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  1. I think our D line plays hard but we can use some size and quality depth. By the end of the season 25 and 29 may be worn slap out.
  2. So you are another one of these " I know more than everyone else". I have never said that if a ball hits someone's hands they should always catch it. That's crazy. I guess it is your right to be an expert in your own mind. I was at the game. The ball should have been caught.
  3. The pass to Shivers was not to hard. He just did not make the catch. He also had another one later on that he dropped. Agree with the fact that on the non catch by Shenker should have been thrown to Hunter. He was open around the 5.
  4. I believe you saw that, but what position group do we have at least the 14th best group in the country. LB maybe. RB? What else?
  5. How old is you friend and does he work at the state fair?
  6. Rex is spot on about this years performance. Top level high school kids do not know who Harsin is. HS coaches in this part of the country have never met him or talked with him. To draw interest from the top recruits, AU has to play well, be competitive and actual win some games that maybe they are not supposed to this year. That will start drawing the interest of the big recruits. I read where the top recruit in Alabama for 2023 released his top 5. AU did not get a sniff. No where to be found. We cannot wait on the "it will take 2 or 3 years" to see recruiting results.
  7. Agreed. Dline seems to be as inept if not more than the Oline
  8. I think you could give that pass for the PSU game, but last Saturday was lackluster in execution and what I believe was preparation. Very little of last week could be blamed on the previous staff. Last Saturday was an unmotivated, unprepared team. This past game performance lays at the feet of the current staff. Hope it was a one off.
  9. Not sure about Big Cat, but I think Truesdale and Newkirk would have started. Not sure how much better pass rush would have been. Looks as if many times we only had 3 rushing
  10. So the truth comes out. You think Bo lost the game. Your hate Bo mantra gets old. You can’t get over how history has proven you wrong about how Gatewood should have been the QB. This game was lost to a critical turnover and our lack of pass rush which resulted in our lack of pass defense.
  11. This game was not lost due to Bo. If you put Bo on PSU last night and their guy with us , the outcome would have been the same IMO. Our receivers did not help much , theirs did. They had pass rush, we did not. We had a critical turnover, they did not. And most of all our game planning especially on defense and in game coaching was inferior to theirs.
  12. THIS is the issue going forward. We play at least 3 teams with better to much better QB and teams that have multiple receivers that are as good if not better than PSU guys.
  13. You can't play scared of injury, but you can play smart. He needs the work just like all the other backs. Just be smart about it.
  14. This. I enjoyed the game and it was fun, but that was a team that could not have a single player on our squad even as a walk on. Does anyone remember our 2 preseason scrimmages and how pedestrian our offense looked. I don’t know how good or bad this team is but that is the problem with these first two games of the season. Outside of getting timing and execution down (which is important) I am not sure you really improve and certainly gives fans and possibly players a false sense of how good you are.
  15. Cole Cubelic certainly knows more about it than I do, but his play has never seemed to that level to me.
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