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  1. We do seem to remain engaged with the OL instead of using our hands to get off or do some type of 'swim' technique to break away...I think we'd all like to see at least 5-7 sacks a game and a lot of tackles for loss....maybe we need to blitz more often; this might freeze up a lineman to go in for tackle...
  2. Coach...I raised this ? last week and didn't receive a response....so I pose it again concerning our OL....is it a lack of skill or a lack of coaching from our offensive line coach???? If this year is the best we have for a line, just what do we have for next year??? We lose 5 offensive lineman and majority of our defensive line.... I echo the above remarks, appreciate your insight and look forward to it every week...thanks and WDE...
  3. I feel we have our most competitive QB since Nick with Bo, it doesn't mean he's the best, but he has that 'it' factor that some of our others didn't have...with that being said, I believe it might come back to harm him as he seems to want to make a winning play every time, and some time you have to move on to the next play... a big issue is the play of our O-line....I believe we were all hoping that they would take control and open holes for the backs like we've seen by other lines in the past...I wonder if its coaching or the ability of our players???? I know it's been mentioned before, but after this year we'll have a new offensive and defensive line which makes 2020 a scary fb season.
  4. UCF has put up over 30 points per game for the last 4 years with 2 coaches....next coach??? Coach at UCF...Hypel
  5. I know you somehow addressed it, but I think Gus doesn't have any confident in our OL....for having 9 months to prepare for the game, our 1st play was a trick play (for 2 yards), that tells me he felt we couldn't line it up against their defense....either line it up and run, or a play action play...then after Big Cat takes it back to the 3 yard line, instead of running it behind our line, he calls some type of flanker reverse(?), which put us behind....we're NOT good enough to be playing behind the chains.....I was hoping the OL had improved, but it evident there hasn't been the improvement that we've been hearing....my question to an 'old offensive lineman', is it the coaching or our players???? Unless there's a change in personal with our OL, next season our OL will have had no varsity starts.... I was left with 3 major frustrations after the game....1. Play calling 2. OL play and 3. Special teams.....Bo will always give us a chance to compete; he's probably the most competitive QB we've had since Nick.... Appreciate your insight of the games; keep up the good work.... WDE!!!
  6. One of the better ones...could cover many different events without being the 'event' like most today try to be...too many of them talk too much today....especially the 2 that do MNF for ESPN and Charles Davis on Fox... Enjoyed his voice at the Masters... RIP Jack....CBS and us miss you..
  7. Mark My Word.... Unfortunately we will lose to someone we should beat, BUT fortunately we will beat someone we shouldn't.... Cam Newton will win Comeback Player of the Year....... Jarrett Stidham will come in the 4th quarter to replace an injured T. Brady and lead the Pats to a Super Bowl championship; but Brady will still be named MVP...
  8. Like the reports so far....'no head spinning' quotes, maybe our true freshman are head of previous years...
  9. Does anyone know what's the practice schedule for the first 2 weeks????
  10. One of the biggest catch phase from the coaches when talking about incoming freshman is...'well their heads are spinning'....I wonder how long it will be before it is used by one of the coaches?
  11. Probably too late to add a graduate transfer at OT or any position....
  12. The past several days I've watched last years TA&M, LSU and Georgia games on ESPNU and wonder what is going to be different this coming season???? Stidham was running for his life a lot of times....we couldn't run the ball effectively....how we won the A&M game is still hard to understand; except for a couple of big plays (Ryan Davis catch and run), we didn't do much at all during the game except a lot of 3 and outs....LSU was one of the few games against a good team we played somewhat well offensively at times (never should have lost the past 2 years to them, but we did????)...Georgia we scored on a gadget play.... I think too many are looking at the bowl game when Gus was calling the plays and are expecting that to happen this season (please tell me it will), but Purdue (I know they beat Ohio St.) couldn't beat many teams in the SEC.... I'm just afraid there isn't going to be that much of a change from this past year...we lost our best offensive player #8 and our best defensive player #57, I just don't see it....TELL ME I'M WRONG.... War Eagle....
  13. Just wondering if all our members from the past signing class reported to Auburn??? Do remember there was an offensive lineman that was supposed to be a late arrival...
  14. Excited....was there for the game; first time in California and the Rose Bowl...upset we didn't win...it was in our 'hands' and we couldn't stop them....their first pass completion went for a long gain when it should of only been for a few yards...allowed them to get the ball moving down field....the only plus, their winning td was in our end.... But I was upset because we were late for our flight out on Sunday....flew out Monday, got to LA in the afternoon....took a limo to the Rose Bowl....watched the game, took a limo back to the airport...slept in the airport and boarded a plane 6:00 AM....in a matter of 34 hours...flew out and back to Orlando....never changed my clothes....