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  1. Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., etc. = information for dummies. LOL
  2. To borrow and modify a quote from Field of Dreams "Build a line and they will come". Also, provide really good and provable QB development.
  3. The counter to this is that Cardwell is more than adequate and played really well. Actually his minutes in this game were better played than Kessler's minutes in my opinion. Cardwell seems a little quicker than Kessler, not slighting Kessler here cause he can move too, but I think Cardwell was quicker at moving into position defensively and offensively, which was needed against bama's athletic personnel. The great news is we have two really good paint guys.
  4. Based on the non basketball actions from our players I suspect there are bama fans near the floor that are talking smack to our players.
  5. It's good when the bench is able to extend the lead...
  6. Watch for the refs to get Kessler out of the game fast.
  7. So you’re statung the obvious. What are you really trying to say? To expect less? Fold the tent? That’s not the way of the Creed.
  8. I agree to an extent. Both QBs are good with the group of players they have around them. However, outside of Young's arm talent they are not prototypical pro type QBs physically. Both are small by Pro standards.
  9. Sorry you're in a negative funk. Hope 2022 is a good year for you.
  10. Kirby talks a lot, but does he really say anything?
  11. I generally agree with some of your post. However, I have a problem with the statement "Auburn fans are no better or worse than any other CFB fan", which maybe is true, but this assertion reduces INDIVIDUAL responsibility. My assertion is one should know to act better and not be ignorant and hide in some random group because everyone does it. Just think about the ignorance of some people who do stupid stuff because the "well he does it" explanation. (Example: The idiots who rushed the capital last year. 😉) P.S. I doubt this post moves the thought meter with generally negative individuals, PM or the media industry one bit.
  12. Until some board rules are actually enforced you'll always have uniformed and negative input by some posters.
  13. I wonder how the really rich Ivy League schools would fair in this NIL market environment. Think Harvard money would make an impression?
  14. Not sure what you mean but I do try to get to the root of the matter....lol.
  15. My inside source tells me Caleb Williams will commit to AU.
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