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  1. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    Yep, no reason at all for us not to beat the dog poop out of this team. But just this season, we made two worst teams look respectable. Just hope the team that played like champions shows up. I kinda think it will, just depends on how we respond.
  2. Tim Horton

    Agree! This is killing us. ST is just as important as Offense and Defense. ST can turn a close game or keep us in a game at times.
  3. Gus' first and most important job

    "gus sux dur hur" and "$7 million"....Uh yea, that is the range of emotions Ive had over the past 4 years. About sums it up!
  4. Chip Lindsey

    I think this is the norm with coaching instability and a winning program. The more successful a program is the greater for potential unstability with coaches moving up the ladder. I would also think that with these very new and younger coordinators looking for their first HC jobs that there are many more possibilities with smaller schools replacing their HC who are also moving up the ladder. I think Steele is an anomaly simply because of the mess UT is in and just how far down their longer and longer list they have had to go. This could be good for Steele however who is approaching the end of a very good career.
  5. Gus' first and most important job

    I haven't read Gus's contract, I suspect 99% of the forum hasn't but thanks for sharing the info. But I did use to work with a fellow who was intolerant of anyone who did not measure up to his standards. As another buddy of mine use to say to him in these circumstances..."you think you used enough dynamite there Butch".
  6. Peach Bowl could be historic

    UCF losing Frost (or being his last game) will be a distraction for them. Playing UCF runs the risks of AU not being up for the game. Hopefully we take care of business early and develop some depth.
  7. Alabama Only Team That Can Beat Clemson

    Builder, I honestly think you have forgotten to take your medication. We are surrounded by UAT fans....obnoxious UAT fans. I cannot imagine openly pulling for UAT, and especially announcing that you are pulling for UAT. Have you thought about checking in to a facility? Your condition is severe but possibly can be corrected. Actually I think both Clemson and UAT deserve each other. The unlucky winner gets to face OU.
  8. The best team may just have the weakest schedule. There is not necessarily a correlation and a team with the least points might be the best team. Scheduling involves a lot of luck especially if your team plays in a middle of the road conference. A big name scheduled 5 or 10 years in advance may just be on the skids when game day arrives. The conference championships should count. This fluke with UAT and subsequently leaving the Big Ten and PAC 10 Conference Champions out will ultimately result in the expansion of the playoffs. Much like the demise of the BCS. Money will drive an expansion. This has already been worked out in the lower Divisions of NCAA football and a true champion is determined.
  9. Gus' first and most important job

    Maybe short term goal may be for key players to stay another year, however we must build depth, develop players, shore up identified weaknesses, and recruit, recruit, recruit.
  10. I agree. I doubt a fan base that show their arrogance comes form losing. The true character comes to the forefront when one identifies with a team that wins consistently. Under Shula they were humbled when Tubs was winning 6 in a row.
  11. This is the problem you have when your best teams are subjective picks. Remember in 2014 when UAT and Fla. St. were 1 and 2 and OSU was a weak #4? Oregon and OSU played for the Championship that year and the weak #4 OSU won the title. If the BCS had been played that year it would have been UAT and Fla. St. The difference is the BCS was 2 teams and the Playoffs are 4 teams but still based on subjective picks. I would much prefer having the conference championships determine 5 teams and then some method for another 3. Probably still some subjectivity but with 3 of 8 teams. You play the season schedule to make the conference championships so yes I do put emphasis on that. Its up to the conferences to make sense of the scheduling (playing UGA during the season at the risk of again in the conference championship). I also think Satan has earned his best coach, players, and program over the last 8 or 9 years. Instead of pulling them down, I want us to displace them on the field. They are hated because they are very good all the time. We should expect to attain that level of play. All the arguments kinda cancel out for picking or not picking Satan to play in the playoffs. Next time maybe we should expect our coaches to have us in a position to be included regardless of how it is determined. And yes don't forget that useless loss to LSU. They all count.
  12. Report: Malzhan staying

    Well, its time to move on and accept either blowing out opponents or getting blown out because we don't adjust or have a plan B. Just plain ole tunnel vision at times. We just needed to open up bigger holes, or at least a hole for KJ to run through with that limp shoulder. What a roller coaster ride but hey, I am getting use to it. No magic wane here and I don't expect a miracle immediately after signing for a 40% increase. But I do expect over the next 5 years to narrow that win/lose standard deviation. More like 10-11 games in lieu of 7-10 games annually.
  13. The Absurdity of Auburn’s schedule

    A lot like amend corner when Dye was coach. We had terrific teams but never could go undefeated the last 4 games (TNN, Fla ST, UGA, and UAT) just royally brutal.
  14. Uga player says they beat the dog crap out of us

    He couldn't have said it better. It was a thorough a$$ whipping yet we are still ranked #7 today. Like I said, its the way we lose.
  15. UAT OR UGA in January?

    I grew up in AL and graduated from AU in 1970. Since we are kindred spirits with Clemson, I will be pulling for the Tigers. I can't pull for uat or uga period. I was really trying to see what the trend was between OU and Clemson.