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  1. Being a native of Florence, AL, I am so happy to see this and I am so elated for DD. I hope he tears it up!
  2. So you want Tank to come back to put another year of wear and tear on his body? The average lifespan of a running back is 3.5 years in the NFL. He will be eligible for the NFL pension after 3 years. The sooner he gets to the NFL the better. You are only thinking about now; not 20 years from now when his career is over. He needs to start contributing to the NFL pension plan as soon as he can to ensure he continues to get money monthly long after his career is over.
  3. We appreciate everything that Tank has done for Auburn but it is time for him to go get paid in the NFL. NFL careers are short and he doesn't need another year of wear and tear at Auburn.
  4. I know we live in a different, more politically correct society where feelings are taken into consideration, but I sure do miss this. I looked forward to this every year. You'll notice who he is yelling at. Big #5. Brumbaugh never seemed mean enough for me. I wish him the best though.
  5. If you give Robby time to heal, time to throw, along with proper coaching, the sky is the limit. There are not to many QBs that can make this throw. It was a thing of beauty.
  6. Where can I find this ignore button you speak of?
  7. I am not sure who the coach will be but Caddy, Ethridge and Reed MUST be a part of the new coaching staff. Good job!!!
  8. He is a lefty but I like his mechanics. He seems to be getting good coaching.
  9. No to Freeze and no to Kiffen.
  10. Tre Smith deserves a statue for that performance against bammer.
  11. Wasn't he the genius behind the play of the defense in last year's Iron Bowl?
  12. Caddie is getting the team ready to play smash mouth football next week. Punch bama in the mouth and see what happens.
  13. No disrespect to Cam and the 2010 team but that 2004 is the best Auburn team I've had the pleasure of watching.
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