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  1. How would you all feel if public funds were used for private education?
  2. Don't know what the government's role is but the Republicans seem to be controlling/framing the perceived national narrative. Republicans put on the Biden presidency.... "baby formula crisis, fuel crisis, increased crime crisis, inflation crisis, more war crisis, border crisis, attack on education choices by parents crisis, biological and scientific fallacy crisis, President and VP not on same page crisis, party issue crisis" Democrats put on the issues... "Everything is fine carry on. We got this".
  3. If you are a participant on Twitter does that make you a Twidiot? Seriously, I don't use Twitter. If I happen to mistakenly click on a Twitter link I close it and move on. I believe "normal" folks will rule the day as one poster has mentioned and leave Twitter to the Twidiots to enjoy. I suppose maybe Musk needs an investment to claim losses to offset the money he is making on Tesla and SpaceX.
  4. Found this from 8 years ago, https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/russia-ukraine-pros-and-cons-western-action
  5. "Harry's...where the elite meet". It's gone and was located across the road near where Niffers is located on Opelika road.
  6. Yea I read it and it's still weird. No definite conclusion or "golden thread" about murder rates. Just "hey i found and interesting fact where a few republican officials said something that may not be true". In the meantime murders are rising and republicans are screaming it's the democrats fault while democrats are screaming it's the republicans fault.
  7. Is it just me or is tying murder rate to a particular party just weird journalism?
  8. I will be the first to admit I know very little of the oil industry. Regardless, it's hard for me to fathom how fuel cost have doubled in just the last 12 months or so. If someone, has knowledge of the industry how does a commodity (oil), which I assume is purchased on long-term contracts, explodes in price in such a short period of time?
  9. That sounds like he is a forward. I've seen some on here predict him as a first rounder but I don't see a team selecting him in the first unless he can prove his 3pt, mid range shooting and FT ability.
  10. Just a question. Is Kessler a center that plays like a forward or a forward that doesn't really play like a center? In my opinion, which isn't worth much, he would benefit playing with his back to the basket and developing a hook shot and mid range jumper.
  11. I think we need 3 or 4 6'3" to 6'6" fast twitch guys on the perimeter that can handle and create shots. Basically, a few KDs that are 6'5".
  12. 2nd string in the game. Let's see what they can do.
  13. We're playing faster and it is working. Now if Jabari will get going on the offensive end we should be okay.
  14. If you could describe your picks what would you say. My east bracket is officially dead, my others are on life support..lol.
  15. Any news on Jaylin? Will he be available for Sunday?
  16. Flan is the key IMO in how far we go in the tournament. Right now I'm feeling good.
  17. That alone can keep one of the 1st round.
  18. I think the guy that could open up the offense is just not playing well this year (Flanigan). If he was at last year's form this team's ceiling is unlimited. I believe that's why CBP has been giving him starts and minutes to try to get him back in the groove. It just hasn't worked out
  19. Cole thanks for you analysis. I'm just sitting here watching TA&M and it looks like all of their perimeter players can handle and create. Plus they are long and athletic. I'm happy with what we have but I can dream...lol.
  20. I love Kessler's defensive game, but offensively I doubt he gets selected in the top 2/3 rounds of the pros. Actually, he is a liability from an offensive standpoint from a pro perspective. He needs, some center moves if he's going to play center in the pros (hook, mid range jumper, and better free throw shooting). If he projects as a forward in the pros then I'm not sure he goes high at all.
  21. So...just tell them to check the head to head.
  22. What I don't understand, and it may be due to media coverage, but why are we not seeing more coverage where the Ukrainian military is engaging the Russians. According to google Ukraine has the 2nd largest military in Europe, but all I'm seeing are people fleeing, negotiations for a cease fire, and people carry rifles. Where's the tanks, big guns, jets, etc. that represent what I think is an military. Based on what I'm seeing the media is making Ukraine look weak.
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