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  1. Like it….look forward to the season and the future…..
  2. What is the status of the young girl who played second last season and suffered a knee injury?????
  3. Auburn...a great place to be the head football coach...also don't forget the assistants, most (maybe all) are on a 2 year contract or through 2024...
  4. Could see Tech pull the trigger on Deion....
  5. The one positive thing I’ll miss with the new Coach is he won’t be as open with his practices as Coach Harding has been…
  6. Today Zac has TJ’s father as his guest and he brings it….worth the time and he makes many good points….I believe our chances on winning without TJ is very slim….???? What is TJ’s pass completion percentage at this time ???? Listen and you’ll be surprised.
  7. If there is a change during the season, who would be the interim coach????? Last year we had 2 former head coaches, this year none…..
  8. We could win the next two games but you can’t hide the drubbing we took today….then trips to Georgia and Ole Miss….OUCH!!!!!
  9. Always enjoyed reading his views every week….
  10. Congrats on the victory…what an outstanding way to start the season….looking forward to following them and the ladies this year…really enjoyed watching their success last year…..
  11. Mike G is the MAN....always pumping up the strength and conditioning coaches.....brings on guests that have a TRUE knowledge of the game and what it is like playing at Auburn....I'm sure he enjoyed watching Bo and the Ducks....
  12. When are we going to finish the game....
  13. Let's hope it is hot and humid when PSU comes to town...
  14. Rain...stay away!!!! and an Auburn victory and total support for the team and coaches...
  15. Last year v. Akron.....we weren't sloppy and looked good in all phases...maybe it gave us a sense of false security looking like everything was different from the previous years, then we get to PSU and we looked like 'deer in headlights'....too many open receivers and questionable play calling (throw back reverse??? and 4th and goal???)..I hope we play well, but leave the field knowing we have more work to do and not be satisfied....WDE
  16. Sounds like he was hired for a position he wasn’t qualified to handle…hired to fail….hopefully the next person is qualified and can get the job done….wish Allen The best…
  17. At least this year we had competition for the position, nothing against Bo, but he was given the job and never had to earn it, which did him no favor….
  18. MMW…. Bruce and the boys will win in Lexington this year….. Gymnastics team will win the NCAA title…. Baseball and softball teams will get to Omaha and Oklahoma….….….… Finally the Tigers will pull a 2013 and get to the title game and beat Bo and Oregon….
  19. Not the greatest level of competition from Israel, but the team is playing hard on both ends of the court…love the effort….2022-23 is going to be another exciting season for th e TIGERS….
  20. We man-handled them last year….will be the same this year too….
  21. Love his energy and effort when he hits the floor…which spreads to his teammates!!!!!!
  22. Mine are all the young ladies that wear the Auburn uniform….
  23. If it’s Auburn Day, then why do they show the ad promoting Dawg In Review….save that for Georgia day….I still having a hard time how we beat LSU…
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