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  1. creed

    Mullen opening practice

    Weird ðŸĪŠ
  2. creed

    Mullen opening practice

    Don't know what he has to hide, but why doesn't Mullen close bowl practice like the other 13 coaches? Could it be he doesn't have anything worth hiding? 😂
  3. creed

    Who replaces Chip?

    I believe Chip was brought in just for JS and to run a RPO offense. The next wave of qbs are more read option in my opinion. So it's not a knock on Chip that he's not being retained. It's just business nothing more nothing less to bring in an OC with read option credentials.
  4. creed

    Who replaces Chip?

    The offense we've seen for the last two years was built for JS and called by CL. It looks nothing like what a CGM offense looks like. Does CGM make recommendations? Yes. But calling plays, No. Ask CL and he'll tell you the same thing.
  5. creed

    Chip Out As AU OC (thread title updated)

    Congrats to Chip. I think Chip was hired specifically to coach a pro-style qb (JS). The remainder in the program appear to be dual-threat types so it's on to that type of of coordinator. Summary, it's just business.
  6. creed

    Time to rename this website?

    Something like the Gallaghers on shameless?
  7. creed

    Time to rename this website?

    Mathematical equivalent = Not[] 😂
  8. creed

    Time to rename this website?

    How about DisFuncFamily
  9. Does the name AUFAMILY well represent the mission and flavor of this site? If not what would you rename it?
  10. creed


    No worries, after the newness of Kirby wears off along with the restoration if Florida and Tennessee the stupidity of Smart will be magnified. If recruits and their bot are smart they're already wondering about his ability to be a head coach.
  11. creed

    Herbstreit Pumping Uga

    Just checking. None of the coaches have mentioned this so I'm skeptical. I'll leave at that.
  12. creed

    Herbstreit Pumping Uga

    WDE or E can this be verified and how did you come across this info? Just want to make sure we're not smearing a young man's name over rumors.
  13. creed

    Herbstreit Pumping Uga

    How did you come across this info on Gatewood or is this just your opinion!
  14. creed

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    Scratch that I was looking at a bad site and will edit my post. I reviewed his stats and they look good!
  15. creed

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    It's a question because I haven't seen Fields play except for two plays last night. Has he played enough to show he's better than any of our qbs? Don't give me subjectivity.