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  1. This year is ground hog day all over again. Without the out of conference schedule, we can now focus on how we stand with the conference. Again we are middle of the pack. In fact we were quite lucky to have won the Kentucky and Arkansas games. On par, we probably are the 6th to 8th best team in the conference. We simply do not keep and develop players. At QB we sacrifice all to make Nix a star. What have we done to develop him? At present he is the best backyard player around. Have we even tried to develop a backup? At OL it appears we have a real coach who is making progress with the material
  2. Kinda shows where our program is in this conference. Not much confidence in our tigers this weekend. I share that opinion. Running game better be a positive and no backyard football. I hope we make progress in our execution. I suspect this is going to be a long season.
  3. These were just historical trends (guesses). I honestly don't have a way forward in getting 2-3 more wins. My projections were formed prior to this amended season. But only playing a conference schedule exposes where we actually fall within the conference. Sure glad we don't play Liberty, that might be more embarrassing than what we see already.
  4. Actually if I was Bo's father, I would be seriously discussing the transfer portal. This season does not affect eligibility and Bo would be better off elsewhere if he has any pro aspirations.
  5. Its a must win for us. Where are any wins going forward? We will squeak out a win and rely on the running game. No more dumb calls like going for two after the first TD.
  6. Well, that projection was based on an average year and before the current season started. I honestly am holding my breath that we find some wins somewhere.
  7. Sorta like Ground Hog day most every season.
  8. Actually after four games we are approximately where we usually are in our conference schedule. In a normal year our record is usually 8-5 or 9-3 with some years 7-5. We win the four non conference games and then split the conference games. I was projecting a 5-5 or 6-4 record with only a conference schedule. Take out the 4 non conference wins in a normal year and we are usually around 5-3 or 4-4 with the conference schedule. Recruiting, player development, continuity with the coaching staff and coaching resume all factor in. Its a shame that I have become non emotional with this season, much
  9. I have no doubt our D will play lights out, the same as with LSU and every other game this year. I simply just do not have a clue where we will be Offensively. It is possible that our O will operate as a well oiled machine, but based on what we are conditioned to seeing, that is not probable. I am just so tired of getting to this point in our season only to see us settle for an 8-4 season (win the non conference games and split the conference games,) and be content with having a good season. Here as we get ready for the UGA game, is anybody else sharing these feelings?
  10. Just hard to figure out how we have inexperience at QB, no depth at OL and a converted QB as our RB after 6 years. Key offensive staff that in some areas are still really young and inexperienced. Where are the O position coaches that have been there and done that?
  11. We are where we have been at this time of year on average since TT was forced out. Our Defense smothers the mediocrity on our schedule and the Offense struggles against descent defenses. Defense gave us hope time and again tonight. How long do we continue to go 8-4 before making a change. I don't agree with dictating staff for the HC. I do think for the money we pay coaches now a days that they should be in total charge of the staff and accountable for the outcome. If nothing else, hire that UAB coach and get out of his way. Pay him in accordance with the teams performance and not some moon sh
  12. I have sorta got used to going 8-5 (winning our non conference games and half of our conference games). I think we are right on pace to achieve that goal. Whether we have the ingredients to put together an upper tier program is up to the HC. I think CGM is in his 7th year? As usual I am cautiously optimistic, largely ignoring the first half of the season and awaiting the second half for the implosion or surprise. Bo and other players are just a part of our program doing all they can.
  13. Gus's response was okay. What really matters is how our FB team has performed. Last year's offense was dismal and Gus's history as our HC, is what it is. His historical consistency is his inconsistency. This tells me that another 5 lose season is probable while a conference championship is possible.
  14. I don't watch many BB games but I made sure to watch this one. Very surprised the way NMS pressure got to us the last 5 minutes. As if the BB gods were with them. Just hoping we get to Kansas with our tenacious defense and hot shooters. My unseasoned observations: even with our size advantage we are not an inside game team. This could have been a 20 point blowout. NMS got the most out of their team. WDE.
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