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  1. Be nice if we could save some of these runs for tomorrow....I'm sure Arizona's pitcher is a whole lot better than CSU pitching..
  2. To make the NCAA...will probably need to win tomorrow and 1 game at Hoover....and the way we've been playing I don't know if we can win 2 games in a row....
  3. Glad he is doing well, but was looking forward to see him pitch in Daytona with the Lakeland Tigers....couldn't Detroit have at least waited until next Sunday???? Go Casey...
  4. Need to beat UAB and then at least go 3-3 in the last 2 series to guarantee a spot in the NCAA tourney....
  5. I'd bet Missouri feels the same too....beat Auburn and move on....if we don't win, I don't see us in the NCAA tourney...
  6. Like your information, BUT......I'd like to see our RB line up in a pistol and run downhill at times....feel it would help in our run blocking...hit the line quicker!!!! Just my feelings to get a tougher-explosion at the LOS...
  7. Thanks for the effort over the past 2 seasons...who'd thought after we got beat by a NAIA school in the pre-season last year, that we would win an SEC title, SEC tourney title and a Final FOUR....plus all the off court distractions....congrats to all the players, coaches and staff....great memories will always remember....WDE!!!!!
  8. Can we stay away from bashing J. Johnson??? Regardless of what everyone feels, he played 3 years ago and I remember we went into Texas AM with him at QB and got a win to allow us to be bowl eligible....I appreciate all who have played and worn the burnt orange and navy blue over the years....WDE
  9. Quickness and speed...2 things they haven't seen when it matters....
  10. I know this is about recruiting...but lets enjoy the moment and we can worry about who is leaving or staying after winning the title on Monday....WDE
  11. Hey, does any know when A-Day is????
  12. Lettermen were in attendance of practice on Saturday...maybe one of them can give us a review....I did hear the DB's were crushing the receivers...
  13. Glad to see that he's been able to contribute to the team during the tourney....I know this helps his confidence and will make him a better team player....keep up the effort DP....
  14. I'm glad we were able to be on the podium....didn't see UK on it!!!!