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  1. tiger1980

    OT: Verified Members / New Members Please Read

    Thanks for sharing
  2. tiger1980

    Looking for 2 Kentucky tickets in Auburn section

    never mind I found 2
  3. Looking for 2 for my daughter and myself
  4. tiger1980

    Outback Bowl tickets

    3 tickets for sale that I obtained from the AU ticket office. Ended up not needing them..asking what I paid..face value $80 per ticket..would prefer not to split them..sec 149 row c
  5. tiger1980

    Reverse Tiger Walk

    anyone have info on when the team will depart the complex?
  6. tiger1980

    Welcome Back Coach Garner!

    Nothing but smiles from me on this one. Great hire! Great recruiter and coach...'Bout time we got him home. Welcome home Coach Garner!
  7. tiger1980

    AU top school in state

    I love Auburn and i am glad to see this recognition...from top to bottom a wonderful school , a wonderful place. War Eagle!
  8. tiger1980

    JB Grimes hired as new OL coach

    Seems to be a solid hire. Seasoned...experienced...journeyman coach....probably past the point in his career where he aspires to be a head coach or OC so that can lead to stability..Got to trust Gus to blend together a good staff. Welcome Coach JB Grimes!
  9. tiger1980

    Official 2012 "Nip Watch" Thread

    Alas, the Nip is here! my favorite time of year! Yesssssssssssssssssssssss!
  10. tiger1980

    Ironbowl Predictions

    49-26 Auburn...duplicating the score of fake punts needed though
  11. tiger1980

    Anyone have David Housel's '04 pre-game essay?

    This was his pre-game commentary from the 2002 Iron Bowl in Tuscaloosa. All the running backs were hurt and we appeared not to have much of a chance. Tre Smith and the Tigers got it done. This commentary got very little notice until the next year (2003) when it was pulled back out and replayed via Finebaum. This was also in the atmosphere of jetgate. He received a lot of criticism from his colorful analogies but I have never heard anyone successfully argue that he was wrong. WDE!
  12. Does anyone know if the team will stay over in Birmingham Friday night as they have done in years past? If so, where? I have no chance of getting tickets but would love to cheer our Tigers on as they pass through! War Eagle!
  13. tiger1980

    Loudest game you have been to

    AU vs FL 2006..
  14. tiger1980

    Mark My Word 2008

    Mark my word: The winner of the AU-WVU game will rise to #1 in the polls just afterward
  15. I have four tickets that I need to get into the hands of some Tiger fans. Maybe some of you that have youngsters who have never been or can't afford to take the family. Price is negotiable. If you are in the Birmingham area and can pick them up Sat a.m. please let me know..