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  1. If the team can pickup with the attitude and effort that Carnell left them with, then I’m happy. That alone should equate to 1 or 2 more wins. But if not, then that’s the way it is and doesn’t effect my role, which is cheering on the Tigers and not arm chair quarterbacking.
  2. I was in school in 1989 and it was crazy. The reciever if my memory serves me correctly was Alexander (Ace) Wright. On that pass play the bammer CB pushed him out of bounds and Ace came back into the the field of play and caught the pass. Ace could fly and I believe was the fastest man in pro football for a few years.
  3. Why are we talking bad about any coach that wasn’t selected?Makes no sense to me.
  4. No. I keep it real simple. The only expectation I have is to go to the games and cheer on the Tigers no matter the score.
  5. Are all 12 ethics weighted equally and what is a passing score? Is it 100%?
  6. Can you define ethics in real terms from your perspective for this topic?
  7. Do you want your guy ( ceo, coo, potus, head coach, etc.) doing their core job or dilly dallying on social media?
  8. I did not vote for trump and I'm okay with Freeze.
  9. Or how about the mental gymnastics for the person who voted for the guy who is proposing granting immunity to the Saudi Crown Prince from a civil lawsuit over his role in a murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  10. How do I/you know this is real on a platform that often is not real?
  11. Just stop it. It's not a good look for you guys because it makes you look petty and childish.
  12. Biological women have more Testosterone than the common AU poster on this site. 🤪
  13. This makes as much sense as a poopy flavored lollipop....lol
  14. gotcha. I've just never heard of a winning strategy around lack of size, speed, quickness other than recruiting better.
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