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  1. Eagle's Claw

    Darvin Adams

    Although Darvin has been our best WR the past 2 years he DID drop two key passes in the NC game. So yes, he choked and almost cost us the game...
  2. Eagle's Claw

    Cameron Newton

    Ummm.... When's the last time Auburn had a 5* QB??? NEVER! As long as I've followed AU football we've never had a 5* QB. We are in rebuilding mode AU is obviously sucking wind the past 2 years, and getting their clocks cleaned by AL. Given we have no clear cut new starting QB to step in, and we have a 5* star even considering us I say give him an offer he can't refuse! He obviously has some baggage, he's from College Park ATL... I believe he's probably learned a good lesson getting kicked out of FL. AU should give him a chance with a very short leash. This would drastically better our team.
  3. Eagle's Claw


    Sometimes you guys lose sight of reality. These coaches are are in the business of being football coaches. They all have families and all have inspiration to be as financially successful as possible. I bet CGC would not regret at all going to Iowa. WHY? Because he got a nice big FAT payraise and contract to take the job. Versus staying at Auburn as a coordinator. These guys know how volatile the coaching biz is and they could have a fluke bad season and be out of job. So I say (unselfishly) take what you can get because you never what the future holds.
  4. Eagle's Claw

    Has Onterio Mccalebb passed others to be the starter?

    Personally I see Fannin as the best runner. Just as big with better spead, vision, and moves than Tate. However I think with the bum shoulder they want to use him as a transitional option (3rd Back), and slot type reciever.
  5. Eagle's Claw

    # Scholarship Players on Roster

    As I said before, IMO last years debacle was primarily due to underperformance at QB and players & coaches not buying into the system. Todd should've had shoulder surgery last year, Burns can't hit a barn wall, and Caudle hasn't made great decisions. Throw in offensive coaches fighting unril the OC is fired midseason doesn't help matters either. Coach Tubs primarily coaches the DEFENSE, which if I recall wasn't the problem last year.
  6. Eagle's Claw

    # Scholarship Players on Roster

    Other than our 3 upperclassmen QB's (Burns, Todd, Caudle) not living up to hype, we were absolutely heading in the right direction. It is a fact that offenses take a huge hit when making drastic changes from pro style to spread. Look at Michegan, Nebraska, etc. So I'm supposed to believe that we would be in the same situation today if Tub's & staff were coaching today??? Crazy. Welcome to the days of Auburn getting manhandled by AL, UGA, TN, & LSU...
  7. Eagle's Claw

    # Scholarship Players on Roster

    When you have an administration that completely screws over your coach you generally have players that leave as well. I'm confident that is exactly what happened. Of course you are going to have to rebuild the roster after pushing out a much loved and highly regarded coach. I bleed Orange and Blue but I am sick at what happend to Coach Tub's. I only hope he gets the Miami job and comes back to kick our a$$. Welcome to the dark times at Auburn, I hope Lowder and Co. are happy now. We will be down for several years to come....
  8. Eagle's Claw

    Alarming Trends

    Did you forget that we comletely changed our offense to the spread? This usually takes 3-4 years to get the correct players into place. Not to mention we don't have a starter QB on scholly, not to mention we had to fire the OC midseason. The 3 upperclassman doesn't seem to fit the bill. Burns can't throw, Todd can't throw, Caudle doesn't seem to be that good (not to mention two blown knees), Our sophmore QB blew his knee out, our Freshman QB didn't qualify. Our offense will continue to dissapoint until we get a top talent at the QB in place.
  9. Eagle's Claw

    Scarbinsky's take on turning the UCLA Game down

    Ummm, Kodi couldn't hit a barn wall. He is great runner, but really is a HUGE dissapointment with his passing mechanics and accuracy. The jury is still out on Caudle, haven't really seen much film of him but running on to repaired knees doesn't give you better speed. And he obviously hasn't wowed the team and coaches until now... Chris Todd's been hurt and should have never been given the nod last yr. So yes I think our 3 upperclassmen QB are underperformers to the 4* rankings coming out of HS
  10. Eagle's Claw

    Scarbinsky's take on turning the UCLA Game down

    I am going to call BS on you here with nearly everything you said. There is talent on campus; across the board. I do believe there are some depth issues which can be resolved with some luck (no injuries and some blow out games). Our QB were recruited by nearly everyone, Caudle, Burns, and Trotter to a lesser extent. I do believe our coaching staff became lax with the success they were having. I say we compete for the west in 2 years and possibly next year. If we stay free of injuries in OL and DL then this team will compete. As for the article, sure we should have played UCLA but remember Tubs did the same thing when he got to AU, he dropped a series with FSU which was probably the right thing to do at the time.
  11. Eagle's Claw

    Scarbinsky's take on turning the UCLA Game down

    I agree with the article. I was dissapointed once again with this decision. I've never been so down on Auburn football. I believe this was a terrible decision. But yet again, I think our coaches realize we don't have a serious talent at QB now or incoming, and we are certainly entering a down era. I expect Auburn to be a second tier SEC team for at least the next 3 years. I think we are in big trouble... I think both Kodi, Neil, & Chris are all overhyped. Time will tell on Barrett and other incoming, but we don't have the talent at QB to win the division for the next 2 years...
  12. Eagle's Claw

    Nice article

    I just love all the articles harping on CHANGE for the better... Articles implying the previous coaching staff didn't have much control over the team is ridiculous. Coach Tub's is one of the best coaches in the country. He also had a very clean program, very few off the field problems. I wonder if Chizik will have half the record of TT.
  13. Eagle's Claw

    Where Petey Smith

    I saw him in the first few games, but haven't seen him even mentioned recently.
  14. Eagle's Claw

    Heat rises on Tuberville, From The State

    Auburn is no doubt having a terrible season. So is Michagan, who is also switching to the spread. I'm amazed of the lack of loyalty to TT after all the hard work he has shown rebuilding our program. He still has one of the best records in the SEC, and after 1 loss people have called for his head? Fans forget that he is the same person and coach that he was 1 yr ago when he well respected and loved by the fanbase... I don't understand it. Auburn is not going to go undefeated every season. He obviously made a major mistake with the transition on offense. Franklin wasn't given the keys nor was Franklin flexible in trying a hybrid. Hence why he's gone...
  15. Eagle's Claw

    Offensive Attack

    I TOTALLY agree with this thread - I really can't believe people can suggest to fire TT after 2 losses. He's one of the best coaches in the country, he's a great recruiter, and great leader. Do you hear people cry fire Urban Meyer after a loss to Ole Miss? This is totally ridiculous and I'm embarressed of many fans who call for heads to roll if things don't go our way. We're placing a new offensive scheme into place. Many of the top schools in the country are switching to the spread.