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  1. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    Obviously I don't have all the facts but this almost seems surreal. Non violent, practically non confrontational , and seems like a something a competitor would setup. Has the person who called the police been interviewed and were the 2 guys released or charged with an actual crime?
  2. Devan Barrett as WR

    If you watch enough SEC football one could understand why some RBs need to move to another position. It's nothing against the player but more about the other players in the depth chart or his ability to physically address all the requirements of the position.
  3. If we could get one player

    LOL...probably not. He's the freshman center for Loyola Chicago. He's 6-9/6-10 but can move his feet and has moves in the paint.
  4. If Pearl could sign a Cameron Krutwig type big man it's 2 SEC Championships in a row. My opinion of course
  5. Just want to circle back in this topic and report my household take home increased by $3848 annually due to decreased taxes. What's your results?
  6. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    If I remember correctly a tight end under Pat Dye turned out to be a really good interior lineman. Made all-pro. I believe his name was Chris Gray. Can anybody can verify?
  7. I don't know much about Anthony other than his documented speed. But is he a football player first that runs track, or is he a track guy first who plays football?
  8. Good people don't call coaches the names he uses. His reputation on this forum is enough for me to know he is not "good people".
  9. Raise your hand if you're surprised to see this poster's post.
  10. Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    No, but it beats having criminals walking the streets.
  11. Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    I voted for increased regulation and ban certain weapons, but I want to add that the regulations should be self funded through annual fees not administered by the federal government. I don't think it's fair for people who choose not to own guns to pay for an organization to monitor ownership.
  12. 2019 3* TE Jackson Lowe

    Just wondering what level of utilization for a tight end is adequate from your perspective.
  13. Bama vs Georgia

    Yep, but my grandfather thought America had gone to hell in a handbasket when the allman brothers were the thing...go
  14. Spuat or Thuga

    It's only my opinion. Nothing more or less. I live in Georgia (20 years) and since the folks I know understand UGA is my second favorite team I don't get bothered.
  15. Spuat or Thuga

    UGA....why? 1) true rivalry in college football. 2) History....both teams began football in the south. 3) I think thier uniforms are second best in the nation. 4) I believe their mascot is second best in the nation. 5) The picture with uga nipping at Robert Baker is the coolest picture and describes the rivalry perfectly. 6) AU & UGA would play in the SEC Championship every year if it was up to me.