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  1. The day we do that will be the day that we use a playbook that doesn't belong to Gus.
  2. That's'd think with that many years recruiting you wouldn't have to throw a true frosh into an SEC schedule. I'm sorry I can't draw you a picture....obviously we disagree and that is fine. Here's to hoping we have a great season. WDE!!
  3. Nope.....we have no experienced QB on the roster....oh yeah Gatewood and Sandberg are experienced. My bad!
  4. I'm not asking for one "waiting in the wings" I'm asking for an experienced QB. The transfer portal is all the more reason that we shouldn't have to rely on a true freshman. I personally like JG and wish he had been named the starter but his being beat out by a true frosh is a testament to the lack of development by Gus and co.
  5. So who is our experienced QB right now? Just asking!
  6. It's that new recently discovered planet...gussux!
  7. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that entering his.....what....7th year.....that we have no experienced QB. You think that for 49 mill you'd get a coach that was better prepared. I hope Nix is the next coming of Trevor Lawrence but I have my doubts...WDE anyway!!
  8. I'll tell you what is next....he will be brought in in predictable situations and get hammered because the defense knows exactly what is coming....seen it too many times with Gus.
  9. Bumping this thread for anyone that may have signed on recently....War Eagle!!
  10. This even pisses me off more about Gus. It took him having his job threatened for him to do something different. A change could have been made a long time ago to try to help the team.
  11. Gus working Joiner at punter during bowl practice...😂😂
  12. Do you have stats on Interference calls last year vs this year? I don't know so I am asking. Seems we had our share this year.
  13. What he loves is that 49 Million Dollars. Can't say that I blame him.