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  1. To me Fullwood had the best plant, cut and get up field ability of any back I have personally seen play at AU. Plus at @ 5'10" and 230 lbs he was hard to tackle. His only limitation was his top end speed.
  2. I know it's not a direct comparison, but it's a good thing we're not talking about an Alabama marriage chapel refusal to marry a 16 and a 40 year old couple because the couple doesn't fit their operating procedures for age limits. Even though the couple are really in love (at the moment), mentally/physically (scientifically) mature and within the parameters of legal consent.
  3. I heard one time the folks in the Hollywood film industry thought like communist. I wonder if they were getting loans from Russia too. ;-)
  4. I feel your pain, but in my opinion is the new scoreboard (excluding execution) was probably one of he best investments I've seen to the stadium is quite some time. Now every seat in the upper decks, north endzone, and sidelines are better seats. I believe he scoreboard will pay for itself with increase sales in the upper deck alone. Plus it's the bling that potential athletes look for on recruiting trips.
  5. I agree and think he should release his tax records. But if it shows he paid zip and everthing is legal and within our tax laws, who are you going to be mad at?
  6. Lol. Left myself open for that one. Yea Hitler couldn't even be consideed human in my book.
  7. Going back almost 80 years to trash someone....rotflmao. Surely someone could have found a more recent "applicable" comparison.
  8. Coach, I'm pretty sure each athlete gets maybe $800+ a month. I'm basing this off my AU classmate's daughter who plays basketball at OSU and receives @ $825/month. That is above their no cost room and board. So athletes are doing okay.
  9. More like an observation, but understood.
  10. You shouldn't let one guy who the media extended his platform to bother you.
  11. This is so petty that I can't believe it made usa or this forum.
  12. I'm okay with your statement except there is no such thing as free, which is a very over used term.
  13. I think a president's travel ,housing, and protection budget should be a resonably set amount. That way I know how well he manages money.