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  1. All this back and forth on who said what and what's the right thing to do is simplified if everyone would agree that the party in power can do what they want up until their power no longer exists. Let politics be politics.
  2. The pandemic would fall under the health scope/responsibilities of federal government.
  3. Possibly adding more legislation to an outdated governmental control deck is not the correct approach. It may be painful but tearing the federal government down to the minimum of providing for just the health , safety, welfare of its citizens is a start. Everything else would be covered by the states.
  4. Here's the disturbing part to me in that both parties almost force the voter to go all-in for their platform. In my opinion neither party is or can be perfect in its method of legislating. Also, individuals running for office, with diverse ideas for legislating, practically have to toe a party line to receive monetary support. So the two party system practically dumbs down a voter and their vote via limited choice.
  5. https://thehill.com/blogs/congress-blog/politics/267222-the-two-party-system-is-destroying-america
  6. It would be nice to see the data the President is using to develop his opinion. It would also be nice to see the data that the writer is using to debunk said opinion.
  7. Smart money says Robert Mueller will lead another special counsel investigation that will lead to little a year and a half later. In the interim Biden or Trump will be grilled by the opposing media sending the their respective easily influenced minions into mental paralysis for at least 4 years.
  8. I understand to some degree, but it’s up to a candidate to earn my vote, not be given my vote.
  9. Hell to the no. He should pay his own cost for personal defense.
  10. Are you saying I need to suppress my values and select from one of the two (from my perspective) inferior candidates? I'm not a lever puller, I vote both sides of the aisle. I hope no one in this forum is a straight lever puller. You don't need intellect for that type of voting and it doesn't help shape party and\or governmental policies.
  11. Write-ins are not worthless. It’s a movement or a form of peaceful demonstration.
  12. Don't take my non-vote for Trump to mean I'll be voting for Biden, unless he communicates a clear plan on how to bring the Democratic party back to the middle. Also, I'll be interested in hearing how he will reduce federal spending, implementing a healthcare system that works for everyone, establishing a non intrusive but fair domestic economic plan that will spawn a healthy private and public business environment, and right-sizing our military because I think it's to large. Currently, the republican or democrat platforms don't have what it takes to earn my vote so I'll probably write in a ca
  13. Can anything change Americans’ minds about Donald Trump? Not my mind. I think he's a turd.
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