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  1. Bama vs Georgia

    Yep, agree on that
  2. Must be. UCF was excited, maybe we stayed out until the wee hours of the morning and forgot about getting ready to play.
  3. Herb Hand contract

    Yep!! Got me,
  4. Herb Hand contract

    This is what concerns me more than my own assessment of Hand. In spite of the data, a HC makes statements in line with....he is one of the best OL coaches in the business....and appears to really believe this. If Pat Dye or Tubs said this, then I would reexamine my own assessment of the data. However I just have concerns with CGM's judgement in these matters, Waffle House problem.
  5. Alabama or Georgia?

    This is absolutely the worst scenario for AU, it's two biggest rivals playing in this game. I simply don't want UAT and Saban to win another one. I'll deal with the UGA aftermath later.
  6. McKenna-Doyle out of running for AD

    I really wonder if it would even make any difference if we did have a home run hire? Is the AD just another puppet position? Can a new AD make a difference?
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    This thread is an absolute blast. One of the best and most fun in a while.
  8. Malzahn Extension

    Arky's willingness to bid up the price does not mean there was commensurate value for AU. I guess we'll find out now. My guess is the Admin did not have a plan B either. Habit of sticking to our plan regardless of the cost or outcome. I would hope they would have a contingency or plan B and then evaluate the benefits received Vs the costs between both plan A & B before making a decision...And maybe they did? JMO but a two year extension until the new AD settles in would have been my counter offer. If refused, then plan B. In all honesty they may very well have gone through something similar, but my confidence level in this Admin is pretty low.
  9. Demographic Curiosity

    69 male Alabama Class of '70
  10. Auburn Lost a Good One on Tuesday

    Sorry to hear this Warbird. What a special lady. My condolences.
  11. We're gonna be fine

    Based on what I saw and heard from FOX and ESPN, and given the bowl game results; the SEC (from top to bottom) placed above the Pac 12. The Big Ten (from top to bottom) was the strongest conference. UAT was probably the best team (when healthy) with several teams a close second. I don't know where we would rank if we all played everybody but I had commented during the season that the SEC looked down this year. I thought the Big Ten and possibly the ACC were stronger. Not sure about the Big 12 however. UAT with all that talent and Saban could probably beat anybody when healthy.
  12. Season in review

    I guess the real question is not that CGM is making progress and hopefully will one day be that seasoned ole codger that wins games and coaching matches consistently, but why are we even choosing to go this route? Why not start with a seasoned veteran HC that wins games and coaching matches consistently? I keep hearing "well where is that person?" A valid point but I am of the opinion "just shoot up here amongst us because one of us needs relief" Just dreaming......
  13. Woodson New Coach

    Well what do I know? Welcome to AU and hope you can also help the Offense prepare a game plan and make adjustments "during the game". Oh, and do something with our special teams and identify offensive tendencies then maybe have some time to coach Defense and recruit. And one more thing...can you call plays on offense?
  14. failure to communicate

    Just simply agree on all counts. In my opinion, It all points to a lack of experience and adjusting on the fly does not come easily. I do think the need to execute better is only part of the answer. The coaches have to also put the players in a position to win. HC should demand a high standard for all staff when getting ready for an opponent regardless of the degree of difficulty, and we may have. You simply cannot afford to let friendship or other influences with subordinates change the standards. The bar must be high for all games. Perfection is the goal and a process to achieve such standards must be required even with the simplest of duties. The HC must of course demand this of himself and this may very well be. A thorough working knowledge comes with experience and commitment. This all takes time, especially when leading and evaluating staff.
  15. This is a simple question and many naysayers post routinely. I would like to hear from those who are satisfied with the direction of our football program and why you believe so. I would also like to hear your goals for the football program and if we are moving towards achieving these goals.