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  13. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in the 2020 race. Perhaps the most notable media angle of his announcement is, well, what Bloomberg News does now. Bloomberg News editor-in-chief John Micklethwait addressed that issue in a note to staff, obtained by CNN, this morning. “There is no point in trying to claim that covering this presidential campaign will be easy for a newsroom that has built up its reputation for independence in part by not writing about ourselves (and very rarely about our direct competitors). No previous presidential candidate has owned a journalistic organization of this size,” Micklethwait writes. “We have electoral laws to follow — to do with both balance and opinion. We will certainly obey them, but I think we need to do more than just that.” One notable change is coming to Bloomberg Opinion: Bloomberg News will continue normal campaign coverage, though they will “continue our tradition of not investigating Mike (and his family and foundation) and we will extend the same policy to his rivals in the Democratic primaries.” Micklethwait does say that if other news outlets run investigative pieces on Bloomberg or others, they won’t “hide” them from readers. Right now, he adds that they have reporters continuing to “investigate the Trump administration, as the government of the day.” “If Mike is chosen as the Democratic presidential candidate (and Donald Trump emerges as the Republican one), we will reassess how we do that.”
  14. Who talked the most during the fifth Democratic presidential debate Elizabeth Warren 13:26 Pete Buttigieg 12:46 Joe Biden 12:38 Bernie Sanders 11:45 Cory Booker 11:31 Kamala Harris 11:31 Amy Klobuchar 10:43 Tulsi Gabbard 09:14 Tom Steyer 08:21 Andrew Yang 06:53 Booker is polling below Yang, yet almost got double the speaking time. Klobuchar is polling below Yang Gabbard is polling below Yang Steyer is polling below Yang