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  1. SEC Coaching changes

    No on Vandy...the administration will not make the change, they're happy somebody wants to be there... Only coaches out...UT for sure....Ole Miss coach might be back....but Mizzou is out for sure.... The SEC will not loose 6 head coaches...
  2. ***Auburn 52 Arkansas 20 -- Postgame Thread***

    I would like to see the offensive line drive their man until the whistle....too many times after their initial hit, they are standing and looking around.....'get down and dirty'
  3. Moving Forward

    I hate to say this, but it looks like 7-5...A&M is soaring, so the visiting team winning will come to an end....we'll play hard against UGA and bama, but again will not win....UGA has been down the last 3 years and we still didn't beat them...we're not physical enough upfront against good, quality teams...
  4. Heath Evans for HC

    Also, have you noticed his 'guns' when he's on the NFL network...people make a big todo because Nick Saban yells and gets in the faces of his coaches and players...how would you like to see Heath get in a few of their faces!!!! I've never seen Gus get in anyone face..
  5. Personnel Assessment

    Have we've thrown a pass to our tight end at all this year???
  6. Heath Evans for HC

    If you can (go to seccountry/auburn website) and you can read his twit....I know right now we're all pissed, but I love what he says....I would rather have him then some of the other names mentioned...
  7. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    When I heard he told Allie that, I knew we were in trouble.....the only 1st down we got in the 2nd half was from a penalty roughing the QB, if we didn't have that we would've never had one... I think I would've gone for it at mid-field on 4-1, instead of 4-10 with less than 2 minutes left in the game.
  8. My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    I know everyone is pissed, and so am I, but what makes everything so terrible is the success of bama...unfortunately if we were in any of the other 49 states it wouldn't be so terribly bad....but everything we do is compared to bama...we see their success and wonder why we can't do it either... I saw the list of coaches, but would you want to coach at Auburn and know you coaching career isn't going to be very long (but you would have a lot of $$$ in the bank)
  9. what did Cam do?

    Did I miss something concerning Cam and how he is being slammed by the NFL, and others because of his remark about 'routes' from a women reporter'???? I didn't see how he did anything to offend her, he just made a statement. Then on NBC news tonight, a female reporter for US Today, said he better get used to it, because 'we're not going anywhere." It sounds like to me someone got their feelings hurt and can't handle it.
  10. I wonder if B. Cowart wished he would have not quit....would have played a lot of plays...
  11. Byron Cowart

    Hopefully he'll transfer to UCF, practice and play hard and earn his degree....then become a positive asset to our society and his family.... Best in all you do Byron
  12. Who are the announcers?

    When your game is on an alternative channel, you get alternative announcers....but Gabe Gross looked cool in his sunglasses before they told him to take them off...
  13. For those who have more knowledge then me, please help me understand Chandler's role in our offense???? Is he just a 'glorifed' guard line-up in the backfield???? I would think Chip could use him some how in the offense; except at the goal line on.
  14. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    It seems like Pettway must have said something or insinuated that he didn't get enough carries at Clemson, so Gus and Chip said OK game on. It must have been their plan to run him all game long. Usually our backs would look to the sideline for a replacement singling they need a break, but yesterday Pettway never did....I am assuming he knew he was going to run every time. Just my thought....
  15. Let's not forget our OL coach.....

    I posted this same point after the game and it was removed...following up on AUBURN2EUGENE, Penn State's OL was the laughing stock of the country his last year as OL coach...and unfortunately it has followed him to Auburn....so you might want to blame the players, BUT the blame needs to be placed on the coach....Herb "Sack'em Hand!!!!!!!!!!