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  1. Hey Golf ...

    I have to say at the NC in 2010...the Oregon girls looked good too....saw them coming in the stadium...glad they didn't distract the Tigers that night..
  2. Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    The BIG question is...who is going to replace him in the backfield???? KJ was a special player and they don't come every day....he did have a nose for the goal line....tough as nails...plus the be the RB at AU, you have to carry the ball 25+ a game....run pass routes...and block a blitzing LB....do we have anyone that can do this right now??? I hope so...
  3. Gus's final update before A-day

    Is there a numerical roster out for the game??? If so, where can you get it....
  4. Taylon Snow

    Does anyone know her injury that is keeping her out at this time??? Was it when she slid into 2nd vs. bama on Sunday???
  5. Softball "Woman" Crush Thread

    Dowell started again tonight and made a super play on turning a double play late in the game...
  6. depth chart

    It's a long way to opening day v. Washington...I'm sure there'll be some changes...
  7. Wiley

    But if he comes back, he better have very 'thick' skin...because he'll be attacked when they play on the road in the SEC...you know who crowds can be...
  8. Barkley's TV ads

    I know Chuck likes to play the fool at times, but it is hard watching what they're making him do in those Master Cards commercials...anyway, I thought Samuel Jackson was leaving the country when Pres. Trump was elected....last year they were funny/cute, now they're just stupid...making Chuck look like a fool...
  9. Cody Parkey gets PAID

    Gardner Jet FG to beat bama 17-16
  10. Baseball at South Alabama

    A good win...what I like is we're coming back in the late innings for the win...the guys never give up....should continue to be our strength throughout the season...
  11. Softball in California

    Too many K's...we have 8 thru 5 innings....need to put the ball in play...
  12. Baseball vs. Georgia St.

    GOOD WIN....Way to battle thru all the game....
  13. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    Just wanted to express my displeasure with the team results of this past SEC meet...nothing against the swimmers....but as mentioned earlier...I remember when we weren't concern with the SEC title (that was given), but the NCAA title...now we're middle of the pack of the SEC??? and even Kentucky finished above us????? Whatever we need to do to get back, let's do it.....
  14. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    I recall the days at the SEC meet when Auburn was battling for #1, not the middle of the pack program...
  15. Opening Day vs Longwood

    A great way to start the season with a win including the shutout....BUT we struck out 9 times...need to put the ball in play...Also, does anyone know the status on Tom Glavine's son this season??? Will he be red-shirted???