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  1. I'm pumped over that video. Thanks to all our walkons and to our coaching staff and players for celebrating their accomplishments.
  2. I don't think this is a political party issue because I'm sure it effects individuals from both sides of the party line. Personally I consider the voting time slots as suppressive and think the voting booths should be open for more than a few hours on one day.
  3. Thanks Homer, after reading the article the key causes of voter suppression (today) appear to be having enough time and/or transportation to acquire a government ID ( birth certuficate/SSN) and registering to vote. Could be others but those were the key ones I saw. This sounds like an easy problem to fix, with group help and time management.
  4. Just saw an interview with Stacey Abrams concerning voter suppression. She is extremely articulate and stated she thinks suppression exists but didn't supply examples. Not asking to start a unruly topic I really want to know what could be construed as voter suppression to help me understand the root cause. Can someone give examples and have you personally seen it or experienced your examples.
  5. The modified AU looks 👍 really good on the helmet.
  6. Reporter. "Hey coach have you received any calls from anyone during the off season? CGM. "Yea, some fan named Run in Red called and he talked like this. So I hung up. "
  7. “There’s always someone at AUFamily willing to waste their time reading useless threads”
  8. Yes, we're probably the only team in college football who teaches their qbs to not go through their progressions.😯
  9. What does who you like in high school have to do with the school you like to tranfer. And who is Maria Martin? A model?
  10. We’re good. Just me providing an opinion on a tabloid that’s pro you know who to the core. You can post their stuff and I can have an opinion. Works for both of us. My approach is to never intentionally make it personal.
  11. I have never stated you can’t post something, but you scolded me on my opinion of an article you posted. It’s free speech. You should be able to post what you want and I should be able to have an opinion ... right?
  12. You have scolded me before about identifying the prejudice of, but maybe you're starting to understand. They are not AU friendly. Ever since bama's new coach has been hired has been running uplifting articles on him, even though they don't really even know him. Uplift bama, downgrade AU. It's what they are paid to do. I'd even bet their reporters get envelopes with money and instructions anonymously stuffed in their mailboxes.
  13. Thanks. That doesn't sound like a super huge amount of money to develop a pds. Butch must be wanting a lot more or the article is just trying to generate clicks. I would like to here from CBT what he needs, outside of players, to win championships.