on. There would be a separation negotiation going on. As 64 said, it is almost unheard of allowing contracts to expire. IMO Green and Leath are doing harm to the men's basketball program by allowing this to drag on. BP is the coach, there should be no due diligence going about whether he should be our coach.
  13. Well , 2 of our assistants contracts expire this Friday. So technically these assistants will no longer be employed by AU come the end of this week. This is beginning to become a cluster and Greene is failing in one of his first big issues IMO. AU basketball looks to be turning the corner and our AD and prez looks like they are trying to set us back.
  14. 80Tiger

    Hosting/Regional Placement

    We had plenty of opportunities to control our own destiny and just did not do it. No one to blame but ourselves.
  15. When you start playing games down the road, it usually leads to trouble.