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  1. The impassioned statement comes as many citizens reflect on Independence Day in the context of nationwide protests against police brutality and racism. Lawmakers have faced growing pressure in recent weeks to pass comprehensive police reform as well as other policies to protect Black Americans in the wake of the deaths of George Floyd and others who have been killed in police custody. Kaepernick has been an outspoken activist against racial inequality for years, drawing national attention and the ire of President Trump when in 2016 he began kneeling during the national anthem in a protest against police brutality. His charity, the Know Your Rights Camp, recently launched a fund to help cover the cost of lawyers for protesters arrested while demonstrating in Black Lives Matter marches and protests. Other prominent figures have used their Fourth of July messages to address racism, including presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. who said the U.S. "never lived up to" the promise that all men are created equal. “We have a chance to rip the roots of systemic racism out of this country,” Biden said. “We have a chance to live up to the words that founded this nation.”
  9. Seattle has been the site of prolonged unrest following the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked nationwide protests. Dozens of people were arrested this past week in connection with protests as demonstrations continue after authorities cleared the “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” zone Wednesday morning. Mead told reporters that protesters had shut down the interstate for 19 days in a row. He emphasized that the freeway is “simply not a safe place” for pedestrians, and said he hoped protesters would cease what he termed “unlawful behavior” in blocking the interstate. “My hope is, as a result of this tragedy, protesters will reconsider their desire to be on the interstate because I cannot guarantee their safety, plain and simple,” Mead said. Contributing: Associated Press