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  1. auskull


    Another opportunity lost. At home and not as good as we thought we would be. In fact, maybe not much better than last year.
  2. These penalties were mostly the result of little pass rush and inexperience DBs'. The refs miss calls, especially the LSU OL holding, that probably had more impact on the outcome on a play to play basis. JS just simply threw as if he was under duress and in panic mode a good part of the time. He did not have to roll out on numerous plays and abandon the left half of the receiving corps. The D looked gassed in the 4th quarter. Quite the opposite of what I was thinking after the 3rd quarter. Having never coached, I think we were just out coached somewhat, and with a new OL and DBs, and some erratic play by JS, just got beat. I can't really fault CGM on this, but it certainly left a bad taste in my mouth. We simply let this one, (again) get away. By the way, who was impressed with the LSU QB. His first big game and away in JH, go figure. I credit him with this win.
  3. auskull

    Auburn lacks the respect it deserves

    Actually Gus is in a enviable position for a coach who has ambition. The schedules AU plays gives him an opportunity to play in multiple big games and have opportunities few other coaches have. Winning helps AU and Gus. Consistency helps with winning. Gotta overcome his High School past and be competitive, something he has struggled at. Can't lose to the patsies either. He has the stage and now is his time.
  4. auskull

    Week 2 SEC Slate

    Really want the West teams and UGA to win. I want AU to have the best opportunity to get into the playoffs. The resume counts now more than ever.
  5. auskull

    Things I'll Be Looking For

    I simply don't know what to expect. Based on our record against decent teams early in the season, I am very cautious about getting too excited. We seem to hit our stride around mid season. A new OL and RBs, may keep Washington in the game. Not worried at all about the D, they will keep the score low. However, will our O be ready. History says not so fast my friend. We struggle against top ten teams in the first half of the season. Maybe the more intense contact in fall practice will get us ready. I certainly hope so. No room in my emotions for another embarrassing start. Time to start being a contender, not a disappointment. WDE!
  6. auskull

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    I am putting my money on Grimes. I have not been sold on our player development in the past at OL. We may again get off to a rough start at OL, but I will be surprised if we don't show significant improvement during the season. I suspect we will be night and day improvement from Washington to the middle of the season. Will be good to develop some depth at OL during the season. I feel good about going forward with Grimes.
  7. auskull

    steele on the d line

    Our DL just might be our OL's best friend this year. Steele has been the answer to my prayers. Not too long ago we had the O but not the D. Maybe we can have both before the year is out.
  8. I would like to see the O take a page from the D and develop some depth and game experience during the first half of the season for our second and third stringers. Too many times I have seen the O under Gus become a one trick pony. Also, I think the team wins at the line of scrimmage. This could be a rocky start with the D having to carry the O for a while. I just don't see a well oiled machine like O at least for the first six or seven games. We have talented players but need oneness to win consistently.
  9. auskull

    10 wins this year?

    It would be interesting to see the reaction and how quickly they COULD turn on Satan (after him giving them SOOOOO... much) if he were to lose two in a row to us. I'm betting the fan base would turn in a heartbeat.
  10. auskull

    10 wins this year?

    I've read this topic and basically agree with most of the posts. However do you know how difficult it is to predict the outcome of these games? If it was just talent, experience and depth, well the rational says we may go 11-1, maybe, but certainly 10-2 in the regular season. After all, subtract the cupcakes from the equation and we are looking at maybe having to win 6 or 7 of the meaningful opponents. AND, we finally have a defense that we can count on to keep us in any game. But we all know that Gus is the wild card in these predictions. Forget all the above I have just said and use the dart board technique. Your chances of hitting on the outcome will be better. Anything else sounds more like my delusional optimism from years past.
  11. auskull

    could be easiest home slate in years

    I'm all for AU and Gus, but I have been conditioned to be very cautiously optimistic at best, and leery of being "all in" with optimism. Not necessarily of losing a close game, but being just plane out coached or losing to a lesser quality team. I just want to avoid that "deer in the headlights" or that "what was that?" game when thinking we finally got it together. I have wanted for a long time to see the prognosticators always including us as even picks to be in the SEC championship game. I think we have as much talent as I remember at Auburn, in fact a butt load of talent and the defense I have been praying for every year.
  12. auskull

    could be easiest home slate in years

    This is becoming very typical of Auburn under CGM. Come opening day, everyone is waiting to see if we are ready to play; ie, be successful beyond the initial scripted plays, communicate effectively, make proactive and effective adjustments throughout the game, not get tunnel vision with play calling under pressure, function with some consistency (oneness) and be unpredictable. The defense will come ready to play, will the offense and kicking game be as efficient?
  13. auskull

    Staggering the uat, Georgia games

    If I were King of the SEC for a day, I would move AU to the East and Mizzou to the West. Put Bama in the West rotation. Maybe put Mizzou on the permanent schedule from the WEST. Just saying.....
  14. I'm not really worried about the talent we will put on the field. I think the players will be able to compete with any team we play. What I am waiting to see is whether the coaching (game planning, play calling, adjustments, player development, and etc.) has improved. Spring and fall practices will not offer ways to measure those attributes. I was glad to see some focus on special teams. It is obvious that without much ado, our defensive coaches, in three years, has surpassed our offensive coaches in short order, once we put an emphasis on improving our defense and allocated the necessary resources. Hopefully the same can be said for our offense and head coaching going forward. On our way to establishing a solid and competitive football program. The first pillar of a championship program is in place, defense.
  15. auskull

    Reuben Foster...Again

    Just another thug who happens to be good at football, otherwise nobody would even give him a second look.