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  1. I'm excited about this hire. Very pleased with Allen Greene.
  2. I did my emailing to BOT and AD. Told them if they hired Steele, the Schiano UT deal would look like a picnic. I've been rooting for MC for a couple of yrs. So I guess he is my #1. #2. Matt Campbell #3. Lane Kiffin #4. Bill Napier
  3. I said it. Mario Cristobal. Head Coach. Football. Auburn University. 1. Played and coached Oline. 2. Has head coaching experience. 5 yrs at FIU (built them from nothing). Plus 2 yrs at Oregon. 3. Coached 4 yrs for Saban at bama 4. Great recruiter. Has spent career recruiting Florida and Alabama. If we fire Gus....we should hire Cristobal. All the other choices suck.
  4. You talking about Auburn's 3-point shooting???
  5. Sweet! You are saying that section 115 is the Auburn section?! That is a total lucky fluke that I am in that section. I just went to stub hub and bought the best ticket I could. AUsome!
  6. Man, this is my first basketball tournament, but to answer your question, I don't think it works like that. There are four teams that can buy tickets for both games on friday. (I.e. I'm gonna stay and watch the Kentucky game after Auburn) we are sitting in 115, row 7. $400ea for "full strip) tickets. This gets you Sunday games as well.
  7. Thank you very much for the recommendations! We will Def go to a couple of these places. I have figured out that fanfest is at a place called Kansas City live. It is a covered pavilion right beside (on west side) of the sprint center.
  8. Who all is going? Has anyone of heard where AU fans will be getting together? I heard the place to be is the power and light district. Fanfest will be there. Wife and I are getting in town Thursday night. Staying downtown at hotel phillips. What's yalls plans?
  9. Like the comments. I would add: and recruit. Even tho I rather see low rank player development than wasting talent like we seem to be doing. But, in our situation, we have to recruit well AND build and develop.
  10. Sometimes you get what you need - rolling stones
  11. Ok Titan, I'm with you. Hotty Toddy this weekend. My short list is: 1. Cristobal 2. Kiffin 3. Brohm
  12. Can I change my vote to Mario Cristobal? If not him, then Kiffin.
  13. I feel like this is a fireable offense.
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