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  1. MMW…. Bruce and the boys will win in Lexington this year….. Gymnastics team will win the NCAA title…. Baseball and softball teams will get to Omaha and Oklahoma….….….… Finally the Tigers will pull a 2013 and get to the title game and beat Bo and Oregon….
  2. Not the greatest level of competition from Israel, but the team is playing hard on both ends of the court…love the effort….2022-23 is going to be another exciting season for th e TIGERS….
  3. We man-handled them last year….will be the same this year too….
  4. Love his energy and effort when he hits the floor…which spreads to his teammates!!!!!!
  5. Mine are all the young ladies that wear the Auburn uniform….
  6. If it’s Auburn Day, then why do they show the ad promoting Dawg In Review….save that for Georgia day….I still having a hard time how we beat LSU…
  7. Congrats on the decision...now start working on the others in the area to come and join you....WDE
  8. Congrats to Olivia, welcome to AU!!!....I just wish the football coaching staff could reel in some 5 stars like the Gymnastic team does!!!
  9. We were there...I remember they forced everyone to level because of the weather (tornado threat in the area) in the second half...
  10. Thanks to the coaches and team to allow us to follow an Auburn team to June 21st....not many schools (only 5) could say that...
  11. Isn't it time to move on from Bo??? Wish him the best and thanks for his effort when he played at Auburn...too many are locked on him...
  12. I wonder where Kessler was on the list last year at this time???
  13. I know the game isn't over yet, but I hope we can get at least one win in Omaha this time....
  14. Save some of those runs for the rest of the tourney....but anyway, a great way to start!!!!
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