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  1. I see DJ as the best back that we have, that includes Whitlow. He is definitely needed down the stretch and has been needed all year. Our backs as a whole are OK. But I am not sure they would be seeing the playing field if they played UA, UGA, LSU and FL. (Just an opinion. Not trying to start a sh**storm).
  2. This. There are only so many touches. We want Scharwtz more involved, then we want Shed more involved, then why doesn't Cannella get more opportunities, and why don't we throw to the tight end, or why don't we throw to the backs out of the backfield, and mostly do not short Seth any opportunities. Against Arky it looks like we decided to put Scharwtz and Seth on the field at the same time. This came at the expense of Stove. Cannella and Shed played more probably because they are more effective blockers and this comes at the expense of Hastings.
  3. After Matthew Hill took that chewing out from Gus last week for causing us to burn a time out, I'm not sure he will see the field this week.
  4. IMO, Tulane's last scoring play worked due targeting calls. The receiver came open in the middle of the field. To me, the Houston defenders had the opportunity to make hard hits and take the guy down, but they looked extremely timid. No one stuck their head in to make the tackle, they just ran up to him and never really hit the receiver. Maybe they are terrible tacklers but I think this is somewhat the result of targeting calls. Depending on who you are, it can be a good or bad thing.
  5. This is third game of the season. By this time we are what we are. Pretty avg on both sides of the ball.
  6. On the 2 yd and We have 4 plays to make 2 yds. Embarrassing
  7. I think that was the year, at one point we thought we were getting Seastrunk, Dyer and the kid that ended up at South Carolina. Cannot remember his name.
  8. Their QB is good. He can be very accurate and seems to be very good at check downs to backs out of the backfield.
  9. All true statements for sure. I think the biggest issue for JG as Bird says, is that he has not beat anyone out for QB in high school or college. Say what you will but if he had been the best QB (passer) in HS he would have been the full time QB there. I think BN was far more advanced to QB play than JG based on being a full time HS QB. I would have loved JG to be the guy because he is a true DT QB
  10. The best passer will win this competition. Not sure which one that is yet.
  11. I have seen it on the other sites also. Not a single site shows any substantial programs, and him not saying he had other offers but did not report does not make much sense to me. Anyway, no big deal. I am of the opinion is that he was not a "big time" get. But that is only my opinion.