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  1. I am confident they will catch on and make them better. I think Coach Mason has already been exposed to this and is not as naïve as the fanbase is.
  2. Auburn Undercover has Virginia's ST coach Brumfield as a name to watch. https://twitter.com/RickyBrumfield?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  3. Is Avalos not in the running for DC now?
  4. Throw the bag at Urban Meyer, give him control and be done! Let him bring his son in law from OSU to Auburn
  5. Jboy has a podcast up with Rob Schuler Rob talks about a mutiny on Auburn’s staff. Good stuff. Jboy podcast. So who were the two coaches, TWILL and Steele? Who was the coach that told Malzahn to fire him?
  6. Nevermind.........someone said this is photoshopped. This is from the SEC rant. Said this was taken at The Depot in Auburn tonight.
  7. Serious question: Is it not worth a phone call to Urban Meyer to gauge interest in the Auburn job? Even if he is here for only 4 years that would be better than an unknown during that time. Realistically, what kind of a Coach (name wise) could we bring in that we KNOW will compete with Saban, Smart, Fisher etc.? Cristobal and Napier are unproven (SEC) knowns.
  8. Both Kevin Steele and Chad Morris were the Defensive/Offensive Coordinators for Dabo in 2011.
  9. This is from Tate Ratledge: https://twitter.com/tateratledge22/status/1203850092110897152
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