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  2. As seen on video, Carr continued to hold people responsible for no-showing court. Footage obtained by Cleveland showed her issuingcapias (arrest warrants) and pre-setting bond on Tuesday, March 17. Video depicted her insisting on holding court for any defendants who showed up to court. Assistant Cuyahoga County Public DefenderMark Jablonski asked her if his office could tell their non-jail clients that they didn’t need to go to court. “Don’t call people and tell them not to show up,” she said. “If they show up, I’m here.” Minutes later, after he left, she dismissed him as a “little idiot.” The very next day, the judge issued a denial to outlet WJW, telling them she didn’t issue arrest warrants against people who no-showed court amid the coronavirus order. “People risked their health to get here, so I was here and held the hearings,” she said. “What are we suppose to do, turn them away?” Carr told Fox 8 in a Saturday report that she only intended to mark the cases as a “failure to appear,” but that she didn’t realize this would activate an arrest warrant. (It’s worth mentioning she used the word “capias” in her Tuesday hearings.) Earley had stepped in and reportedly recalled the warrants. Carr declined to comment about the Supreme Court’s order regarding her status, saying she hadn’t been served court papers yet.
  7. delegate count according to the Associated Press as of this post: Biden: 1201 Sanders: 896 Warren: 83 Bloomberg: 58 Buttigieg: 26 Klobuchar: 7 Gabbard: 2 1991 delegates needed to win nomination
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