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  1. I was in school when Shug was coach. Gotta rank him 1st even though Dye may have been a better coach. Shug was probably one of the bravest and most patriotic people (a hero) of that era in addition to being a good coach. The Bear once said Shug had more courage in his little finger than he had in his whole body. Everybody else is kinda on a level below these two. Tuberville (Great player development) Bowden (Great offensive mind) Gus (Still learning and growing) Tie: Chiz (Good defensive mind); Barfield (Very good person)
  2. Malzahn and Arkansas

    Will not happen. He will be the same regardless of where he is at. He will not win as much at Arkansas simply because of the talent difference. We will adjust at halftime and throughout the game....he will not.
  3. New Gus Theory

    Stand could I forget.
  4. If I was AD for a day and had absolute power, I would make Al Borges our interim HC. I believe he has seen enough and had more than the commensurate experience under various programs to mesh the pieces together successfully. Lindsey just might be a very good OC if given a chance. This would give us time to transition at a controllable pace. Who knows, Borges just might be successful enough going forward. Look how our previous OC is doing at Conn. They are setting records for offense up there after going through several losing seasons.
  5. New Gus Theory

    Muschamp is at a tough school to win now. Lets see how this 2nd run at HC plays out. I suspect Gus might even do some things differently with his 2nd chance.
  6. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    I think our problem is centered around the lack of experienced and proven coaches at all levels in the Offense and special teams. Hank Stram was the first and most successful coach of the Dallas Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. Stram never had an offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator, or special teams coach during his career with the Texans and Chiefs. He is the only one I am aware of to be successful as a HC and oversee, plan, and implement all aspects of the game plan. I cannot think of another successful modern day HC, especially in a power 5 conference who can handle coordinator duties and be successful. If Gus is heavily involved with the planning, managing and operation of both the offense and special teams. then the odds of success are truly against him in this day and time. He should hire coordinators who he can learn from and grow as a head coach.
  7. Another mind boggling quote

    Agreed, not trying to justify why we lost but only to point out he should have taken all this into consideration and I don't think he did. Not surprising really.
  8. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Landry's comments magnifies our complete lack of experience running an offense against power 5 competition, a complete simpleton. The reason this is credible is because of Landry's acknowledged experience and easily pointing out the adjustment to counter-act LSU's defensive adjustment. Instead of having a thorough working knowledge on game planning and adjustments throughout the game, we have only a basic knowledge. The difference between a proven HC and supporting staff and junior league ability. JJ is ultimately responsible. He is just as inept at managing and hiring for this football program.
  9. Another mind boggling quote

    I think he probably overestimated the ability of our defense, and underestimated LSU's ability to make and execute changes, and probably never considered the heat index and its effects on our players, special team breakdowns and the effect of dumbing down our offense to a level commensurate with LSU's defensive ability. Our players were benched in the sun while LSU's players were benched in the shade. The heat index on the field exceeded 100 degrees. I believe this and the significant amount of playing time on the field in the 2nd half for the players was a major contributor to a slowly wilting defense. Player recovery had to be affected. Not to mention the special teams breakdown.
  10. Last Chance

    Wow, gctiger: I certainly did not mean to imply that Gus needs to stay. I was just trying to offer some prospective given that we hired an inexperienced HC to began with and what our expectations should be given this fact. I too am ready for a change, only this time with a proven HC.
  11. realistic expectations

    We did not have the level of recruiting information prior to 2000 that we have now. It is much more detailed, sophisticated and comparable. During Pat Dye's tenure, Auburn and Southern Cal led the nation with the most players playing in the NFL. Each had 61 at their peeks. I would offer that Dye was one of the better recruiters and player developers in the nation at that time. The schedule was brutal. I don't know if the "collectively higher" is completely accurate.
  12. New Gus Theory

    Agreed. I don't think Gus is deceitful or any of the extreme insinuations mentioned in the first few posts. I do believe he has had success with his offense and believes it offers the best path to winning. He is the HC and is accountable for the processes, win or lose. I will offer that I believe he is slow to adapt his offense even in the toughest conference in football. I also believe that HC coaches sometimes don't want to embarrass the opposing HC, especially if they are having a tough year. This may or may not have played into his rational. But this is becoming a trend, starting with the Florida State BCS championship game. Enough offense has to be generated in these 2nd halfs to keep the defense from exhaustion and neutralize the other teams momentum . Special teams must also keep the opposing teams starting deep in their side of the field. We are not good enough to just rely on defense.
  13. Another mind boggling quote

    Well said. Remember the heat index Saturday was over 100 degrees. They played most of the snaps in the second half. The defense is good enough to win but only if the offense is good enough to win. Special teams were not very special Saturday also. Usually to win consistently we must win in all three phases. We didn't and they are all interrelated to the other. As a HC, you must be able to understand how the relationship works, including the weather.
  14. Last Chance

    I would offer that in the 4.5 years as HC, I have seen him progress as a HC. He has realized that we must play Defense in this league to win consistently and addressed it. He has recruited well except for getting QB s that can run his system. What I feel he has not done yet is bringing in experienced and recognized SEC offensive position coaches. He is learning on the job and is slow to adapt and change his offensive philosophy to keep ahead of the competition. I was hoping Al Borges could help make an impact but I am not sure that has happened. The problem I have is we hired someone who is new to being a HC and is learning on the job. It may very well take 10 years to get the experience needed to win consistently, much like John Wooden at UCLA back in the day (9 straight NC in basketball). As you remember, Wooden struggled for years at UCLA and then boom, he was unstoppable with many different type teams. We, the ALUM, Boosters, and fans simply don't have that long in the world we live in today. Remember Shug was an above average coach for 25 yrs, not great and we never even considered changing.
  15. Last Chance

    I just can't in all good consciousness root against Auburn. I'm a very simple man.