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  3. This is broken logic. I wish college football was as black/white as the original post states. Regardless, I'll answer your original question. "does Brian Harsin have the coaching chops to make it to the top four of the playoffs?" Yes.
  4. Honest thoughts... the QB room is exactly what we thought it was before the season. With the only surprise being that Calzada is barely a 3rd string. I thought Robby played well. That was a great deep ball, but the later (crap PI call btw on Mercer) deep ball was terrible. I guess my point is, let's not hang our hats on just the good. It's unfortunate AU had the off-season they did, and couldn't go (get alignment) and get an OL plus QB. Seems like the other parts are there.
  5. I thought for sure they'd come down a bit harder on the Kiffin Injury Special tactic. Oh well...
  6. I think the chances we see Holden at all next year is pretty small. I think there were probably some better candidates to choose from than go with the talking point of "QB".
  7. Oops, that is correct. 8:10 p.m. Currently in AK for work.
  8. Kickoff isn't until 5:10. It'll show on ESPNNews then.
  9. I don't post much anymore. Pump the brakes. We have one more practice "game" before crap gets real.
  10. We're blaming the Strength and Conditioning coach now? Good grief people, the problem is nowhere close to that. Ryan Russell has been nothing but phenomenal for our program. As some people noted on this thread, there are factors here other than bench press. Talent level (Horton's tape this year is absolutely horrible) and unimaginative play calling come to mind immediately.
  11. I can't believe you guys let this troll continue this thread to 17 pages!
  12. Lighten up Francis. The critique on body language is something that has been pointed out since last season. Not judging his character, but it is a needed trait for the position (poise). Yapping off or rolling your eyes to your teammates when a pass is missed or a fumble is caused isn't fun to watch. Last season he did the same when he didn't like the play calls before the snap, when the game was in hand.
  13. He almost looked to take a step back today. According to past scrimmage reports he wasn't exactly lighting it up either during the spring and was prone to INTs. I'm dumbfounded by the OP. It's Stidham and it's not even close. R.I.P. 2018 if Stidham gets an injury.. *Edit - Anyone else here dislike his body language?
  14. Exactly. 77 players took snaps. By plan because of the halftime score. Now everyone in their right mind is freaking out. Players don't play if they're not ready. It's as simple as that. I saw on Rivals there was a poll, by JGT I think, labeled "If you could, would you fire Gus Malzahn today?" Ridiculous. Anyways, ask just about every other SEC fanbase aside from AU, UA, UGA how they feel.
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