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  1. What do you mean we're not a basketball school???? Final Four...1st round pick......5-0 10 recruiting class....sounds like a basketball school to me!!!! Finally!!! Just kidding....WDE!!!
  2. I heard Rick Neuheisel (sp?) on Sirius radio back in the summer said that Cristobal wanted the Auburn job....I know some of the previous posts mention Coach Steele's head coaching record at Baylor, but Cristobal record at FIU wasn't good either; he was fired too...he's only been at Oregon for 2 seasons and by playing in the weak Pac-10, no wonder he has a winning along with the top QB in the country...I question his ability????
  3. Coach Barfield came to Auburn in the fall of 1972 and served as the head freshman coach....some how he was the first ever "head coach in waiting"...don't know what arrangement was made with him, but once Coach Jordan announced his retirement in the spring of 75, Coach Barfield was named by the would have thought there would have been someone with more experience interested in the position...I don't believe Coach Barfield had ever been an head college coach before he got the job...I do know his expertise was on the offensive side....once Coach Lorendo retired in 73, Auburn changed from an "I" formation to 'veer' when Coach Barfield became the OC... Like Coach Gus, Barfield was a good person and well liked by his players....
  4. I'm a believer in Bo...I feel he's our first competitive QB since Nick Marshall....the players respect him and play hard for him....unfortunately for Bo, he's the only inexperienced position player we had to start the season....he HAS got better though out the season and will continue to improve...again, this might be the best group of players he'll play with during his time at Auburn....I don't see any experience OLineman on the horizon and surely there's no one to fill #3 and #5.... Just look how far LSU has improved because of one hire.....maybe we need to make that one hire... WDE>>>>
  5. Ranks up there when shula kept Protho in and he broke his leg and never recovered after being ahead by a ton....It's easy to 2nd guess, but up by 28, going against MSU would equal Western Carolina; nothing to gain...
  6. Haven't heard if we signed any basketball recruits during the signing period...only in other Auburn sports???
  7. Always take the WIN....the preseason games before conference are set up to find your starters and your bench players....I'm sure every team right now would all struggle in conference play....ask Kentucky...Alabama...Florida...and Tennessee....we've played 3 games one at home, one away and the other at a neutral site....I think we all have 'faith' in what Coach Pearl has lined up for the 1st month...turnovers will improve...hopefully our free throws will too....we have too much talent/experience to not be a factor in the conference...
  8. Last night's game will have no barring on the game v. UGA....Ole Miss had a week off before playing us and they spent 2 weeks preparing for us; knowing we would be coming off a tough game....we'll have the extra time to prepare for them while they're playing MIZZOU....they had a week to prepare for UF and all they heard was how the Gators were ready to take over... With all that being said....we'll play extremely hard and 'prayfully' we'll get some turnovers and end up with a victory....24-20
  9. At UF in 1970, when Pat Sullivan went off and beat the Gators by a ton...a lot of interceptions by them and a lot of TD passes to Beasley.....I went to the game as a Gator fan, but left an Auburn Tiger fan forever....
  10. Unfortunately this might be the first of several who might decide to leave the program....has any school had as many guys enter the portal during the season as Auburn has?????
  11. I have a feeling there will be a let down with the defense, but the offense will probably play lights out....36-17.TIGERS....playing at night will be a plus...last day of daylight savings time....
  12. Here is how it's going to work out...... We will beat LSU on Saturday...bama v. LSU will NOT be #1 v. #2....UF will beat Ga.....we'll beat Ole Piss, then Georgia....and end with a win over bama...then we will BEAT UF in the SEC final..... FINAL FOUR: Clemson....Big Ten Champ (OSU/PSU)....OU or Oregon....and AUBURN.... WAR EAGLE....Just Believe....and it will work out....
  13. Just remember we lost our 3 leading scorers and a lot of much as I want to see our team do well, we must be realistic about this season....not saying we can't accomplish a lot of 'highs', but there is going to be some growing pain....
  14. I appreciate your view of all the games....always can't wait to read your computer doesn't have sound, so it's the only true opinion of Auburn football I receive...
  15. Florida offense is going to be a lot of quick passes, screens and then try to run the ball when needed....since the start of SEC schedule, it seems Gus and the offensive staff have 'opened' the playbook....the scripted plays have produced TD's early against TA&M and MSU, I expect the same on Saturday....remember we have the best competitor at QB since Nick and he is making everyone producing at a higher level....I do agree, that UF is better with Trask then Franks....Franks played for himself and Trask is playing for the team.... Feel good about the game....6-0 at the break and a week-off preparing for Arkansas and LSU....