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  1. rolltoomer

    Paterno and Saban

    With Saban's ego, I could envision him thinking, "Here is a chance for me to ride in on a white horse and lift these masses out of the darkness and reestablish the glory days, with a national championship thrown in to become the shining beacon in Happy Valley".
  2. rolltoomer

    Paterno and Saban

    At one time, it was talked that Saban had long dreamed of coaching at Penn State. Wonder if he still feels that way. Wonder who at PS is taking the long view and will Lil' Nicky hear the siren call?
  3. rolltoomer

    Finebaum story on Updyke

    Bama Grad: I read a post on a uat board that said that "Updyke should get an award--he saved those trees from a terrible death due to their being slowly killed by being paved over and mutilated." As an aside, those oaks owe their long life to the particular environment they are in--they do not normally survive in the latitude they find themselves. "Updyke should get an award"? Do you endorse that? Suppose the Bryant museum were stripped of irreplaceable memorabilia and razed? Does the perp get an award? "He removed false idols being worshipped by misguided souls--he saved them from hell."
  4. rolltoomer

    Clemson Game Report Card

    I do not understand the pass rating failure number(s) vs. rating, nor do I understand the punt return defense numbers vs rating. Is it me or are there errors?
  5. rolltoomer

    TV Listings

    This is a really good site--best I've seen:
  6. rolltoomer

    Auburn QB's in good hands for 2011

    It is gloriously refreshing to read posts like this, instead of stories of bickering and flaming. Thanks, Stat.
  7. rolltoomer

    BCSNCG Caption this photo #1

    Not a caption, but a comment: Notice that his feet are slipping, with clumps of Oregon (yep, Oregon) sod coming up. Don't know if he would have caught it, but he would have had a better chance with firm footing.
  8. Anyone have a link to subject "coming story" this month?
  9. rolltoomer

    Bammer Poisons Toomer Trees

    Some crazy in Texas a few years ago poisoned the historic Treaty Oak. Lots of sicko's out there.
  10. rolltoomer

    A Satisfying Read

    For anyone interested in Canzano's post-game column, here is the link. (Sorry I don't know how to shrink it.)
  11. rolltoomer

    Reviewing Auburn - Alabama

    I thought y'all had 13,000. We certainly don't have 13--and neither do you.
  12. rolltoomer

    Trovon Reed

    Or rather, did the coaches blow a year of his eligibility? Somebody tell me he gets a medical this year. ________________________________________________
  13. rolltoomer

    SECCG Postgame (South Carolina)

    My head is swimming: Score every 9.6 plays?? Score on 70% of possessions?? Holy Moley!
  14. I think anyone over 40 should be taken out behind some tree and shot. Damned old farts--it's obvious that they don't care for the Tigers if they won't double-up on their meds and get a Zimmer frame and stand for the game. Geez! They don't care enough to stand up? Then why should they get a chance to see what's going on? Standing up makes us feel important and big. It's like wearing an American lapel pin, it shows that I care a lot more than they do and that they are useless trash! Just get out of my way! Even the most dum sumbit*h knows that more noise gets to the field if you're standing up and yelling vs sitting down and yelling. I think old people need to find some other entertainment. If they can't stand, they shouldn't be allowed in the effin" stadium. That goes for scholarship donors and heavy Unlimited Fund givers! Everybody knows that screaming standing up means more to the program than the many hundreds of thousands of dollars they contribute. You think the players can't tell a difference in the noise level if people are yelling standing or sitting? "Hey Cam, do you notice how quiet the stadium is? People must be sitting and yelling. Dammit! We're busting our ass down here and some people are sitting!" "Yeah, and did you notice that some of our own players are actually sitting on the sidelines? Actually sitting! Can you believe it?? They ought to lose their scholarships, I don't care how many sacks or blocks or yards they contribute!" No, you can tell when a so-called fan no longer supports the team--they sit down! It's insidious: first they only sit at timeouts; then they start sitting a little between plays; first thing you know they are sitting through a play or two. We ought to form "Sitter Vigilantes"--put mean SOB's in each section. Anybody caught sitting at any time gets hauled up to the top row and then over the railing! Them and their chicken-sh*t canes and oxygen tanks, too. Football game attendance is only for virile, young sh*theads. I for one will sign a pledge to give up coming to games when I reach the age or state of health when I can't stand. It all started when the PTB started building stands in the first place. They should have known that people would start using them as seats. Why the hell do they put seats in the stadiums in the first place? Makes me want to beat the holy cr*p out of those vendors who peddle those rat-fink lousy cushions--with backs, already! I've even seen sections where they not only have seats, they have seats with ARMS! Can you believe it? What a bunch of gay jerks taking up stadium room for the real fans that stand.
  15. rolltoomer

    Not sure if this was talked about before or not?

    You're kidding, right? You watched the whole game, right? You did see the last few minutes, right? C'mon.