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  1. SKIPPER_01

    Demographic Curiosity

    Well I probably shouldn't be saying this, because I'm trying to keep it a secret, but I just had a fried amberjack sandwich from there and I think I could have eaten 50 of them.
  2. SKIPPER_01

    Demographic Curiosity

    Oh yeah. Stewbies is legit. Eat there often. Nowhere near 98. How did you hear about it, I am hoping to keep that gem a secret!
  3. SKIPPER_01

    Demographic Curiosity

    33 Male 2008 (mech engr) Fort Walton Beach From: Headland, AL
  4. SKIPPER_01

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    Haha. I see what you did there.
  5. SKIPPER_01

    2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    This is the same discussion as the mega thread. I don't know what "recruiting at a high level means". We can finish 3rd nationally, but if our arch rivals are 1 and 2 every year, then that means we are getting our butts kicked. Here is the thing, I'm not upset about Trey Hill, kid was born with a 99% chance of playing OL at Georgia. Ellitor and Clayton have been saying it over and over, Auburn fights an uphill battle in the living room in these two states. We cannot give up this area, obviously. We still have to fill most of our roster with AL, GA, and FL kids. However, AU's recruiting strategy does not need to be regional. We will never consistently beat bama and georgia in bama and georgia. We have to fight head to head in recruiting, but we also need to out flank them. In GA, especially, the recruiting coordinator and coaches need to have a feel for when to hold em and when to fold em. In AL we have a more legit shot being in state, but the same applys. The philosophy that Auburn can only recruit regionally, and at the same time knowingly fighting uphill battles in the living room's of our home states, it's is strategically a flawed plan. Spread wide and Out-flank them. Multiple 10 win seasons will be instrumental in this war.
  6. SKIPPER_01

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    "it's tough being an Auburn fan." We have to keep fighting these battles. We win a few. We can't let Kirby lock Georgia down. I wish we would expand our recruiting area. I believe AU is a national brand in college football and we need to recruit like that. For a stud player in whisky, philly, or cali, atleast make some calls and see if there is interest. Hell, we got 3 Citations, go see them. I feel like we would land some. Also, when we hired Malzahn, someone said AU would be the Oregon of the South. Fast paced, spread, dual threat qb. I love this because on offense, it means we could recruit different type of talent and may not have to battle with bama/uga. I believe there is an advantage to this, but bama is going more spread and uga got Fields. So idk. On defense, Garner and twill have been doing great. And then, most importantly, any delta in recruiting will have to be made up in player development and x and os. Malzahn's offense helps with x and os, jury is out on player development. Main thing just keep fighting. And keep spending money. Gus got the big contract. Now isn't the time to skimp on recruiting expenses. Buy another jet and pilot and visit 25% more players. I'd be all over Louisiana. Ed O is going to fail and we need to take advantage of it. Oh, and, "keep it down home cuz."
  7. SKIPPER_01

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    We, as Auburn fans, understand that this class and yrs past have been pretty good. Maybe as good as we can ever hope for. But who is Auburn compared to? You have to understand where our concerns are generating from. Maybe your sunshine pumping is what we need. I'm sure it is better than negativity. But to facepalm what I think is a legit concern? The reality is there are only three football teams in the world. AU, bama, uga. That's it. When another program decides to compete for the sec, then I'll reconsider. So with that in mind, nationwide recruiting rankings don't matter. The ranking that matters is among 3 teams. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd is the only position Auburn can finish in my ranking system. How we fair against bama, uga is all that matters. We need to win this every few yrs to compete. We almost always get 3rd. Not good. The last 10 yrs what is our record vs our rivals? We won two games this yr and we rushed the field. It was awesome, but damn. That is why some Auburn fans who follow recruiting are concerned. I'm not going to tip toe around it. It may be unrealistic expectations, but it is our reality.
  8. SKIPPER_01

    Help Me Catch Up

    So he is a local guy, family wants him close to home, and we just had a receiver break a iron bowl record for receptions. Maybe he wouldn't play that particular position, idk. But we need to be selling the program and opportunity to this guy. Chip/Kodi needs to revise our route tree and revamp the intermediate passing game and give JR a powerpoint presentation on it! AU has its best passer in yrs (still getting better). We need a couple more receivers to make it work. JR could start 2018 for Auburn. Auburn degree he can right his ticket in this state. Clemson ain't shite. Sell it, guys! Recruit! That's what you are paid for!!!
  9. SKIPPER_01

