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  1. .....and I'm lost. I can't believe I read this entire thread. Damn you slow work days!
  2. Just another turn in the entropic downward spiral of humanity. We've gone from a people that could take it on the chin to one that becomes instantly incredulous at the barest hint of offense. Now we're just making crap up to be triggered about.
  3. I worked at the "Movies and Munchies" quick stop that used to be near Thach Hut laundry and Miska would come in all the time. He was friendly and didn't mind talking about football with us clerks. (the movie Clerks actually came out that same year. We had it running constantly behind the counter). He struck me as a "work, hard work" kind of guy that had to persevere to get his due.
  4. I was there as a Senior in '93. That Miska safety on Barker is a play that has lodged in my memory ever since. I love that brief instant of recognition where a horrified Barker looks up and sees an Auburn walk-on about to blow him up.
  5. I do love a good golf joke
  6. I don't think his not signing with us is the point. You have to admit, for an athlete of his supposed caliber to GREYSHIRT for anyone is a seemingly odd decision. His decision not to sign with anyone else, where he would likely be able to play from the get-go and make that deal with $aban is what we're not necessarily buying. Sort of surprised that WE didn't get any 5 star rated players (Stidham not withstanding) in this class. Not that I think it was a bad class at all.
  7. Alabama i$ the be$t $chool in the country. It make$ perfect $en$e that any college age athlete would choo$e to go there over another $chool regardle$$ of the circum$tance$.
  8. Saban's ability to convince these kids to do whatever he wants is truly amazing. Kreskin has nothing on wee man.
  9. The "Process" incoming.....
  10. I am glad we dodged that bullet. I've said that it's not a matter of innocent or guilty, it's a matter that the name Briles is currently attached to some ongoing bad karma. Until lawsuits are over, it would have been a hire that would have drawn adverse media attention.
  11. Kiffen is such a child.
  12. You are NOT funny. at all. But strangely enough, you've accidentally summed up this thread thus far!
  13. Man this thread. Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, speculates like die hard Auburn fans when a football coaching vacancy exists. Going on 60 pages of little to nothing. I am not saying it isn't fun to read, especially when a tiff breaks out between two posters, but man oh man when you step back from it you realize that it's a whole lot of not much. ...then again, I may be saying this just to get my post count up a bit.
  14. This is Jacobs we're talking about. The words "proactive" and "plan" have no place in his vernacular.