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  1. madkat7

    Opponent Preview: Washington part 2

    Anyone know of an avenue of ticket purchase for this game that doesn't involve the $145 per ticket for crap seats Stub-Hub racket? I can't find anything through the site as of yet.
  2. madkat7

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Aside from the Twitter feed, where's the best place to keep track of NSD / Auburn commits?
  3. madkat7

    Changes at Toomers Corner

    As was I. Sad day. I guess things change, but it seems that more often than not money is involved in precipitating it. Oh well. Does the change to the Compass building impact Wares Jewelers?
  4. madkat7

    Official Postgame thread

    UNPREPARED. Nuff said.
  5. And zone coverage bites us again.
  6. The holding is unreal
  7. Was it just me or was someone lined up offsides on d before that incompletion?
  8. Auburn just doesn’t give a darn. Playing like it.
  9. That will stand via the dreaded inconclusive call.
  10. O line is getting abused.
  11. We are shelling up.
  12. I’ve seen screens and runs up the middle for the most part. I think there was one slant. Are we going to try anything down the field or we just going to stick to this vanilla crap all day?
  13. UCF is focusing on the run and perimeter. Middle is wide open. And the o line not playing well.
  14. madkat7

    Fantasy Football?

    Any leagues going on this year. I'm happy to help fill in a league if there is room. Let me know!
  15. madkat7

    College Football Playoffs Announcement

    This...1000 x this!! Got to an 8 team playoff. 5 power five conference champs and 3 at large based on rankings. This keeps things understandable and gets in the teams that deserve to get in. Regular season and championships matter. Of course this is too logical to happen but man, this playoff by conjecture thing has failed more often than it has succeeded.
  16. madkat7

    College Football Playoffs Announcement

    Spot on. Spot on.
  17. madkat7

    College Football Playoffs Announcement

    In a year when we beat both our main rivals during the regular season, they both make the playoffs. Even when we win, we lose.
  18. madkat7

    Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Christ you sound like Tennessee fans.
  19. madkat7

    A little perspective, please

    I am not sure I agree with you. To dominate them the first go round and to lose by the margin of victory that we lost by in the second round is quite confusing. I find it difficult to believe that one player makes that much of a difference. I think this one came down to game plan pure and simple.We got trucked.
  20. madkat7

    Georgia Game (SECCG) Report Card

    All the story you need to see. Failed in all 3 phases. UGA flipped the script. Bad los Stat, though I am having trouble with the loss, your numbers show why it happened. Keep up the good work.
  21. madkat7

    A little perspective, please

    I think this all boils down to the fact that Gus needs to learn lessons the hard way.
  22. madkat7

    A little perspective, please

    That loss hurt. I expected a close game. A 21 point loss was a surprise.
  23. madkat7

    A little perspective, please

    Killer to be honest. Loosing by 21 is tough to swallow. Calling the SEC championship a trap game is a stretch.