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  1. Despite the off-the-field issues, Ed Orgeron directly proves this point wrong. What a silly hill to die on.
  2. If these “multiple AU coaches” are current football coaches, then I want Cohen even more.
  3. This hurts Auburn’s chances of winning the national championship this year.
  4. It’s been 2 minutes after the game and still no news…
  5. Waking up to no “Harsin Fired” news…
  6. Rolling footage of growing potatoes for 15 minutes isn’t a great strategy at halftime, coach.
  7. I want 6 Brian Harsin’s to be the pallbearers at my funeral so they can let me down one last time.
  8. This one, because our team looked like the 2012 team out there today. Either way, we can only hope the following season has the same result of a new coach.
  9. No shaming here, but those unnamed boosters should be held accountable for their detrimental-to-Auburn behavior.
  10. I suppose we’ll see, guy who joined 10 minutes ago
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