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  1. Alabama or Georgia?

    I wonder how many trailers got refinanced this week to buy tickets?🤣
  2. Alabama or Georgia?

  3. Woodson New Coach

    In regards to special teams, specifically ko coverage.....I would be willing to bet very little time was spent on that since we had a kicker that kicked out of the end zone roughly 80% of the time. The 20% is what killed us.
  4. Demographic Curiosity

    Lol...I suffered through the Barfield years too as a youngster. My tolerance level is not thst high.
  5. Demographic Curiosity

    My mother is from Opelika so I have been around the program since birth. One of my fondest memories as a child was watching practice and meeting Coach Jordan, Pat Sullivan and Terry Beasley. There is just something special about Auburn.
  6. Demographic Curiosity

    Thank you guys/gals for participating. I think it helps us all to relate better if we know a little more about each other. I, for one, am surprised at the age of the members on here. Maybe the younguns just didn't post. Seems some have found a common bond with other members here. Although we have different opinions we all love Auburn. I just wanted to get a bit of perspective as to where the opinions were coming from. Also I thought we needed a break from the normal griping and complaining. War Damn Eagle!
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    I thought so too
  8. Jarrett

    But Stidham potentially has two more years. Willis woulf be a senior by then. I doubt he stays that long without playing.
  9. 2018-19 Projected Depth Chart

    I hope you are not saying we will play five running backs. I would love to see that but do you realize what a stretch that would be. LOL
  10. Jarrett

    If Stidham returns and Gatewood is as advertised, Willis could be odd man out.
  11. Jarrett

    I am not an NFL scout but he is nowhere near ready fir the NFL. Just aying.
  12. Demographic Curiosity

    Not nosy just need to divulge if you are uncomfortable. It is already interesting that most responders are over younger folks are a different breed. I have kids like you guys.
  13. Demographic Curiosity

    Come on folks....100 people on old, male or female, where ya from, when did you graduate
  14. Demographic Curiosity

    Happy Birthday
  15. Demographic Curiosity

    You didn't know Michael Magrino did you?