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  1. Well that means Trump voters are not so bright. Should I think the same about Biden voters?
  2. Ummm....interesting. If this is a joke what does it mean?
  3. Did anyone watch this and was he shaping a narrative for his run against Biden? It appeared he was trying shape it as responsible people are republicans and good. Versus rioters and looters are democrats and bad. These are my thoughts on the brief video I watched. Your thoughts?
  4. From my own perspective, if I read an article that doesn't provide data I dispel the assumption. Opinion pieces? I think they're for readers of little cognitive capacity. I have and can develop my own opinions and don't need a journalist to tell me how I should think. I can watch a video of Trump press conference and know instantly he's in over his head in the position.
  5. Thank you for replying. My thoughts are developing on this and currently it seems that there are many opinions on any particular subject. For instance this statue. Should it stay or should it go. Obviously, it wasn't up for debate because it's gone. Where does it stop or should it stop? Should every/any statue be taken done it should all statues remain? Who gets to decide? Extrapolate this to any subject.
  6. Christopher Columbus. I don't understand the reasoning for vandalizing this statue. Can someone educate me on this one?
  7. I was reading up on the net-zero greenhouse concept/goal mentioned in the article and it sounds interesting. Hopefully more details will follow describing what it is , how it’s calculated , and what are the methods of control.
  8. Just reflecting during my coffee time this morning and I was wondering what the future looks like for our country from a free-speech/expression narrative. It looks like the standards for writing a history book, naming a sports team, creating a film for cinema, writing an article, or even providing an opinion may be extremely scrutinized and/or judged going forward. Note: I agree with the actions of some of the things going on, but should a line me drawn? Of course, these are my thoughts this morning and will change with time. What's your thoughts?
  9. So it sounds like you're confused because of the various messages and undecided on how to protect yourself. Maybe, this has caused you to waffle on developing a plan for protecting yourself and others. Or possibly your plan is to keep doing what you're doing and hope for the best. Good luck and stay safe my friend.
  10. Understand but some denominations look at other denominations as sects. For instance the Church of Scientology.
  11. A start, which I'm unsure, is how the Christian establishment views the Jehovah Witness as a Christian organization. That may explain the response from the United States government.
  12. I don’t think this is a political ideology but stupidity on both sides and the middle of society.
  13. Just throwing this out there but should all weapons, including taz ers, have thumb print verification methods? Wouldn’t these measures have prevented this death?
  14. Based on my limited observation on how citizens are adhering to basic ptotective measures I say it’s inevitable that we’ll need to go lock down again.
  15. New data may result in new preventions, but past communications should be just that, in the past. Stay informed in the now. Yours and other peoples lives may depend on it.