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  1. Great win...but it would be nice to watch it online....why are some games online and some not??? Does anyone know???
  2. Did we hear if he did throw last week and how did it go??? Haven't heard anything lately...
  3. Way to's game was pitching by 'committee'....great to see us fight all the way.......
  4. Altitude doesn't bother me because we have a deep bench,, would have liked to have played in Jacksonville...they sent LSU there, should had sent them to SLC instead...I don't care who we play, I just 'pitty the fool' who has to face they said during the season and tourney....Auburn plays 2 speeds....FAST and REAL FAST, and the teams will face the first 2 games haven't played a team like ours!!!! WDE!!
  5. I'm sure they're are donors who would be very willing to pay for a contract extension....maybe not for a football only facility....
  6. Will need to work hard in the off season on his outside shooting, especially around the 3 point arch (needs to play like Dunbar next season)....feel he is making the right decision for his career....wish him the best....a lot of AU TIGERS are pulling for him!!!!
  7. Carry the 'MO' over from the last 4 games and I think we have a very good chance to be in the final game....if so, could be a 4 seed in the tourney.... Go TIGERS!!!!
  8. Great win for the TIGERS and the coaches....keep bring it!!!!!
  9. All I want is 5 NASTY guys getting after it on every play.....
  10. How much did we receive from the SEC this past year????? close to $50 million??? It only goes up every year....take a loan and build it...'you're not growing unless you're in debt'....the money will becoming...
  11. We won't know a true grade until 2022....less hope it'll be an A+...
  12. What is Calvin Ashley's situation??? Is he still around???
  13. The first time I saw him carry the ball at Auburn, I fell in love with his effort and determination....if he can get our backs to run near that level, we'll be good...met him at the NC game in Arizona...very impressive....don't know what type of coach he'll be, but he'll be a great role model for the team and the university....welcome home Caddy!!!!!
  14. Don't be surprise to see all 4 play in the Oregon game....(Clemson-like game last year).....
  15. I know we signed him 2 years ago and he didn't qualified...what became of him??? Any chance he might return to the Plains???