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  1. Apraser99

    Tough Questions

    I realize they are all afraid of being denied future access but why are the beat writers not asking a few questions.... Gus, when you came out of a quarter break you had to call a time out because you couldn't get a play call in. The play you ran after the time out was a dive play off right tackle. Why? Gus, it appears CL is calling in a play(from your playbook) and the team is waiting for you to view the defensive alignment and then YOU decide if the play is okay to run or you call another play. Is this accurate. Gus, all the teams we play have analysts and personnel that study film. We don't seem to change any of our tendencies from game to game. Why? Gus, we play different teams with different strengths and weaknesses. We seem to have the same game plan for every opponent. Why? Gus, you said Stidham would have the ability to audible at the line of scrimmage this year. Have we seen this yet because it appears that every play is dictated from the sidelines? Gus, if you are paying your maid a premium wage to clean your house and she does a crappy job, what......never mind....I yield my time to the next reporter.
  2. Apraser99

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    I tried to tell you Gus pumpers last year......he is not a top level D1 coach.
  3. Apraser99

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Just watch on Friday will see.
  4. Apraser99

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Yes sir, the front of that playbook still says Springdale High. What a frickin high school outfit we have. WDE anyway!
  5. Apraser99

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    You gotta get under center here and get a yard.
  6. Apraser99

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    And he is not willing to change...smh...
  7. Apraser99

    First and goal from the 3 yard line

    I don't post much but I have been saying a long time. We are paying a high school coach 7 million dollars a year....just let that sink in!
  8. Apraser99

    The REAL issue

    The REAL issue is we are paying a high school coach 49 million dollars...why?
  9. Apraser99

    Gus donates 2 million towards Fball only complex

    He should donate 49 milliom.
  10. The interference calls were certainly questionable but the LSU offensive line did a great job against our defensive line. That is where the game was lost. We made a mediocre quarterback look like an all american. On to the next one...
  11. Apraser99


    It is the Gus Bus...we have no
  12. Apraser99

    OT: Verified Members / New Members Please Read

    Slammer I started the thread Demographic Curiosity and it appears to be well liked. It is nice to know a little more about the folks with which we banter. Check it out! War Eagle!!
  13. Hope he pans out. It looked like he had trouble catching punts a few times during A-Day.
  14. Apraser99

    Brown 4th Tiger to enter draft

    This is something we are not used to seeing since we rarely have NBA type talent on the roster. It is pretty common. You can thank Heron's father for him moving on. Mitchell is gone(playing time). Murray is gone(playing time). Wiley likely will go in second round so he's probably gone. The others are doing what any prospect should do. Go get an honest opinion of where you stand in regards to ability to play after college.
  15. Apraser99

    Malik Willis starter?

    A couple of LB and DB dropped a couple they should have caught as well. Not saying much for either side IMO. Hard to tell what we will look like come fall. I picture the defense looking very similar to 2017 and if Gus doesn't give Chip the reins, the offense will look very similar as well. Time will tell.