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  1. I would need to do analysis to determine a fee, but let’s say it’s $100 bucks per season. If 20000 (@ 25% or so) fans signed up that’s $2M and all the responsibility is on the the fan. Soft six pack coolers only, checked at the gate and stored under his feet in the stands. Managed via limited gates via a chipped card no cooler.
  2. Factor in the liability, insurance, responsibility and training required to manage alcohol sales. Will legit vendors sign-up for this? Best to let consumers manage their own consumption and charge them a flat fee up front to bring their booze to the stadium and clean up their trash.
  3. How about a different aporoach. Instead of alcohol sales in the stadium, maybe a tuf fee that allows a person to bring a 6 pack cooler to the game.
  4. When people become responsible enough to clean up their tailgating messes then that would be the time when I would be okay with on campus alcohol sales. Every time I'm on campus for a game it's saddening to see how our/my campus is trashed.
  5. I was giving credit to the 1% who were preparing for a colonoscopy tomorrow. 😷
  6. 99% if the posters on here are full of On another note it's possible one our guards can move to tackle...Not sure who, but a guard not being able to play tackle, as stated previousky, is just not true. Georgia moved Isaiah Wynn to tackle from guard in 2017 and won the SEC. He was 6'2" , 302lbs and played LEFT tackle. Right tackle is an easier position and the coaches should have some options.
  7. Beautiful. I saw a similar sky in Arizona before the 2010 national championship game.
  8. In the state’s media this week. They’ve already posted the dumbest article I’ve ever read about sweating and suits. With all the angles to write great articles writing one about that is dumbfounding.
  9. I think they deserve more than the $800 or so they currently get per month.
  10. Billions income for the ncaa versus millions payout to the conferences...ummm. The calculator in my head would like to see the accounting for the difference.
  11. I’m heading up Friday. Does anyone know where I can buy a Jared Harper jersey?
  12. I don’t root for them. I don’t root against them. I just don’t care.
  13. To to the freaking rim draw a foul we didn't need a three.
  14. Could you imagine Auburn with Treveon Williams from Purdue?
  15. Of the three (acl, mcl, pcl) this is the one to injure. High success and recovery rate. At least according to my sources.