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  1. What? You’re the one who thought tank shouldn’t play because of a bruise. You’re a loser with a loser mentality.
  2. Some of this reasoning for not playing in a big game is complete bs and no true competitor, coach or team would even remotely consider.
  3. I think Bicknell is doing a good job developing our OL talent based on what I've seen recently. My opinion is he may be doing the best job out of all the coaches in the development department. The question is can he recruit?
  4. Opinions aside, it's up to the doctors and Tank whether he plays or not.
  5. Was reading some of the forum's posts and remember taking civics throughout school. Is it still important or not in today's society? Here's a good read https://www.educationnext.org/where-left-right-agree-civics-education-where-they-dont/
  6. This probably could be a topic of it's own but thought I would post. I could add my own opinion but possibly there is an agenda for not teaching in depth civics anymore. https://www.hoover.org/research/civic-education-crisis
  7. Maybe civics isn't a priority anymore because of art, drama, dance, sports, etc. Or because parents don't demand their kids take and understand social studies and civics. But, Tuberville not knowing the three branches of government is a head scratcher.
  8. Laughing with you. I’ve used the cream method and it feels like your face will melt off.
  9. There's another and I'm surprised you didn't include it. It's an old southern expression brought up through the ages i suppose. "Don't believe in what you hear and only half of what you see." I've learned this is a good filter to kick start my cognitive, reasoning and thinking activities. In the end I may be totally of base but at least I feel I've put in the effort.
  10. Your history precedes you so I'm not sure this means a lot. But, I hope you succeed in your new found approach/mentality to posting. Sounds positive so far.
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