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  1. Best gymnast in the world goes to AU! War Eagle!
  2. I am a lot skeptical on the NT from UAB. Only started 3 games for them last year. UAB had 3 D lineman with post season honors and he was not one of them. A poster on here (WDE maybe) said that the UAB coaches said he was not extremely motivated and then supposedly showed up at AU even heavier than he has been. IMO, there is not much in his past that indicates he will be a big contributor at AU. With all that said, I could be wrong.
  3. IMO we have to quit counting the cupcake wins. They do not mean anything except to mask your win total. That is why last year, 6-5 was truly more reflective of what type of team we were versus a 8-5 if we added 2 more cupcake games. Cupcake games do nothing more but hide that you may be a really bad or average team. They trick you into thinking you are good or have improved. After throwing out the nobody schools your above scenario leaves us at 3-6. Hardly a good year in anyone's eyes.
  4. I don’t see it that way. Our athletic programs are a mess. Supposedly coaches complaints about their budgets have triggered this and that the only program we outspend in football is Vandy. Don’t no if that is true or not.
  5. All I know is that not a lot of people are happy with AG and the fact that AU athletics have worsen under his watch.
  6. No one said it was a ranking of the schools. The slap is that Auburn a top 15 job could only hire a guy that is considered the 35th coach. 9 SEC coaches are rated ahead including Mizz and the 2 Miss coaches. Yes he went up 9 notches because he is now at AU. I would bet if he was still at Boise he would not have gone up much if any. Most here are looking at the hire through orange colored glasses. As I said earlier most outside look at this as a so so hire. You are right it is about the coaches and most outside of AU don’t think of this as a home run hire.
  7. To me though, these are the exact reasons that it is a slap at AU; based on past accomplishments he is considered the 35th best coach, and before being hired at AU he was the 44th best. While the list is top heavy with the traditional powers, there are many on the list that are ranked above Harsin that are accomplishing a lot at mid tier schools that you could compare to Boise. I draw from this, that those outside of the AU world are unsure about this hire. They believe that Harsin's pedigree does not particular equate to success. My concern is that recruits will look at him the same way. This
  8. Great analogy- Alabama is the speakeasy.
  9. Its actually worse than that. Last year Gus was ranked 13th, so we dropped 21 places
  10. It is a slap at AU. We are supposed to be a top 15 type job. The guy we had is considered 36 ( probably correct) and the guy we are getting is 35. Harsin was 44 last year, so he got a bump for coming to AU, but to me it indicates that people outside of AU are skeptical about this hire.
  11. I always had read and thought we were a top 15 job. Maybe not.
  12. I really don't get some of the anger in this thread. As with most topics,this is for people's opinion. Some like it and some do not. I don't think there is a right or wrong. Sports like everything else is evolving whether you like the evolution of it or not. Some want to think that this the end of amateurism in college football and it somewhat is, but the Olympics quit being about amateurs long ago. I can agree with both views. I like the thought of players coming to a school to receive and education and to win championships for good ole Auburn. But at the same time, the money involved in the
  13. Always go with your head. It’s like you never bet on the team you pull for. Emotion clouds your judgement. As someone said earler, these type articles always come out. AU is not doing anything different or special than any other team right now.
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