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  1. Not sure I saw this one coming. I'm sure we can find a solid replacement with our history though.
  2. $32 million is all we need to pull the plug. Let's get started.
  3. If we can land men on the moon, the Auburn fanbase can raise $32 million to pull the plug on the "offensive guru"
  4. Serious question, what is the buyout if he was fired right now? I'm down for at least $100 for the GoFundMe that needs to get started to make that happen. I refuse to deal with 5 more years of this.
  5. Any day bama loses is a great day for America, and therefore the world
  6. AU wins 84-77. Coach Pearl will have our guys ready to play a full 40 minutes.
  7. AP Poll 1. Mississippi State (48) 9-0 2. Florida State (12) 9-0 3. Oregon 9-1 4. Alabama 8-1 5. TCU 8-1 6. Baylor 8-1 7. Arizona State 8-1 8. Ohio State 8-1 9. Auburn 7-2 10. Ole Miss 8-2 11. Nebraska 8-1 12. Michigan State 7-2 13. Kansas State 7-2 14. UCLA 8-2 15. Notre Dame 7-2 16. Georgia 7-2 17. Arizona 7-2 18. Clemson 7-2 19. Duke 8-1 20. LSU 7-3 21. Marshall 9-0 22. Wisconsin 7-2 23. Colorado State 9-1 24. Georgia Tech 8-2 25. Utah 6-3 Here's the thing about everybody saying we should not be ranked in the top 10 after that craptastic performance yesterday: aside from Nebraska and Duke, there are no one-loss teams from the Power 5 that are left ranked behind us. The season has been so chaotic around the country that we've essentially only been demoted from best one-loss team to best two-loss team. I expect us to be ranked in the top 10 of the CFP Poll as well, if only by default because we're situated as "the best of the rest" with our impressive wins. But "Default Top 10" still means Top 10. WDE
  8. I live in Vegas so I'll definitely be there!
  9. If Gus Malzahn Wins The Bryant Award This Year, Every Auburn HC Since Pat Dye Resigned Will Have Won The Award This is excluding interim coach Bill Oliver after Terry Bowden was fired, but it's quite an interesting and ironic fact.
  10. By the way, do you happen to have a higher quality version of this pic with less jpeg compression? The Computer Scientist in me would like that very much.
  11. Along the lines of the "Keep Calm And..." shirts/signs, this one has the outline of a AU visor and glasses (ala CGM) above text that says "Keep Calm and Hurry Up"
  12. Arkansas State game just got a lot more interesting story-wise, that's for sure.
  13. Because the recovery from the surgery would have put him out for the season had he had it done anytime during the season. I suppose the logic is that it's better to have him at 70-80% rather than 0% had he elected to get the surgery mid-season. Having the surgery in the offseason makes sense so he can recover fully and be at 100% for next season, if not for spring practice as well. Here's to a speedy recovery, Lutz!