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  1. creed

    Obama Gave $200K to Terrorist Group

    Well we are in an era of fake news and this sounds fishy. What does $200k buy? A pair of night goggles maybe. To all my Republican, Democrat and Independent brothers and sisters we're getting duped by news sources on both sides of the agenda.
  2. creed

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    Jhc..really? Bunch of 7 year olds on
  3. Tom Brady? Where? My eyes only see the long legged dirty blonde in the
  4. creed

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    Football has many dynamic properties, heart, coachability, intelligence and one that any engineer can understand, F=MA , which is why I didn't play college
  5. creed

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    I had my picture made with Hershel about 20 years ago. Bo too. One can only appreciate how big Hershel is by standing beside him...he was huge and in shape. He even made Bo look medium size. So just imagining any of our current 6' or less RBs at 210+ makes me think they'll be slow and By the way my preferred measurables and running skills in a running back are Fullwood/Bostic types. I know a different era, but basically, fire hydrants with legs.
  6. creed

    2019 4* RB Derrian Brown

    KJ, being a good back, was drafted lower than Chubb/Michel not because he was over used. When we have 2 backs with sec caliber skillsets you'll see more than one back get the carries.
  7. creed

    Demographic Curiosity

    Mikey, Awesome story and thanks for giving us a walk down your memory lane.
  8. I think this article gives too much credit to the administration being smart enough to pick out one legal service to defund. Plus it's a judicial branch service and it should be their responsibility to make such a decision.
  9. creed

    Date or employee review?

    How do you know they think for themselves?
  10. Let me summarize. Republican... "All Democratic politicians are crooks and should be locked up". Democrat... "All Republican politicians are crooks and should be locked up". Is that about right? 🙂
  11. creed

    SEC Coach Blasts Malzahn

    A simple butt hurt article with input from a butt hurt coach. Very low level amateurish journalism in my opinion. But the author is a Georgia grad i wouldn't expect anything more than an article of this level.
  12. creed

    SCOTUS Decison on Sports Gambling

    I'm not sure what constitutes legal or illegal gambling anymore. I guess details will follow once the ruling is dissected. I suspect there will be strict rules where only the mega betting houses can thrive with little competition and a joe schmo like me has no chance to offer gambling services. Also, I wouldn't want to see regulation administered by a government entity. Actually I would prefer zero regulation because I think people can regulate and protect their own spending. Again, I'm okay with the ruling but think it should be wide open for competition and almost zero regulation.
  13. creed

    SCOTUS Decison on Sports Gambling

    Possibly. However I would eliminate the regulations and let any tom, dick or harry set up a gambling business. Local betting sheets, in home poker games, dice in back alleys, wide open no restrictions. How about high school football betting, now that's an idea? I'll sit back, keep my money in my pocket and think
  14. creed

    SCOTUS Decison on Sports Gambling

    I have no issue with the ruling but I think if it's to be regulated it should via a non government institution funded by fees applied to every bet.
  15. creed

    Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    Obviously I don't have all the facts but this almost seems surreal. Non violent, practically non confrontational , and seems like a something a competitor would setup. Has the person who called the police been interviewed and were the 2 guys released or charged with an actual crime?