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  1. You asked who has the better mind....not better politics.
  2. Write in. But between those two you mentioned even the dead man walking had a better mind than the talk show host.
  3. Trump who? All I remember is he was a nobody before he was elected, he was an idiot during his term, and he was beat by a dead man walking. Any one who voted for DT wasted a perfect opportunity to vote for someone with a brain yet wasted a vote on a reality show host. Recently I've viewed Trump 2024 advertisements so a portion of the idiot national party is still engaged.
  4. Build a BLUE field and they will come!
  5. What these athletes need to be careful of is signing a long term contract that locks them into a low return even after they potentially go pro. From my point of view I see all of this mostly working in favor for the company at the expense of a naive and in need athlete.
  6. You'll never see this mentioned on GMA...lol
  7. Thanks for the article. Regardless of the details, the most disturbing part to me is do we know, without a doubt the where and how the virus started. The answer is no....Why? Could it, will it happen again?
  8. Rural/Urban divide maybe. I believe at the moment we have a extremist minority in each party being provided a platform by the various left/right media sources. At some point I hope the middle class begin to speak loudly and be heard by the media and our government representatives instead of the hateful and weird coming from the extremist. The extremist positions only serve to divide our country. The middle may not be perfect, but everybody gets some satisfaction that our country is tacking in a general positive direction.
  9. Very interesting that a WHO team is not provided full access to the Wuhan lab. Just think that if the Egypt wants $1 billion in compensation for the Evergreen incident what would the world want in compensation from China if the virus is found to have escaped from their lab due to insufficient control measures.
  10. I'm confused. 1) Is Freeze a born male that identifies as a female? 2) Is Freeze a female who has undergone gender reassignment and identifies as a male? 3) Is Freeze a female who has undergone gender reassignment but has reverted and identifies as a female? 4) Is Freeze just a normal guy? Note: The SI Swimsuit edition doesn't specify gender, sex or identity.
  11. Good points, but one can't stop at just sports. I could see a transgender entrant winning the Miss America pageant, or federal hiring requirements incorrectly measured, and etc. Both of these plus the sports example I feel would ring negatively with mothers and natural women and eventually spell doom for the political party or candidate endorsing such a position.
  12. I agree, unless regulation gets a foothold. Edit: Regulation may not be the right word in this case.
  13. I definitely no expert on the trans topic and I hope any political organization thinks the same. My thoughts on this tend to lean toward the scientific and medical realm of this subject. Specifically, the treatments used to alter a person's born chemistry doesn't seem (to me) safe and if medical issues arise experts may not have the tools to help a person who has post treatment physical problems. I know my thoughts do not align with a person who wants live their identity, and I understand the power of choice, but I can't seem to get past the scientific and medical aspects. Note: My comme
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