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  1. tigerman1186

    Whitlow and Shivers

    Like to see Asa get some look too....did make a good catch on the wheel route....but I knew when he came in he was going to run the route; needs to see the field or the opposition will know when he is in...but do agree about 25 and 28...
  2. tigerman1186

    Things I'll Be Looking For: AU vs LSU

    It was stated earlier....but coach, appreciate your thoughts and opinions...I look forward to reading yours over any of those 'talking heads' that get paid...can't wait to read your response after our victory on Saturday!!!!!
  3. tigerman1186

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I showed up...does that count????
  4. tigerman1186

    Stadium noise

    I think you answered your question....
  5. tigerman1186

    Alabama State Report Card

    I feel the same way about Willis...he reminds me too much of JFIII....he always wants to keep the ball instead of following his keys and hand it off to the back; which he did on the safety....even when he ran his only play vs. bama last year, he came in and kept it for a loss.... Not really confident with our back-up QB situation....JS better stay healthy...
  6. tigerman1186

    Miami v LSU

    We better bring our A game in 2 weeks...
  7. tigerman1186

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    WIN....it was good to see the number of freshman playing on both sides and making major contributions.... I know this is 'old school'...but I'd like to see our OL use their shoulder pads and drive their man out instead of grabbing and pushing.... WDE
  8. tigerman1186

    Things I'll Be Looking For

    Coach..or does anyone know....did Chip coach against Washington when he was at ASU????
  9. tigerman1186

    Week one score predictions

    UCF is playing UCONN....not FAU....still 45-24 looks like a good pick...
  10. I think Grayson can beat Colorado State too...
  11. tigerman1186

    2019 4* WR George Pickens commits to Auburn!!!

    Amazing how people question the effort of a high school player in his first game of the season???....do kids take plays off when they know it's going the other way...of course they do....remember they aren't being paid or on scholarship...from what I saw today, #1 in orange is a special player and I hope Auburn can sign him....like the strength with his hands and the effort after he catches the ball...also,where ever he goes, he will have to work and show the coaches he deserves playing time...with the receivers we have along with other schools in the SEC he'll have to do what the coaches want to play....you must earn you're playing time....with that being said...want #1 wearing the Burnt Orange and Navy next season...do the work in the classroom and be a qualifier...
  12. tigerman1186

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW: 1. Urban 'Liar' will be suspended 3 games 2. OSU is no different from Michigan State 3. Auburn will get another 4-Star recruit from Virginia
  13. tigerman1186

    pick one RB for fantasy league

    The rookie at NY Giants...Barkley
  14. tigerman1186

    Mark My Word 2018

    MMW: Auburn will loose one of its coordinators at the end of the season. MMW: JWill becomes new DC MMW: Home team will win AU/TA&M game MMW: Marlon Davidson will return next year...so will Nick Coe.... MMW: AU Baseball will make it to Omaha next season MMW: Younger Carlson will have a higher FG ave. than older brother MMW: Auburn will end up with a top 5 recruiting class after winning 12 games. MMW: QB at Penn State will win the Heisman...Stidham will be invited to NYC.
  15. tigerman1186

    Kicking game from the scrimmage

    I read where the kicking game was live during the scrimmage...did anyone hear how the field goal/extra point kickers do and what about the punting team with the Aussie 'Big Foot'???