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  1. He is following the footsteps of a local hero Kenny Stabler. He's a modern day Waylon.
  2. He's got the size to get a look at TE. Good luck to him.
  3. Univ of Phoenix stadium only held around 75k people. Auburn was in first MNC in fifty years. I was lucky and paid $350 for a ticket. They were going for 2k outside the stadium. That being said both Rose and Cowboy stadiums hold 100k people. Auburn would be playing in 3rd MNC game in 5 years. The demand is still there but not like in 2010, I told myself that year this might be the only chance I ever have to watch Auburn play for a title.
  4. I just moved to a new subdivision that didn't bury Mediacom cable when they built the infrastructure. I signed a direct tv contract this month and it's a $20 a month buyout. I was hoping they were gonna sign.
  5. Ladd Stadium (Senior Bowl)?? Bryant Denny Neyland Vandy Jordan Hare Univ of Phoenix
  6. Mark and Mark is a pretty good show. it's better than Lee Shervanian.
  7. I made my first game in 2 years last night. I have AT&T and couldn't get a text from the time I walked in the stadium. It was pretty bad, reminded me of the BCS game. As far as the student section it was loud last night. I've been gone 13 years, but it was the same crap back then. If it's an early game eveyone is late, if its a cupcake only half come, if we get blown out eveyone leaves.
  8. I remember Finebaum back around 03 ridiculing Mal Moore for all the Dubose, Shula, and Mike Price stuff. I know it's a Bammer Comparison but he hired Nick Saban and next thing you know he's the greatest AD ever at Ttown before his death. JJ has one MNC under his belt who knows there may be another one in the future. I know there is alot of grumblings going on at Auburn over the Athletics these days but not everything can be blamed on him.
  9. I never really hated Clemson until Dabo's speech last year. He is a real douche.
  10. Some do need to be combined, but not all of them. I dislike having to backtrack though 150 pages to find out info on a recruit. When used to there would be a new topic started when new info was presented.
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