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  1. Thanks to those of you for the insights. I do appreciate it. The extents and ramifications of this situation are so profound that it will surely leave a dent in the collective psyche of the world. One wonders what changes or lack thereof we will see as a result. Peace, health and safety to all.
  2. During this unprecedented event in modern times, we all have an abundance of time to ponder. Some questions have come to mind. If we assume god is all powerful and loving and has a plan as most Christians do then... 1. This virus impacts all of us, regardless of race, color, and creed. Why does he choose not to fix the situation immediately and put an end to world wide suffering due to the impact of Covid-19? 2. If he has an omnipotent plan, than what effect, if any, does prayer have to change the outcome? Interested to hear your thoughts on this.
  3. So....this is what passes for essential Journalism in the Bammer community....In fact, as I post this they changed the title. Was Trashy Bruce Pearl Fans, Auburn. Trashy Bruce Pearl Fans... Slow news day I suppose.
  4. Orange over white looks like Miami IMHO. If anything (and I'm not saying it's needed) I would prefer to keep the color palette and locations static, and mess with some shadowing or subtle camo. Our uni's are so classic and sophisticated i would hate to see them tainted by a sophomoric attempt at keeping up with the Jones's.
  5. I "ENJOYED" that article very much. What a rivalry.
  6. In this this point in time.... I will pretty much take anyone to knock Bama down a peg.
  7. What we have here is a no-win situation. Don't pay the players and it's un-American to prevent them from profiting from their own image and work. Allow them to work side jobs like normal students and corruption walks in a wide open door. Pay them according to an organized plan and we alter the athletes motivations and drastically impact the nature of the sport. I'm stumped.
  8. Great win. Still have a long way to go. WDE!
  9. It's the rounded bottom of the "U" that is killing me. It looks unstable and puffy. If they merely wanted to emphasize the A, why not just eliminate the white space in the 1st example below (bottom left). If they "had" to change the AU proportion, at least keep the older shape of the U as in the 2nd example (bottom left). I think either of these is a better alternative than the new one the Leathites came up with.
  10. ...There is only 1 small bathroom though...😎 In all seriousness, we're approaching the point of absurdity with these facilities arms races. I realize that it is imperative to garner the attention of premium athletes, but this moves us further and further away from the purpose of the educational institution. I'd also love to see that money (yes I realize that it's mostly from private donations to the athletic program) used for the betterment and education of the student population as a whole rather than a few pampered athletes. Don't get me wrong, I love my football, but it is getting to the point of needing some serious scrutiny in the context of it's importance.
  11. Too early...way too early for a nip tease. 😱
  12. Tragic and sad day for the Auburn family and particularly the Bramblett family. I'll always cherish the memories.
  13. I attribute the decline in the quality of sports journalism (all journalism actually) to the 24/7/365 news cycle. In the past, they could focus on the big stories and write compelling pieces. Now, they have to fill every ounce of time. It's no surprise that that the quality and quantity are inversely related. Now...everything is a story, no matter how silly or insignificant.