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  1. Coach, I'm pretty sure each athlete gets maybe $800+ a month. I'm basing this off my AU classmate's daughter who plays basketball at OSU and receives @ $825/month. That is above their no cost room and board. So athletes are doing okay.
  2. More like an observation, but understood.
  3. You shouldn't let one guy who the media extended his platform to bother you.
  4. This is so petty that I can't believe it made usa or this forum.
  5. I'm okay with your statement except there is no such thing as free, which is a very over used term.
  6. I think a president's travel ,housing, and protection budget should be a resonably set amount. That way I know how well he manages money.
  7. I received a package/letter from the RNC requesting me to fill out a questionnaire. I'm not sure why, because even though I lean right of center, I did not vote for Donald Trump. I hope he does well but he just wasn't the candidate for me. Regardless, Ms. Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairwoman, opened the letter with "After suffering eight years under Barack Obama we finally have the opportunity to reverse damage he has done to our nation and the world". I consider myself a reasonable person and that sentence really was not applicable, sensible, or warranted to help me fill out the questionnaire. To start, I did not suffer under the past president, matter of fact I did well. Second, I don't look backward, I look forward, and bringing up anything about a past president is petty and cheap. Third, who is the woman, someone needs to tell her to get her act together because this southern man wants a party of problems solvers (aka real men) not complainers (aka men who act like real housewives) to run this country.
  8. My gut tells me this is bs. So I would like to see his numbers.
  9. If enlightenment equals reasoning based on the "real" truth without prejudice then I get it. Otherwise it's probably just opinion. Well, at least that's my opinion....
  10. If it is proved he broke laws, then he should pay the penalty. To the poster who mentioned hrc, this has nothing to do with her.
  11. Hey I provided a wink ;-)...
  12. A shallow, useless and stupid thread. It's like me saying AURaptor = Homersapian because they both have eyes, nose, ears, etc. ;-) And the linked article doesn't help support the premise of the thread title....stupid.
  13. Thanks. I just read a article from the Washington post on the aspects of the event. My opinion it's a party where the elite meet and the common man has nothing to add. Probably conservitives and liberals coming together on how to screw the middle class....;-)
  14. Is this event paid for by the government or the media?