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  1. I don't know if was energy or a since of urgency.
  2. The defense (at least the dbs) started playing betterr when they went to man coverage instead of zone.
  3. Since we're speculating how do we know the WRs didn't tell Harsin this coach is not getting them prepared to play per expectations.
  4. When the qb, Finley in this case, knows there is a wr personnel issue before the wr coach, that speaks volumes.
  5. Not sure if this is the reason but I wondered why #0 didn’t get in the game this week. Was he hurt?
  6. I watched the game and I believe as you Finley throws a better ball. His release is fast and the ball has velocity with OK accuracy, which I expect would get better with more game reps. This is not to say Nix is not fixable, but it will take time because it just seems he is not processing the field fast enough in a very fast game. The deep ball has to be an option , which I hope Finely can execute, to give us more space to operate more passing routes and help the running game.
  7. I think both qbs are redeemable in whatever current state they are exist. In my opinion how one plays is based (not all inclusive) on capability (talent), how well one takes coaching to improve their game, supporting cast, and the system they are in to a lesser degree. At this point I would give TJ a slight edge because of his arm. So the hard decision is on to Harsin to decide each practice, week, or whatever his deciding factor is to choose a qb to lead our team each week. For Finley or Nix it's big boy day everyday to be better than they were the day before.
  8. Good post. When we started going man-to-man coverage GSU's offense stalled. At least that's what I observed.
  9. I understand the post. But I believe coming up with such a conclusion based on the success of a qb in one game is presumptive. Note: I remember the LSU/Auburn game last year.
  10. I remember earlier this year when Biden taped Harris to solve the border crisis. But since, my perception things are getting worse at the border. I hear a lot of other people talking but nothing or very little from her. Is the engaged? Is she capable? Or did Biden make a mistake in assigning her this the task.
  11. Just because you can throw a block doesn't mean to should throw a block. I know that's easy to say because the speed on the field is beyond my comprehension and I'm sure our guy wish he could take it back.
  12. It's a chess match. You don't go Queen's gambit on your first move. LOL
  13. We'll blend in with the white out like a Boise player on a blue field. PSU will be tackling fans in the stands while we're running down the field untouched. 😆
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