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  1. Great weekend sweeping TA&M....
  2. It would be great to have a JV game this week for the players being red-shirted or reserves that haven’t played yet….it would count against their 4 games….but I’m sure it would create some excitement for the players and give the coaches a chance to see how guys perform against someone else instead of running scout team….to make it real exciting, play bama on T-Day either in Montgomery or B’ham….
  3. I'll put my money on Dylan Cardwell...love his ENERGY and EFFORT when he takes the court....you can win a lot of titles and with him...
  4. Where is JLee and Coach Pink on this??? With the football program lagging in recruiting, if I were them I'd turn my attention to Auburn Gymnastics ( a whole lot more exciting), congrats to Miss Bell and her family, look forward to seeing you perform....WDE!!!
  5. He replaced his wide receivers coach last year after a couple of games, why doesn't he replace his OL coach after the game this week and let the OL grads assistants coach them the rest of the season....at least it would look like he is 'trying' to address the main issue....
  6. After the terrible football season, this makes me excited for the winter sports...Lady Gymnastics and Men's BB, along with an improved Lady's BB team....
  7. Like it….look forward to the season and the future…..
  8. What is the status of the young girl who played second last season and suffered a knee injury?????
  9. Auburn...a great place to be the head football coach...also don't forget the assistants, most (maybe all) are on a 2 year contract or through 2024...
  10. Could see Tech pull the trigger on Deion....
  11. The one positive thing I’ll miss with the new Coach is he won’t be as open with his practices as Coach Harding has been…
  12. Today Zac has TJ’s father as his guest and he brings it….worth the time and he makes many good points….I believe our chances on winning without TJ is very slim….???? What is TJ’s pass completion percentage at this time ???? Listen and you’ll be surprised.
  13. If there is a change during the season, who would be the interim coach????? Last year we had 2 former head coaches, this year none…..
  14. We could win the next two games but you can’t hide the drubbing we took today….then trips to Georgia and Ole Miss….OUCH!!!!!
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