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  1. SEC Swimming and Diving Championships

    I recall the days at the SEC meet when Auburn was battling for #1, not the middle of the pack program...
  2. Opening Day vs Longwood

    A great way to start the season with a win including the shutout....BUT we struck out 9 times...need to put the ball in play...Also, does anyone know the status on Tom Glavine's son this season??? Will he be red-shirted???
  3. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    This was the first game where we had several K's...what I liked so far, except the St. Francis was that we had none or only a few K's in the games...we were putting the ball in play...you put the ball in play, there is always a chance something positive can happen..
  4. Men vs. Kentucky

    No more talk about beating UK...we ALL need to move on and get ready to support them throughout the remainder of the season...UK is over...
  5. Marsh Possibly Returning to Auburn?

    He needs to come back and get the program back where it was when he left....nothing against the swimmers we have now, but on the auburntiger website, we're excited because we placed 2nd or 3rd in an event...I remember the days, when we went to the SEC and Nationals with the idea to be #1 overall...
  6. Auburn women beat uat

    Need our new AD to take a serious look into the women's program...hasn't been too competitive the past several years...
  7. Emmert aware of sexual assault charges at MSU

    Many heads are going to roll and it's not just limited to MSU...Olympic committee....NCAA too....Let see, the NCAA sent JoePa to his death..how are they going to treat sparty??
  8. 2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    ellitor...not trying to belittle you, because I enjoy your posts...but on the page where you have the players listed, you have the wrong there...it should be the other one...their name... Thanks for keeping us all informed and up to date... WDE
  9. 2018 4* OT Richard Gouraige (Florida)

    I know someone at his school in Tampa and he told me before Christmas that his mom wants him to go to UF...wants him to be close....but things can change...
  10. 2018 National Title Odds

    The only schools that will compete for the title... SEC: alabama-Auburn-Georgia ACC-Clemson-Miami Big 10-Ohio State-Penn State-Wisconsin Big 12-Oklahoma PAC-USC-Washington and Notre Dame....and 20 years from today....add LSU-FSU-Florida-Texas to the list above...Only a handful of schools have a chance to compete for the title.
  11. We’re ranked

    Going to be like 2010 in football when we came out of no where to become National Champs...the same for basketball too...(At least I can dream)...
  12. Herb Hand contract

    I mentioned this months ago....his last year at Penn State they led the nation in giving up the most sacks....the Coach Franklin lets him go and Penn State team and offense takes off these past 2 seasons....where is ours headed???? Again, I know the game and rules have changed, but I would like to see offensive lineman driving their man off the line using their pads/shoulders instead of pushing them with their hands...do linemen get dirty anymore???? I know our staff doesn't have to wash their uniforms after the games, but the QB uniforms are dirty from taking too many sacks and running for his life...
  13. Malik Willis back at work

    I like his speed at QB, but the times he played, I thought he had the mindset of keeping the ball instead of handing it off....but then again, maybe that's what he was told by the coaches on the sideline...the one play he went in v. bama, was a called keeper, even they knew that....but I do like a dual-threat QB...the qb from UCF comes to mind...(extend the play)
  14. I don't follow AU basketball recruiting all that close, but I remember a commit backed out when the Chuck P. stuff hit the news....I noticed we didn't sign anyone in Nov., are we going to sign anyone this year...I'm sure we'll have 2 open scholarships, because the 2 on suspension will not be coming back next year.
  15. 2018-19 Projected Depth Chart

    Better have some guys step up...especially for the 2019 season...there'll be a LOT of openings to fill...