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  1. Bama vs Georgia

    Yep, but my grandfather thought America had gone to hell in a handbasket when the allman brothers were the thing...go
  2. Spuat or Thuga

    It's only my opinion. Nothing more or less. I live in Georgia (20 years) and since the folks I know understand UGA is my second favorite team I don't get bothered.
  3. Spuat or Thuga

    UGA....why? 1) true rivalry in college football. 2) History....both teams began football in the south. 3) I think thier uniforms are second best in the nation. 4) I believe their mascot is second best in the nation. 5) The picture with uga nipping at Robert Baker is the coolest picture and describes the rivalry perfectly. 6) AU & UGA would play in the SEC Championship every year if it was up to me.
  4. Demographic Curiosity

    59 Male Cataula, Georgia Class of '91' - BSEE
  5. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Kirby has had a month to get ready for this game. It's on him, I'm sure the uga fans can't be happy with the team's preparation.
  6. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    The defensive guru and Saben protege is getting punked.
  7. Maybe some of you need to watch the game before
  8. Okay for all you have to throw to the tight end folks. There you go. Of course he was covered like cheap suit, but you got your wish.
  9. 2018 4* OT Richard Gouraige (Florida)

    "It is fun to be wrong" Well that's weird, but whatever works for you. I would almost put you in my ignore list, but your posts make me laugh. Carry on.
  10. 2018 4* OT/OG William Barnes

    One word Midol...:-) Just kidding carry on with your posting approach.
  11. 2018 4* OT/OG William Barnes

    Could it be possible you don't know the entire story behind Penn State's OL issues during CHH time there?
  12. I say let's keep this thread alive until February then report back the results.
  13. Deshaun Davis graduates

    Awesome news, but am I missing something? He's listed as a junior in my program and the "playing in his last game" confused me.
  14. On to UCF

    Well I'm all for an impressive win, but I'll sacrifice sloppy play for a youth movement.