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  1. Agreed about the three pitchers scenario. Just indicates that team was not mentally into the game whatsoever and was ready to go home. Poor effort. Coaches need to take some heat for allowing team to waller around like. Should have been some serious "conversations" during the game about "who wanted to be on the field" at the moment.
  2. Have to be honest. I haven't seen a lot of games, listened to more on the radio, but Roberts seems just to have a lot of pop in his bat and swing. Todd may also, he just hasn't stuck out to me as much in my limited viewing.
  3. No insight or whatever, but bats! bats! bats!. If we need a catcher he needs to have some power. Same with OF and corner positions. Middle infielders don't have to have power but they better be able to make contact, especially a curve. The only current player I enjoy watching bat is Roberts.
  4. I think it was the right call. We needed a win badly last night. I am in the camp that believed we needed a win last night to feel good about post season. Without the 2 pitching last night we may not have been worrying about anybody pitching today.
  5. Thomas's ruling is very consistent. The result may not be what people want or wish for. Any type minority, to have influence in voting, has to vote in mass or block. Hence redistricting by race as dictated by the Voting Rights Acts. By overturning this ruling, many of minorities will be moved back to other districts where they will remain in the minority. This in fact could dilute the voting strength of minorities in NC.
  6. My take on this, is there has been some type of on-going issue with MC and someone else. I would like to think that he has been warned and given chances to correct the situation but failed to do so and him being asked to transfer was the final solution. I prefer it to be something like this, instead of a one time scrape between a couple of guys.
  7. Fullwood was no where near 230 lbs. Closer to 205 to 210
  8. Correct. Barfield was brought to AU as OC under Shug to install the veer. AU ran mostly veer in those days.
  9. Entire bill around 20% (due to rounding) unless some seriously bad service or food. If food is bad I will send back but not eat after that. Can't take a chance on something else coming to the table.
  10. Agreed. The fact is we were 2-8 for the final 3 weeks of the season. I don't think anything is a given. I would certainly feel better with a couple of wins in the SEC tournament.
  11. I always laugh when you see analyst with these scenarios. When you are in a one and done type tournament, or trying to stay out of a losers bracket, you play your best pitchers in the first game as long as they are rested. Always get the first win and worry about the other games later. "Saving" a pitcher for a later game usually bites you in the rear.
  12. Off season workouts, weight room, throwing with QB's everyday. That stuff is going on.
  13. I have to be honest. This bothers me. Why wouldn't he be back with the team now? If he was on an excused absence why the delay?
  14. While for some it is fixable, it is not something that happens very quickly. To me it is a lot of batting practice and recognizing pitches and spin as it leaves the pitchers hand. It has to become 2nd nature. If you have to think about it , the pitch is over and it is too late. So many curve balls end up out of the strike zone. You have to have the ability to lay off those that are not going to be strikes and let the pitcher get behind and have to throw a fast ball. I am a little disappointed that we have so many players at this level that struggle with it. Some people never get it and just can't hit a curve. All this is just my opinion and very general baseball knowledge. There may be others here that know how to fix this quickly.