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  1. Well if football was an individual sport I could see your previous point concerning who is their best coach.
  2. Another... Ace "one play one si cover" Atkins
  3. William Andrews or Ace "you can't catch me" Wright or Carlos "you're going off on a stretcher" Cheatam.
  4. Just think of the media narrative Trump has been pushing from the beginning....."fake news".
  5. It's going on seven months and many hours of work by various media outlets and I haven't seen anything of substance that is sticking to Teflon Trump. Is it possible the media is getting played? By Trump?...By Putin?....others?
  6. The is interesting. I just watched the interview with the female Russian informant. She could not speak English and she said via an interpreted interview that she only met Trumps son, son-in-law, and campaign manager. My question is, which of the three are fluent in russian.
  7. Ace Atkins....cause he had the best sports illustrated cover photo.
  8. I believe it's time to report on how and who funds elections. 50 million (reported) for a house seat....really? My calculations equal to @ $200 for each voter in that election. Our votes are being prostituted and I want to know the identity of the johns.
  9. Oh, so she's a millennial. Could this be the beginning of a new legal tactic called the "millennial" defense.
  10. How in the hell was this even allowed. This is very informative and enlightening. To me it sounds illegal and I think the justice department should require each undeserving group or persons to pay the money back.
  11. Will Ms. Winner be made an example of and sentenced severely or is there legal precedence to help her avoid such?
  12. Maybe their attempts will drive more improvements and security in our voting systems.
  13. Change republican to democrat, then change a few words and you'll have a left hit article.
  14. To me Fullwood had the best plant, cut and get up field ability of any back I have personally seen play at AU. Plus at @ 5'10" and 230 lbs he was hard to tackle. His only limitation was his top end speed.