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    Loves: Good scotch whiskey, fine cigars, everything about Auburn, college sports in general, a good hearty laugh, road trips, the fellowship of good friends, and vacationing in the Scottish Highlands.<br /><br />Hates: Dumbass late teen/early 20's punks that think they know it all, stoner idiots, redneck idiots, dirty hippies, commie liberals (not all liberals, just the commie kind), sh*tty drivers, liver, rap music, sh*tty 80's movies, Kevin Bacon, and Italians from Naples.<br /><br />My checklist of things to do before I die:<br /><br />Fly an airplane [ ]<br />Make a parachute jump [ ]<br />Ride an elephant through a jungle [X]<br />Pick a fight with a pack of wild monkeys [X]<br />Haggle with a Turkish spice merchant [X]<br />Raft the Colorado River [ ]<br />Go on a Grizzly Bear hunt [ ]<br />Climb to the top of a volcano [X]<br /><br />Checklist of things I didn't intend to experience:<br /><br />Get a seemingly uncurable case of the tropical sh*ts [X] (I got better)<br />Having a gun pulled on me by a cabbie [X]<br />Struck by lightning [X]<br />Ride an overcrowded Sri Lankian train [X]<br /><br />more to come later.....
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    A little place called Possum Trot
  1. Remind me again; how did that whole Pelosi led democrat congress thing work out for you dems? From where I sit, the "movement" you dems are bragging about is nothing more than a courseless drift.
  2. Well, yeah, a dem did say those things "2 years ago." Where was the outrage then? I seem to recall the response from the dems here being muffled due to the Murtha fellatio that was going on at the time. I called it hypocricy then, and I stand by what I said. You guys can be on the wrong side (IMO) as much as you want. It's your right. All I ask is that you be consistent. That hasn't happened, thus the hypocrite label. It's more than deserved in this instance.
  3. Not so fast, counselor. The typical lesbian couple look nothing like those in the movies. They are usually either knocking on 2-bills and sport horrible hairdos and very masculine tendancies.
  4. Just so we're clear, I didn't happen to see ANY Democrats utter a single word about how disgraceful were the words of Jack Murtha or DICK Durbin, when they vilified our troops. But here, you're not seeing the Congressman bad mouth Barack, but he's simply describing what the Islamic nut cases will do if Obama wins. There's a world of difference here, and your misplaced 'disgust' is a tad laughable. Raptor for the win! I recall here about 2 weeks ago, one of them going off on another member concerning the Guard. I don't remember the particulars about the exchange other than TigerAl feigning
  5. Who said anything at all about Bush or Cheney? Neither of them are running for office after this term so why even bring it into this discussion. Give the BDS a break, man. All that bitterness and rage is unheathy.
  6. You may as well vote for Obama or Hillary then. Choosing not to vote plays right into their hand.
  7. The ether surrounding Obama is lifting and all the myopic, undereducated, hopelessly hopeful Obama supporters will one day step into the cold light of day and realize their candidate is just another selfish politician that doesn't give 2 hoots in hell about them or about America. The problem I have with the typical Obama supporter is they want to "change" everything. They don't know HOW they're going to change anything, they just want "change". They're outed as naive by thinking "change" can occur organically from the office of the President. "Change" is a bugaboo. It takes real political m
  8. So, has it been determined that the TPD is infested with fans? How many pages of this conspiracy crap are we up to now? The reason these thugs are getting busted couldn't be something as simple as them acting like drunken ***holes, could it?
  9. Congrats. He's neck and neck with the person many view to be the most evil person to ever hold public office. Seems to me he'd be blowing her away. Other than surrendering to our enemy, what does he stand for?
  10. bama has another problem now. Some of their players can't get in a huddle because it is a parole violation to associate with known felons Good stuff. You know Ron, I think we've probably seen the last bama footballer to run afoul of the law. I have a sneaky suspicion the problem has been "addressed".
  11. I wonder how many other visitors (beside $abear) the mayor and chief of police had this past 2 weeks. Something tells me the REC may be making these folks an offer they can't refuse! :$: :$: "Tell your boys to leave our players alone."
  12. I have never heard her complain. Depends on how deep you stick the straw in her. Actually, "Snifter of brandy" was all I could come up with to sound snooty. I wound up with a Vitamin Water and some beef jerky. Then I went to bed. Port. A snifter of port exudes snootiness.
  13. We (Auburn people) are looked upon pretty favorably everywhere in the conference outside of tuscaloosa. Our poll numbers regarding likability have even risen to over 50% in Baton Rouge for Christ's sake.
  14. "Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery." - Winston Churchill
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