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  1. i wish they would learn how to close out a game
  2. malzahn better be offering this kid....i saw him in the state championship game and hell yes he can play, and yes he is big enough.....i was very impressed with him....more than the two we signed in this recent class
  3. good move for cowart !!!!! as a DT, he can wreck s*** and have a chance to get drafted.....
  4. i doubt that he stays around over there very long....mark my words, i think we dodged a bullet with this one
  5. this guy is raw, but i watched him an all-star game (i forget which one) on tv, and i really think he is going to be very good player in a couple of years....he has the ability, just needs the normal college basics in the coaching department....good, no, very good get
  6. if he doesn't want to get to the program, go all donald trump on him and tell him "you're fired"......if its the injury, then he'll be okay....if he is unhappy and bruce can't convince him to be a part of the big picture, then its better if he goes elsewhere
  7. by AU folks
  8. by AU folks
  9. if they don't start playing defense and rebounding, they'll be lucky to finish above .500
  10. oh boy....kinda' extreme ain't it,tj?....sad to see
  11. lay off chuck, you don't coach in the NBA as long as he did without being a good coach...defense is effort and attitude, and these young guys don't get it yet....they will, but it will probably be next year
  12. i sure hope its a muslim ban.....let them move in with you
  13. get them all out....or better yet, let some of them come stay at your place
  14. yeah, give jethro jacobs and compliance or whomever credit for not listening to me.....i still want to wait until the court system says yea or nay, but it sure don't look good at all right is just awful bad if true