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  1. This even pisses me off more about Gus. It took him having his job threatened for him to do something different. A change could have been made a long time ago to try to help the team.
  2. Gus working Joiner at punter during bowl practice...😂😂
  3. Do you have stats on Interference calls last year vs this year? I don't know so I am asking. Seems we had our share this year.
  4. What he loves is that 49 Million Dollars. Can't say that I blame him.
  5. But we know who our OL will be and we only have two OL do the math.
  6. Why does it matter if there is a comment from the AU coaching staff? If he played in more than four games his red shirt is burned. Considering the limited number of snaps he took, or did not take, it was a wasted year for him. We have such a mickey mouse athletic department right now, in terms of the football program, nothing surprises me.
  7. The poll wouldn't let me check multiple coaches and there was no choice for "any of the above". So yeah.....anyone other than GM.
  8. 1. We don't know for sure if he will in fact be here next year. 2. Bowl game does not matter. 3. Recruiting is extremely important and may be lost depending what happens....and it need to happen quickly....whether Gus stays or goes. I find it strange no official announcement has been made from the athletic department....that could be telling... 4. Doesn't matter who the OC is, we will still run Malzahn's offense. 5. Unless the OL is significantly improved it doesn't matter who the QB is. 6. We are a dumpster fire right now!!!!
  9. I certainly can tell you how not to motivate a human. You take a high school coach with his playbook written on a napkin and you guarantee him 30+ million dollars no matter if he wins or loses. That my friend is a recipe for making someone sit on their ass. Maybe you can lend your psychology expertise as to why our beloved administration thought that kind of raise/extension/contract was deserved.
  10. The only way i want HF at Auburn is to take Gus's job.
  11. So is there any difference in an incomplete pass on first down or a run off right tackle for a two yard loss? Today proved we can win without running the ball. My confidence in Gus building on that is less than zero. WDE!!!!
  12. my dismay, Gus will probably be here next year. I do not want to become Miss State but we probably need to scour the Juco ranks for some key positions, specifically OL. We need immediate help and I don't see it on our roster. May not hurt to pick up a LB or two as well. Lord knows we have room on our commit list at this point.
  13. What makes you think we are capable of scoring like they just did?