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  1. The best qb I saw play in jordan hare was boomer or at least that’s my opinion. He was tall and athletic for a college qbs and had a cannon.
  2. David Attenborough summarized it down to two things, population growth (@ 4x in just his lifetime) and massive deforestation for growing food, that has caused the increase in greenhouse gas emission. At least that's what I gather from watching his documentary. It's on Netflix and is fairly comprehensive from his viewpoint. I would like someone else to watch it and provide their view and/or counterpoint.
  3. Texas aside. Green energy sources or Paris Climate Agreements do not address the fundamental issue with the climate. Watch David Attenborough's "A Life On Our Planet" and one can get a better understanding as to why the earth's climate is changing.
  4. So a question, and I guess it's TBD. What standard will the "truth" in this "truth commission" be grounded? Natural law? Eternal law? Social norms? Science? Majority vote of the commission members?, etc.
  5. This is interesting and I'll stay tuned-in on this topic. There are a handful topics that I can think of, that will initiate some difficult discussions that could result in realizations that our views (even my views since I'm always correct...lol) are incorrect.
  6. He’s probably living it up with the Hollywood stars who are posting all their bikini pictures on Yahoo while the rest of us have to stayed shuttered in due to Covid.
  7. Please provide your analysis. What do you see?
  8. Based off of my observations during my day to day activities. The time when stimulus made sense to inject into the economy has sailed.
  9. Reminds me of the phrase "Dumb and Dumber".
  10. This article says he resigned. https://www.yahoo.com/news/white-house-aide-resigns-threatening-002159368.html
  11. How about establishing a college draft. 😏 Use the money from broadcasting the event to distribute to the players.
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