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  1. Beautiful. I saw a similar sky in Arizona before the 2010 national championship game.
  2. In the state’s media this week. They’ve already posted the dumbest article I’ve ever read about sweating and suits. With all the angles to write great articles writing one about that is dumbfounding.
  3. I think they deserve more than the $800 or so they currently get per month.
  4. Billions income for the ncaa versus millions payout to the conferences...ummm. The calculator in my head would like to see the accounting for the difference.
  5. I’m heading up Friday. Does anyone know where I can buy a Jared Harper jersey?
  6. I don’t root for them. I don’t root against them. I just don’t care.
  7. To to the freaking rim draw a foul we didn't need a three.
  8. Could you imagine Auburn with Treveon Williams from Purdue?
  9. Of the three (acl, mcl, pcl) this is the one to injure. High success and recovery rate. At least according to my sources.
  10. A different kind of summary. For anyone who doesn't follow basketball or know specifically about AUBURN basketball (recruits and parents). All you need to do is watch this one game including CBP's interview immediately after the game and with a little thought you'll have a clear picture. Not sure how much farther we will go but everyone on this team is already a WINNER!
  11. I remember posting (pat on the back🤪) that given time Bruce Pearl could turn us into the Duke of the SEC. We have the arena, we have the right AD, we have the right coach. Eventually CBP will be competing with the blue-bloods for the elite players in the nation. All the parts are there, just need a few more years and additional money for the staff and we’re set. At least this my opinion 😎.
  12. N’Diaye Mamadou just because I like his name and he could pack your lunch. Lol.
  13. I don't know if this applies to the state's universities, but in high school athletics, investments in facilities were matched 60(school)\40 by the state. This was good for both sides of the financial equation. This approach stopped @ 2010s due to the economy and as far i know has not returned. Maybe the university is waiting on that process to return or maybe this just doesn't apply to state universities.
  14. I remember a member AUH1 (I think) was really down on Garner. Whatever happened to that poster?