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  1. Not sure where the focus will be, but I am sure they'll be folks on here complaining even if we win by 20.
  2. Let me play reverse fan here. Kirby had/has 4 and 5 stars at every position up against 3 stars. The game was at home and the crowd was stoked for a big win . This game's outcome is on the shoulders of the head coach. Dog fans are starting to see the light.
  3. Thank you and you're welcome.😀
  4. I thought this thread was about UGA.
  5. He doesn't out coach he out atheletes. He is a great recruiter no doubt.
  6. Could you imagine what this board would look like if KS was our coach and lost to a team that was playing a wide receiver at quarterback. I could name names who put KS on a pedastal here, just wondering what they think of him now?
  7. If Auburn isn't playing I'm usually doing other stuff around the house. I may watch some of the LSU/FL game tonight.
  8. I don't want to hear anymore about KS the great coach.
  9. Ask any successful individual, athlete or normal person and they'll tell you the same. Sorry if it hurt.
  10. Entertainment of course, everyone knows that. 😁
  11. You percentage is extremely low, and even if you read something are you gullible enough to believe it? Now that percentage is probably 99.9%.😁
  12. Here's my viewpoint. It's not the right time to bring up the subject. Plus the subject would be discussed by a bunch of folks on here who's opinion is worth zero when it comes to this matter. Oh I know there's a bunch of you are saying "well if it was me I would do this or call so and so", which makes you look stupid, cause you know what, you won't get the call to get your input.
  13. Anyone who picks a loss before a game is a loser.