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  1. If Jack Pyburn came back for the game, this to me this is a great sign he wants to come to Auburn...he didn't go back to Miami to watch them play FSU...
  2. Coach Pearl lives to play Kentucky...he'll have the team ready and the Jungle rocking....
  3. Defensive line is one major area you hate to lose players...they don't grow big guys on trees...
  4. Whatever he decides...wish him well...will probably be in the portal next year or two..
  5. Enjoyed watching them perform last night v. Arkansas...I thought some of our ladies should've had higher scores...
  6. If Austin can't earn a living playing basketball, I believe he can always turn to pro-wrestling...
  7. After that showing by Deion's team v. SC State, why would anyone want to play for him....spends too much time wanting a blue jacket....
  8. He was my fantasy kicker all year...going into last night's game I was behind by 5, but knew Daniel would come through and I won my league...Thanks Daniel...keep it up and kick a few more winners in the playoffs!!!!
  9. LSU and Coach Mulkey will become the Baylor of the SEC in 2 years....they will take over South Carolina
  10. I heard was going to be the USFL coach in B'ham...I assume that won't happen????
  11. I hope we don't PEAK too early...want to be in the top 4 going to the Final Four...and then win it all...
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