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  1. Please someone correct me if I am wrong. J.J eliminated positions, right? He did not eliminate a specific person and replace him with another. I know it is semantics, but to me, Danley may have a leg to stand on if he was fired and replaced by another instead of having his position deleted. This is a a true farce. It is a opportunity to push through some sort of agenda.
  2. I had heard Elon or Davidson were really pushing for this game.
  3. You would think that Pete would have paid attention to our plight last year. This looks all to familiar. Oh Oh
  4. He'll have two hats on the table infront of him on signing day. One FL and the second will be AU. He'll pick up the AU and wait for the Applause, then put it down and pick up the FL hat and gauge the reaction. He will then put down the FL hat stand up and unzip his jacket with his FSU jersey on. I can see it now. All kidding aside he looks like a great athlete.
  5. I think what helped Jason more than anything this year was his confidence. That to me is what took so long to develope. Now that he is confident in his ability I think he willl be a good Pro QB. Now granted I do not think he would make an immediate impact next year but I think he could be a starter once he gets the speed of the game down.
  6. I guess that jounalism school finally paid off.
  7. I do not think that we need anymore "on the job training". We just got the wheels back on our bus.
  8. I hope he stays, and I think he will. I believe that he is just shopping his name around and listening to offers. He is a hot DC now and it is his time to strike. I think he is posturing for future HC jobs. As much as I hate to say it , Texas has more national exposure than AU and is a higher profile program. They just sent 2 coaches on that staff to HC jobs. So I do not fault him for listening to Texas.
  9. You are right on. From what I remember it was a complex O tho run with all of the check downs and progressions. But that was 47 OC's ago. I can't seem to remember all the details but I think that is why no one could run it but leard.
  10. Wonder what the meeting will be like when MAZZ comes to AU this year. Im sure CTT and the MAZZ do not exchange christmas cards. I have one question. WHY? Maybe Orgeron(sp) needs someone with SEC experience. Wouldn't be funny if he hired lovett for DC. I just know the fans in ole miss are excited about the Mazz. I know I would.
  11. I agree. I believe that OK was way overhyped by all the pundits. The SEC is still the best conference. I know that many say that the conference was down this year, but it was down by normal SEC standards. I still believe that a down SEC is better than the PAC 1 or the BIG 2 this season. When AU beats 4 top 10 programs in one year that to me says it all. No one else can say that, so I am awarding AU the Clantontiger N.C. Congrats!
  12. I do not know what was more exciting. Well, really I do, but Au"s win over Va tech was a great thing to witness. To put the final touch on an undefeated season. Great job !!! But a close second was seeing OK getting their ass handed to them in a hat. That was pure delight. To see the most hyped team in college athletics get drummed was wonderful. And maybe even third was to hear all the OK pundits eat their words. And try to make excuses for OK. A truely great TV experience.
  13. I do not know about the rest of you, but les miles does not strike fear in my SEC west heart. Could someone fill me in on why maybe he got the job, or maybe his past.
  14. I think our chances of getting a good coach are a lot better now then they were when CTT got here. I believe we could get a good coach. I would look at Chizic first and then maybe Chow. I do not think there would be a problem getting a coach if he left, but I do not think he will.