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  1. auskull

    10 wins this year?

    It would be interesting to see the reaction and how quickly they COULD turn on Satan (after him giving them SOOOOO... much) if he were to lose two in a row to us. I'm betting the fan base would turn in a heartbeat.
  2. auskull

    10 wins this year?

    I've read this topic and basically agree with most of the posts. However do you know how difficult it is to predict the outcome of these games? If it was just talent, experience and depth, well the rational says we may go 11-1, maybe, but certainly 10-2 in the regular season. After all, subtract the cupcakes from the equation and we are looking at maybe having to win 6 or 7 of the meaningful opponents. AND, we finally have a defense that we can count on to keep us in any game. But we all know that Gus is the wild card in these predictions. Forget all the above I have just said and use the dart board technique. Your chances of hitting on the outcome will be better. Anything else sounds more like my delusional optimism from years past.
  3. auskull

    could be easiest home slate in years

    I'm all for AU and Gus, but I have been conditioned to be very cautiously optimistic at best, and leery of being "all in" with optimism. Not necessarily of losing a close game, but being just plane out coached or losing to a lesser quality team. I just want to avoid that "deer in the headlights" or that "what was that?" game when thinking we finally got it together. I have wanted for a long time to see the prognosticators always including us as even picks to be in the SEC championship game. I think we have as much talent as I remember at Auburn, in fact a butt load of talent and the defense I have been praying for every year.
  4. auskull

    could be easiest home slate in years

    This is becoming very typical of Auburn under CGM. Come opening day, everyone is waiting to see if we are ready to play; ie, be successful beyond the initial scripted plays, communicate effectively, make proactive and effective adjustments throughout the game, not get tunnel vision with play calling under pressure, function with some consistency (oneness) and be unpredictable. The defense will come ready to play, will the offense and kicking game be as efficient?
  5. auskull

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    If I were King of the SEC for a day, I would move AU to the East and Mizzou to the West. Put Bama in the West rotation. Maybe put Mizzou on the permanent schedule from the WEST. Just saying.....
  6. I'm not really worried about the talent we will put on the field. I think the players will be able to compete with any team we play. What I am waiting to see is whether the coaching (game planning, play calling, adjustments, player development, and etc.) has improved. Spring and fall practices will not offer ways to measure those attributes. I was glad to see some focus on special teams. It is obvious that without much ado, our defensive coaches, in three years, has surpassed our offensive coaches in short order, once we put an emphasis on improving our defense and allocated the necessary resources. Hopefully the same can be said for our offense and head coaching going forward. On our way to establishing a solid and competitive football program. The first pillar of a championship program is in place, defense.
  7. auskull

    Reuben Foster...Again

    Just another thug who happens to be good at football, otherwise nobody would even give him a second look.
  8. auskull

    Bama vs Georgia

    Yep, agree on that
  9. Must be. UCF was excited, maybe we stayed out until the wee hours of the morning and forgot about getting ready to play.
  10. auskull

    Herb Hand contract

    Yep!! Got me,
  11. auskull

    Herb Hand contract

    This is what concerns me more than my own assessment of Hand. In spite of the data, a HC makes statements in line with....he is one of the best OL coaches in the business....and appears to really believe this. If Pat Dye or Tubs said this, then I would reexamine my own assessment of the data. However I just have concerns with CGM's judgement in these matters, Waffle House problem.
  12. auskull

    Alabama or Georgia?

    This is absolutely the worst scenario for AU, it's two biggest rivals playing in this game. I simply don't want UAT and Saban to win another one. I'll deal with the UGA aftermath later.
  13. auskull

    McKenna-Doyle out of running for AD

    I really wonder if it would even make any difference if we did have a home run hire? Is the AD just another puppet position? Can a new AD make a difference?
  14. auskull

    Demographic Curiosity

    This thread is an absolute blast. One of the best and most fun in a while.
  15. auskull

    Malzahn Extension

    Arky's willingness to bid up the price does not mean there was commensurate value for AU. I guess we'll find out now. My guess is the Admin did not have a plan B either. Habit of sticking to our plan regardless of the cost or outcome. I would hope they would have a contingency or plan B and then evaluate the benefits received Vs the costs between both plan A & B before making a decision...And maybe they did? JMO but a two year extension until the new AD settles in would have been my counter offer. If refused, then plan B. In all honesty they may very well have gone through something similar, but my confidence level in this Admin is pretty low.