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  1. I kinda feel bad for Morris.. he came in to help his friend Gus out and turn the offense around and just didn’t go as planned. I hope it’s a great offensive game and he gets a good job somewhere.
  2. Yes it’s not hard for head coach to take some time to coach QBs.
  3. I’m just glad we had Dr. Gogue at Auburn to make this decision and not Steven Leath who gave Gus a ridiculous contract.
  4. Beat writers like Phil Marshall need to retire. Slap full of misinformation.
  5. Harsin is at least as good as Napier. Possibly better.
  6. Short on time today so can’t go through each one but I’d definitely keep Travis Williams as LB coach and Cadillac Williams as RB coach. DC he could keep Steele or make a run at a Muschamp or Mason. Bicknell did a good job I thought with what he had this year on OL with no spring ball and so many starters to replace. At least with run blocking. Will be interesting to see how it shakes out.
  7. I like from what I see that his offensive style is a mix of spread and pro style... Not afraid to line it up under center and pound when we need to. Our red zone offense under Gus was terrible. Tank and Bo should thrive in this system. Bo Nix can take the next level as a QB.
  8. I like Kiffin but he’s yet to prove he can win in SEC on consistent basis or field a good defense. He would be a good hire but not exactly a sure thing. Any coach we would have hired the same way. Freeze really only sure fire slam dunk out there.. but comes with baggage.
  9. Don’t be a dense! His resume is better than Terry Bowden, Chizik, Malzahn, and right on line with Pat Dye when Auburn hired him. Let’s be real.
  10. Go Vols? He’s way better than anyone UTK has hired in the last 12 years!
  11. From what I’ve seen Boise is a mix of pro style and spread.
  12. Phillip Marshall needs to retire. Mr. Misinformation
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