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  1. tigerman1186

    SEC Media Days

    I think Chandler Cox might be one of our reps....
  2. It's hard to place the blame on one person/institution.....but the NCAA requirements start in the 9th grade, not in 12th....the high school athletic director along with the coach (football in these cases), should identify players in the 9th grade that have the potential to play in college, need to be informed the requirements...get away from just making sure a kid is eligible according to their state requirements and make sure they're making process to be NCAA eligible (SAT/ACT score and GPA in the required courses)....PE, basketweaving classes don't count....Sometimes kids don't realize the opportunity until their 11th grade year and by that time their GPA is so low; they would need a 1200 SAT or 32 on the ACT to be eligible.... The NCAA has been sending high schools literature and information on the requirements to be cleared by the NCAA every year.....so I well it falls on the high school athletic departments and not the guidance....most guidance staff never played in college, so athletics isn't as important to them as it would be to the coach, AD....
  3. Where do we turn to know since SEC Country site is gone??? Thought they did a good job plus it was a 'free' site.....
  4. tigerman1186

    2019 3* OT/OG Justin Osborne Commits to AU!!!

    Are we sure he's only a high school senior???? There was no one at Auburn in the early 1970's that look as matured as Justin....welcome to Auburn and have a great senior year...
  5. tigerman1186

    Volleyball 2018 Signing Class Ranked Seventh

    No signees from Alabama??? Is it a lack of skill???
  6. tigerman1186

    What was your first Auburn game?

    1st time ever....1970 at Florida Field...Sullivan and the offense went off...destroyed Florida...don't remember the score, but there were a lot of Auburn TD's and a lot of John Reeve's interceptions...
  7. tigerman1186

    Baseball vs Florida Game 2

    I would say all 'arms' on deck except Burns....even Mize could pitch to a batter if needed to win the game....I'm sure he would like a little redemption from his game on Saturday...
  8. tigerman1186

    Status on our new Tigers???

    Just wondering if all the recruits have reported to campus yet???? If not, then when will they report???
  9. tigerman1186

    New MNF broadcast team...

    Booger...Jason Witten and Joe Tessitore (former SEC network play-by-play man)....is it just me, but Joe was one announcer I couldn't stand...the man talks too much!!!! He makes every small thing a giant issue....hopefully this means he's out calling games for the SEC....at least this is my feelings...look forward to Booger and Jason...but I'll have to turn the volume down when Joe goes on his spealls (?)....
  10. tigerman1186

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    If coaching success in the SEC is measured by the number of times you beat Coach Saban, then I would think coach is very safe...how many have beat him 2 within 5 years that are still coaching??? No one except Gus...Why did Mullen leave for UF, because it was a matter of time before he was gone...his record against us and bama isn't much to write home about...I know we haven't played all that well on the road, but the last time we went to MSU, it was over by the 1st quarter....also, he just signed a very nice contract...he's not on the hot seat....
  11. tigerman1186


    I know I'm late to the show with the comments about #24, but Carnell ran tough EVERY time he touched the ball...we've been blessed with many outstanding backs, but according to me he ranks right up there at the TOP....and looking at some of his cuts and runs, Kerryon runs a lot like him....I wish we had #24 lining up in the backfield this season...
  12. tigerman1186

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    I know many on board question why certain players weren't drafted, but it is better to be able to pick a team as a FA, instead of going to a team in the lower rounds of the draft...you can pick a team where you feel you might be able to make it...
  13. tigerman1186

    Auburn in the 2018 NFL Draft

    The problem going to Denver is their 1st draft choice was also a DE (Chum from NC State)....same position...I was hoping Jacksonville would've selected him...Wish him and all Auburn guys the best...
  14. tigerman1186

    Hey Golf ...

    I have to say at the NC in 2010...the Oregon girls looked good too....saw them coming in the stadium...glad they didn't distract the Tigers that night..
  15. tigerman1186

    Who replaces KJ at wildcat

    The BIG question is...who is going to replace him in the backfield???? KJ was a special player and they don't come every day....he did have a nose for the goal line....tough as nails...plus the be the RB at AU, you have to carry the ball 25+ a game....run pass routes...and block a blitzing LB....do we have anyone that can do this right now??? I hope so...