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  1. madkat7

    Fantasy Football?

    Any leagues going on this year. I'm happy to help fill in a league if there is room. Let me know!
  2. madkat7

    Best case scenario for 2018?

    From where I sit it's really simple. The "O" line is completely broken. The expectation at the outset was that the young line would have some troubles but would improve throughout the season. In contradiction to what would normally be expected, the O line is regressing by being poorly coached and lost. Guys are completely missing key assignments every other play. When they do get the assignment correct, they are getting over-matched physically. It's tough to win when the line of scrimmage is so weak. I don't legitimately see another SEC win on our schedule barring a fluke, and even Liberty will be a challenge if they scheme to attack this weakness. 5 and 7 is our likely destiny. I'm not mad about it (sure it's disappointing) but that's my reading of the tea leaves.
  3. madkat7

    Tennessee Game Report Card

    Same result different week.
  4. It is upsetting to see us waste so much talent. That is all.
  5. madkat7

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    "Auburn is content with mediocrity, AD and Gus may even get a raise if Auburn wins a bowl game.: Show me more than one sure fire win left on our schedule and then we can talk bowls. Right now, I don't see how we make it. Zero SEC wins left the way this entire team plays.
  6. madkat7

    Our Head Coach

    That assumes that he could put aside his stubbornness to even accept outside help.
  7. madkat7

    Our Head Coach

    I hate to keep it real....but we are having trouble scoring, not to mention winning. Any SEC team will be a handful at this point.
  8. madkat7

    It's just a game

    You can attempt to sugarcoat it until you are blue in the face. That was a total underachievement to put it mildly.
  9. madkat7

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Likely not even a bowl this season. No gimmes for this offensive ineptitude.
  10. madkat7

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Tennessee is looking forward to next week.
  11. madkat7

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    The entire team is completely out of synch.
  12. Not sure if this is the correct place but here goes... I'll be in Auburn this weekend with the family and am looking for a fun establishment to watch the game. Any recommendations?
  13. TY for tall the responses. Maybe I'll see you folks around. I'll be the one wearing the Auburn stuff!
  14. My kids are older so cussing isn't a huge issue. (I'm also their father so they've heard a few explatives?). I'm just looking for a place that has a good atmosphere on away gamedays with reasonably priced food and beverage.
  15. madkat7

    Things to like about this team

    Not at all upset with a hard fought "W" against a top 10 foe. I liked: Spreading the ball around through the air. Utilizing the TE for the first time in a few years. He made the catch he had too. Intermediate routes and quick hits. Defensive tenacity in 1st quarter and 4th quarter. Needs work: O-line RB vision Corners (I think this is our biggest weakness. I'm surprised that Peterson decided not to pick on them more late in the game. Coaching mistake on his part IMHO) Was there and enjoyed it immensely. WDE!
  16. madkat7

    ** Nip Watch 2018 ** Called-8/22 2215

    Couldn't agree more. Felt it the minute I stepped outside this morning.
  17. madkat7

    ** Nip Watch 2018 ** Called-8/22 2215

    The nip grows late this year. And they say "global warming" is jibberish. ? First HS football game rained out. Maybe next week. Not feeling so much nip here, but DragonCon is just around the corner. I'll be in Atlanta during the game if anyone has a "spare" ticket!!
  18. madkat7

    Trouble at Florida (merged threads)

    Frying pans, Gamblers.....It's obvious that this was a dispute over the results of a pan fried ramen cook-off.
  19. madkat7

    Finebaum has yet to sign new deal with ESPN.

    He's now being pursued by Fox / The Big 10 Network. C'mon people, this is Finescum, not Kreskin. I've honestly never seen entities fight over a piece of rotten meat that ain't worth the effort. He has certainly Jedi mind-tricked someone in to buying the tripe he's selling but man o man this is weird.
  20. madkat7

    Finebaum has yet to sign new deal with ESPN.

    Truly a sign of the times. I'ts almost like fighting for the last bite of a really bad meal.
  21. madkat7

    Allen Greene talks winning culture, facilities

    AD Greene talks the talk, and just may be walking the walk as well. He's off to a strong and authoritative start. WDE!
  22. madkat7

    What was your first Auburn game?

    Tennessee vs. Auburn 1990. Marched in with my Sousaphone in hand and was blown away so much I missed my mark. The assistant band director chewed me a new one. Game ended in a #$*_!@*%_! tie at 26 a piece. Tennessee would break the tie a year later in Neyland.
  23. madkat7

    Opponent Preview: Washington part 2

    Anyone know of an avenue of ticket purchase for this game that doesn't involve the $145 per ticket for crap seats Stub-Hub racket? I can't find anything through the site as of yet.
  24. madkat7

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Aside from the Twitter feed, where's the best place to keep track of NSD / Auburn commits?
  25. madkat7

    Changes at Toomers Corner

    As was I. Sad day. I guess things change, but it seems that more often than not money is involved in precipitating it. Oh well. Does the change to the Compass building impact Wares Jewelers?