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  1. Interesting and funny...
  2. http://www.rockcityt...on-coordinator/ By Adam Ritchey On January 11, 2014· in Featured, Sports, US News TUSCALOOSA , Ala. – Alabama football coach Nick Saban announced the hiring of Lane Kiffin Friday as NCAA Violation Coordinator. Kiffin, who was fired as head coach at USC only five games into the 2013 season, is renowned in coaching circles for his creative approach to flaunting NCAA regulations. “I am tremendously excited about Lane joining our staff,” said Saban. “We’ve broken all the easy rules. Lane will take us to a whole ‘nother level.” Although widely known as a key figure in the Reggie Bush debacle at USC, Saban said it was Kiffin’s relentless violations of NCAA rules at Tennessee that first caught his attention.
  3. Yeah....this is the same coach who signaled his quarterback to spike the ball on 4th down against Miami!
  4. Hey, thanks for adding that link. I thought I copied and pasted the link showing the page you did. Not sure what happened. Sorry guys
  5. mod note: can we please include the text of the link instead of just linking the article?
  6. Just saw this tweet in the Join the Conversation column for Auburn: Takeo Spikes ‏@TakeoSpikes51 Vote now for Auburn in the #UltimateTeam vote! Voting Closes Tomorrow !
  7. Sorry for the duplicate post on this topic. Please just delete the one I posted. Thanks.
  8. I never heard even one Auburn person express the slightest concern that this was going to be about Auburn. I doubt you did either. bammers aren't exactly famous for being honest. None of us were worried because Auburn's football proram has been on the right side of the NCAA for nearly 20 years now. Some of us thought uat might be the center of the story. Why? Because uat has been on probation for cheating and paying players for nearly 20 years now. When you run a clean program, like Auburn does, you need not worry about getting busted. When you run a corrupt program, like uat does, you are constantly worried. All I can tell you is I frequent several businesses everyday with my job down here in SE Alabama and believe me there are AU people that have been uneasy about lot of this ncaa stuff since November. Maybe it is different where you live but not here. Funny how things are different on a message board than in real life looking someone in their eyes talking to them. I guess we are all guilty of typing and hiding behind a computer screen but I am not lying about my conversations with local AU folks I know. I live in SE Alabama. I am in no way questioning your statement. However, I can honestly say that of all the Auburn fans I know, I haven't heard a single one express any concern or worry about this NCAA crap since the facts began coming out last year.
  9. You have to buy a photo or print for $20 and then Quentin will autograph it for 'free'. Thanks, but no thanks.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. Do you know the time frame for his signing session?
  11. Gawd, that has always frustrated the heck out of me! I don't know how many times I've witnessed how the majority of the crowd waits until the opposing offense is already into calling their play at the line before they start making any noise!
  12. This is information my sister received March 4 in an email from Jay Jacobs:
  13. Personally, I wouldn't want this guy anywhere near Auburn. Link
  14. Yes, I agree. Bastage didn't even leave me feedback! PS. I wish I could find out this was him.......I'd post a link to his EBAY avatar (with Aubie holding the elephant) on a message board and sit back and enjoy!