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  1. FINAL: Auburn 44 Ole Miss 23

    Exactly. 77 players took snaps. By plan because of the halftime score. Now everyone in their right mind is freaking out. Players don't play if they're not ready. It's as simple as that. I saw on Rivals there was a poll, by JGT I think, labeled "If you could, would you fire Gus Malzahn today?" Ridiculous. Anyways, ask just about every other SEC fanbase aside from AU, UA, UGA how they feel.
  2. A lot of good positive energy out there. Love to see that.
  3. AU to host Samford in 2019

    I don't think it's as dumb as "JJ is so scared to play the other teams!" UAB didn't have a football program at all just recently and these types of games are planned years in advance. Would you consider UA scared of the teams you listed as well because they don't play them? At least we are making an effort to keep the revenue within the state. For whatever its worth, a simple google search reveals that Jacobs has indeed discussed a possible game with UAB back in 2016. The first available date at that time for Auburn to schedule a non-conference game was 2019. The majority of the reason why some teams get placed on our schedule and others don't is soley because of scheduling conflict. Like I mentioned earlier, these are made years in advance. You don't just call any opponent of the week and say," Hey, let's play next year and this is when we are going to do it."
  4. Projected depth chart Week 3

    Eh. I see some glaring discrepancies. For example, Nate-Craig being listed as 3rd string behind a guy listed as a starter in multiple positions but is missing spring because of "personal business". Usually personal business = "Get your *ss back in the classroom and study" but that is a big assumption by me.
  5. Spring Practice 2017 - Catching Up

    Wow, this board is great! I didn't know we had such a great community of professional quarterback coaches! Such accurate assessments off of 1 minute clips!
  6. Spring Practice 2017 - Catching Up

    Great to see White back in action, although limited, in throwing drills.
  7. Anyone remember this game???

    That was my first IB as a student. Was a surreal experience watching Caddy take it to the house on the first play.
  8. All Things Woody Barrett (Merged)

    Encouraging to hear. Those in the know stated that Woody really had some attitude issues last year (think lackadaisical) . Enough to where at some point others stated he may never see the field. Maybe we can attribute that to some small injuries he had during last year and the fact he was redshirted.
  9. Lindsey gets detailed with QBs

    I think the biggest news for Auburn fans is that he was visibly working with the QBs. Also refreshing to see this instead of the usual first 15 minutes of practice for the QBs that involved stretching and the "ball tied to a stretch string" drill.
  10. 2017 SEC Media Days

    How is the order determined? Pull names out of a hat? I can imagine a more realistic answer would be that all the coaches send their schedule conflicts in for that week and something is worked.
  11. virtual reality training for OL

    Jeremy's problem wasn't reading the defense (although you could argue that with his INT problem), his problem was his demeanor and ability to remain calm under pressure to make good decisions which usually resulted in chaotic choices. Apparently he was an all-world practice player when he was wearing the orange "no hit" jersey. VR can't fix that.
  12. virtual reality training for OL

    I'm a huge fan of using this technology. It will never replace the real deal in practice but as Herb pointed out in the article it's much better than the walk-throughs they do with no pads. I think the the ceiling for this type of tech in this application is very high in the next coming years. Just imagine each player given a headset as they step foot on campus and can do these mental reps on their own accord to prepare. I would love to see the secondary get some use out of this, especially the safeties. To be able to decipher where the coverages need to be against an opponent and have mental reps against that is priceless.
  13. Jacobs needs to meet with Gus

    A little late to this thread, and maybe I'm misunderstanding the point of the original post, but I'm assuming it has to do with Lashlee not being a capable O.C. or disappointment with his play calling (or both). If I'm wrong in assuming this, then ignore the latter part. Since I'm a little sick and tired of the constant tirade of Lashlee being an inept coordinator by some AU faithful let me make one point clear. If it weren't for Lashlee taking over the offense and play calling duties our season would have gone in a different direction very quickly... and not in a good way. In addition, for those who think Lashlee was still calling plays versus UGA or UA then I highly recommend to reconsider their stance based off of the VERY similar play calling from Clemson and Texas A&M versus UGA and UA. I think the issue on offense is pretty simple really. This season it came down to the depth we have at QB (lack thereof). When the pieces were there it seemed AU could not be stopped on offense. When injuries hit, I believe Gus took over the play calling duties to adjust for JF3 and JJ which was quite unfortunate.
  14. CFP Ranking #9

    2006 and I'll always remember it. We were #5, with a shot at at national title and SEC title. It was cold and raining if I remember correctly. Caught a cold in the student section after that game and it was a miserable experience overall.