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  1. We're blaming the Strength and Conditioning coach now? Good grief people, the problem is nowhere close to that. Ryan Russell has been nothing but phenomenal for our program. As some people noted on this thread, there are factors here other than bench press. Talent level (Horton's tape this year is absolutely horrible) and unimaginative play calling come to mind immediately.
  2. I can't believe you guys let this troll continue this thread to 17 pages!
  3. Lighten up Francis. The critique on body language is something that has been pointed out since last season. Not judging his character, but it is a needed trait for the position (poise). Yapping off or rolling your eyes to your teammates when a pass is missed or a fumble is caused isn't fun to watch. Last season he did the same when he didn't like the play calls before the snap, when the game was in hand.
  4. He almost looked to take a step back today. According to past scrimmage reports he wasn't exactly lighting it up either during the spring and was prone to INTs. I'm dumbfounded by the OP. It's Stidham and it's not even close. R.I.P. 2018 if Stidham gets an injury.. *Edit - Anyone else here dislike his body language?
  5. Exactly. 77 players took snaps. By plan because of the halftime score. Now everyone in their right mind is freaking out. Players don't play if they're not ready. It's as simple as that. I saw on Rivals there was a poll, by JGT I think, labeled "If you could, would you fire Gus Malzahn today?" Ridiculous. Anyways, ask just about every other SEC fanbase aside from AU, UA, UGA how they feel.
  6. A lot of good positive energy out there. Love to see that.
  7. I don't think it's as dumb as "JJ is so scared to play the other teams!" UAB didn't have a football program at all just recently and these types of games are planned years in advance. Would you consider UA scared of the teams you listed as well because they don't play them? At least we are making an effort to keep the revenue within the state. For whatever its worth, a simple google search reveals that Jacobs has indeed discussed a possible game with UAB back in 2016. The first available date at that time for Auburn to schedule a non-conference game was 2019. The majority of the re
  8. Eh. I see some glaring discrepancies. For example, Nate-Craig being listed as 3rd string behind a guy listed as a starter in multiple positions but is missing spring because of "personal business". Usually personal business = "Get your *ss back in the classroom and study" but that is a big assumption by me.
  9. Wow, this board is great! I didn't know we had such a great community of professional quarterback coaches! Such accurate assessments off of 1 minute clips!
  10. Great to see White back in action, although limited, in throwing drills.
  11. That was my first IB as a student. Was a surreal experience watching Caddy take it to the house on the first play.
  12. Encouraging to hear. Those in the know stated that Woody really had some attitude issues last year (think lackadaisical) . Enough to where at some point others stated he may never see the field. Maybe we can attribute that to some small injuries he had during last year and the fact he was redshirted.
  13. I think the biggest news for Auburn fans is that he was visibly working with the QBs. Also refreshing to see this instead of the usual first 15 minutes of practice for the QBs that involved stretching and the "ball tied to a stretch string" drill.
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