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  1. State of baseball team

    I think you always want to have your best opportunity to win early in a series. So best guy Friday night, 2nd best Sunday etc. As an example if you pitched Mize on Sat or Sunday, have you just conceded Friday night as a loss to the other teams ace? Now you have no possibility of a sweep. One of the axioms in baseball is to play the one you are playing and not worry about the ones after that.
  2. Instant replay coming to AL HS Football

    What a colossal mistake. Officiating at this level is suspect due to the nature of the fact that the guys officiating are not far from being volunteers and kudos to them for doing it.This is high school football. It is ok if it is not perfect. No need to slow games down looking at replays. Replays work at professional on college because almost every game has TV cameras with professional cameraman that offer multiple angles. At most high school games there are one or two cameras filming from press box or elevated end zone.
  3. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    I think we are seeing the difference between a coach that knew what to do at an elite level and had done it before, and one that has not produced at an elite level but is trying to figure out how get there. My greatest concern is that with Myers we would have been a much better team this year and going forward will we get elite type recruits.
  4. State of baseball team

    Based on the last few weeks, your projection is somewhat optimistic IMO, taking the series from Vandy will be tough, as well as taking the series from UAT on the road.
  5. Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    But you have nothing that says his actually constituents are unhappy with the tax cut and the extra money they are currently receiving in their paychecks. Since we are prognosticating for the future, I would be willing to say that the tax cuts will be extended or made permanent. But even if they do not I imagine the constituents will be mad at the actual people who raise the rates in the future. As for the debt, we will have to wait and see if those come to fruition. I am of the mind that if congress would get serious about cutting spending, then there will be a positive impact on the debt.
  6. Paul Ryan will not seek re-election

    I would like to hear the argument that tax cuts hurt his constituents.
  7. Baseball @ Samford

    Pretty disappointing to think this team has thrown in the towel. Hopefully not.
  8. State of baseball team

    So I have been perusing the YTD stats for the SEC and a couple of things jump out (which many on here have already said). At this point in the season we are a middle of the pack hitting team; 8th in avg, 7th in slugging pct, 3rd in on base pct, 4th in runs scored, 4th in RBI to name a few. But the feeling I seem to get is that we are trending down and most of those numbers are propped up by early season play. Our pitching and fielding are in the lower tier of the conference. In pitching 10th in ERA, 9th in opposing team batting avg, 9th in hits allowed. Fielding is worse. 12th in fielding pct, 9th in put outs, 5th most errors, and to me this is the kicker- next to last in double plays turned. We have turned 15 DP this year, while the leaders in this category are in the 30's. Say what you will, but most of those numbers indicate a team that is performing in the bottom third of the conference.
  9. State of baseball team

    Played a lot of baseball, but mostly through coaching kids in youth/travel and having kids at high school level. Don't disagree with your thought of maybe 2 guys per team that can field and throw at a plus level. But you go to a tournament and you could see 10 or 12 kids that had the fielding ability, but maybe see one that truly had the hitting ability for the next level. Not that I could pick them out, but mostly from high school coaches that I know.
  10. State of baseball team

    While I think it is way to early to make any determinations about whether CBT is the right guy or not, we just do not seem to be a very good team. Most of that is talent based which is up to him to correct. We all got lulled into thinking we were a good team due to our weak early schedule. I know a coach wants some early success, but did the team get any better facing some less than stellar teams and pitching? It is a work in process that hopefully we will see getting better. My one gripe and this goes for most of sports. This board has gotten to be the worst about blaming umpires and officiating. Many on here seem to think umpires/officials are out there calling games to the detriment of Auburn University and in many cases the only reason we did not win some type game. The fact is, you get some bad calls and you get some good calls, but most calls are usually correct. We come across as whiny children when we bi***** about the umpiring/officiating all the time.
  11. State of baseball team

    Going to disagree about the position thing. In baseball, you always had to be flexible and play multiple positions. Most of these guys probably played multiple field positions in high school. They mostly were all were recruited for hitting purposes (sometimes exception is catcher). Good fielders in high school are a dime a dozen, but it they can't hit they do not go to the next level. While there are intricacies associated with each infield position , if a guy cannot play multiple positions then he better be a DH.
  12. Softball vs. Kennesaw State

    Pretty sure I read we have the lowest batting average in the SEC, which means just about every game is going to be close no matter the opponent. If we hover around .500 for conference play, then we cannot afford to drop to many midweek games.
  13. Devan Barrett as WR

    Well, this guarantees that we will have 5 injuries to running backs and he will eventually have to move back.
  14. Baseball vs Missouri Game 3

    While I think BT has done a pretty good job so far at AU, MSU is one of tradition rich baseball programs in the country (albeit not so much the last few years), would they not have a little wider search process. Not trying to run BT down, but would they somewhat be settling for BT? Could they not interest a coach that has accomplished more at some other program?
  15. Baseball vs Missouri Game 3

    Not sure I see a sweep on any of these teams. Considering we have been playing sub 500 ball since the conference schedule started, going 6-3 would be huge for this team. Arky, is somewhat like us, looking for a breakout series. They hit the ball pretty good but lost a series to FL and to Ole Miss. They will be looking to get healthy this coming week end.