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  1. Dude's film, to me, looks like he can be a starter. I'm impressed with his skills but it will take time being in the SEC.
  2. I guess we'll see when the season starts. You just have to have the last word just like a woman. #effeminate
  3. More good news for the D-line! Jeremiah Wright is back on the defensive line!!! That is where he belonged anyway! 32:15 mark.
  4. When an Auburn fan says they hate Alabama, you better believe it. If you are aware of all the cheating Alabama has gotten away with, you'd have a real disdain, abhorrence for everything Alabama. Yet, I would not wearing another school's jersey but he got 15 minutes of attention.
  5. WOW!!!!!! Can't believe what I just heard. Jimbo has taken off the gloves!
  6. You are having Gus flashbacks. We have competent offensive coaching now.
  7. This is good news! I like TJ but I just haven't seen enough from him and I don't believe he can help this team get to where it needs to be. I was impressed with Ashford. However, there are some posters on this board that don't like the idea of Ashford being used in certain spots/situations. If he can continue to grow and learn why not use his athletic ability in certain situations?
  8. Unbelievable and other worldly! Bo had some kind of speed but I did not know he was this fast. Dude was hauling!
  9. Calzada is an obvious choice to win the starting nod. I hope he can do it and I hope he tears it up. I believe he will get better mainly due to experience and confidence. Good luck to the young man!
  10. 4.35??? Really? lol I can't with you! I believe you want Auburn to succeed as much as I do but I just can't. I will try my best to avoid you. Even if/when Harsin becomes successful, you and I will not see eye to eye. Good luck to you brother!
  11. It is amazing to me how some people love and give high praises for Auburn consistently losing 5 games a year. SMH
  12. Auburn has been producing quality college and NFL backs for over 40 years. The catalogue of running backs has not been equaled.
  13. This was not the same team that USC beat in 2003. I believe nobody was beating them in 2004.
  14. You do know that the offensive line was horrible yet you're not sold on Hunter??? He had excellent runs against PSU and LSU. He made the most of his opportunities.
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