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  1. Can we save some of those runs and hits when we go against bama???
  2. I wonder if Bo is hurt???? Recalling the play in the PSU game when he got up after being hit shaking his right shoulder/arm in the first half....it seems a lot of his long passes since then have been 'lobs'....just wonder????
  3. We really don't know him...all we know or see about coach is what HE allows us to see....the only ones that know him are his staff and players...maybe in a few years we'll have an idea...
  4. I wish him and his family the best...hope he lands somewhere where he can continue his career...thanks for your time and effort here...
  5. Today was the first game this season that I thought Bo locked on his receiver right when the play was called instead of doing his progressions...also, WHY didn't we run the 2 point play on 4th down play at PSU last week?????? We had the receivers overloaded and they were all open...
  6. Now we have a major problem with our offense....until we're able to throw it, teams will line up to stop the run...today LSU rushed 3 and had 8 in coverage because MSU can't run...next week it'll be the opposite when we play them....but I still have a problem when I watch other teams and they can throw slants for completions and drag TE's for easy catches and we have so much trouble??? Maybe the rest of the season we'll have a 2 QB system...
  7. We need some defensive lineman to go with our current group...
  8. I thought she performed very well....I hope she gets the support she deserves....still baffles me why a girl who dances with another girl is getting so much hype???? A great role model for young girls....Go Suni!!!
  9. I am(was) hoping to see some twists or stunts with our line....we try too much of a 'bull rush', it seems that has been our M.O. over the past several years.....I don't see our guys trying to use the 'swim' technique with their man...
  10. I know, I was trying to be cute....HA!!!!
  11. I can tell you're not president of the Penn State Chamber of Commerce
  12. We need to give Bo and everyone else a break...these kids work hard on the practice field, in the weightroom and in the games...we treat them like they're professional players and they should never make any mistakes...as for Bo, he is a competitor that wants to win every play (maybe that's his downfall at times), but he's the first one (competitor) we've had at QB since Nick...
  13. Since the end of 'camp', the defense faces the scout team...probably walkon QB's....maybe the freshman QB from Texas...the top 3 QB's are practicing against the defensive scout team....
  14. A couple things I've seen so far out of the OL is they are moving their feet on their blocks...not leaning into their blocks, but moving their feet and trying to create some running lanes...Also I've seen some twists with our defensive front...the past all we did was 'bull' rush and couldn't get a lot of pressure on the QB...if you watch Penn State, they do a lot of stunts, twists and shifts at the line to try a confuse the line...we need to be ready for this...
  15. The game boils down to our offensive line play and the passing of Bo...also must be strong on the D and be disruptive on the defensive LOS!!!
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