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  1. Men vs. Arkansas

    Awesome group to watch but we peaked too early and the injury bug bit us. I would be really surprised if we win more than one game in the dance. It has been a nice season.
  2. We will all know in two years how well each team recruited this year. Everything else is speculation.
  3. Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Gotta put a hat on #2.
  4. AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    Have we peaked too early?
  5. Football Only Facility

    I wouldn't bet the farm on lower ticket prices.
  6. Men vs. LSU

    President Leath mixed up Gus's and Bruce's contracts right?
  7. UCF had eyes on winning. AU had eyes on NFL

    The difference between us and them is five star recruiting and coaches that can develop talent. IMO
  8. Who replaces Tre’ Williams at linebacker ?

    Not arguing recruiting, just bantering. I clarified my position. Recruiting, not specific to any position, is a crapshoot anyway. There have been many can't miss recruits over the years to never play a meaningful snap all aross the country. I had much rather have an average recruiting staff that were excellent developers. It would, however, be nice to have both.
  9. Who replaces Tre’ Williams at linebacker ?

    Maybe I should have clarified I meant Gus seems to say that a lot about the program in general. I agree it has been a while since he has saud that about LB recruiting. We have been okay there the past couple of years. You win.😊
  10. Who replaces Tre’ Williams at linebacker ?

    Just for the hell of it I googled and here is one instance.... If you are honest you have heard him say it many times.
  11. Who replaces Tre’ Williams at linebacker ?

    You said, " The last time he said that with regard to recruiting linebackers was February of 2015. " I said, "And here we are!" Simply meaning we are close to being thin/young/inexperienced(whatever term you choose) at LB again. Gus has a habit of saying "we like where we are" rather than stating our needs.
  12. You guys speculating about all these different scenarios...If nothing changes and Chip gets to call Gus's plays again....we will see the same five plays again in 2018. I'm hoping that isn't the case but until I see otherwise..I'm skeptical.
  13. Who replaces Tre’ Williams at linebacker ?

    And here we are!
  14. Prayers please

    Praying for God's healing and comfort!
  15. Tired Team

    If CBP was not complicit in any of the Person issues, and we have any chance to remain relevant in basketball, they better do all they can to keep him. We will have a hard time finding a better fit for us in basketball.