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  1. tigerman1186

    2019 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    When will the new signees be announced????
  2. tigerman1186

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    I say...whoever we play....since we all know that JS is not coming back tell him thanks for his service but you're not going to play, we need to play Willis, Gatewood, and the other QB we picked up at the beginning of the season to see who can play...hate to start 2019 season with a QB that hasn't played in a college won't cost a year with the new red-shirt rule...I'd say the same for the 2 freshmen offensive lineman we signed last year...get them in!!!! It wouldn't hurt....
  3. tigerman1186

    Hastings, Stove and .....

    I know many of you won't agree, but loosing the services of receivers Hastings, Stove and then NCM, placed a lot of extra pressure on Davis and Slayton, plus Stidham...I'm sure he would have had a better year statically and maybe a few more W's if those 3 would have been playing the whole season. I know the new freshman have played well at times, but nothing can replace experience and those 3 played in a lot of meaningful games over the past 3 years....again I know this doesn't ease the sting from this season, but I feel the O would have been somewhat better if these 3 were playing...maybe when Gus is talking about 'we'll be better on the offensive side' maybe he's thinking about the return of Hastings and Stove...along with the current freshman receivers....
  4. tigerman1186

    bowl practice will fix everything

    Bowl practice before Christmas will have several 'Toilet-Bowl' sessions and prep for the game....then after Christmas, and then play the game... What I hate to hear is how we didn't want to play UCF last year...will I know it must have been important because we were trailing at half and came out and went ahead but couldn't maintain the lead...we got beat and we need to give UCF credit and not make it out like we didn't care to be there...just my take...and I was at the game....cold day...
  5. tigerman1186


    When I came to Auburn in 1972, Coach Barfield was hired as our freshman coach....we didn't know it then, but he was the first coach I know who was hired as the head coach in waiting, long before it became fashionable in the early 2000's...I recall before we played UF freshman in his pregame speech, he said this game needs to be a 'daddy hugging' game???...he said no matter how you do or play your mother will always give you a hug, but your dad will only give you one if you do something I recall we lost, don't think we got any hugs from our dads....Coach Barfield was a good man and liked by the players, one thing that hindered him when he took over as the head coach is he couldn't bring in his own staff, was required to keep as many of Coach Jordan's that didn't retire...
  6. tigerman1186

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs Georgia....

    I had mentioned earlier on this site that for us to have a chance there were several things we had to do...1. when we reached the 'red zone' we must score TD's. 2. No dropped passes 3. Rush for at least 75 yards 4. No to only a few missed tackles 5. no turnovers....Number 1, 2, 3, and 4 were big fat No's....for us to beat 'Bama, we must be able to accomplish the 5 points.
  7. tigerman1186

    Limit the missed tackles

    There is no doubt that tomorrow's game is going to be tough....BUT for us to have a fighting chance we MUST limit our # of miss seems our tackling has fallen off the last few weeks.....we MUST protect Jarrett when we have a pass play called....we MUST be able to run for at least 100 yards, and.....we MUST score TD's when we enter the 'red' zone....maybe this is a reach, but it is something we all felt we could do when the season opened... WDE!!!
  8. tigerman1186

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Missed tackle...OUCH
  9. tigerman1186

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Need to keep them off the board before half...they get the 2nd half ko
  10. tigerman1186

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Keep the 'worm' in the backfield...has the speed and power to give us a chance...
  11. tigerman1186

    **Texas A&M Game thread**

    Now that looked like a drive I've been looking for!!!!! WDE
  12. tigerman1186

    Next Years O-Line

    Hope we're beating the JC ranks to find some mean...nasty...linemen....or is there anyone else at J-State who is graduating early that can play???
  13. tigerman1186

    Bryan Matthews and Jay Tate podcast

    Help me out who is KB that has been mentioned as a possible OC???
  14. tigerman1186

    remaining games

    doc4aday...if we score 28 vs. TA&M...we'll win...I don't know if we can score that many against any of our remaining opponents....It would be nice to see us play FSU in a bowl game...or Miami....
  15. tigerman1186

    Exhibition vs Western Carolina

    Thanks for the information...looking forward to hearing more about the exhibition game today...