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  1. He'll be playing at UCF...I said this last fall....would have the 'home' town support.
  2. I know there will be a group of freshman entering next week, but was wondering what is the 'eligibility' of them? I remember during the signing process there were some who had 'classroom issues' wonder how everyone is??? Will they all be eligible?
  3. Their 30/30 and E:60 are very good programing.....as for forcing NC to change their bathroom bill, I say we need to just have one bathroom for everyone....this is what the Snowflakes want.....
  4. Always at practice (towards the end of coach Jordan's days) he would be with coach Jordan riding in his golf cart usually stopped at one end of the field or the other and then they would drive up at the end of practice and coach would get out and give his talk...one thing that was funny was when someone got hurt at practice, Kenny would get out of the golf car, take two puffs, throw down his cigarette and walk over to where the player was down (usually coach Waltrop was already attending the injured player), but unfortunately the day Randy Walls went down in bowl practice, Kenny threw down his cigarette and sprinted over to him....everyone knew how important Randy was to the team....I wondered how many ankles he taped during his career; would like to have a $1 for each one, could retire now...good man, thanks for being a true Auburn man!!!!
  5. Devan Barrett was selected as the top running back in the state of Florida and Nick Brahnm was selected as the top o-guard by the Jacksonville Times-Union top 75 players in Florida...need to keep Devan in the fold....
  6. And all we had back in Sewell Hall was an old fooseball table with broken arms and one tv set in the tv room....my how conditions have improved....
  7. Thanks for all his effort...wish him the best....maybe to become a head coach he felt he needed to expand to another part of the country...hope he remembers UCONN #1 rival....UCF....good luck....hope to see him become a head coach in the near future.
  8. We need to throw it to our TE more often....lest see, ew threw to him twice all season and he caught both of them for a TD...with a success rate like that we should have thrown to him at least once a game....
  9. I know I look like Capt. Obvious, but when it was 4th and less than 1 yard we should have gone for it....we just gave up a TD and now we turned it back over to them....thought this was the turning point of the game for us...
  10. We should have been in the Citrus Bowl and LSU in the Sugar, they would have been a better choice....I honestly don't know where this program is at this time???
  11. A good win, BUT we were too sloppy with the ball, which lead to too many TO's.....and too many crazy, wild shots.....don't know much about the game, but what I do know is when we passed the ball around and worked from inside to out we were more successful scoring....thank goodness OU was terrible shooting last night because with any success they would have won going away.... Against a good team we must cutdown on our TO's and rebound much better...have Georgia coming up in a week, we better become more forceful on the offensive boards, or we'll start the league off at 0-1...
  12. Talent is the 'most' important issue....but can the coaches get them to ALL play together...that is what makes a good defense....
  13. At the end of the game when we didn't have anymore TO's, after we took the lead on the made extra points we allowed them to get the ball in with very little pressure (we were scrambling after the basket). Since we didn't have a TO to set up some type of full court defense (which created a ton of problems for BC) I though we should have had a sub at the table in case the ball went it (which it did) that would have allowed us to set our full court defense up...they got it in and down the court with very little pressure from us....just thought we were not prepared and it allowed them to win the game (BC is not very good....)
  14. If Daniel Carlson honest felt leaving would be the best for him, then I would go....he would have to be considered a 'draftable' player...usually kickers/punters aren't drafted but his 'stock' seems to be high....I would go if I was him...
  15. Has the university published the practice schedule for the game????