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  1. I am going with the theory that while in the ACC last year he has been able to get a higher draft projection and playing week in week out against harder competition in the SEC could drop his draft projections. That's right, I said it, he is scared of the competition.
  2. It seems to me that over the years the NCAA has gone to extremes to insure that athletes are not treated differently than regular students (elimination of athletic dorms, cush jobs in the summer etc). To your point, this protective "bubble" they are being provided just where the can participates seems to be the height of special handling of athletes.
  3. A guy was telling me that he watched some of this with piped cheering and he heard the cheers and chants for Liverpool and they were not even playing.
  4. Leaves a lot of opportunity for open dates and therefore the ability for players to get over the illness if they happen to contract it. As an example if Ohio State had 10 starters out with covid, all of a sudden a game with Indiana might be more competitive than it should be if there was no off week. You would almost always have 2 weeks between games with an 8 week schedule.
  5. Not getting the Kyle Trask thing. Just didn’t see it. I guess Newman at UGA is about potential. Kind of agree with Bo’s placement. Mond is what he is after 3 years in.
  6. He retired and did some work with the fundraising group with the athletic department. May still today.
  7. Cut Fairly. He did not have the same career as Rocker and Brown. Rocker had the awards and probably a better supporting cast but Brown probably has more pro upside. Start Brown and bench Rocker.
  8. Sonny Smith signed Mike Jones from Oak Hill in early 80's. He went to Central of Phenix City, some things happened and he transferred to Oak Hill for one year. I believe he was a high school All American that one year
  9. After reading that the title should be “ why 9 recruits are probably going to GA or AL and 1 going to AU”.
  10. Looks like the collapse is about complete: from national contender to bottom tier SEC in just a few years.
  11. He is going to be their special teams coach; an on the field position.
  12. Lived down in the area some years ago. Columbus is as much bama as UGA
  13. LSU had a good offensive year no doubt. So there is some questions to as did the system make Joe Burrow good or did Joe Burrow make the system good. Be interesting to see how LSU does next year.
  14. I would think that Arky is going to be paying the difference of what he gets at a new place versus what he was making as OC.
  15. But the whole premise of the original argument was "what if's". BB said "What if" we don't score 2 defensive TD's we lose the game. That's the whole point I am making if you want to play the what if game? Geez !!
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