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  1. Probably trying to find the someone that started this on the interwebs so the blame can be placed appropriately.
  2. Same as I heard a few months ago, while I trust the person that told me, you have no reason to trust the second hand information that I found intriguing.
  3. The gas station was still called the bottle when I was going to school. I lived in an apartment on top of that gas station for a while. That intersection is still labeled "the Bottle" in Google Maps. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Auburn,+AL/@32.6278835,-85.5585712,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x888cf12fb39bf883:0xcb25919235d39358!8m2!3d32.6098566!4d-85.4807825
  4. If we are the visiting team, isn't the team considered as guests? It they don't provide proof of vaccination could they technically be barred from the stadium. What a way to force a forfeit. LSU will require all guests at Tiger Stadium who are 12 and older to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test result from the last 72 hours to get into the stadium.
  5. Thanks, I will do that now. I believe I actually made my first donation during the week before you announced tiers. I do appreciate your work here.
  6. Are your donations cumulative in obtaining tiers? If I did $25, then another $25 would I be gold? Thanks
  7. I haven't been here much, very long term member at ITAT. Doesn't mean I cannot appreciate the community that you built and contribute to your efforts. Thanks, I really admire how the posters here conduct themselves and that behavior surely represents what leadership values.
  8. Is there outside money from Nike that would not show in these numbers?
  9. I get mine next Tuesday, We start vaccinating this Friday. Hope to see you posting before my time comes up....
  10. I can't speak for others, but the owner of SECBLITZ explicitly asked the mods from that site, and I am one, to ask for permission before posting an announcement about the forum. It is what I have done and I appreciate the kindness afforded to me to make this post. The goal is to develop a non smack forum where fans of various teams can meet with each other. I am sure we will ruffle some feathers while maintaining that objective. But if you want to have good talk with Auburn folk, and from folk from other SEC teams (like LSUTIGA) come by. We definitely need more Auburn members. We have no delusions that we will replace home forums, but can supplement those forums in a unique way. Thanks
  11. bama is back to not being back, they should come to accept that as their rightful place.
  12. Ever wonder why Saban stopped recruiting Huntsville a few years ago? About the same time another team inked Kenneth Darby. Someone was complaining, do you really think bama didn't know who\what they were hiring?
  13. I started the download and then went for my nightly gamecube beating that my 7 year old so looks forward to. Just finished listening to the file, Thanks, I have friends I will share this with in the morning.
  14. Is it less than 60MB? You can upload to http://www.savefile.com/ then post the link. We could then download the file.
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