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  1. What do you want to see vs ULM?

    Something tells me we're not giving ULM enough respect. That coupled with a little hangover from last week makes me think our starters are in the game well into the 3rd qtr....Hope I'm wrong.
  2. ULM preps for red-hot Auburn

    I would sacrifice style points and except execution issues to allow some of our 2nd teams to get some work in place of starters. For this game I could care less about the rankings because we'll potentially have a chance to make up for it over the couple weeks.
  3. Score Prediction- ULM

    I would rotate and experiment with personnel sets from the start. Mixing 2nd stringers in with 1st stringers until it's just not working. I wouldn't care about style points because they will come if we keep winning.
  4. Grade Our O Line

    If my memory serves correctly i think #86 is Dunn and he plays nasty... Just the way I like the line to play. Play to the echo of the whistle is what I've been taught in years past.
  5. Grade Our O Line

    I thought I saw Golson starting at LT but he moved to RT at some point. Also I #86 played quite a bit at TE.
  6. Offensive adjustments

    Brought in #86 a tightend on obvious pass plays as an extra blocker which helped solidify the edge and I saw #73 at left tackle a few times.
  7. Chip Kelly breaks down big AUvUGA plays

    No soup for you.... 1
  8. Kerry's running style

    How would you describe it? For me sometimes he reminds me of Le'Veon Bell, very patient to allow time to let blocks develop, and once blocks are established knows how to run off the butts (industry of his lineman
  9. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Make fromm pass on the run...and it's a game.
  10. ***AU vs UGA — Game Thread***

    Kick away from #4 and cover #6 better and I think we'll be okay.
  11. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    Not sure, but common sense indicates against really good defenses it will be difficult to score, especially in the red zone. The key is to win those few plays that define a close game and to have a good field goal kicker and punter.
  12. To win or not to win?

    No, but my comment has nothing to do (my perspective) with winning or losing, but with respect for our team, school and Creed. ,
  13. To win or not to win?

    And some on here are already posting on a thread about the next head coach. That just not something to do until you don't have a coach.
  14. Yea I'm not sure about his recruiting but I have been impressed with his coaching. In my opinion he's made every defensive backfield player better this year.
  15. I have actually been pleased with the cb play. They have been playing through receivers, using their hands and getting their heads around on balls.