    Help Me Catch Up

    Ok cool. Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I mean I don't want to see a debacle like A&M has had with their qbs lately. We need to get that WR out of phoenix city. We need to lock up local studs for once. Biggest recruit this year is Stidham. He needs another year. If we lose both Johnson and Pettway, do you see us going juco for a RB or rolling with what we got and Asa? We have to do a better job playing young guys throughout year to develop players. If I was coach, I wouldn't play a starter against the directional schools, ever. I would use those 2 or 3 games to develop talent. Backups start and play the whole game. It would basically be a jv team. Would we perhaps drop a game of this nature...probably never. Your "jv" team would be jacked up to play! They would play better than our starters did vs. Mercer and ULM. This might sound absurd, but I could sell to recruits that they will start games next yr. Anyway, that's how I would run my program. But, I'm an engineer, so...
  10. SKIPPER_01

    Help Me Catch Up

    Yall both did wonderful. And, you have me feeling a little better. Couple questions: 1. Clayton says we are 8th, Ellitor says 13th. Is this discrepancy due to different services rankings, or we going composite? 2. Would we take Emory along with Gatewood? How would that play out? 3. Does Auburn not have the resources to expand its recruiting territory? I want to see us make a strong push considering this coaching carousel. We need to be all over Florida and Texas.
  11. SKIPPER_01

    Help Me Catch Up

    I've seen a lot of comments across multiple message boards raving about our recruiting. I think it is OK. It looks about average relative to our recent classes. Which have been OK (hovering around 8th - 10th, which means 5th or 6th in SEC). Who are folks raving about? Are there some intangibles I'm missing? AU needs to pick it up and finish top 3 a few years in a row if we want to run the impossible gauntlet at the end of our schedule...which is looking to be a yearly thing. We BOUGHT stability within our coaching staff. Take advantage of it, Gus. That's what Auburn is paying for.
  12. SKIPPER_01

    Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    If I was AD...... I would offer him and assistants a fair raise and extension. However, I would negotiate from a position of strength. I still can't get over going 0-6 vs. rivals the last three yrs. and then the fiasco in baton rouge. I would not match an insane $8.4M offer Arkansas or whoever wants to throw at him. I would go $6M at my top end with possible sweeteners. Gus has earned a contract extension. Ok, now to my main point. The only reason people think Gus may leave is to go "home". Auburn is a better job in every other facit. Speaking of his assistants, how many Auburn alumni are on his staff? You think they are wanting to move to Arkansas? This is where the "going home" argument breaks down for me. Gus has been at Auburn for eight years, made it to three Seccg and two Natties with another in reach. Gus would have to hire a completely new staff. Steele ain't going up there. Gus is home. I would explain that to him, and then offer him a fair raise/extension.
  13. Tell me if my assumption is correct..... The reason the game clock and play clock started at different times on the last play is because when the game clock is stopped between plays, there is only a fraction of second left. They don't reset the game clock to the nearest full second. But the play clock is a brand new full 25 seconds. So when the official signals to run the clocks. The game clock is a fraction of a second ahead of the play clock. Then on the replay, they had it in slow motion, and the fraction of a second difference looked a lot longer. Thanks for any further insight. Skipper
  14. SKIPPER_01

    Where/when do you think Gus started to take a slide?

    Obviously, Gus is learning on the job. We all knew this would be the case when we hired a guy with one yr HC experience. It was a big step for him. I thought their would be some growing pains.....Then, 2013 happened. Gus dialed up a perfect offense with that set of players. The next yr, we didn't have those players, but Gus was/is still trying to find some genius magical formula. Gus is in his own head so much, that's the only way I can fathom the circus we saw on Sat., and last yr for that matter. I'm afraid that Gus isn't head coach material. I'm not totally off the bus, I just really hope he can change his philosophy. I don't know though. I feel like Gus is a person that needs to be in a cubicle thinking up schemes or plays. I feel like thats what he likes to do. I'm not sure how he relates to players, etc. But, he's not a strategic General type of leader. I was hoping hiring Herb Hand was going to help. If he wants to remain the head coach at Auburn, he needs to develop this quality and mindset. If he fired Lashlee, I would hope the OC he got would have those qualities. Almost backwards, but have the new OC be the General leader, and Gus be the witty 1st Leutinant. Hell, I don't know what to think.
  15. SKIPPER_01


    OMG!!!!! I'm being positive! Muschamp and Trob can pull this! Will change the direction of Auburn's program more than the Vincent Jackson recruitment! Ok, now that's out of the way, I'M putting on my nega barner. After following and living through Dee Finley, BJ Scott, Jermon Fortson, Brent Calloway, Foster, Evans...I'M done getting hopes up until after nsd. Hell, I watched Cyrus K. commit on live tv on nsd and still didn't sign. I'M not getting my hopes up until I see Cowert lay Leonard Furnette out in BR next year. Rant off.